Spilling the Beans

Spilling the Beans
Tommy Vercetti meeting Earnest Kelly for the first time
Tommy Vercetti meeting Earnest Kelly for the first time

Tommy Vercetti meeting Earnest Kelly for the first time
Game GTA Vice City
For Earnest Kelly
Target Obtain information about Counterfeiting Syndicate.
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Reward $2,000
Unlocks Hit the Courier
Unlocked by Purchasing the Print Works

Spilling the Beans is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Print Works operator Earnest Kelly from the Print Works in Little Havana, Vice City.


Tommy buys the Print Works, having memories of working with his father on this type of business when Tommy was young. Earnest Kelly suggests that printing money is the profitable thing to do. He heard of rumors of a money counterfeiting syndicate operating in the state but only knows the rumor to it. Tommy heads to Malibu Club to meet Kent Paul who is good with rumors. After a slight ruffle, Paul tells Tommy that the boss of a shipping company at Viceport knows about the syndicate. Tommy heads down to Viceport and gets into a gun fight with a gang guarding the ship. After acquiring the information he needs from the boss, he heads back to the Print Works while evading the police attention he has gained.


(Vice City Print Works, Tommy Vercetti and Earnest Kelly)

Earnest Kelly: Mr. Vercetti? Hey. You bought the old print works?

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah, my old man used to work on these. I used to spend the evenings with him, cleaning the rollers... I was gonna follow him in his trade, but... I lived a different life.

Earnest Kelly: You planning on selling the old machinery, breaking it down?

Tommy Vercetti: I'm thinking we might print something - a newspaper, a magazine...

Earnest Kelly: Oh crap, sonny, low grade crap. I've always fancied printing money. It ain't too hard. You know, I've been doing it in a small scale for years.

Tommy Vercetti: Really?

Earnest Kelly: Sure. But we'd need some good quality plates. Of course! There's a counterfeiting syndicate already operating in Florida.

Tommy Vercetti: A syndicate?

Earnest Kelly: Yeah. Just rumors is all I've heard.

Tommy Vercetti: I know a man who's good with rumors...

(The Malibu Club, Kent is looking at a woman's behind in the club)

Kent Paul: Look at the arse on that!

(The woman leaves)

Kent Paul: Awright girl, it's your loss mate init!

(Tommy arrives)

Kent Paul: Awright me ol' china, how's it hangin'?

Tommy Vercetti: What do you know about counterfeiting?

Kent Paul: Oh I'm fine Paul, how 'bout you?

Tommy Vercetti: Come 'ere!

(Tommy grabs Kent's arm and bends it, then he throws him on his back on the bar.)

Kent Paul: Awright! Awright! Awright!! You're obviously a busy man. All I know about dodgy readys is the Triads supply the plates.

(Tommy twists Kent's arm)

Kent Paul: AAARGHHH! They've got a shipping company down the docks! AAARGH! The boss man would know when the plates are coming in next!

Tommy Vercetti: Thanks Paul.

(Tommy lets Kent go)

Kent Paul: What's the matter with you, you maniac!

(Kent starts talking to the bartender)

Kent Paul: Gimme another drink, lively!

(Triad Freighter, Triad Leader)

(Tommy shoots his way into the Triad Freighter and enters the Triad Boss' office.)

Triad Boss: Who are you? Oooof! Aaiieee! Not the face! Not the face! OK, I talk! I talk!


The reward for this mission is $2,000. The mission Hit the Courier is unlocked.


  • The song playing inside the Malibu Club as Tommy talks to Kent is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. The song does not normally play inside the club, but is featured on the radio station Flash FM.
    • This song is not present on the mobile (iOS and Android) and PlayStation Network downloadable versions of the game.


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