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This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for Grand Theft Auto V - the next Grand Theft Auto game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat or respond to other people's suggestions. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either.

Please note this is not an official Rockstar Games website, although we know they do sometimes read these wishlists.

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Suggestions for GTA 5

For previous suggestions, see archive1, archive2, archive3, archive4, archive5, archive6, archive7, archive8, archive9, archive10, archive11, archive12.

  • Children, why are there no children in GTA?
  • Play as a woman aswell please coz I love all GTA game an i'm a girl so maybe the could have two characters but you can choose at the begining if you want to play as a girl or a boy but the same storyline
  • GTA San Andreas Remake Please
  • Not to be like GTA 4 or the game's Episodes. Those games need many hard drive space
  • Assistants that you can call and they will back you up or pick you up.
  • Co-op, even on single-player missions.
  • Set in a kind of warzone maybe, like a rebel force attacking the US.
  • Planes, bring them back.
  • Basic car customisation.
  • Have one car automatically respawn at safe houses even when taken, this worked very well with horses for RDD.
  • Just more missions with alternate pathways, ie escaping a bank robbery you can choose to use a helicopter, to sneak out or blast through with a Patriot (hummer).
  • Plenty of random events.
  • Honour bar like RDD.
  • No pointless areas, we don't need random areas where no missions occur, it is a waste of disc space and developers time.
  • Player created missions, select certain points and what you have to do at them, ie go to location X and pick up Johny, then drive him to location Y and deliver the drugs, get ambushed and fight your way back to location Z. With a few character models and no cutscenes we can have virtually unlimited missions.
  • Less boring side missions, Red Dead Redemption has us picking flowers, come on Rockstar, your audience is pretty much hetrosexual males 15-45, think about it.
  • MMO, like in Red Dead Redemption but with more players.
  • Large scale "wars", a consistent battle between cops (and other law enforcement) and players all over the city.
  • Use some of the same buildings, no one cares at all if Rockstar uses old buidling models, it means more time for things like missions.
  • You should be able to like bake cuukies and stuffz and like put your hands in the ovens and get burned and then need like alo vera Gh3tto manz
  • GTA 5 should feature the four protaganists of the 4 current GTA IV era games (GTA IV, TLAD, TBOGT and Chinatown wars) meet and start a gang or something, and you can play as anyone of them or you can play co op online or locally with up to 4 players.with each player a different character TheManUtdFan
  • For the new grand theft that is coming out soon or later. well some my suggestion are that we should put a few new cars in it like a 2006 mitsubishi gallant called a intro my other car is called a 2010 ford taurus but i can't think of a name for it so if you have give me a suggestions Also, My favorite car i would for you to put in the game a porshe 911 and bugatti and a porshe cayenne. Also, could i give some new locations like you could got to different states like California, pennsylvania,so the game can be more adventerous and make it fun teens and other people that like gta games and thank you for everything. P.S if you don't the in just pick one if you can't do both
  • Rockstar. Can their be to mmain characters you can play as like how lost and damned is and the ballad of gay tony but put like put those two story together and have to main characters. thank u
  • You should be able to tag a vehicle, doing this would put it on your map so you will never loose it. It would be stored in memory banks, and spawn where you left it, but it can still be destroyed, and stolen. Bradley11896
  • be able to buy cars from dealerships and customize their color.
  • You should make it as realistic as you can.
    • Dragon Sniper
    • FAL
    • AK-47
    • MP40
    • M4
    • .45 Defender
    • 92FS-9mm
    • Chloe's .45 Defender
    • Desert-5
    • Eddy's Golden Gun
    • P08-9mm
    • Wes-44
    • Micro-9mm
    • SAS-12
    • Moss-12
    • Pistole
    • RPG-7
    • M32-Hammer
    • Mk-NDI
    • Crossbow
    • Tranquilizer Dart Gun
    • GAU-19
    • Knife
    • Baseball Bat
    • Hand Grenade
    • Molotov Cockatil
    • Colt Python
    • Satchel Charge
    • Pipe Bomb
    • Browning
    • Double Barraled Shotgun
    • Land Mines
    • Chainsaw
    • Fork
    • Drill
    • Spoon
    • Axe
    • and more....

2095 01:26, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

  • The next GTA should have more emergency vehicles. Like a Battlion Chief Car, A ladder Truck, ELS Lights and better police cars with better handling and speed. Also bring back the Jobs.X101xEliteRngr
  • Can you please PLEASE! have an ending like Tommy Vercetti's where we had a nice big mansion, our businesses & our own gang. Thanks x Honey Vivi
  • Bring back the bicycle...!!!
  • Make much more of the random encounters that were first introduced in GTA 4-- make them into long stories full of adventure, meeting new people, and making decisions beyond the scope of the main storyline. Mobstar
  • Next should be set in BRAZIL! A excellent combo of favelas mixed with the beaches and decadent skyscrapers. Perfect for Gta ,so much contrast between classes (rich tourists, slum criminals and gangs, crooked cops, eccentric street people) Could include Carnivale , Kidnapping missions , a little bit of jungle action , Carribean islands as extra locations. the slums would be excellent ala City of God while also running with the dirty cops and drug dealers and whores. Set it present day. As usual have many ethnicities and cultures , eclectic latin/local music , new characters mincing with old favourites.
  • For Gameplay: Ability to enter most buildings/ cars have random levels of petrol and can run dry/more interaction with population/gang wars and enterprises/boats that can travel to private islands, have the player be able to hide out on selected island, more emphasis on energy levels , need to keep up with either good food or bad food and drinks/better cover system that more flexible/SEXY TIME!!!!/ability to download songs and have ipdo/personal playlist/Bohan17
  • gta v definitly needs to get san andreas back in to the grand theft auto world.they should actually bring all of them back . it would be cool if u could work for everyone that youve played over the years.
  • things you should have in the game PLEASE
  • make it kinda like a tony monntana game.scarface
  • recruit gang members more than just one
  • Mountain climbing, snowmobile jacking, and if you're any good at making waves, surfer jacking. Mobstar
  • An ability to choose the weather/season on which you play in,and it will also affect the story in little ways enough to interest a player to play through every weather/season. Poop copter
  • Introduction of basic stealth kills and movements,let's say crouching will lower a player's chances of getting spotted as he/she approaches a target person or place,suppressed weapons,quick takedowns,and most of all,being able to use darkness to the player's advantage. More diversity of weapons that will match a player's playing style,for example if he/she prefers the method of stealth,he/she can buy and use weapons that are suppressed,C4 plastic explosives. Poop copter
  • They should put in a mansion/house with a edit to put in a tv,vending mahcine, ect Noah Riley
  • I suggest that they can add more things on the in game internet.
  • Your car should gain wanted levels. And to get rid of them you have to re-paint the car and change the license plate numbers. GT King
  • Should add back attaching trailers to trucks. I remember playing San Andreas for hours going up the big steep mountain with the tracker trailer and running it off the top. Please bring this one back. For me, forever and always will be my favorite part of the GTA series.
  • If the next GTA main characters is Black Gangsta again, this game needs following new gangs:
  1. PETA-type people(loves to burns protagonist's favorite Fried Chicken restaurant)
  2. Arab Terrorists
  3. religious cults
  4. Cannibals(finds everyone and everything that made out of meat, including main characters tasty and their favorite musics is heavy metal, plus they finds earthly foods abhorrent)
  5. Nerds(highly intelligent people with glasses and eye makeup)
  6. and tons of other gangs based on cliques
  • Export cars anytime, like you could do in GTA 1 for some cash Modigar
  • the change headlights option (hold square) should be replaced with a Roof down/up option on convertibles and headlights should always be full beam at night.el sexbomb 06:04, September 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • The drug dealing minigame from Chinatown Wars was well thought out and balanced. It is also a good way to make alot of money. Please bring it back in GTA V
  • ability to walk into more buildings
  • lots more appearance options (far more clothes/hair/tatoos etc)
  • hijack planes
  • smaller online version???
  • Combine all the elements of the GTA Series.
  • All cars should be real with realistic damage, speed and handling. Top 10 fastest cars SHOULD be there.
  • M65{Davy Crocket(nuclear rifle)} or the M67(90mm recoil-less rifle)

