Army Base Alert!

Army Base Alert!
Game GTA 2
For Uno Carb
Target Tank
Location Industrial District, Anywhere City
Reward $80,000

Army Base Alert is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Uno Carb, leader of The Zaibatsu Corporation in the Industrial District, in Anywhere City.


Uno Carb informs Claude Speed that the last tank that he stole was booby-trapped, so he needs another and wants Claude to steal the tank from the Army Base. Carb warns him that the Army Base is well guarded, so Claude enters the base through a side entrance. Claude destroys three tanks, so they can not give chase, before stealing the tank Carb has singled out. Claude drives the tank back to Carb's garage, avoiding the chasing Anywhere City Police Department and Army.


Uno Carb: Gecko - its Uno Carb. The last Tank you stole was booby-trapped and destroyed my Garage. Steal me another Tank direct from the Army Base to cause maximum embarrassment. The Army Base is heavily guarded. Use a little initiative to get in!

(Claude drives to the Army Base and destroys a Tank)

Army Official: This area is restricted! No questions!

(Claude destroys a second tank)

Army Official: I protect the Army Base with my life, Z-Bandit.

(Claude continues to cause havoc at the Army Base)

Army Official: No-one told me about you at the Academy!

(Claude steals the Tank)

Uno Carb: Move fast, Gecko! Bring the Tank back to my Garage!

(Claude begins to drive the Tank out of the Army Base)

Army Official: Emergency! Someone's made it past the guards!

(Claude continues to drive the Tank out of the Army Base)

Army Official: This Army Base is only for State-Programmed Killers!

(Claude drives the Tank back to Uno Carb's garage)

Uno Carb: The army doesn't know what hit them, Gecko! You are a supreme performer! Here's $80,000. You should be working with me not for me!


The reward for completing this mission is $80,000.

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