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The following is the walkthrough of the mission Riot in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for lawyer Ken Rosenberg.

Before the mission

Before you start the mission, obtain a shotgun with 20 shells, five grenades and a nightstick.


Getting some new threads at Rafael's.
Starting the riot.
Blowing up the trucks.

After the cutscene with Rosenburg ends, you are given this instruction:

Go get some new threads from Rafael's clothes shop.

Follow the T-shirt blip Tshirt-GTAVC-icon.png on the radar to find Rafael's. Once you arrive there, walk into the pink marker to start a cutscene. During the cutscene, you are introduced a new outfit, the Coveralls outfit. After the cutscene, follow the pink blip on the radar to get to the Spand Express depot. You will then be given this instruction:

Start fighting with at least four workers to get a riot started.

Using the shotgun, blow up two of the Spand Express trucks. Alternitively, you can throw grenades over the fence to do so. Then, using the nightstick, beat up four workers but do not kill them. This action will start a riot among the workers, and you will be shown a cutscene of the depot gate opening and the security guards coming out to beat up the workers. After the cutscene finishes, quickly blow up the last Spand Express truck in the depot, either with a grenade or the shotgun. Then sit back and watch the riot. Pick up their money once they die.

Video Walkthrough

PC Version - GTASeriesVideos

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