Catalina's Hideout

Catalina's cabin in GTA San Andreas.

Catalina's hideout is an unofficial name given to a secluded cabin in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Fern Ridge, Red County, San Andreas.


Makeshift graves near Catalina's cabin.

As implied, the cabin serves as Catalina's hiding place and base of operation from which she goes on a robbery spree targeting surrounding businesses in Red County following "King in Exile". The cabin thus serves as a starting point for all these missions, and also acts as a save point after "King in Exile". The save point icon is located on the east side of the cabin.

In addition to the hubcap and pelt-adorned design of the cabin, the surrounding area is also littered with other oddities. Directly west of the cabin is a series of three makeshift graves and a shovel pickup, which implies Catalina had preceding associates who either died by her hands or not. A Buffalo also spawns on the east side of the cabin, and a rusted out Walton wreck can be found directly southwest of the building.