Vehicle Mine

The Vehicle Mine in Grand Theft Auto 2.

A vehicle mine is a car mounted weapon in Grand Theft Auto 2. If a car or pedestrian comes in contact with the mine, it will blow them up.

Mines can be used to explode pursuers or to block an entrance to a weapon in a multiplayer game for example. When a mine is placed under a stationary car without a driver, the mine will only explode when someone enters the car. This is a neat trap to be used in multiplayer.

In multiplayer the vehicle mines are often used to blow chasing players unexpectedly. Also, they are used to block narrow streets (for example the entrances to the garages). Since the mines have a major impact on the gameplay, some players prefer to play without them on multiplayer.

The vehicle mines are available for sale in the Gold Mines shop in both Residential and Industrial District, but not in Downtown District.


(To show your coordinates you have to enter a cheat code, use at your own risk)

Residential District
  • Drive to the Belmont car shop. Drive two blocks north and head to the building on the east side (Belmont) (17 149 3)
Industrial District
  • Get a car and drive to the building north of Bayano hospital (Bayano) (39,5 177 3)
  • Building north of the large warehouse in Escobar, use a car (Bayano) (64 202,5 3)
  • Get a fast car and drive to the Gonad hospital. Take the street on its north side to its end, avoiding traffic as best as possible, then drive down the stairs , follow the next street, again avoiding traffic, and finally hit the ramp, trying to land on the roof west of the ramp (Tedium) (59,5 113,5 5)

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