Cheryl Fawkes

Cheryl Fawkes
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Cheryl Fawkes
Aliases Nurse Cheryl Fawkes
Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Ray De Angelo Harris
Occupation Radio producer
Voiced by Annie Lederman

Cheryl Fawkes is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a radio producer on Chakra Attack on the West Coast Talk Radio radio station. She is voiced by Annie Lederman.

Character history

Cheryl Fawkes is, in 2013, the producer for the Chakra Attack radio program, hosted by Ray De Angelo Harris, on West Coast Talk Radio. She appears on the show with him where she is learning how to be on the radio. Harris states on his Lifeinvader page that he wants to fire her for being a 'terrible' liberal, which he also states on air, and criticises for her allowing certain callers on to the program. He does, however, state on the broadcast in GTA V that he needs her strength and describes her as having unshaven legs and a pierced nose along with a 'disdained look' for everyone he knows. On the show, the two frequently 'om' and she also promotes Harris' book: When One Becomes Two Problems Can Arise: A Study in Duality.

She loves her life and spends her spare time camping and going to music festivals where she sucks balloons to get high before waking up in someone elses tent, as well as sexual choking games. Harris states that Cheryl loves a conjugal visit. She dislikes hitting Harris with a rain stick, as she does not see the point, how Harris allows animals to urinate in his mouth to rehydrate and how he attracts women by using organic vegetables. She also does not donate to public radio believing it to be patronising and states that she heard dolphins molest children. At the end of the broadcast in GTA V, she takes up the shavasana pose, acting as a corpse.