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The following is a script of the mission Was It Worth It? in The Lost and Damned.


Ray: Well, look who it is.

Johnny: Hey.

Ray: How you doin' tough guy?

Johnny: What's your problem?

Ray: I told you not to get too fucking clever.

Johnny: What?

(Ray points his gun at Johnny)

Johnny: Aww... you gotta be kidding.

Ray: Start walking... downstairs...

Johnny: Okay, I'm going.

Ray: That's right.

(Johnny and Ray walk downstairs where Jim is tied up and being tortured)

Ray: Gentlemen.

Johnny: What the fuck is going on here?

Jim: Fucking hell! Stop that shit, asshole.

Ray: Anything yet?

Ray's Goon: Nah.

Ray: Burn him again.

(Ray's goon burns Jim with a blowtorch)

Ray: Where's my fucking stuff? You see genius over here would rather get crème-brûléed before he dies. Hopefully you ain't so stupid. Where's my stuff?

(Jim uses a concealed knife to cut his ties)

Johnny: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ray: Fuck you.

(Ray hits Johnny in the head with his gun)

Ray: What are you fucking deaf? Where's my fucking stuff?

Johnny Klebitz: I don't know.

Ray: Who do you think you're bullshitting?

Johnny: A bull shitter.

Ray: That's funny.

(Ray hits Johnny again)

Johnny: You're going to have to cut that shit out Ray. It's not fucking cool.

Ray: I fucked Ashley, my friend, and now I'm going to fuck you. Where's my fucking stuff?

Johnny: Fuck off, Ray!

Ray: Go ahead.

(The goon attempts to burn Jim but Jim breaks free and holds his knife to the goon's throat)

Jim: Drop the fucking gun, goon.

Ray: No.

Jim: I'll cut him.

Ray: No.

(Ray aims his gun at Johnny but Johnny kicks it out of his hands and Jim picks it up then aims it at Ray)

Jim: Back the fuck up, back up.

Ray: Go ahead, go ahead! Go ahead, run like a couple of girls. Billy was right about both of yous. Back-stabbing fools. Go ahead I got guys on every corner. Where are you gonna go?

(Jim slits the goon's throat and drops his body but Ray catches him and comforts him as he dies)

Ray: I'll see you later.

Johnny: I gotta go talk to Ashley.

Jim: I'm gonna go get the fucking brothers.


(Johnny gets into Alderney and Ashley calls him)

Johnny: Hot damn, baby girl. Your friend Ray ain't so friendly.

Ashley: Johnny K you're alright. I'm sorry, sweets. I think Ray sent some guys after you.

Johnny: Of course he has, baby. Thanks for the heads up. Meet me outside the house, okay? I'll be there if I'm still walking.

Ashley: I'll wait, baby.

(If Johnny calls Terry for backup)

Johnny: Terry. I've had some intelligence that suggests some mafia hitmen types might be after yours truly.

Terry: Well, the troops better get behind their leader then. Come over to Keneckie Ave. and we'll see if those greaseballs can handle The Lost MC.

(If Clay is called for backup)

Johnny: Clay, man. What would you do if you had an unknown number of mobster hitmen on your tail?

Clay: Shit, I'd call me. Then I'd lead those suckers over to, uhh, Keneckie Avenue maybe. Then I'd hope to hell my friends was waiting for me.

(Johnny goes to the ambush spot)

Terry: Eyes up! Lost MC forever, Johnny. Brothers for life.


Terry: Up here, man. Look at him - scared to death of a couple of hitmen.

Terry: Where're your friends, Johnny? I can't see 'em from way up here.

Clay: Climb on up the ladder, dude.


Clay: Come on, man. The ladder's a waitin'.

Clay: What you waiting for? Get on up that ladder.

Johnny: I knew being head of this chapter would have its plus points.


Johnny: Let's do this.

Johnny: Thanks, guys.

Johnny: I bet Billy wouldn't have made you do shit like this.

Clay: Billy would be getting himself a drink, and trying to screw my woman. Not fighting alongside me.

Terry: Remind me what you did to piss off these mobsters, Johnny.

Johnny: You best ask Jim about that.

Terry: Yo, Clay. Remind me why we're always helping Johnny out of trouble.

Clay: Cause he's the boss, Terry. And 'cause no one else in the gang is dumb enough to get in the trouble he does.

Terry: You better thank us two at the next meeting, Johnny.

