Pulling Favors Again

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Pulling Favors Again
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Tonya Wiggins
Objective Recover a car from the train tracks on Elysian Island and take it to Glass Heroes on Innocence Blvd.
Location Los Santos
Fail Phil dies
The Towtruck is destroyed
The car is destroyed
The train destroys the car
Unlocks Still Pulling Favors
Unlocked by Pulling Another Favor
Time Limit 7 minutes (gold medal completion only)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be part of)

Pulling Another Favor is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Tonya Wiggins in Los Santos.


Franklin, having received a text message asking for help from Tonya, phones her. She informs Franklin that she can not find JB Bradshaw and the LSPD Auto Impound had begun leaving messages stating that they intend to fire him. She asks Franklin for more help, which Franklin agrees to. Franklin drives to the Impound and enters the tow truck where he is told by dispatch of a car stalled on the train tracks at Chum St on Elysian Island. Franklin drives to Plaice Pl (where the car is actually located), hooking the car up and removing it from the train tracks before it is destroyed by the train. He pulls over and allows the cars owner, Phil, to get into the tow truck. Phil asks to be taken to an auto repair shop and explains, on the way, his feelings about the 'foreign trash' that he drives and that his wife continues to tell him not to say that. Phil tells Franklin that, after he was nearly killed because of the car, he believes she will change her mind. Franklin drives Phil and the car to Glass Heroes on Innocence Blvd and unhooks the car. Phil gets out the truck and begins texting someone as Franklin leaves.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Mission Time Complete the mission in 7 minutes.
Unhook Bonus Keep the car hooked until delivered to Glass Heroes.

Mission set up

Text message

Tonya Wiggins: JB missing PLZ help a sista out with another job. call meand ill explain. Tonya xoxoxoxo


(Franklin phones Tonya)

Tonya Wiggins: My brother from another crack mother!

Franklin Clinton: What's goin' on now?

Tonya Wiggins: JB. Nigga's gone AWOL, baby, I don't know what to do.

Franklin Clinton: Is he ever not AWOL?

Tonya Wiggins: He's bad, Franklin, got its claws in deep this time. They're on to him, leavin' messages, sayin' he gonna get cut. You ain't gonna let a sista starve?

Franklin Clinton: Look man, I'm not gonna let that happen, a'ight? Now, leave it with me.

(Franklin drives to the LSPD Auto Impound and gets into the Towtruck)

Dispatch: 10-33. This is dispatch. 10-33. We got a car stalled on the train tracks at Chum Street, Elysian Island. Who's got ears? Over.

Franklin Clinton: Yo, yo, I can handle that.

Dispatch: 10-4. Put the hammer down.

(Franklin drives to Chum St on Elysian Island)

Phil: Come on, come on! Start!

(Franklin hooks the car up and moves it off the tracks)

Phil: Holy crap that was close!

(Phil gets into the cab of the Towtruck)

Phil: Phew. Thought I was a gonna there for a second. Could you drop me off at the nearest repair shop?

Franklin Clinton: That's a bad place to break down.

Phil: Yeah it started spluttering at the crossing, then the engine just cut out. Damn car. Foreign trash, I've told my wife a hundred times. But she's like, "Oh no, Phil, you can't say that"... not any more. She'll soon change her tune when she finds out I nearly died! All this fancy eco-crap they put in cars now. We never asked for it. We never signed that treaty. A mile less to the gallon and maybe I wouldn't have ended up on top of the train tracks. I'm at a loss for words.

Franklin Clinton: Could've fooled me.

Phil: Makes a nice change to get towed for a good reason. Normally I'd be cussing you out, you know, asking you how you sleep at night.

Franklin Clinton: I'm sure you would, man.

Phil: You been in the business long?

Franklin Clinton: I ain't exactly in the business, just helping out a friend, dog.

(Franklin drives Phil and his vehicle to Glass Heroes on Innocence Blvd where he unhooks the car)

Phil: Okay, thanks again, that could've gone much worse.

(Franklin phones Tonya)

Tonya Wiggins: If it ain't the finest man in South LS.

Franklin Clinton: You can tell JB I did his work for him - again.

Tonya Wiggins: I will, boo. Soon as he wakes up.

Phils phone conversation

Phil: Hey buddy. No I can't come out to tonight I have an Epsilon meeting. No I don't believe any of that crap. Because that's the only way to land decent gigs in this town, man. Yeah, well, Kifflom yourself too buddy, later.


  • The subtitles are incorrect during Phil's conversation with Franklin. The subtitles read '"No, Phil, you can't say that"...' but should read "Oh no, Phil, you can't say that"...'
  • The dispatcher tells Franklin that the car is located on Chum St when it is in fact located on Plaice Pl.

Video walkthrough

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