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That page claims you may see Tommy Vercetti. Provide me with a screenshot of this. - User:HuangLee

  • I think it may just be a pedestrian dressed in clothes that have the same color as Tommy's clothes. I frequently see this particular ped near Wang Autos or Doherty Garage. I'm sure it isn't Tommy because Tommy has some sort of polo, while this guy has a t-shirt. Second, the ped does not have the same voice as Tommy when I bump to him. Anyway, that's my opinion. Correct me if I'm wrong. But still, I also want to see a photo of Tommy in San Fierro. - User:Masterpogihaha

Well,right now I'm in the country side so I can't quite go looking for him unless I play my Game file that beat the Game.But I will look.So far I haven't found any footage of him in GTA:SA on Youtube or any pictures on Google.I'll continue to look but,for now I don't quite think we should actually say that that's Tommy. -HuangLee

Nope.I didn't spot him near wang cars.-HuangLee