Of course my fav. A.R. is the AK-47 S.M.G. is the MP5SD and Handgun would be the 1911 Long range rifle(sniper rifle) mosin nagant 7.62x54r(any of the years of production) should be there.

  • Bring back old charecters: Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson, Niko Bellic etc. Mabey some can be used to play as in the V. Riekus
  • Should be able to rob the 24/7s anytime, but high risk. Mobstar
  • The secret stash items that used to be pearls or pigeons or what have you, should be drug stashes which you can then sell, or hidden money. Mobstar
  • Children, yes i know no kids becuse of the 9/11 terror attacks but come on! Why don't you make them this way, kill some children (Like three or something if you accidentaly hit one over with the car or something like that), and it will result in terror alert with 3 star wanted level and the peds will attack you, and the cops will simply ignore civillians shooting/beating you.
  • Secondly, make it in a state again, not just a city on some islands, and don't make the map like a huge square for gods sake! And if you make a desert make it BIG, and don't make half the desert a restricted area and the other half an oilplant.
  • More EMS vehicles and Fire Vehicles. I have a lot of freinds take love to role play and more Fire and Ems vehicle would sell a lot more copies X101xEliteRngr
  • go to Vice city in the 80's but GTA 4 graphics with planes and be able to get drunk or even "get high on your own supply" plus dealing drugs would be cool too.
*bring back the planes, especially the older planes. alot more cars and classic cars too. should be able to picklock cars and disable car alarms. buy and sell cars. Also loads more bikes and bicycles. Bring back the garages at safe houses, this stops pedestrian cars from hittin cars saved outside safehouse. need more boats, and able to travel to other destinations such as countries, private islands. Put in snow, snow sets on floor and on cars and rivers should freeze over. Make window wipers active in rain and snow and have in car dashboard cam, i really like in car cams. able to customise cars and drop different engines into them. build your own cars like, get 2 cars and take bits off them to make your own car, this would be great with the classic cars and hot rodding them. more clothing, more buildings. Buy different safe houses just like San Andreas. Able to hook trailers on cars and trucks, such as caravans, oil tankers, boat trailers. 2 types of tow truck with working functions, 1 with tow hook, and 1 that is flatbed and you have to fasten the car on or it could fall off. Use of cranes again, and ability to drive trains, all vehicles are able to have dashboard cam. Thank you for taking the time to read this.Alex2127
  • Make a better map. San andreas has hilly billy plaes and mountains. I would like to have some veriety and not just city lol Sillyassmonkey
  • You need a silenced 9mm like in san andreas, you need kids that you can kill or kidnap, you can go all around the world, you need a katana, when you get prostitudes you should show they're breats, same thing with strippers, you need to bring all the weapons in all the series and bring them together plus new ones, you need bicycles, you need planes, you can enter any building, you can do more missions like the bankrobbing ones or the truck hi-jacking one, you can talk to anyone and you need co-op through the story lineSebimp
  • Dual wield anything you want Sebimp
  • I think there should be updated music for the radio stations via the internet. every day at least, so there is a great variety of never ending music. Thank you Rockstar:) Cmoney345
  • And I also think that they should put electric wheelchair in the game (at least 2). I am in a powerchair so no disrespect to the disabled peeps. Thank you! Cmoney345
  • Add more vigilante missions for paramedics, buses, police, helicopter, taxi/cab and ect. Cmoney345


  • Gta 5 Puting The Player As a Protagonist Infamous
  • A New Vehicles Called Posache,Burger Shot Truck,Mafia Getaway Truck
  • More Episodes Possibly Three Or Four
  • Use A Real Email Adress
  • See Rockstar Games Logo Anywhere In Liberty City
  • Carcer City Things Metioned Again
*I think we should have a zombie mode in the menu that we click on and will work online. Also you should be able to use your indicators and windscreen wipers - GamerKiD2000xX GamerKID2000xX
  • I think there should be more of a variety over your person. You should be able to model them and when you want a different model go to a plastic surgeon. Same with online. You should also have a radio station that you put your own music from your xbox 360 or ps3. I don't exactly like many of the radio stations.06:03, September 10, 2010 (UTC)~~
  • In the beginning you control a previous playable character and have him killed and then control a new guy LZ-PR

1.make own weapons(molotov coctail,bomb)and customize(scope,silencer,paint by yourself)

2.pick up a duel weapons

3.have a attacker dog(pitbull,rotweiler)

4.lose cops easier

5.use planes!!!

