Print Works

Print Works
Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Print works
Owner(s) Tommy Vercetti (from 1986)
Location(s) Little Haiti, Vice City
Gang affiliation Vercetti Gang
Mission appearance(s) Cap the Collector
Spilling the Beans
Hit the Courier
Employee(s) Earnest Kelly

The Print Works is a print works in, Vice City that Tommy Vercetti purchases for $70,000. The Print Works earns $8,000 a day after completing the missions from Earnest Kelly, who runs the business and wants to begin printing counterfeit money on a large scale. Tommy uses the Print Works to create the counterfeit money he planned to give to Sonny Forelli. A body armour can be found on the roof of the building. Since it is located in the border of Little Havana and Little Haiti, the Print Works is also a major battle ground between the Cuban and Haitian gangs, along with the Vercetti Gang that is protecting the business after the acquisition.