A Walton in GTA Vice City.
A Walton in GTA Vice City.
(Rear quarter view)
A Walton in GTA Vice City.
Appearance(s) GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Vice City Stories
Vehicle type Civilian
Body style 2-door pickup truck
Capacity 2 (driver and 1 passenger)

"Redneck, trailer trash wagon. Marry your sister-types. Swamp trash and the like."
- Official Vice City Bureau of Investigation file description, GTA Vice City.[1]

The Walton is an old pickup truck available in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.



Throughout its appearances, the Walton resembles a 1955 2nd series to a 1959 Chevrolet (or GMC) truck with the front of a 1954 or 1st series 1955 Chevrolet truck. It also features a small stake bed, which provides a decent sized flat surface area, making it a suitable sniper platform if no Journeys are available.

In GTA San Andreas, the Walton may optionally spawn with a load in the back, such as wood pallets or propane tanks (which do not explode when shot). When the tailgate is opened, none of the items in the back will fall out, even when driving off road or if the player crashes. There is also a junked Walton in front of Catalina's shack in Fern Ridge, Red County, San Andreas.


The Walton's road-going capabilities are, as expected, underwhelming. For GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, the Walton is only given slightly below-average acceleration and speed, as well as sluggish controls, owing to its age, weight, and size. The Walton's engine power is even worse in GTA San Andreas, where it is revealed the truck often struggles up steep inclines.

White Waltons

In both GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, the color white is not normally available on any Walton, except during missions and when the player modifies the carcols.dat file to make Waltons spawn in white.

In GTA Vice City, four white Waltons will appear during "Gun Runner" as transport vehicles for a gang of gun runners which the player must eliminate. While the player can in fact the kill the driver of any of the Waltons with a sniper rifle and commandeer one, the player must destroy all the Waltons as well to complete the mission. A workaround to this is simple; the player will simply need to collect all of the weapons, then place the last working Walton in a garage and destroy it (thereby passing the mission). After the garage door is closed, the wrecked Walton will reappear in working order when the garage is reopened.

For GTA San Andreas, a white Walton is a crucial piece of equipment during "Madd Dogg", when the player must save a drunken Madd Dogg from falling to his death by taking the truck parked nearby and aligning the truck's box-filled bed with Madd Dogg as he is about to jump from a ledge. Once Madd Dogg lands on the bed, the player must then drive him to a rehabilitation clinic, completing the mission. The player may then store the truck in a garage. Alternately, the player can also fail the mission by opting not to save Madd Dogg and still acquire the truck nevertheless. The truck is also bulletproof.

Customization in GTA San Andreas

The Walton in GTA San Andreas can be modified at a TransFender, which offers a modest range of customizations for the truck:

Italicized pricing denotes prices at the Las Venturas TransFender, which charges 20% more except Colors.

  • Colors
    • Car Color 1 (cab color): $150
  • Hood
    • Fury Scoop: $150 ($180)
    • Champ Scoop: $100 ($120)
    • Worx Scoop: $250 ($300)
  • Exhausts
    • Large Exhaust: $250 ($300)
    • Medium Exhaust: $200 ($240)
    • Small Exhaust: $150 ($180)
  • Lights
    • Round Fog Lamp: $100 ($120)
    • Square Fog Lamp: $50 ($60)
  • Nitro
    • 2x Nitrous: $200 ($240)
    • 5x Nitrous: $500 ($600)
    • 10x Nitrous: $1,000 ($1,200)
  • Wheels
    • Import: $820 ($984)
    • Atomic: $770 ($924)
    • Ahab: $1,000 ($1,200)
    • Virtual: $620 ($744)
    • Access: $1,140 ($1,368)
    • Off Road Wheel: $1,000 ($1,200)
    • Mega: $1,030 ($1,236)
    • Grove: $1,230 ($1,476)
    • Twist: $1,200 ($1,440)
    • Wires: $1,560 ($1,872)
  • Car Stereo
    • Bass Boost: $100 ($120)
  • Hydraulics: $1,500 ($1,800)


  • When entered in GTA San Andreas, the Walton plays K-Rose by default.
  • The name of the truck may have been inspired by the television series "The Waltons". The description for the Walton in the BradyGames Official Strategy Guide is "Goodnight, John Boy. Goodnight, Mary Ellen..."


GTA Vice City
  • Spawns randomly in Viceport, although it may spawn in the construction area in Vice Point.
GTA San Andreas
GTA Vice City Stories


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