6.little bit more clothes

7.more guns

8.more melee weapons(axe,iron baseball bat,sword,stungun)

9.fix the silenced weapons because in gta ballad og gay tony silenced P90 is not different than other weapons:(

and more cool things thanks 4 a reading this

  • IMPROVISED FLAMETHROWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the ones where you fill a water pistol with petrol and put a lit match on the business end. el sexbomb 16:07, September 10, 2010 (UTC)
* I Believe they should alow us to go the teams sports games and other activities like that Colin2k41
  • set in san diego ,las venturus,vice city or all over america
  • for the game to be in 2006 and after 300 mission the storyline jumps to 2011 and after 200 missions the game jumps to 2015 and after 300 missions the game jumps to 2017 where the player kills the antogonist who been trying to kill the payer throughout the game
  • bring back planes and haircuts
  • have better clothes like polo tops and suits and trackies and hoodies
  • have 80 safehouse and enter any building and have mansions
  • the player should be a powerfull mafia boss and drug dealer ,club ower ,pub landlord
  • to break into prision and break people out
  • destroy anything like a burger shot and it stays like that to the end of the game
  • robb anywere like banks
  • recruit up to 14 gang members who have ak 47 ,revolvers ,smg ,desert eagles and swan of shotgun and sniper riles
  • have 5 people fit in cars and if you have more people they steel other cars and follow you
  • the first mission where you go buy a car what sawns at the start of every mission
  • have kids and a wife
  • have a mission where you are in a massive truck fighting of a swat team like in the dark kight
  • Multiplayer like in resistance 2, 60 players in one match. el sexbomb
* Basically, there is building damage, on everybuilding, wall , fence, window, bridge  everything. This means if you crash into a shop or house it crumbles at the front and over the course of the game scafolding goes up and it gets repaired. As well as this, bombs to take out police stations or cause distractons so police are out of the way. c.walsh

  • we want towtrucks...bring it back GtAddict
  • Bring back planes!
  • The world in the game should change as time passes, like seasons, or new car models, new weapons, etc...
  • Larger map, like mountains, or rivers, not just Liberty City...
  • More clothes you can put on.
  • Stores or businesses you can rob.
  • Better houses, like mansions that you can make your by buying it, or getting it as the story advances.
  • You could build a gang you can call anytime, could hire more people as you gain respect.
  • Some DLCs, where you get to play as a different character involved in the main plot of the original game.
  • More stuff to do after completing the main story, like maybe hunting in the more country-like areas in the map, or gang fights.
  • You should be able to buy anything. Cars, houses, clothes, helicopters ect. and all the customization from "San An"Quadbike
  • a white guy to play as
  • Rockstar, Could you please make it so the vehicle spawn trends give better cars randomly driving around more often, this would be much aprreciated and less stressfulZztop478
  • have real cars in the game
  • On the teevee news station, show videos that were actually recorded from our own exploits. Mobstar
  • customise your character offline
  • more shops that you can go inside and shop
  • driveable mega and superyaghts that you can take your friends on Bena433
  • You shoul have dead eye and throwing knives, and you should have more shops and give better versions of the options of Saints Row 2SuperGamerrr
  • it should have an m24-hind as one of the vechicles Sasquatch182
  • more buildings you can walk into and do things in it
  • a gatling gun as a weapon like in vice city
  • a plane you can fly
  • more cheats
*#Airtrain-Airbus A320

Homerjs 11:30, September 11, 2010 (UTC) PLEASE COMMENT HERE OR ON MY TALK PAGE, I WONT BE OFFENDED Homerjs

  • put mountain in there like gta san andrea and able to off road like turn 4x4 on! mud or cross the river! put everything in there! not just cities! Stickman jr
  • big and small towtrucks and much bigger city....more missions...greater graphics...more vehicles...more bikes...that will reach 30Gb right..LOL...keep up the good works...ROCKSTAR... GtAddict



class= = Forsthe

Whole U.S as map with msjor cities and the rest small random towns and destructable buildings

  • I think rockstar should make it simple and for gods sake why would you make in the same place(San andreas,vice city) they should make it in a new place we already know san andreas and vice city some other place would more fun with destructible environments and make very realistic and life like, like mafia 2. Death Rain
  • I think you should give more games online and bring back Team Mafia.
  • You should give more clothes and more clothes shops.
  • Give the right to go your own way in missions like give chocies.
  • Give the man a job in a bar or something with alot of money

Oneill v8

Make it more realistic you could have a gang like the crips and you could build your way up . it should be set in los santos or chicago rockstar already have the names for the places in los santos and they have the template for midnight club l.a so they should build of that . have basic customization but keep it realistic like in gta 4 . they should have minigames like drug dealing and you should be able to choose the gangs you war with . also make massive deals drugs guns etc. you should spend time in prison and control your gang you could organize drive bys and there should be random shootouts in the streets thing like that they should have to manage disputes aswell you could be a dwanye forge type guy but keep it in the hood

