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San Andreas Ave is an avenue in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The avenue starts in Vespucci Canals before heading eastwards into Little Seoul, Downtown, Pillbox Hill, Textile City and La Mesa before ending in Murrieta Heights. The avenue has connections to Alta St, Bay City Ave, Calais Ave, Decker St, the Del Perro Freeway, Elgin Ave, El Rancho Blvd, Ginger St, Las Lagunas Blvd, Low Power St, Movie Star Way, Palomino Ave, Peaceful St, Prosperity St, Sinner St, South Rockford Dr, Strawberry Ave and Supply St.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist(s) of Grand Theft Auto Online destroy a Police Riot at the Vespucci Police Department, which is located on the corner of San Andreas Ave and South Rockford Dr, in an attempt to distract the police for Lester Crest. The protagonist also kills the editor of the Daily Globe newspaper at their headquarters, at the corner of Las Lagunas Blvd, for Martin Madrazo.

Later in the year, Trevor Philips encounters Nigel peering around a corner while standing on San Andreas Ave. Nigel and Trevor are then joined by Mrs. Thornhill before chasing Al Di Napoli throughout Los Santos, including along San Andreas Ave. Franklin Clinton and Tonya Wiggins recover a broken down car on the avenue. While working for Lester, Franklin locates and kills venture capitalist Isaac Penny. The escape route for Michael De Santa, Franklin and their chosen accomplices after robbing the Union Depository is along the Arcadius Business Center on the avenue. A random event where a pedestrian has $500 stolen by two armed men on a motorcycle also takes places at the corner of Strawberry Ave.




  • One ATM (at Maison Ricard)
  • One ATM (at Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter)
  • Two ATMs (at Total Bankers)