Mad Wayne Thunder

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Mad Wayne Thunder
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Mad Wayne Thunder
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Occupation Actor

{{infobox character| |image = |game_1 = GTA V |name = Mad Wayne Thunder |aka = |status = |gender = M |dob = |dob-comment = |pob = |dod = |dod-comment = |home = [[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]] |nationality = United States |family = |affiliations = |vehicles = |businesses = |occupation = [[:Category:Actors|Actor]] |voice = }} '''Mad Wayne Thunder''' is a character in the [[HD Universe]] who is mentioned in [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. ==Character history== Mad Wayne Thunder is an [[:Category:Actors|actor]] who appeared in the [[1941]] film [[Curse of Triton]] as [[Gregorio]], the nemesis of [[Willie La Roche]]. He is later granted a star on the [[Vinewood Walk of Fame]] and has a name, [[Mad Wayne Thunder Dr]], named after him in [[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]]. {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1={{characters|state=collapsed}} {{Gtav characters|state=collapsed}} {{Gtav characters2|state=collapsed}} }} [[Category:Characters|Thunder, Mad Wayne]] [[Category:Characters in GTA V|Thunder, Mad Wayne]] [[Category:Characters in HD Universe|Thunder, Mad Wayne]] [[Category:Actors|Thunder, Mad Wayne]] [[Category:Unseen Characters|Thunder, Mad Wayne]]

Mad Wayne Thunder is a character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Mad Wayne Thunder is an actor who appeared in the 1941 film Curse of Triton as Gregorio, the nemesis of Willie La Roche. He is later granted a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame and has a name, Mad Wayne Thunder Dr, named after him in Los Santos.