  • You can create own areas on the map.
  • You should be able to take hostages on the street during police chases or gang shootouts. GT King
  • Please, make more of a variety of the map. You should have kept the whole Liberty State in GTA IV. Please, put the whole country. Re-use San Andreas (Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas, and replace the countryside with Oakland and call it Treetown), GTA IV era Liberty City, Vice City and make it more reminiscent of Miami, and add new cities like Seagall (Seattle), Rural Areas (Idaho, Montana and Wyoming) St. Marks (St. Paul), Countryside (Iowa, Kansas, Ohio etc), New Paris (New Orleans), Southern Countryside (rest of Louisiana and Alabama), Liberty State (New York State), New Britain (New England) and Coastline (South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia). And add airports so you could fly to these places and have 20 missions for each area.Kanzler31 18:43, September 12, 2010 (UTC)
  • Select Protagonist! Put Claude, Niko Belic, Tommy Vercetti, CJ, Mike from GTA Advance, Toni and Vic Vance (pretend he avoided getting killed). Also add Roman, Sweet, El Burro and maybe Karen (Michelle) as new protagonists and add create a protagonist like Saints Row 2.Kanzler31 18:43, September 12, 2010 (UTC)
  • Add sports to watch in TV! It would be cool to watch the World Cup in GTA form! Kanzler31 18:43, September 12, 2010 (UTC)
  • Destructible buildings. Like, you can destroy buildings, or put holes in them. And the buildings will get rebuilt over time with construction sites in there places until there done being rebuilt. Also be able to form your own gang. GT King
  1. You should be able to go into any building, make any house your house Brandonpleasants
  2. You should be able to go anywhere in the US and it should be exactly the way US is, like you could be able to shoot someone right in front of your own house Brandonpleasants
  3. There should be animals Brandonpleasants
  4. Every car in the world Brandonpleasants
  5. Actual names for cars Brandonpleasants
  6. PLANES Brandonpleasants
  7. More outfits (police, firefighter,construction worker, etc) Brandonpleasants
  8. Can marry, have kids Brandonpleasants
  1. Cities change (not construction in one place ALL THE TIME) Brandonpleasants
  • Can pick your person in the beginning and can change your charcter throughout the game whenever you want Brandonpleasants
  • There should be schools and certain times of the day where kids get let out, and if you go to the school at that time you can highjack a bus.
  • A Police uniform that if you wear you can steal police cars and not get in trouble. GT King
  • Add one more plane called Marauder, based on Lockheed AC-130H. Videogamer13
  1. Rhino (M12 Abrams)
  2. Panzer (German Tiger Tank)
  3. Medusa (T90)
  4. APC
  • Make a person whose voice sounds like Jizzy B (voiced my Charles Murphy) but name him Xavier.Akiragta4you
  • Make a mission where you have to invade the school, kill the kids and teachers, and set the school on fire.Akiragta4you
  • Player should be able to break into school buildings and kill any kids and teachers inside.Akiragta4you
  • Set it in the whole country of USA and worldwide will be unlocked if the player completes the story mode.Akiragta4you
  • Ability to do drug missions for Elizabeta Torres.Akiragta4you
  • Make a mission where you have to pick up Roman Bellic from the hospital(he probably got shot at the wedding in deal story line or revenge storyline he got shot by a mobster).Akiragta4you
  • Keep the word mamaweho(the word Mexican gangs say in GTA 4).Akiragta4you
  • Include the Grove Street Families and Varrios Los Aztecas gang. And makes allow player able to recruit them if player have 2 or more respects. Videogamer13
  • Keep the tv shows from GTA 4 and its episodes, but add the new tv shows, Moon Wars(Star Wars), Killermon(Pokemon), and any other tv shows from the real life. Akiragta4you
  • The player isn't a gangster as niko bellic or CJ were, but a corrupt policeman who sinks into crime Sam Lescasses
  • A zombie mode. Think about it, Liberty City infested with zombies. WhtAbeast
  • Monster truck JEEP that is virtually indestructible like the APC in TbogT and than will pancake, smash and smother anything in its path. WITH PHYSICS! Cmoney345
  • Able to own garages with at least the space for 5 cars. Cmoney345
  • I will want to see Elizabeta Torres and Gerry Mcreary breaking out of prison.Akiragta4you
  • BRING BACK THE RINO!!!! With real tracks this time. That would be awesome!!!!!!!! GT King
  • NO KIDS, that's just really sick. There is no need for more sickness in this already very sick game.
  • Vice City and 80's
  • Silenced weapons, stealth combat
  • Buildings receive damage, car goes trough wall, RPG make a new window etc.
  • Phnom Penh '86, The Job/Three Leaf Clover That's what I call good entertainment
  • Race where you have to be drunk. 6 Comets/Banshees/Infernos race against each other drunk. That's epic
  • seasons
  • Seriously what the fuck are you guys suggesting. No fucking way a school massacare. How old are you? Did someone steal candy from you? And the most important question of all, do you want to play the next GTA or rather have it banned forever everywhere? I want to play GTA without kids.
  • I think GTA 5 should have an extreme gore for it player and pedestrian. For example, if player shoot a pedestrian's upper part of head, their brain can be seen. Another example, (I assumed is there a chainsaw) if player hit a pedestrian with chainsaw, their body should be sliced, showing blood and their gore! GTA wihout gore is bad!!
  • GTA 5 be released on PC around the same time as console, with graphics supporting DirectX 11 Zip ties
  • Maybe have drug dealers that you could buy or sell drugs to, different drugs result in different "attitudes" (meth makes you run fast and have the uncontrolled ability to shoot cops and so on).Anyone remember that game NARC? Although the ability to use drugs requires a mature rating, these are what the GTA series is all about right... Zip ties
  • Helicopters that GTA5 needs:
  • Annihilator
  • Air Ambulance
  • Avatar (RAH66 Comanche)
  • Armadillo
  • Buzzard
  • Cargobob
  • Leviathan
  • Gyro (Gyro copter)
  • Hunter (AH-64 Apache)
  • Nemesis (V-22 Osprey with both rotors at side)
  • Swift
  • Guardian (Russian Mil-24 Hind gunship)
  • Skylift
  • Mauler (AH-1 Cobra)
  • Maverick
  • Police Maverick
  • News Chopper
  • Gatherer (CH-47 Chinook)
  • Raindance
  • Sparrow
  • Sea Sparrow
  • Crusader (Kiowa Warrior)
  • Transporter (UH-64 Blackhawk)
  • Air Coastguard (Coastguard rescue helicopter)
  • Lucifer (UH-1 Huey)

--Videogamer13 05:38, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

  • Lots of people said that GTA SA and GTA IV were top best. So I think you should put the gameplay and stuff together for the next GTA. (Such as phone use, realistic movement, bicycles, planes, gyms, weight gain/loss, exercising, haircuts, tattoos, gangs, recruit gang members, more weapons, respond to people, property buying, big city, long story, decide the storyline and much. much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Sifter66


