Pimp Suit

Carl Johnson wearing the Pimp Suit in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The Pimp Suit is a wearable outfit in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas fashioned as a 1970s-styled suit.


The Pimp Suit is designed as a stereotypical 1970s pimp suit, consisting of an Air Force blue suit (complete with bell-bottom pants), with a white frilly shirt, a dollar necklace and black platform shoes. As are other "Special" outfits, the player's watch, eyewear, necklace and hat are still visible while donning the Pimp Suit, as the Pimp Suit is simply added over the player's top, pants and shoes, if any. The outfit earns the distinction of being the only one in the game to come with a preset necklace that can also be worn over by another necklace.

The Pimp Suit is an unlockable reward that is only added to the player's wardrobe once the player raises the player character's relationship with Denise Robinson to 100%. Unlike other outfits and articles of clothing, changing into the Pimp Suit does not remove any wanted level.