Richards Majestic

Richards Majestic
Game GTA V
Type of business Film Studio
Owner(s) David Richards (1929 - 1978)
Solomon Richards (1978 - present)
Ira Richards
Devin Weston (2013)
Location(s) Movie Star Way in Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Mission appearance(s) Franklin and Lamar
Mr. Richards
The Ballad of Rocco
Legal Trouble
Employee(s) Solomon Richards (until 1978)
Peter Dreyfuss (until 1991)
Michael De Santa (2013)

Richards Majestic is a film production company based on Movie Star Way in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.


Richards Majestic was founded in 1929 by David Richards and the company presumably became relatively successful throughout films golden age. David Richards continued to run the company until 1978 with films such as Nelson in Naples (1968), Rum Runner (1973), The Many Wives of Alfredo Smith (1975) and Bury Me (1977). In 1978 David's son Solomon took control of the company although a letter from Peter Dreyfuss to David written in 1979 talks about David handing control of the company to his son. The studio also survives the murder of Leonora Johnson who was killed by Dreyfuss although the police are unable to press charges on any suspects.

The studio, now under Solomon's leadership, continued to make films including: Vinewood Zombie (1981), Butchery and Other Hobbies (1983), Blue Blood (1986), The Redeemer (1989), Last Will and Testament (1991), Arthur Penny's Sanitorium (1994), and film versions of Yuppie and the Alien and Defender of the Faith. The company, under Solomon's leadership, begins to lose significant amounts of money while films such as Defender of the Faith as well as a string of remakes, rom coms and super heroes films being described as "a last-ditch attempt to stave off bankruptcy".

Ira Richards, Solomon's son, later becomes a shareholder in the company with Devin Weston purchasing a majority share of the company in 2013 while Meltdown and Deep Inside are in production. Meltdown is later completed after Michael De Santa helps convince the lead actors to return to the set and killing Rocco Pelosi and Gianni before retrieving an analogue film reel from Devin's assistant Molly Schultz who had planned to can the film before it was finished to claim on the insurance. The plan would have bankrupted the company with Devin planning to build condos on the land. Solomon, now using digital technology, had numerous back up copies and finishes the film, later having a premiere in Vinewood. The company also manages to avoid scandal once again when Dreyfuss is finally proven to have murdered Leonora Johnson.