  • AK-47
  • AKS-74U
  • AK-74
  • SVD
  • Luger
  • Golden Luger
  • M1911A1
  • Golden M1911A1
  • M79
  • Beretta M9
  • Desert Eagle
  • S&W model 39 Hush Puppy
  • S&W Model 27
  • M60
  • MP40
  • AWP
  • SA-7
  • RPG-7V
  • M1A1 Carbine
  • M1928 Tommy Gun (Gangster-style Thompson)
  • M1A1 Thompson
  • Winchester 70
  • M1 Garand
  • LAW
  • R870
  • R700
  • SPAS-12
  • Mossberg 500
  • SKS
  • LPO-50
  • M2A1-7
  • Colt Python
  • M1897 Trenchgun
  • Panzerschreck
  • M9A1 Bazooka
  • StG-44
  • MAS-38
  • Mosin-Nagant
  • Double-Barelled Shotgun
  • Stubby Shotgun
  • Walther PPK
  • H&K MP7
  • H&K MP5
  • P38
  • PPSh-41
  • PPS-42/43
  • I would really want to see more environmental damage. I don't mind having the buildings indestructable, but I really want to see the ground having craters in them after a pipebomb went of or explosives. That will really rock.
  • I also want the weapons and cars be customised, like a special dealer that makes your car armor plated or something similar. Weapons, well putting like thermal scope on sniper rifles will make your life easier scoping in the darkness, also explosive or incendiary ammo will be cool.
  • I want the apc from TBOGT as it is really fun to have 6 stars and cut through the cops like hot knife through butter.
  • Let it be a part of GTA IV era Jurrak 19:43, September 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Let it be set in Vice city Jurrak 19:43, September 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Let there be a police database and most wanted criminals like in GTA IV Jurrak 19:43, September 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Let there be garages in which you can customize cars like in GTA SA Jurrak 19:45, September 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Four more special weapons needed: AT4 (rocket launcher), Minigun, Javelin (rocket launcher), Flamethrower. Videogamer13
  • wrecked cars should not only explode but some should also just burn up (not all car accidents and fires result in explosions), and include gas cans you can pour on different flammable objects (that you could maybe ignite with flares or cigarette / cigar). Zip ties
  • Have a shootout. Make a plane go on autopilot and shoot from the air.
  • Form MP3 layer, select a folder instead need to copy songs to MP3 folder Leo3487
  • Be able to play as all Proatagonists in all towns with that town's weapons Niko.Bellic2
  • I think that GTA V should be set in modern day San Andreas and have more emphasis on the running of the Grove Street Familes for example being able to plan gang wars and robberies, also have more modern weapons and the ablity to customize your weapons cars and cribs.Steelted
  • have real life cars like need for speed, be able to mod you cars, thinking back to nfsu2 Chryslerperry10
  • have bigger houses like gta vice city the mansion you get at the end and bring back garage's not these naff little parking spaces Chryslerperry10
  • let the car take the wanted level instead of you (whist your in a car and not on foot) i think driver3 did that and then once you abandon your car you can get in another and not be followed by copsChryslerperry10
**add more mythes and legends like the bigfoot or the ratman because it makes you be scared of 'em but it's fun to bust thier heads. and change the health system and make it like in red dead redemtion or mafia 2 and when low on health the screen will turn white or red or dark or something it will be much more exciting and fun and let the prostitutes show thier breasts and mabe thier pussy's too. Arya.mcgee

I think the new grand thefft auto should have quads, snow mobiles and not just dirt bikes. Also we should be aload to jack plans and fly them. Also i think it should have farm land with a few farms and combines and tractors and also like mini swamps in the field and stuff like that. Also we should be able to use all the cars out of the single playeer in live. I also think we should be able to use veicles out of ballad of gay tony, the lost and damned, and gta 4. Also we should be able to hook up trailers on the semi and have the trailers conected to the semi driving down the road. also have 4wd tractors and be able to conect to the equipnment. Also the magnet working on the sky lift.Also have crop in the fields and to have the four seaasons (sping, summer, fall, winter) and not just rain, cloud, sun. I would love gta more and make it nore realistic

  • New features:
  • Make it that when you install a mod you save it in a 'mods' folder then extract all the files to the same place!Easy!
  • Bring in skatebords!
  • Put every car,moterbike,helicopter and plane from all gtas flyable/drivable
  • More wepons!
  • Please, make cheats to be only available after beating the game and make saving impossible when cheats have been activated 'cause gta game aren't half as good and exciting with cheats; i've beat gta sa without cheats and it was much more exciting. Arya.mcgee
  • the size of san andreas was awesome. but the massive city of gta iv was awesome too. if you could combine the 2 and make it immensely larger would be so great itself i would pre order without question.. but on gta iv its pretty sad when the gps says "in one mile turn right" my hometown of 6000 people is 1 mile wide! so a city with the population of liberty city (regardless of how tall the buildings are or how many 'projects' areas there are) should have a much larger AREA.
  • car customizations should be brought back indefinitely!! however, who ever heard of completely pimping out a ride doing everything in one shop?? and only being one or two shops in an entire city?! west coast customs and pimp my ride are unrealistic.. there should be specialist shops. shops for tires, paint, body, interior, etc.. maybe (really reaching out there) some shops for something as wild as engine swaps or performance shops doing more than just a freaking nos mod! drivetrain mods, engine/turbo/supercharger mods, computer mods, etc.. in gta iv how is it that a turismo (ferrari) built by world-class engineers at med to high speeds slows down slower than my pt cruiser?? pretty sure a $150,000 car should have brakes good enough to stop sooner than a pt cruiser without sliding out of control or hiting a person/car/building.. throttle response should also be re-evaluated. the only car thats reasonable is the dukes.. a car with an engine that big will burn the tires right off.. of course.. but everything else is slow as hell on the word get-go.. my pt with a 2.4L 4 cylinder that weighs 3000lbs gets up to 40 faster than 3/4 the cars on gta get up to the speed of motion blur which im guessing is 50-60 mph.. also a damn speedometer would be sweet. so then us players can know what TRUELY is the fastest cars in the game.
  • the game engine and graphics are great in gta iv maybe a few patches or whatever would be sufficient enough to make anyone happy
  • a little variety in story missions would be appreciated.. when 20-30 hours of drive, shoot/kill, run from cops, and repeat get so repetative its overly boring in one way or another..
  • the problem ive had with pretty much all gta's is: after i beat the game i have millions of dollars with nowhere and nothing to spend it on.. in reality people can buy anything.. why not incorporate that into the game.. buy ur own cars and be able to store them in your own multi leveled car garage that u bought with 24 hour surveillance and highly armed guards?? that would be KICK-A$$!!!! or real estate?? or designing ur own safehouse. like setup the kind of bed or home appliances you want around the house/appartment.. for example in gta iv right after dimitri had romans appartment and cab depo destroyed, the new safehouse is at one of mallorie's cousin's places.. surely in real life someone would go out of their way to by a bed. so im not sleeping/saving the game in an old hide away bed that looks like it had piss stains on it!!!
  • or in the safehouses: how about making it to where we can buy a huge home entertainment system with huge plasma tvs and throw partys like 50% of american youth does on a regular basis??
  • a larger variety of helicopters and bringing back fixed-wing aircraft would be awesome. dont know why u guys took it out..
  • bringing in ties would be awesome.. such as becoming friends with guys/girls with deep pockets or deep connections.. pretty much every movie with criminals have some unknown military support or political scandal.. such as on lord of war when nicholas cage got arrested by interpol the american military saved his a$$ and he walked free long before trial..
  • bringing back candy suxxx would be great! just for old times sakes!! pretty sure all the old school gta fans would love seeing her fake cyber body on gta v.. that alone would make them appreciate gta and rockstar games that much more
  • possibly for the protagonist bringing in a female would be cool.. or maybe making ur own character.. obviously no changing the name.. but like set a male name/voice and a female name/voice.. while the player plays he/she can change his/her appearance at anytime.. but his/her name and voice will be fixed into the game..
  • gyms should be brought back.. stamina driving and shooting skill should be back.. it was a fun past-time.. if i think of anything else i will come back and comment
  • You should be able to buy a lot of houses, with a garage or parking lot.
  • You should be able to change a house interrior
  • You should be albe to buy companies. (taxi,bars,clubs,cars,) etc etc
  • You should be able to recruit people.
  • Gang wars for neighberhoods.
  • Able to pimp/tune cars
  • Able to legal buy cars motorcycles etc etc
  • There should be plenty of cheats like in GTA San Andreas. Also you should be able to shoot out of planes. I guess you could call it a fly-by.
  • There should be plenty of cheats like in GTA San Andreas. Also you should be able to shoot out of planes.
  • Let the player customize his/her weapons like pimping it like in army of two or make the magazine bigger or make the barrels longer or add another barrel. this would be awesome man! awesome!! Arya.mcgee
  • I guess a speedometer and all that will be cool -- Lidor

