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The Random Biker (as dubbed in the credits) is a minor character in The Lost and Damned. The Random biker appears in three missions. In It's War he is seen while Billy Grey gives his speech about Jason Michaels. In This Shit's Cursed the Random Biker is shown at the end running to the club house with Johnny Klebitz, Jim Fitzgerald, and Brian Jeremy after Billy Grey was arrested at the Dragon Heart Plaza. His appearance in this mission is most likely a continuity error as he was never with the four bikers earlier in the mission, suggesting he was cut from the mission itself.

When Brian accuses Johnny of ratting Billy out to the police, Jim tries to convince Brian that Johnny wouldn't do that, to which the Random Biker gets in Jim's face replying "Fuck you man." As the mission ends the Random Biker and Brian run into the clubhouse leaving Johnny and Jim outside.

Later in the mission End of Chapter, the Random Biker is seen with Brian at the docks, obviously becoming a part of Brian's faction of the Lost MC. After the altercation between the Alderney Chapter and Brian's faction, Brian's faction attack. During the attack, the Random Biker is killed in the shootout, and can be killed by either Johnny, Jim, Terry Thorpe, Clay, or the extra Alderney Chapter members that join in the mission that haven't been previously killed.

The Random Biker is voiced by Jack Condon.

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned