Vespucci Blvd

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Vespucci Blvd is a street in Los Santos running east to southwest from Murrieta Heights to Vespucci Beach. The street also runs through La Mesa, Mission Row, Legion Square, Pillbox Hill, Little Seoul and Vespucci Canals. There are connections to Bay City Ave, Calais Ave, Decker St, Elgin Ave, El Rancho Blvd, Fantastic Pl, Ginger St, Low Power St, Magellan Ave, Palomino Ave, Peaceful St, Power St, Sinner St, South Rockford Dr, Strawberry Ave and Supply St, also running under the La Puerta Freeway and over the Del Perro Freeway, Little Bighorn Ave and the Los Santos River. It is based off Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles

Events of HD Universe

Franklin Clinton and Tonya Wiggins, while covering for JB Bradshaw, drive to Vespucci Blvd in Little Seoul to tow a car involved in a car accident. A random event also takes place on the boulevard with the player having the option to chase a man who steals a womans purse.