End of Chapter

End of Chapter
Game The Lost and Damned
For Jim Fitzgerald
Objective Wipe out Brian's faction of defected Lost MC members
Location Alderney
Unlocks Bad Standing
Unlocked by Hit the Pipe

End of Chapter is a mission in The Lost and Damned. It is given by Jim Fitzgerald to Johnny Klebitz.


Once again you'll venture to Jim's location and undertake his next mission. It seems Brian, Billy's lapdog who abandoned the crew believing Johnny sold Billy out, is asking for a truce. He took a small contingent of other Lost MC members with him who also believe Johnny's a rat and thus defected into Brian's leagues. Instead of a truce, Johnny wants blood. Brian is a snake and stabbed his true brothers in the back by defecting, therefore Johnny, Jim and Terry decide to lay the smackdown on him and his crew. You lead the way (being the president all of a sudden with Billy's recent incarceration) and arrive on-scene to speak with Brian. Things don't go so well in the discussion and Brian calls for his backstabbing crew to come and kill your group. Time for a major gun battle.

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  • The vans that Brian's crew attack in are Laundromats. They can be stolen, and otherwise are not driveable in TLAD.