Willie La Roche

Willie La Roche
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Willie La Roche
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality Irish
Occupation Pirate

Willie La Roche is a fictional character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Willie La Roche is the fictional main character of the 1941 film Curse of Triton and is portrayed by Ace Jones. La Roche is described as a 'legendary buccaneer' and an 'Irishman with a flair for French fashion'. A pirate, La Roche 'pouts, winks, loots and plunders' across the Bay of Biscay and takes women in his 'signature way'. He then takes part in a libido tournament against nemesis Gregorio (played by Mad Wayne Thunder) with the films finale involving 'the King of Spain, a harem, and a giant squid in a sensational sea battle'. It is unclear is La Roche survived the battle.


  • The Willie La Roche character and his 'signature way' of taking women led to the term "Angry Pirate" being coined.