Blueberry, Red County, as viewed towards the southwest in GTA San Andreas.
Blueberry location

Blueberry is a town located in the northwestern portion of Red County, San Andreas, with an estimated population of 2,318.


Blueberry sits near Fern Ridge, Blueberry Acres (hence the name), The Panopticon, Hampton Barns and the town of Montgomery. To the immediate south of this is the FleischBerg factory, whose motto, "Making Life Mean Something Since 1869", stands out prominently underneath its logo. Towards the center of the town, there is a safehouse which costs $10,000.

Blueberry is like any other town in Red County; businesses and residences can be found anywhere.

Places of interest


  • Liquor store
  • Xoomer depot
  • Red County truck terminal (abandoned)
  • Unnamed restaurant
  • Wine shop (featured in one mission, is accessible)

Weapons and pickups

  • Tec-9 - In northern Final Build Construction site (opposite to SPANDEX loading bays)
  • Pool Cue - In front of small restaurant (to north from Avery Construction)
  • Police Bribe - On dirt road to Blueberry Acres
  • Police Bribe - Near Ammu-Nation





  • The default radio station around the vicinity is K Rose.
  • Helena Wankstein, one of Carl's six possible girlfriends, can be first met just outside Ammu-Nation, shooting some targets.
  • The name "Blueberry" may be based on Strawberry, Arizona, also a small town.