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Phat Chips is a brand of potato chips in the HD Universe. The brand is based on Frito-Lay, as both brands use a similar font. The products can be seen at newspaper stands in Liberty City as well as in non-interactive snack machines. There are six kinds of flavors of the chips.


  • A Phat Chips logo patch can be seen on Malc's biker jacket.
  • Trinkle Chips are based on the Ruffles brand of crinkle-cut chips; however, trinkle is also a reference to "tinkle".
  • The brand of chips may be related to Stalker's. Stalker's is based on the real life Walkers, which, alongside with Frito-Lay (the brand Phat parodies), are both owned by the PepsiCo company. Walkers is branded in the UK, while Frito-Lay is branded in the US. However, Stalker's is from the III era, and is unknown to exist in the IV era.