Uncle Vlad/Walkthrough

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Uncle Vlad
Niko killing Vlad
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Roman Bellic
Weapon/s needed: Pistol

The following is a walkthrough for the mission "Uncle Vlad" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Go to Comrades Bar.

Get in Roman's Taxi with Roman and go to Comrades Bar in Hove Beach. Along the way, Roman begs Niko not to kill Vlad, but that won't make any effect as you will notice later.

Chase Vlad.

After the cutscene, Vlad runs out of the bar. With the pistol, shoot the two thugs in the bar and get out. Vlad will speed off in his car. Go behind him and quickly get in Roman's Taxi with Roman. Now chase Vlad, who is fast. There is a lot of traffic, including trucks and buses, so try not to crash and to take corners slow. Vlad will enter Broker Navy Yard and head into BOABO. At one moment, the road is blocked by a Trashmaster, so he turns right into an alley and into the street in the left. Follow the same path. Eventually, he parks his car in a small lot next to the river and gets out. Get to him.

Execute Vlad.

Now you are right in front of Vlad, who is just walking around, telling Niko he wouldn't have survived in the city without him. You have to execute him. This is when a special cutscene shows up when you shoot someone. Target Vlad with the pistol and shoot him. The cutscene shows how Niko shoots Vlad, causing him to fall to the floor and die. The next cutscene shows Niko dumping Vlad's body into the water after telling Roman he is looking for someone who betrayed him during the war.

After the cutscene, the mission ends. The game instructs you to call Roman to set up the next mission.