Mr. Richards

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Mr. Richards
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
For Solomon Richards
Objective Retrieve Milton McIlroy and Anton Beaudelaire from Rocco Pelosi's club and scare them into returning to the set.
Location Backlot City, Los Santos
Fail Rocco is alerted of Michael's presence
Rocco wins the fight
The helicopter is destroyed
Unlocks Caida Libre
Unlocked by Blitz Play

Mr. Richards is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Michael De Santa by film producer Solomon Richards, who the mission is named after, from the Richards Majestic film studio in Backlot City, Los Santos.


Michael De Santa, having briefly worked for Devin Weston, meets his hero, film producer Solomon Richards, at his office at the Richards Majestic film studio. Solomon, expecting Michael, invites him into his office and explains that he now has to make his own coffee having once had three secretaries. Solomon quotes one of his films, which Michael correctly remembers is from Nelson in Naples. The two continue with Michael correctly naming another quote from Shoulder of Orion II. Solomon asks if Devin sent Michael to kill him and, upon learning that Devin sent Michael to help with a film before retiring, tells him that 'only assholes retire' and that Devin and his son want to turn the studio into condos. Solomon argues that sometimes he does not blame the two suggesting that the Meltdown is 'gonna kill me'. Solomon explains the films plot to Michael and then says that Milton McIlroy, who has 'zero talent' and was cast because he was cheap, refuses to return to the set as his new agent Rocco Pelosi wants to renegoiate the deal. He then tells Michael about Anton Beaudelaire, the films director and recovering alcoholic, who is out getting drunk 'somewhere'.

Michael agrees to become Solomon's new assistant but tells him there will be 'no happy endings', referring to Solomon's retirement. Michael drives to Rocco's new club and on the way receives a phone call from Solomon explaining that Michael needs to be quiet while entering as they are about to sign a contract with a lawyer and that Rocco would fly them out of the area if he knew someone from the studio was heading to them. As he arrives, a Frogger flies on to the clubs roof. Michael sneaks into the buildings lot and on to the roof top, knocking out or killing five people on the way. Michael climbs to the highest part of the roof and is confronted by Gianni who is standing guard as McIlroy and Beaudelaire sit in the helicopter. Pelosi arrievs and Michael tells him that they are 'in love' with their contracts and will be returning to the set. Pelosi's bodyguard pulls out a gun but Pelosi tells him that he wants to fight Michael. The two fight and, after beating up Pelosi, Michael agrees to not throw him off the roof if Pelosi and his men leave Michael and his people at the set alone. Pelosi agrees and goes back into the club through a roof access, with Gianni and his bodyguard nowhere to be seen.

Michael gets into the helicopter and begins flying back to the studio. McIlroy tells him that he won't start shooting scenes for the film until he receives a new contract ad that he can't bully 'the talent'. Michael disagrees and begins flying recklessly. Anton then states that he wants out of the picture entirely with Michael saying he'll be changing his mind as well. The two agree to return to the studio and Michael flies them back. On the way, Michael tells McIlroy he owes Solomon an apology but McIlroy argues that Solomon owes him an apology due to the amount he is being paid. Anton, however, chimes in that McIlroy should feel lucky he is working at all as he is not particularly talented. They arrive back at the studio and head to Solomon's office. Solomon greets them outside and tells Beaudelaire he believes he is an artist and can turn the films cliched plot into 'magic'. Anton leaves and McIlroy, after being encouraged by Michael, apologises to Solomon. Solomon thanks Michael and asks if he can phone him later for help as the shoot is 'cursed'. Michael gladly agrees and leaves the studio as Solomon returns to his office.


After completing the mission, Michael receives a call from Martin Madrazo. Michael asks about how the rebuild of Madrazo's Vinewood Hills stilt house is coming along. Madrazo wants to hire Michael and Franklin Clinton for a job; however, Michael states that he doesn't want to get Franklin involved and suggests using his associate Trevor Philips instead. Additionally, Dr. Friedlander texts Michael, stating that he hasn't seen Michael at his office lately and offers to do an over-the-phone session, which costs Michael $1,500.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 10 minutes.
Silent Assassin Kill 3 enemies using stealth attacks.
Can't Touch This 2.0 Take no damage while fighting Rocco Pelosi.
Perfect Touchdown Land the Frogger without damaging it.


  • The Can't Touch This 2.0 secondary objective is a follow up to the Can't Touch This secondary objective during the mission Complications when Michael fights Simeon Yetarian.
  • After completing the mission, Solomon becomes a contact for Michael.
  • The subtitles for one line in the script is incorrect. The subtitle reads "Anton and Milton are meant to be there" but should have read "Anton and Milton are supposed to be there".

Video walkthrough

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