Locations needed for GTA5:

  • Liberty City
  • Vice City
  • San Andreas:

- Los Santos - Flint Country - San Fierro - Red Country - Bone County - Tierra Robada - Las Venturas

  • Chicago
  • Washington DC
  • London
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Berlin
  • Tokyo
  • and more world wide locations for GTA5. Videogamer13

you should be able to buy clothes be able to put on petrol run out but if dont want on switch off,you should be able to blow up planes and trains,add a snow button on the menu

  • You should be able to sell drugs, guns, and counterfeit things (credit cards, cash, etc.) in all bouroughs for cash (also, there are different demands in bouroughs
  • Be able to do crimes with your friends outside of missions
  • Be able to take bouroughs for your gang (any bourough doesn't have to have a gang)
  • Be able to invite friends to your house and party (shot contests, pool, darts, and watching TV)
  • Be able to sleep at your friends house
  • Be able to plan crimes at your safehouse (Burglary, robbery, kidnapping)
  • Bring back burglary, custimization, everything from gta sa
  • Be able to own businesses illegal and legal and guard them and gain revenue
  • Be able to set up a gang hideout in an old tenement
  • Be able to be in jail and serve your time, escape, AND even rob the armory and escape
  • Ever heard of the game Wheelman? Add airjack to the next GTA. Akiragta4you
**Something similar to in Need For Speed where after a cop chase it over, the game keeps track of your wanted level and the police may be on the lookout  for you. It seems unrealistic when you finish a cop chase and drive right by a cop and they don't do anything.
**I think players should gain stars when they drive erratically.
**I think players should be given multiple choices in what they say and do in more cases, even in conversations, so Niko can be at least a little more personable, and people can take their own routes in the game. Pieguy130
  • I think the location for the next one should be a city in California or somewhere where you can drive around the city, as well as through the country and to nearby towns. I think the look and size of the map in Need For Speed Undercover would go well in GTA, and it would give Niko a place to do all the crazy things that other people have suggested... including the one about kidnapping little boys Pieguy130
  • the biggest fail in gta 4 after my oppinion is that the have taken away the opportunity to buy houses around the city where there will be several quest-chains
  • really pls give that opportunity back make it possible to buy a lot of different houses an appartments make an company empire open a lot more shop's around the city where we can interackt with the city an enviroment
  • give opportunities like in vice city just a lot bigger
  • an make it possible to travel betweens city make more maps so to say where we can travel between them either with plane or train's ,subway, busses, cars ,taxi come on this shut be easy to do soLars Sørensen
  • maybe bring in weapons from manhunt/state of emergancy, having random objects found anywhere used as weapons, i remember a game on psp where you could cram i guy's face in a jigsaw by tapping triangle Chryslerperry10

Upload music/Make your own soundtracks.

  • It will be awesome if we could travel through cities like get in a plane in San Andreas and go to vice city Reddead360
  • I know some of the new acheivements for this game, Animal Abuse(kill 50 animals), Master of the Hunt(kill 100 animals), KIng of the Dealer(complete all of the drug side mission), Brink of Extinct(kill 150 animals), School Terrorist(complete a mission where you have to do a school massacre) .Akiragta4you
  • Make the map at least 52 square-kilometer ( 20.7 square mile ) large. >-fordcore-< 18:12, September 18, 2010 (UTC) >-fordcore-<
  • Old cars in and the added cars:
  • Cheetah (Ferrari Testarossa)
  • Spyder (Ferrari 430 Challenger)
  • Lam (Lamborghini Gallardo)
  • To Old Brazilian (1980 BMW Note:BMW in Brazil is Brasilia Muito Welha means To Old Brazilian =)
  • Lincolns (M1 Abrahams Trivia:Abrahams Lincoln get off Abrahams and put Lincons)
  • Sky Taxi (Bell family with Liberty City/San Andreas/Vice City livery)
  • Pickape (Toyota Hilux)
  • Convasero (Audi A4)
  • Turbo GT (Bugatti Veyron)
  • Zonda (Pagani Zonda)
  • Salsiche (Hot Dog Car)
  • Arrow (Lamborghini Countach)
  • Invader (Scuba Scooter Note:Used in missons of Stealth bringed by Kevin Tooner,an American Army General who want`s steal the American`s army pieces)
  • German (WolksVagen Golf GTI)
  • Managera (Kawasaki motorcycle)
  • Convertible Cheetah (Ferrari TR Convertible)

