Was It Worth It?

Was It Worth It?
Game The Lost and Damned
For Jim Fitzgerald
Objective Survive the attack of Ray Boccino's hitmen
Location Algonquin
Unlocks Get Lost
Unlocked by Collector's Item

Was It Worth It? is a mission in The Lost and Damned. It is given by Ray Boccino impersonating Jim Fitzgerald via cellphone text to Johnny Klebitz.


A short while after completing the diamond exchange mission at the Libertonian, Jim will text Johnny telling him to meet him at Ray's. When Johnny gets there, he finds that Ray was the one who texted Johnny on Jim's phone. Ray orders Johnny into the basement and Johnny sees that Jim is tied up and is being tortured in order to reveal the location of the money Johnny ripped off.

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Ray ordering Johnny to the basement of Drusilla's at gunpoint.

Ray hits Johnny a couple times with his gun, and his goon burns Jim again. However, Jim uses a hidden exacto-knife in his sleeve to cut the ropes binding his hands. He disarms Ray's goon and holds the knife to his throat, ordering Ray to drop his gun. While distracted for a moment, Johnny kicks the gun out of Ray's hand to Jim. Johnny heads up the basement stairs. Jim cuts the throat of Ray's goon and they escape. Johnny heads to Ashley Butler's apartment while Jim rides over to an alley off Exeter Ave in the hopes of finding some Lost MC brothers to back him up. When Johnny gets near her place, Ashley will call Klebitz stating Ray has sent some men after him.

Johnny can fight them off on his own or call Clay Simons and Terry Thorpe for backup, they will say they have set up an ambush. Lure Ray's men to the ambush and dispose of Rays hitmen, or you can just murder them all Lone Wolf style.

After killing and surviving Ray's men, Johnny is told to by Ashley to meet her at the Lost MC Clubhouse via cellphone. When Johnny arrives at the Lost MC Clubhouse Ashley is sitting outside, and reveals to him that Ray told her everything, including that one of his hitmen (who Johnny is unaware was Niko Bellic), had killed Jim. She also informs Johnny that Billy Grey plans on turning states while in prison, pinning a drug ring on Klebitz and Angus Martin.

The mission ends with Johnny telling Ashley to "fuck off."


There is no reward for beating this mission. The final storyline mission, Get Lost is unlocked. However, the hitman will carry money should you collect it after killing them.


  • If you choose to make your stand all on your own, the best place for that is the alley leading to the backdoor of the clubhouse, as the walls provide good cover, and the alley is a chokepoint; they will approach you only from one direction. You can take them down from a distance with the Assault/Carbine Rifle, or go close quarters with the Combat Shotgun. There are four waves, with breaks in between, so be sure to pick up the money dropped by the dead henchmen.
  • This is one of several missions in the game that are substantially changed if the backup is called in, as Clay and Terry automatically execute a plan.
  • After the mission ends, a phone call from Stubbs unlocks the final mission of the game. This provides a final opportunity to engage in activities at the clubhouse, as well as finishing side-missions for 100% completion.

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