Uncle Vlad

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Uncle Vlad
Niko and Roman Bellic talking about Vladimir Glebov.

Niko and Roman Bellic talking about Vladimir Glebov.
For Roman Bellic
Target Vladimir Glebov
Location East Hook, Hove Beach, BOABO
Fail Losing Vlad while chasing
Reward Fed the Fish achievement
Unlocks Crime & Punishment
Unlocked by Jamaican Heat
Ivan the Not So Terrible

Uncle Vlad is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by his cousin Roman Bellic from his cab depot.


Niko enters Roman's cab depot and sees Roman, drunk and upset, because he suspects Mallorie is seeing Vlad, as he saw his car parked at her house. Niko tells Roman he already knew this, which makes Roman get mad at him and call him disloyal. Niko decides it's time for Vlad to pay for what he has done, but Roman begs Niko not to hurt Vlad. Anyway, Niko leaves.

Niko and Roman drive to Comrades Bar. Along the way, Roman continues to warn Niko they shouldn't hurt Vlad, as his boss, Mikhail Faustin, may kill them. Niko doesn't care about this and is convinced the only way to end this is to kill Vlad. When they arrive to the bar, they enter and see Vlad talking to the other people. Niko confronts Vlad and he runs away. The other people at the bar attack Niko, but he avoids them and follows Vlad, who gets in his car and speeds off. Niko quickly gets in the car with Roman and chase Vlad.

Roman repeatedly begs Niko to stop and that Vlad is getting away anyway, but Niko is sure he will come back. They ultimately get into BOABO, where Vlad leaves his car at a small lot next to Humboldt River. Niko approaches Vlad.

Vlad, just standing in front of Niko, starts telling him that he's nothing in the city and that he won't survive without him, since his bosses will not allow someone killing their employees. After listening to him, Niko pulls out a pistol and executes Vlad by shooting him in the head, saying that "nobody fucks with his family".

Niko grabs Vlad's body and pushes it to the water's edge. Roman gets out of the car and sees what Niko has done. He desperately yells at Niko he shouldn't have done anything and that they will end up dead. Niko waits a moment, then sits down and starts telling Roman why he came to Liberty City. During the war, he and his fellows went on a mission that turned out to be a set up. Everybody died except him and two other men. He knows one of them is in the city and wants to find him to ask him why he betrayed his friends. Roman, still worried, tells Niko that it isn't the right moment or place to make such a confession. They then push Vlad's body into the river, and Roman just goes away.

Later, Niko calls Roman, who, whispering, tells Niko to come to the Perestroika.


The player earns the Fed The Fish achievement.

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  • The player automatically gets a pistol, if he/she does not already have one, after the cutscene where Vlad is cornered at the river.
  • If the player obtains a rocket launcher before the mission, they can take out Vlad's car as it flees from behind the bar. The car will fix itself after a few seconds, so the chase sequence continues nonetheless.
  • During this mission, the interior of Comrade's Bar can be entered, and the bartender, Mickey, can be killed. However, this has no impact on the storyline of the game.
  • Vehicles like Fortune, Feroci, Flatbed, and Bus are more common in traffic during the mission.
  • This is the first mission with an execution.