Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer
Driving to a gambling den.
Driving to a gambling den.

Driving to a gambling den.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Hsin Jaoming
Reward $300
Unlocks Copter Carnage
Unlocked by Driven to Destruction
Raw Deal

Trail Blazer is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by Triads leader Hsin Jaoming.


Hsin tells you he wants the ambusher's gambling den to burn. You must find and steal a gas tanker to destroy the ambusher's South Bohan gambling den. Your GPS gives you directions to the Tanker, and the gambling den. Upon stealing the tanker, an LCPD officer shoots it, which causes fire to come out the rear of it. Now you must reach the gambling den without letting the fire reach the tanker, which means you have to drive fast, and use the brake springingly. When you reach the gambling den, get the tanker into the designated area, bail out, and get out of range of the explosion.


(At Chan's Penthouse)

Hsin Jaoming: Huang Lee hmmm, so you're the one who lost my sword.

Huang Lee: My father's sword ...and it was stolen...

Hsin Jaoming: I knew your father. One doesn't like to speak ill of the dead but in his case I might make an exception. I've been unimpressed by you so far and now my son tell me he had to save you himself in a recent ambush.

Huang Lee: Oh, yeah. That's exactly what happened thanks Chan. He's a brave and wise boy.

Hsin Jaoming: My son is a cretin, but also not your bodyguard. You will show me proper respect by redeeming your shame! Now, get a fuel tanker and ram the ambushers' gambling den. I want them to BURN! Do not fail us again.

Huang Lee: Err...No. I don't owe you anything, old man. I've come here, been mugged, robbed and put up with morons telling me what to do. Go fuck yourself.

Hsin Jaoming: Your language is a little agricultural, but I like your spirit, boy. How about if I say please?

Huang Lee: Then as long as you lay off all the bullshit about honor, I'll do anything you ask.


  • You can kill the police officer who shoots the tanker, but another one will spawn and shoot it anyway.

Mission Replay description

"I finally got to meet the big boss, Hsin Jaoming.

He was pretty pissed that his son was ambushed, and wanted revenge.

So, I drove a burning fuel tanker into some asshole's gambling den for him."