Operation Z!

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Operation Z!
Game GTA 2
For Red Valdez
Target Zaibatsu
Location Zaibatsu Village in Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $50,000

Operation Z! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by The Zaibatsu Corporation leader Red Valdez. The mission is available from the left of the two yellow Zaibatsu phones in The Village of the Residential District.


The Scientists and Rednecks are transporting contraband across town and Claude is ordered to steal it. This includes a Pickup, a Meteor, a Red Limousine and a Cop Car.


Red Valdez: "Gecko - it's Red Valdez. The Rednecks and Scientists are moving new contraband around this city and I want it ALL. I want you to bring me FOUR loaded vehicles."

Red Valdez: "There's a Pickup full of pills at the Redneck Bowling Alley. Go get it, Gecko."

(Claude drives to the Redneck Bowling Alley, kills a group of Rednecks and steals the Pickup)

Red Valdez: "Well stolen, Gecko! Now park the Pickup in my Garage in The Village."

(Claude delivers the Pickup to Red's Garage)

Red Valdez: "A Meteor driving across the city contains Clone Serum and two hot Bio-Bitches. Stop it and steal it."

(Claude drives to the Meteor and jacks it)

Red Valdez: "Storming, Gecko! Park the Meteor in my Garage in The Village."

(Claude delivers the Meteor to Red's Garage)

Red Valdez: "Tricky one next, Gecko. Steal Bean's Red Limousine from Disgracelands."

Red Valdez: "The guards are wasted on Beany Liquor, Gecko, but Disgracelands is still tough to breach."

(Claude drives to Disgracelands and jacks Bean's Red Limousine)

Red Valdez: "A few nice ones and I will feel like The King in this baby. Park it in The Village - fast!"

(Claude delivers Bean's Red Limousine to Red's Garage)

Red Valdez: "Now I need a certain Cop Car, Gecko. But first you need to get a Truck Cab."

(Claude jacks a Truck Cab)

Red Valdez: "Good, Gecko. Now collect the Trailer from behind the Cop Station."

(Claude drives to the Cop Station and jacks the Trailer)

Red Valdez: "Head up over to The Village where our Crane will unload the Cop Car."

(Claude drives to the Crane and allows the Cop Car to be unloaded)

Red Valdez: "Park the Cop Car, Gecko. I'm looking forward to playing Cops And Robbers. Ha ha ha."

(Claude enters the Cop Car)

Red Valdez: "You know where to go, Gecko. Now park it!"

(Claude delivers the Cop Car to Red's Garage)

Red Valdez: "You exude Zaibatsu style as our Number One Covert Operative, Gecko. Your performance was well worth $50,000. Fancy joining me to bang a Bio-Bitch?"


The reward for completing this mission is $50,000.

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