Spand Express

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Spand Express
The Spand Express Headquarters in GTA Vice City.

The Spand Express Headquarters in GTA Vice City.
Game GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
Type of business Delivery/Courier
Location(s) Blueberry
Washington Beach, Vice City
Mission appearance(s) Riot

This article is about the company in GTA Vice City. For the vehicle, see Spand Express (truck).

Spand Express is a small delivery/courier company located in Washington Beach, Vice City. Its slogan is: "We'll stretch to fit around your package". The company's depot is located next to Avery Carrington's construction site. The official uniform for the Spand Express workers are coveralls and their official truck is the Spand Express Truck. In the mission Riot, Tommy Vercetti, on behalf of his lawyer Ken Rosenberg and real estate mogul Avery Carrington, changes into his coveralls at Rafael's, goes to the Spand Express depot and starts a riot among the striking Spand Express workers before destroying the Spand Express trucks that are parked in the Spand Express compound (presumably to drive them bankrupt), as Avery Carrington wanted the land that the Spand Express depot was occupying. After that mission, it is assumed Spand Express got disbanded as none of they workers and/or their trucks are seen again. However, in the mission Phnom Penh '86, a (presumed) Spand Express worker is seen jumping off a bridge to his death in the water below. However, the player must be directing the camera behind the helicopter to see this.

The company re-appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, with a warehouse located in Blueberry, implying the company was active throughout the United States and still remained active after the company's workers riots in 1986.

The name of the company implies it is based on FedEx.


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