Blow Job!

Blow Job!
Game GTA 2
For Billy Bob Bean, Rednecks
Location Mobile RV Park, Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $30,000

Blow Job!, also known as Blow-Up! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Redneck boss Billy Bob Bean. The mission is available from the bottom of the two green Redneck phones in the Mobile RV Park of the Residential District.


The Rednecks have been experimenting with their own home-made explosives in hopes of a method of destroying the Zaibatsu's barricade. Billy Bob Bean asks Claude to test them out by destroying Fat Boy Jim's trailer before blowing up the barricade itself.


Billy Bob Bean: "Hey, Rooster, it's Billy Bob Bean. Montana has wired some new explosives to the ass of a Pickup and I want you to collect it."

(Claude drives over to the Pickup and enters it)

Billy Bob Bean: "Fat Boy Jim has hauled his crusty ass out bowling. Park the rigged Pickup by his trailer and we can test the explosives."

(Claude drives to Fat Boy Jim's trailer and parks the Pickup outside before arming it)

Billy Bob Bean: "The clock's tickin'! Get ya ass outta the Pickup, Rooster - she's gonna blow!"

(Claude runs from the pickup before it explodes, destroying the trailer)

Billy Bob Bean: "This is makin' progress, Rooster. Montana has another Pickup rigged to do some damage. Go 'n' get it."

(Claude drives to the second Pickup and takes it)

Billy Bob Bean: "The Zaibatsu have barricaded the key access point to their territory. Gettin' rid o' the barricade could be helpful in the future."

(Claude drives to the barricade)

Billy Bob Bean: "Arm the explosives with your trigger finger, Rooster!"

(Claude parks the Pickup by the barricade and activates the bomb)

Billy Bob Bean: "Get out of the Pickup - she's gonna blow!"

(Claude gets out of the pickup and runs away, after which the bomb goes off, destroying the Zaibatsu barricade)

Billy Bob Bean: "Yee-ha! Them Zaibatsu don't know what hit 'em! Here's $30,000. Keep this up and you could end up one of the Good Ol' Boys. An' there's always plenty work for them, Rooster."


The reward for completing the mission is $30,000.

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