Appearances GTA III
GTA Liberty City Stories
Full Name Andee


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1972
Age Now 52
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Lips 106 (employer)
Cliff Lane (former co-worker)
Occupation Radio DJ
Voiced by Shelley Miller

Andee is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a Radio DJ in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and a character in the HD Universe who is the DJ Grand Theft Auto V's Self Radio. She is voiced by Shelley Miller.

Character history

3D Universe

Andee was born in 1972 and is, in 1998, the co-host the Liberty City based Lips 106 radio station alongside Cliff Lane, whom she dislikes because of his perverted rants about teenage girls and his constant jibes about her age. She states on air that she is paid to laugh at Cliff's jokes and Cliff says the same, also saying that she's not paid to suck up to the producers and steal his job. Andee later says that she can not wait until she is the "sole host of this station" suggesting that she expects Cliff to be fired soon. She also professes her love of boybands, asking at one point why Cliff hates them so much. Three years later, she is the station's sole DJ although she sounds considerably older, but still loves boybands. She refers to Lips 106 as the "expressway to hot music", "wheels of steel" and the home of "Andee's Short Hot Mix", in which she plays "one record back-to-back". She spends a lot of time promoting station competitions and also promotes Sex Club Seven, Fannie, and Saturday Night Beaver. She also mentions a news story she has read about Gary Schaffer.

HD Universe

Andee is a long serving radio DJ who, by 2013, had earned a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame for her work. She is also the DJ for Self Radio, once again alongside fellow rival Cliff Lane.


  • On Lips 106, after Cliff Lane insults her for looking old, she says she's 26 in the year of 1998 in GTA Liberty City Stories. This would make her 41 by GTA V's timeline.