The Shoulder of Orion II

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The Shoulder of Orion II is a film in the HD Universe, which was released in 1992 by the Richards Majestic studio. The film was directed by Barry Andrews and Adam Rowney, Jr., and was produced by Solomon Richards. The film is the sequel to the successful film The Shoulder of Orion I.

Cast and crew

Crew's description

"It's time to fight to the end. Again."

Directed by Barry Andrews, "Shoulder of Orion II" capitalized on the huge success of "Shoulder of Orion I" by rehashing the original more or less scene-for-scene. Plasma beams are switched for acid rays, lizard-aliens are switched for canivorous plant-aliens (who luckily speak English), but the movie is essentially identical, just executed with slightly lower quality across the board. The multiracial crew of Warrocket 1 must save Planet Earth from extinction and deliver as many one-lines as possible doing it. The movie completely rips off the old radio show "Time Ranger" in that the crew of the show can travel through time by masturbating. Like most crappy movies of the 1980s and 1990s, the passage of time has transformed it into a cult classic and nerds still congregate in dark theaters today to masturbate with the actors on screem during a 20-minute time travel space battle.'s comments

  • beadlyjibe (8/10): Barry Andrews such an underrated director. He reinvented 1980s Vinewood.
  • mommystate (3/10): Andrews was a rentboy. He swallowed 1980s Vinewood.
  • richardsfan45 (4/10): Invasion: Los Santos craps all over The Shoulder of Orion 2
  • waynoway7 (7/10): "Pluto? I said Mars... cocksucker!" So badass!
  • enemyemily (5/10): I watched the Yuppie and the Alien movie the other day. It's tragic how hard Solomon Richards has sold out.


  • The "Pluto? I said Mars... cocksucker!" line is used by Solomon Richards during the mission Mr. Richards with Michael De Santa correctly remembering the quote is from The Shoulder of Orion II. The quote itself may be a reference to the 2012 film John Carter, which had been called John Carter of Mars during production before the "of Mars" section was removed.
  • The film may be a parody of the 1986 film Aliens.