...And the old cars


  • M4 Tatical
  • MG42
  • Deployable M249 SAW
  • FN P90
  • HK USP
  • Barret .50 rifle
  • Stinger AntiAir (Used in Kevin Tooner`s missions)
  • Punisher (FN FiveSeveN Note:With CapCom autoral directs)
  • HK 417
  • HK G3
  • Combat Knife
  • Meat Claver
  • Baseball Bat
  • Taser (Note:When reachs 2 stars wanted level,police will shoot Teaser`s shock at ya.If cath ya,ya are gonna be arrasted)
  • Shock Baston (Note:At some missions given by the higher-class character Ashley Taylor,the securites of the clubs she will request you rob,will use this weapon to dont let you rob,the CIA to will use)
  • Colt 45 Gold
  • Destroyer (Spaz 12)
  • Remington (Remington Tatical Note:Police and SWAT use this when reach 3 and 4 star wanted level)


  • Gloves (used in Liberty City cold days)
  • Hawaiian shirts (used in Vice City)
  • Military Fatigues (used in some Kevin Tooner missions to enter at military recints)
  • Cop clothes (In Police Station Locker Room Note:When weared you automatically gain the keys of Police Cruiser)
  • SWAT Clothes (used in Frank Cooler,an SWAT cop,mission.A mission you need invade with some other SWAT guys at an Mansion in Las Venturas)
  • Gold corrents
  • and the basic of course =)

Some features

  • Talk with cop to negociate (Scarface TWIY (The World Is Yours) feature)
  • Human shield
  • Spring,winter,summer and octane
  • Rain,sunny day,snow,fog, and other
  • Night is very difficult to drive
  • The headlights of other cars can offusc your vision,makin you crash
  • Crash car can lose to much health depending of the size of crash
  • Euphoria,RAGE and others back
  • Swim
  • Pick cover
  • Convarsate with other peoples in street,and make this peoples as your friend
  • Lan houses
  • Peoples saying is end of world in street
  • Buy Liberty City Newspaper/San Andreas Times/Vice city News
  • The state abranges those cities is called Minnerato
  • Minnerato cities is San Andreas condade,Vice City and the capital Liberty City
  • Change corp stature is back
  • Peoples with card games at street
  • A little bit of porn referance
  • All cities are unlocked


  • Jake Steel (an Britanic comes to Minnerato to kill who killed his family.Is the protagonist)
  • Carl CJ Johnson (Carl from SA is back and will help Jake in huntin of the murder)
  • Niko Bellic (Apresented in mission "Liberty Streets",Niko is the "Patrick McReary from GTA 5)
  • Roman Bellic (one of the best Jake friends)
  • Ashley Taylor (an high-class honker of Algonquin Strip Club "Algonquin Diversion")
  • Kate Maniser (the daughter of the Mr Scott Maniser,she is your only girlfriend)
  • Mr Scott Maniser (Works at Vice City Publicity Agency and is CIA agent doing an work to see corrupts at Publicity Agency)
  • Mallorie Bardas (Presented at mission "Liberty Streets",Mallorie sun have 2 years after GTA IV happenings (Jake come`s to Minnerato at 2010 and GTA 4 acconteciments) She helps Jake found the murder)
  • Marise Wolf (An 30 woman who live`s in Little Havana and its trying to combat the crime)
  • Kevin Tooner (An Army General who contract Jake to steal some army Hardwares)
  • Oliver Strectad (The "Murderer")

And is this!

  • We should be able to completely destroy the buildings, and then when we die theyre built again. Joedelreyofficial
  • When the paramedics come to help someone whos injured, we can call them on 911, then they come with a stretcher, and actually take them to the hospital. Joedelreyofficial
  • we should be able to watch the cop handcuff us, put us in a police car, and then play in the jail cell until they let us out. Joedelreyofficial
  • we should be able to watch the cop handcuff us, put us in a police car, and then play in the jail cell until they let us out. Joedelreyofficial
  • Make everything destructible: i.e. Get an RPG and blow a hole in a building, enough of that and the building can collapse onto the ground, etc, etc... There could probably be an option for that, or it can be some sort of sandbox mode.
  • GTA IV physics are good enough, implement those into GTA V; obviously, more weapons, as long as they're useful and not have the same stats...
  • If it's too much to ask; make it so that players can move from San Andreas to Vice City and Liberty City after a certain mission of the game or after the game ends: make the player have a plane (yes, bring back planes!) and fly it to a certain spot over the ocean; don't make the playable area too obviously boxy; make it look like a true continent.
  • And make the realism as much as you can; something like Modern Warfare 2 graphics!
  • Put a mission where you have to kill Elizabeta Torres from Little JacobKanzler31 23:19, September 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • The protagonist should be Roman Bellic and Mallorie is killed and Niko was sent to jail in Serbia and he has to go back to Serbia to kill the guy he's looking for and has to free Niko from jail.
  • Please add multiple protagonists!!!!!! Add Roman Bellic, Niko, Claude, CJ, Toni Cipriani, Tommy Vercetti, Vic Vance (change the storyline so he survives) and Karen (Michelle).
  • Each protagonist should have their own storyline. For example: Roman should find his enemy who killed Mallorie and got Niko in jail or Karen/Michelle should do missions for the CIA.`
  • Let the protagonist have the ability to go to the bathroom.Kanzler31 23:27, September 18, 2010 (UTC)
*I think there should be a new variant of the Infernus called the Infernus GTX.Infernus Master

they should make it like real life... exp. when you get into a car crash your car shatters like in real life into lots of pieces. you can blow holes in buildings.have your helicopter stall in flight. get a job.(not like normal missions like going on a date and you have to go and stay for a certan time). when you get the cops on you you lose em but if your in the same car and clothes thel go after you again and they call different types of cops like riot cops and detectives. and you should be able to help a cop arrest someone and get money. i have many suggestions so ill keep postin more

