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The following is a walkthrough for the mission Yu Jian in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

The Introduction

You are introduced to Huang Lee, the main protagonist that you will control. He is flying in a jet to Liberty City to deliver the Yu Jian sword to his uncle. At the airport, Huang is ambushed. A long intro scene shows. Next Huang is dumped into the river by the ambushers.

Get to shore and go to Kenny's restaurant

Use the touchscreen and tap on the window to smash the window and escape from the vehicle. Swim to shore by using the directional buttons. Enter the indicated car. It is optional to enter the car if you want to use another car or roam around the city. Use the touchscreen and drag the screwdriver to the ignition lock, then rotate it to force the ignition lock so that the car can turn on. Drive to Kenny's restaurant indicated on the radar. The radar will show only the shortest legal route. It's not always the fastest. At the restaurant, exit your car and walk to the yellow chevrons to enter Kenny's restaurant. Huang explains to Kenny that he was ambushed and the sword is stolen.

See your new apartment

After meeting up with Kenny, head to your new safehouse. When you load a saved game, you will start at your nearest safehouse. You can save your game at your safehouse anytime when not on a mission. Safehouses are indicated by the green house icon in the radar. You can save vehicles in the garage at some safehouses. After the introduction ends, the mission is passed.

Post mission

The red mail icon in your PDA indicates an important e-mail that needs to be read. Touch the icon to read the mail. Kenny wants to speak to you soon. Kenny's restaurant is indicated by a K icon in the radar.