AP Pistol

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The AP Pistol is a weapon in Grand Theft Auto V.


The AP Pistol is a fully automatic pistol featured in GTA V. It is much like the Automatic 9mm from The Lost and Damned. The gun is seen being used by Michael De Santa during Three's Company, as well as by Franklin, in the official gameplay trailer. It appears to resemble an OTs-33 Pernach automatic pistol from the HUD icon and its in-game appearance. Unlike the Auto 9mm, the AP Pistol is much more accurate, and has a lighter recoil, which can be lightened even more with a suppressor attatchment. It has an 18-round magazine with the option to extend to 36 rounds. Due to its high accuracy, high rate of fire and having a large magazine size (with extended clip) it is arguably the best drive-by weapon in the game.


  • Damage - 1.2
  • Fire Rate - 3.2
  • Accuracy - 2.8
  • Range - 1.2


  • Extended Clip - $412
  • Flashlight - $462
  • Suppressor - $1,825
  • Army Tint - $100 or $5000 (GTA Online)
  • Green Tint - $7500 (GTA Online)
  • Orange Tint - $? (GTA Online)
  • LSPD Tint - $600 or $5750 (GTA Online)
  • Pink - $7500 (GTA Online)
  • Gold - $10000 (GTA Online)
  • Platinum - $12500 (GTA Online)



  • The AP Pistol seems to be the weapon of choice for Steve Haines and Andreas Sanchez, as they both use it in the mission The Wrap Up.
  • The AP Pistol is most likely not a standard issue FIB weapon, as it is based upon a Russian weapon. Still, the basic Pistol is based on a Brazilian weapon (the Taurus PT92 in this case) and the FIB, as well as the IAA, have it as a standard issue weapon.
  • It is the second automatic pistol in the series after the Automatic 9mm from The Lost and Damned.