King in Exile

King in Exile
Kendl and Carl Johnson try to talk Cesar Vialpando out of returning to Los Santos for revenge.
Kendl and Carl Johnson try to talk Cesar Vialpando out of returning to Los Santos for revenge.

Kendl and Carl Johnson try to talk Cesar Vialpando out of returning to Los Santos for revenge.
Game GTA San Andreas
Location Angel Pine, Whetstone, San Andreas
Reward None
Unlocks First Base
Unlocked by Body Harvest

King in Exile is a statistically counted central storyline cutscene in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, accessed independently by protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson under inspiration from Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando from the trailer near the save point in the town of Angel Pine in Whetstone, San Andreas.


Carl enters a trailer in Angel Pine, with Cesar and Kendl being there. They greet each other, with Cesar furious about what has happened in Los Santos. Cesar wants to go there to stop the drug dealing in his turf, but Carl and Kendl prevent him from doing so. While Carl tries to make Cesar relax, he reminds and explains to Carl that it is Grove Street Families defaulter Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris and the C.R.A.S.H. team behind this. Carl responds to Cesar that Smoke definitely did not do this, and it is all C.R.A.S.H.'s fault. Both Kendl and Cesar try to make Carl believe in this, but Carl decides to look out first, and tells the two to lay low.


(Cesar and Kendl are probably getting intimate just when Carl enters. Kendl gives Cesar a little push and goes to hug Carl.)

Kendl: Hey Carl.

CJ: How you doin' sis?

Cesar: (comes up to them) This ain't over, man. I did this to take care of my woman. But now I'm gonna head straight back home, and I'm gonna cap me some fucking dope dealers!

CJ: Hey look, you go into the barrio with that big willy bullshit, and you gonna get shredded.

Kendl: And I ain't losing you over no macho bullshit!

(Cesar scoffs, walking away.)

CJ: Hey, relax, man. It's gonna get handled when it's time.

Cesar: We already know who the fucking bad guys are, man - your stinking Grove Street brother Smoke, and those chota pigs, Tenpenny and ... Pulaski! Smoke, he's a pusher, man.

CJ: No, no, not Smoke, he might mess with C.R.A.S.H., but he don't mess with no yay.

Kendl: Come on, CJ! How you think he got that new house, huh? Just let that Grove-for-life bullshit go and take a look around you.

Cesar: Word on the street is twice a week, Smoke sends a car out to San Fierro, and the truck comes back full of white.

CJ: Shit. I gotta keep an eye on the highway to San Fierro. Maybe I'll see something. Just... Just lay low and I'll be back.

Post-cutscene Phone Call

CJ: Hello?

Catalina: Where you been, asshole? Why don't you call, eh?

CJ: Well, I was just about to call you, but-

Catalina: LIAR! You've been hanging out with those stinking putas!

CJ: No! No, if you'd just let me-

Catalina: Silence! Get up here, we've got places to rob!

CJ: Look, I'm in the middle of some shit right-


Catalina will call Carl, and after the call, the cutscene First Base is unlocked.

Video Walkthrough

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