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Calais Ave is an avenue running north-south from Little Seoul, in the north, to La Puerta, in the south, in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The avenue has connections to Adam's Apple Blvd, Innocence Blvd, Dutch London St, Lindsay Circus, San Andreas Ave, South Rockford Dr and Vespucci Blvd.

Mission appearances

  • One random event, where the player must rescue a construction site worker, can be found on the avenue.
  • The player can attempt an armed robbery from a Securicar at the corner of Adam's Apple Blvd.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
24/7 Little Seoul Convenience store
Aluminum & Vinyl Wholesales Little Seoul Wholesales
Bargain Cell Phones Little Seoul Cell phones
Bean Machine Little Seoul Food and drink
Betta Life Pharmaceuticals Little Seoul Pharmacy
Caesars Auto Parking Little Seoul Vespucci Blvd Car park
The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company Little Seoul Food and drink
Computer Maintenance Little Seoul Electronics
Convenience Store and Grocer Little Seoul Convenience store
Digital Den Little Seoul Electronics
The Grain of Truth Little Seoul Supermarket
The Grain of Truth Little Seoul Supermarket
Greenbach Little Seoul
Heat Little Seoul Clothing
Hit 'n' Run' Little Seoul San Andreas Ave Food and drink
K-Mall Coffee Shop & Juice Bar Little Seoul Food and drink
KO Casuals Little Seoul Clothing
Korean Plaza Little Seoul Shopping center
Leather Goods Little Seoul Clothing
Pirate Music Little Seoul Music store
Puerto Del Sol Station Little Seoul Metro station
S.Ho La Puerta South Rockford Dr Food and drink
Save-a-¢ent Little Seoul Discount store
Shoe Store Little Seoul Clothing
Sneaky Foot Wear Little Seoul Clothing
Snrs. Buns Little Seoul San Andreas Ave Food and drink
STD Contractors building site Little Seoul Adam's Apple Blvd Construction site
Sub Urban Little Seoul Clothing
Thor Toys Little Seoul Toy store
Tw@ Internet Café Little Seoul Internet café
Weazel News Little Seoul Lindsay Circus News station
Xoomer filling station Little Seoul Innocence Blvd Energy and fuel
Yogarishima Little Seoul Vespucci Blvd Clothing


  • Two ATMs (at the side of Pirate Music)