Raw Deal

Raw Deal
Escorting Chan to safety.
Escorting Chan to safety.

Escorting Chan to safety.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Chan Jaoming
Fail Chan dies.
Reward $200
Unlocks Trail Blazer
The Tow Job
Sources (PSP)
Unlocked by Carpe Dime
Jackin' Chan

Raw Deal is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to protagonist Huang Lee by Chan Jaoming.


Once you have met with Chan at East Holland in Algonquin, you have to help him as an escort to a Spanish Lord drug deal in Northwood. As usual, it's an ambush and you have to get Chan out of there.

There are a couple of things you need to watch out for: Chan's health, exploding vehicles, and gang members. Take them out as fast as you can (but be aware as one of them has a rocket launcher). Then, you have to get Chan to his father's club nearby. But don't think it's easy, as several tankers are blocking the exits. Get past the road blocks, and watch out for any other gang members trying to take you down. There is a modified Comet and a red dumpster with an assault rifle in it hidden down an alleyway to make this mission easier.

Shortly after you drop Chan off at Linen Lounge, a police squad corners you. But the leader, Wade Heston, who is actually an undercover cop, says that he's trying to help you recover the Yu Jian sword and avenge Huang's father. He tells you that "I'll be seeing you soon".


You get $200 for this mission, and The Tow Job is unlocked.


(At Chan's Penthouse)

Chan: The Tongs are going to be so impressed. I've managed set up a deal with a rough crew who have been Triad enemy for years. Those people want peace Huang - and I'm the one who's going to broker it.

Huang: Maybe they just want a piece of you?

Chan: Huang, you want to take the old chill pill, my man.. have a drink, get mellow, partner. A great leader knows when to take advantage of opportunity when to forgive and when to forget.

Huang: And a moron doesn't know when to say no.

Chan: Absolutely. What was I saying?

(The Ambush)

Chan: This isn't what we arranged: What the fuck's going on? Don't these people know who I am?

Huang: We're getting jumped, genius...Stay with me!

Chan: What about the gear? Ah, a wise leader knows when to write off a loss! Let's get out of here!

(Heston's Proposal)

Chan: Those assholes set me up! I just can't believe it! If the Tongs find out about this, I'm going to be a laughing stock. It's the cops!

Heston: Freeze! Huang Lee. Mr. 'Junior Triad of the year'. We've been watching you, little man. You're certainly been enjoying yourself in our fair city.

Huang: Let's be honest, it's not as much fun as it used to be. Now, book me or shoot me, don't bore me.

Heston: Oh, I'd happily shoot you, you little prick. But, my guess is, until you've found your uncle's sword, and your father's killer. You don't wanna get shot. That's right Huang, I know all about the ambush - and I'm REAL inerested in the guys that did it. I've been on their tails for a long time.

Huang: Sorry... can't help you. Don't speak much English.

Heston: Let's not waste each other's time. We both know you're gonna work for me.

Huang: Work for a cop?

Heston: Cop! Don't patronize me. I'm an Undercover Detective. Wade Heston's the name. You and I ain't all that different, Huang. We're both businessmen, looking to turn a profit. You do it your way, I do it mine. Do as you're told and we'll both profit from this. I'm part of the criminal process. I'll be in touch.

Mission Replay description

"I played bodyguard for Chan on a deal he'd set up.

We drove into an ambush and only just managed to scrape out of it.

Then I ran into a bent cop called Wade Heston, he wants me to work with him. Just what I didn't need."