Cliff Lane

Cliff Lane is, in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the co-host of Lips 106, a pop radio station, alongside Andee. He returns in Grand Theft Auto V as the co-host of Self Radio.


Lane is a grown adult seemingly depicted with an attraction toward teenage girls, and as a result, favors girl-only pop bands instead of boy bands, to the disagreement of Andee, and is occasionally heard masturbating on air to the thoughts of being in company of them. On one occasion, Lane has voiced intentions to manage a new girl band dubbed "Lost Innocence", that would consist of teenage girls. Lane has also claimed to have coached an all-girls softball team.

On the other hand, Lane is apparently uninterested in older women, as seen when he lambastes Andee, who was 26 in 1998 (41 in 2013), for wearing a tank top at this age (Lane favors a teenage co-host instead). Due to Andee's age, Lane displays a lack of respect towards her, perceiving her as being nothing more than a minor staff who is meant to only "laugh at the jokes" and not "suck up" and try to get Lane's job.

By 2001, the setting of Grand Theft Auto III, Lane was likely fired sometime after 1998, as Andee is the only DJ of the radio station in GTA III.

He returns alongside Andee as the DJ of Self Radio in GTA V.