The Lifeinvader logo.

Lifeinvader is an online social networking service in Grand Theft Auto V based on Facebook. The company's founder and CEO is Jay Norris. The service allows users to update their status and share photos and videos, while also featuring advertisements and memes. Users can follow posts from celebrities, brands, and services by "Stalking" their pages. Its in-game and real-life URL is


The Lifeinvader tablet.

Lifeinvader also offers a branded tablet, similar to the real-life, Facebook-branded HTC ChaCha smartphone. This tablet features a FLEECA card slot and a phallic power-supply port. It is advertised under the slogan "It's time to dock!", referencing the homosexual act.

Events of the HD Universe

Lifeinvader announced their plans for a new mobile device on Weazel News and EyeFind. When Michael De Santa meets with Lester Crest for the first time since the Ludendorff incident, Lester tasks Michael with assassinating Jay Norris by infiltrating the Lifeinvader offices to plant an explosive device within their prototype smartphone. When Norris unveils the phone during a live, nationally broadcast keynote address at the Vinewood Bowl, Michael calls the phone to detonate the explosive, killing Norris instantly.

Known users

Brands, stores, and services pages

Social Club members can interact with the real-life version of the site and obtain special one-time offers from certain in-game businesses and products.


  • The name is a reference to the pervasive/invasive nature of Facebook
  • The first known meme on the site is an advice animal reading: "TRANNY PIG - IS WATCHING YOU POOP"


The LifeInvader Tablet: