Garages in GTA 2

The 5-in-1 garage found in the Residential and Industrial Districts of Anywhere City in GTA 2. Gold Mines (second garage from the right) is not available in the Downtown District.

Garages in Grand Theft Auto 2 refer to a chain of garages that can be found in portions of every district in Anywhere City. The garages are a significant improvement from the basic spray shop prior, being intended to provide repairs to the player's car, clear wanted levels, or outfit the car with weaponry, all for a fee.

Much like in games before and after GTA 2, the player is required to drive in and out of a garage to use a service; like GTA 1, however, the player can simply use the garages like a drive-thru business, entering from the front and exiting at the back.


There are a total of five different services available at the garage, one of which is only available in the Residential District and the Industrial District.

Name Cost per use Description
Smith and Heston's $25,000 Outfits the player's car with vehicle machine guns.

The name of the garage is an obvious reference to Smith & Wesson, a real-life gun maker, and also Charlton Heston, an actor who, at the time of GTA 2's release (1999), was the president of the National Rifle Association (from 1998 to 2003).

Gold Mines $50,000 Outfits the player's car with 10 vehicle mines that can be dropped behind the car. The service is only available in the Residential and Industrial Districts.
Max Paynt $5,000 Repairs the player's car while clearing the player's wanted levels, effectively the game's rendition of the spray shop.

Depending on the location of the garage, the player can emerge with different car colors; garages close to or within a certain gang's territory will naturally recolor the player's car in the gang's color; other garages use more conventional ranges of colors. If the player enters a garage with a corresponding car color (i.e. driving a green car into a Max Paynt close to Loonies turf), the car emerges with the same color, while the player is simply notified that the car's license plate has been changed.

Like in all games, government/law enforcement vehicles (and gang cars) cannot be resprayed, although buses are exempt from this rule. Taxis are not resprayed, instead, they have the plates changed.

Coincidentally, the "Max Paynt" name is similar to that of Max Payne, which, as of the release of GTA 2 (1999), was still under development by Remedy Entertainment; Max Payne was not released until 2001.

Hell Oil $10,000 Outfits the player's car with 10 rounds of oil slicks that can be dumped behind the car. The name is an obvious parody of Shell Oil.
Red Army Surplus $5,000 Arms the player's car with a time-delayed bomb which can be activated while pressing the "fire" command in the car.