  • have a cheat that turns every one into zombies,and makes the city look like its destroyed from a zombie apocalypce! Nikobellic13
  • start the game off to where you have the whole map unlocked in stead of unlocking it through out the game Nikobellic13
  • have a cheat where your character looks like john marston Nikobellic13
  • it should be set in london like in one of the original gta's Nikobellic13
  • never mind about london do it in a las vagas type setting and you can go in all the casino's and stores and you can call the city fortune city oh wait Nikobellic13
  • let it have two campaigns one you can be the criminals tryting to kill the big guys in the law inforcment and the other you can play as the head cheif at the police dept. trying to kill all the big gangstas Nikobellic13
  • you need to be able to customise cars and weapons eg customise the cars colour,rims,tinted windows,spoilers/body kits,decals,and preformance or add silencers,scopes and design of weapons also we need more cars and guns33ford
  • I think they should re create the old versions of grands theft auto or base in on southeastern ohio
  • I think that every one hundredth game should have a special code inside the box that allows you to download the original GTA with the 3D view (i.e not the top down perspective) and much better graphics from the playstation store or Xbox live marketplace. el sexbomb
  • Maybe for once you play as the good guys. el sexbomb

-Fully auto shot gun -more powerful hand guns -fully auto hand gun Glock or Tmp -.50 cal. sniper rifle -fly any air craft you see -play as a male or female -have boyfriend or girlfriend acompany you on missions

  • I believe that you should be able to buy things online as i found that in the end i had a lot of money and no where to spend it also you should be able to buy car from autoeroticar and other places for a wider range of things to buyCHASMAN697
  • I believe Rockstar should bring a lot of the old features back from GTA San Andreas like Diving under the water, bring back the planes, the water plane. I also think the idea of the Truck which can carry cars again would be able to be used as a car carrier again so you are able to pull up the ramp you drive your car on, also i would like the tow truck to come back again and be used just like in San Adreas. Also the map in San Andreas were a lot more nice than in GTA IV, maybe to terran a snow area could be nice so you drive up in a mountion area when you come high enough snow would appear. The more varied like some place there is a nice beach, you can go on the country or in the big city. i thing i don think that should come along from San Andreas is the part of you need to buy food to live else your going to lose hp. The shops from San Andreas ( Tatoo, barber, and the different kinds of cloth shops) could be a nice thing to have in the GTA to, but make the cloth shops more different so you maybe could go into a shop, which is selling sports cloth, and then into a shop which sells cloth like normal pants and shirts and then like GTA IV the luxery clothing. The computer from GTA IV is a feature that could be nice to keep in the new, but you should could buy something on the computer. Like in GTA IV when you go on the website from the car selling company there is a telephone number but you can't call it to buy the car, It could be very nice to buy such thing or just go to a car dealer and buy cars. A thing i also miss from San Andreas are the races with cars botes bike and so on. A little feature that could be very nice to is when you go on a MotorBike you should wear a motorcykel helmet and when you go on a Quad Bike or a Cross bike you wear a cross helmet. The parachute should also be kept i missed it in GTA IV but was nice in Ballad of Gay Tony with the Base jump feature.
  • we need to be able to acces weapons from the boot of a car and a better safe house like a garage that you can save up to 10 cars in and a hellipad if they make a vice city remake make a safe house near the ocean so you can save a boat 33ford
  • A speedometer and when you break the speed limit the police are coming after you but, they shouldn't arrest you just give you a ticket for breaking the speed limit, The feature of rob a store should come back. Call a number to get help if your car is dead. You should also be able to lock your car and be able to open it your self. Also bring the feature of other car thieves back.
  • They should bring back the old characters that were in every game but GTA 4, like the Leone family and other people who were in the series untill GTA 4 Alz-da-dog
*you should be able to buy things like cars and clothes off the internet not just in stores and that you should also be allowed to buy cars fro, the autoeroticar because you end up with too muck money and nothing to spend it on.CHASMAN697
*You should be able to get on a plane and fly to any of the previous city's of previous games and make the car dealership's accessibleOlli1234

get rid of the indestructible trees that are really thin and could easily be destoryed by raming it with a truck twice its size.

and fall out 3/mass effect style of choose what to say in a convorsation and altar the story a bit.

  • Take place on a updated and expanded San Andreas of 2010's.
  • Real life vehicles, such as Boeing, Volkswagen, Suzuki and others.
  • RC Vehicles.
  • Expanded character and vehicle customization.
  • A highway similar to the Interstate 210.
  • Expansion Packs.
  • Flyable Airplanes.
  • 3D display support.
  • Choose the color of your car.
  • Refuel cars at Gas Stations.
  • More content to explore underwater.
  • Air traffic.
  • When you buy your car fro the internet or in person, you should automaticly get the deed for it and when it's destroyed, you can use the deed and it'll spawn in the nearest safehouse and it will be shown on your radar and map. Oh! and please don't make the hospital take only 100$ when you die; what is this?! they take fukin' 10000$ when you die! that's a fukin' pain in the fukin' ass man!! Arya.mcgee
  • Sorry, I meant "make" the hospital take only 100$ when you die; not "don't make" Arya.mcgee

Rockstar do a great job all the time as long as it's realistic im good

  • Stealthy ways to kill police, so as to take their guns without getting a wanted level, but eventually the law would hunt you down Pieguy130
*they should make it so that when you get into an acedent or a crash your car shatters like in real life. and if you could go into every building andyou could blow up buildins and after a point in time youll see construcktion workers and heavy machenes working to repair it. Eletetalkback
  • Set the game in the whole world with each continents that must have about 20 missions. Akiragta4you
**I think that there should be another new car called the Revolution, based on the Lamborghini Reventón and manufatured by Pegassi. (Theye only have one car in GTA4.)I also think that they should let you get in a plane (A ticket costs $700.) and go to any city. (Like Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.)
  • I would love to see a bigger city.
  • More missions, a lot more; Even if they have to make less cut scenes to add more missions, it would be worth it.
  • DX11.
  • Better performance on pc would be nice ;gta4 was poorly optimized with CPU, causing my GPU to be 45-70% idle because of it. My CPU Phenom II 965 clocked it at 4 GHz.
  • No governed control over MY graphic settings. Why? Because GTA 4 game actually performs better with higher graphic settings, even with negative 200MB’s in video ram.
  • If this game used 14-50 Gigabytes of space, it would be cool with me I know I’m getting what I paid for, shows they put a lot of work in it. (Besides 1tb hard drives are dirt cheap)
  • Add kids. It's gonna be funny when killing kids, but some kids have knifes. Akiragta4you
  • Please add Romance like getting married or having a girlfriend live with you and maybe pets and car tuning to and from tbogt lots of night clubs i love all of them
  • I think that you should be able to choose if it's a male or a female protaganist. If it's a male well same old same old. If it's a girl they should be one of the strongest and sociopathic characters ever. Just sayin'. Snowstorm436