Billy Bob Bean

Billy Bob Bean
Appearances GTA 2
Full Name Billy Bob Bean


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Residential District, Anywhere City
Family Pappy (father)
Beth (sister)
Unnamed nephew/niece
Main Affiliations Rednecks (gang leader)
Claude Speed (former)
Occupation Gang leader

Billy Bob Bean is a character in the 2D Universe who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto 2. He is the leader of the Rednecks gang.

Character history

Billy Bob Bean and his sister Beth were born into a traditionalist family, including his father, and grew up to hate everything different from himself. He became the leader of the Rednecks and led them in their war with the Scientists and The Zaibatsu Corporation in his home district of Anywhere City. Bean is very intelligent and hires new arrival Claude Speed to pose as a member of the Zaibatsu and to attack the Scientists, which starts a war between the two. Eventually, Bean agrees to a peace meeting with the Zaibatsu which is sabotaged by Claude under the orders of Dr. LaBrat, leader of the Scientists. Claude then kidnaps an influential Redneck member and brings him to the Scientists. In response to the kidnapping, the Rednecks unsuccessfully try to destroy the Scientists' generators. Meanwhile, The Zaibatsu Corporation are angry over the peace meeting and launch a full scale war on the Rednecks. The Rednecks were weakend along with the Zaibatsu and Scientists, due to Claude Speed working for all three gangs, leading Billy, LaBrat, and Red Valdez of the Zaibatsu Corporation to attack Claude, however, Billy Bob and the other two leaders are killed by Claude.


Mission appearances

  1. Double-Cross Crush! / Gang Car Bang! (Boss)
  2. Blow Job! / Blow-Up! (Boss)
  3. Benson Burner! (Boss)
  4. Greatest Hits! / In Too Deep! (Boss)
  5. Tanks-Giving! / Second Hand Tank! (Boss)
  6. Gang Car Bang! / Gang Land Nonsense! (Boss)
  7. Penal Ties! / Alma Mater Return! (Boss)