This article refers to a vehicle. For the outfit in GTA Vice City Stories, see Smuggler (outfit).
A Smuggler in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
A Smuggler in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
A Smuggler in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
Appearance(s) The Ballad of Gay Tony
Vehicle type Civilian watercraft
Body style Speed boat
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)

Initially famous for transporting high grade cocaine out of Latin America, the Smuggler's blistering speed and power are now used primarily to transport investment bankers and their trophy wives on day trips to Happiness Island.[1]

The Smuggler is a transporting speed boat featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony episode of Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Smuggler is designed in a go-fast boat construction with a distinctively aerodynamic design and a very sleek exterior. Although the boat is a similar length as the Blade, it is narrower, giving it a sportier appearance.

The Smuggler's performance is very similar to that of the Jetmax, with similarly good top speeds (48 mph or 77 km/h), a moderately heavy weight and thus a wider turning radius and moderately long stopping distances. However, the boat possess relatively average acceleration, poorer than the Blade. Due to these traits, the boat is inferior to the Blade, despite weighing less.



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