Automatic 9mm

The Automatic 9mm and its associated HUD icon
A CZ 75 Automatic in real life.

The Automatic 9mm is a pistol featured in The Lost and Damned episodic pack for Grand Theft Auto IV.


Based on the CZ 75 Automatic [1] (as indicated by its longer compensated barrel), the Automatic 9mm is a fully automatic handgun which delivers the same amount of damage per round as a regular 9mm pistol, but has a higher rate of fire and a 17-bullet capacity, and is slightly more accurate. Its only significant weakness is its low range, as its accuracy greatly lowers within a short distance in a similar manner to a shotgun. Nevertheless, the pistol is a worthy alternative to a sub-machine gun and is a suitable choice of weapon in drive-bys.

The Automatic 9mm be purchased from Terry's gun van ($500 for the pistol, with each additional magazine of 17 rounds costing $15), and is also a starting weapon for players in multiplayer in TLAD when the option for available weapons is set to "all", "weaker", or "biker".


  • Strangely, when one calls Jim for a Automatic 9mm, Johnny will call it a 'semi-automatic 9mm' instead.
  • Like other pistols, the Automatic 9mm can be used in executions.

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