Johnny: Man, I don't know how many brothers we're gonna have left to have a meeting with.

Johnny: Fuck me, man. I hope Jim ain't in trouble.

Terry: Jim can handle himself. You know that.

Clay: Were expecting us, were you?

Clay: We ain't losing Johnny to no assholes like you.

Clay: That's a Lost MC chapter head you fuckin' with, grease ball.

Terry: These hitmen aren't so tough, Johnny.

Terry: You mean you couldn't handle these guys by yourself, Jonathan?

Terry: You're getting lazy Johnny.

(If Johnny isn't in cover)

Terry: Johnny, man. Get behind something.

Terry: Get behind cover, Johnny.

Terry: Johnny, you standing there for a reason? Get in cover.

(The three kill all the hitmen)

Johnny: Mucho gusto, my brothers. I got to call on Ashley.

Terry: No problemo, amigo. See you at the casa.

(If Johnny begins to fight the hitmen alone)

Johnny: Come on, you guido pussies.

Johnny: Welcome to the party, motherfuckers.

Johnny: You boys better be more dangerous than the last lot.

Johnny: You fucking guidos just keep coming.

Johnny: Bring it, you pussies.

Johnny: It's time to party, kids.

Johnny: Here we go, bitches.

Johnny: The guido population's about to take another hit.

Johnny: More of you, eh? Come on.

Johnny: Sorry, your friends died before you got here.

Johnny: Ray ain't gonna have many friends left after this.

(When a group is killed)

Johnny: Ray! Your guys are a bunch of pussies.

Johnny: You think you're tough guys. Come on!

Johnny: Time to fucking die, guidos.

Johnny: Ray Boccino's nobody, you shitheads.

Johnny: Chew on these meatballs, you Italian pricks.

Johnny: The Lost MC know more about family than you Italian cocksuckers.

Johnny: You mafia fucks are a joke.

Johnny: You're muscle for a fucking slimeball.

Johnny: How much is Ray paying you to kill me?

(Johnny kills the hitmen and meets with Ashley)

Johnny: What's going on?

Ashley: I'm sorry.

Johnny: For which bit?

Ashley: For everything. He told me everything. Me and Ray ain't friends no more.

Johnny: Me and Ray neither, sugar.

Ashley: Johnny, I got some bad news. Jim... he ain't...

Johnny: Oh no, oh man. Not Jim... Fuck this! Angus is crippled, Billy gone insane, now Jim's dead. I guess that's what they call payback.

Ashley: You got me.

Johnny: I don't got you. Crystal gone and got you babe.

Ashley: Johnny. I'm gonna quit.

Johnny: Yeah and I'm an idiot believing in your bullshit all this time.

Ashley: It ain't your fault.

Johnny: It's my fault I'm a fucking moron.

Ashley: I'm going to go to rehab, straighten myself out. Anyhow, he... he told me you wouldn't get hurt... I wouldn't have done it otherwise.

Johnny: Yeah, well why shouldn't I kill you?

Ashley: Why bother? I'd be better off dead. But Johnny, Ray ain't the problem.

Johnny: What are you talking about? Are you telling me that a backstabbing mob guy who wants to kill me ain't the problem?

Ashley: It's Billy. See it's Billy. Ray... it turns out that Billy was trying to poison him against you, and now apparently Billy's going states... he's gonna... he's gonna blame you. I'm sorry.

Johnny: Well what now?

Ashley: You gotta get someone to help you. Maybe that Congressman?

Johnny: Maybe. We'll see. Go on and get out of here.

Ashley: I love you, Johnny K.

Johnny: You're speaking a foreign language to me now lady. Now get the fuck out of here.

Post mission phone call

Stubbs: Johnny, I was just thinking about you.

Johnny: I just hope you weren't getting massaged. Listen, Stubbs, things have turned to shit.

Stubbs: Yes they have and they might be about to get a whole lot shittier. We need to talk. How about I come to your clubhouse?

Johnny: Alright, man. I'll see you there. But don't expect no rubdowns.

Johnny: I'm not in the mood to do any killing for the supposed elite today. You're gonna have to get your own hands dirty, Stubbs.

Stubbs: Oh, spare me the lectures. This is important, Jonathan. Important enough for me to come down from my Ivory tower, and rub elbows with you blue collar types on the wrong side of the West River. Meet me at your Clubhouse. I drink single malt.