Strawberry Safehouse

The exterior of the safehouse on Forum Dr.

The Strawberry safehouse is a house on Forum Dr owned by both protagonist Franklin Clinton and his aunt Denise Clinton. The house has six rooms: Franklin's room, Denise's room, a kitchen, bathroom, living room and spare room all connected by one hallway. A garage, which can be used to store a vehicle, is located next to the house. There are also small gardens in front and to the rear of the house, the latter of which briefly becomes the home of Chop. After performing an assassination, Lester Crest buys Franklin a house in Vinewood Hills, with Chop and all of his possessions being moved for him. Denise then changes the locks and refuses to allow Franklin back into the house having turned it into a 'center for women and women arts'.


  • It is possible to access the Strawberry Safehouse after the mission Hotel Assassination. If the player, as Franklin, stands at the front door and switches to either Michael or Trevor before switching back, Franklin may appear inside the house. This also allows the player to gain access to the health pack located in the kitchen and to watch television.
  • Some of Franklin's possessions remain in his room after The Hotel Assassination. These include all of his bedrooms furniture, a crate, a ProLaps box, an Eris box, a mug, a dressing gown and a 'We Run Los Santos' ProLaps poster.