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The Curse of Triton was a film in the HD Universe released in 1941 by director Philip Gardin and producer Sam Austin. The film starred formed baseball star Ace Jones as Irish pirate Willie La Roche as he 'pouts, winks, loots and plunders his way across the Bay of Biscay' and the 'tournament of libido' in which he battles Gregorio, played by Mad Wayne Thunder. The film is a re-written tale of Greek mythology. The films climax sees a sea battle involving the King of Spain, a harem and a giant squid, which was shot in Sam Austin's pool. During the filming, live ammunition was used in a scene resulting in a number of fatalities and the propmaster being sent to prison. The 'acting' of those shot, however, did win the film a number of awards. The film features the character Willie La Roche saying "C'mere, me beauty!" a number of times, with some playing a drinking game because of its frequency, while Gregorio's lines are suggested to only be "Aaaarrr!".

Cast and crew

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This pirate film is noted for its exceptional gun battle scene in which live ammunition was mistakenly used. The propmaster went to prison, but not before the movie won scores of awards for some amazing acting that wasn't really acting. Despite its heavy-handed attempts at morality lessons and a rewriting of Greek mythology (entirely lost on 99% of its audience), Curse of Triton remains a wildly-successful swashbuckling classic. It also introduced the first leading role for baseball star Ace Jones as legendary buccaneer Willie La Roche. An Irishman with a flair for French fashion, Willie pouts, winks, loots and plunders his way across the Bay of Biscay in lavish silk clothing and takes wenches in his signature way that eventually coined the term "Angry Pirate". In a tournament of libido, he battles his nemesis Gregorio, played by the elephantine strongman of the day, Mad Wayne Thunder. The finale includes the King of Spain, a harem, and a giant squid in a sensational sea battle that was filmed in Austin's pool.


  • The website suggests that Mad Wayne Thunder 'pissed himself at that awards show'.