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This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for Grand Theft Auto V - the next Grand Theft Auto game after GTA IV.

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Suggestions for GTA 5

For previous suggestions, see archive1, archive2, archive3, archive4, archive5, archive6, archive7, archive8, archive9, archive10, archive11, archive12.

Definitely bring back planes. Let's have some huge planes and huge interactive airports (that you can go inside), as well as more small airfields. Gboyers talk

Bring back attack helicopters/jets and outfit them with more modern weaponary (Chainguns, Bombs ect.), also, an ejector seat feature would be very nice. Chimpso

There is plenty of stuff that I want in GTA V, but custom ringtones would be nice, letting you use music stored on your hard drive as a ringtone. TheSaintPaddy

Make the cops be after us if they catch us run a red light, unless we're on a mission. Joshua504

The moding garages must return, ultra improved. With all features from Wheel's Arch Angels and some more, like neon. So GTA would be like a a mini-Need For Speed. --- яσdяιgσ x {TALK} | {BLOG} « 17:52, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

Bring back San Andreas AND Vice City but like on gta 1, have it as separate cities, but San Andreas will be a state, with a redone verisons of los santos, san fierro and las venteras. Bring back car modding, but similar to need 4 speed but without that modding where you do it. it's too confusing, and planes, but like the hydra, with rockets and stuff. Also keep the huntley sport, sentinel, oracle, dukes, feltzer, infernus and the comet and of course, tv and the internet. VladdyBoy

Add a flyable skycrane with working magnet. an V-22 Osprey that you can transport cars from one city to another. The ability to dive under water, tuneable cars, more weponsStupidfunvideos

Make it set in Vice City circa 2010, Tommy Vercetti has lost his town and you are one of his last soldiers. He's pretty old so he'll probably be out of the action. In Tommy's old age other gangs have moved in on his industry and his name means shit in the town now. Its up to [Insert Protag name here] to take the Vercetti empire back to the top, using weapons like 92FS, S.P.A.S 12 Automatic Shotguns, Ak-47's, AR-15's, Rocket launchers and an array of gruesome melee weapons, to brutally lead the hostile takeover. God I'm starting to sound like that movie preview guy...I've always wanted to say this "In a world where.." sorry I'll get back to the point. Add some kick-ass cars and (Scarface voice) A WHOLE LOT OF YEYO MENG! I'm imagining a cutscene like some little worm was holding out on Tommy so you do something like cut off his finger or break his arm. That would be so awesome. Gerry Spring 11:55, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

atleast add more modern weapons and parachute too

Have more military interaction like using submarines and cruisers and flying eurofighters where being in the military could be a side mission like police and fire fighting Gilly

Have ladder fire trucks that actually have working ladders so u can use it to get on top of buildings to snipe people Richietkd

GTA 5 should bring back the idea of having your own airfield e.g. desert airfield in Las Venturas and also multiple airports located around the state. Obviously bringing back the ability to comandeer aircrafts and introducing more airborne vehicles. Furthermore I reckon that Rockstar should try and earn the right to use real life vehicles in their games instead of an integration of two (or more). It is almost certain that GTA 5 will introduce a larger map and decide to choose a new place to base it on but not a place where there are not accusations of the recreation of acts of terrorism e.g. GTA IV did not contain comandeerable aircrafts as there were fears of the recreation of the 9/11 suicide attacts. Dannyt45

What I would love to see in GTA V would be riot modes (cheats),recruiting people via cheats,car tuning like in SA but better,more weapons and variations,variations of ammo-explosive,incidinery (or whatever it's spelled) etc;massive map (San Andreas? :3),planes,more bikes and import-like cars,more clothes,definately MORE people AND cars on the streets,ability to re-do missions,some epic shootout missions and chases,improved hand-to-hand and melee weapon fighting,and some more mischevious cheats such as chaos mode,flying etc.And some kind of a zombie outbreak perhaps? :3

I'd like to see the traffic behave more realistically. For example, you fire a gun in a crowded street, people panic and run into the road, and instead of just stopping, traffic swerves to avoid them, sometimes causing them to crash into other cars. Sgt. S.S.

Grand Theft Auto 5 should be in Vice City (bigger and more detailed) Rockstar should add little more features and thats all! Dust512

Rockstar NEEDS a big mansion property for us to buy so we can live in it and feel important, im talking the whole indoor pool, hot tub EVERYTHING TaRevanche TaRevanche

Add more accessible buildings, and no cheesy "windows" Scorpionjak

In my opinion GTA 5 should have significant military,civil war and political and most importantly a moral type of content and there should be many new vehicles. For example, we should have a state where a civil war in going on between the government of America and a coalition of several gangs who resemble the IRA and who want to separate a state of the USA from it, and they are supported by the enemies of the USA and are well armed and have deadly troops and weapons.So there is significant military and police presence in the region.Second, as we have the six star wanted level, I recommend that for the first three stars the police should attack us, the police should be well armed and should have a paramilitary feel to them, the police should have armored vehicles in this game and they should have a special police unit that resembles the SWAT.For the four and more star wanted levels, the military should attack the player and not just regular forces, there should be special forces that resemble to the Green Berets, Navy Seals and the Delta Force of the army that attack at five and six star wanted levels, the army should have atleast five bases in the state and the army should be armed with armored vehicles like APCs,HMMWVs,guntrucks,gunships,amphibious assault vehicles,tanks,anti-aircraft guns,fighter planes etc.There should be gyms,martial art centres,firearm and explosive training centers where the player can train his body to a athletic and special-forces-level.There should be various military type of missions where the player has to use military tactics.The gangs should be well armed, they should resemble the IRA and should justify the significant police and military presence in the state.In this game, the player should not fight for money, he should fight for a cause, so the enemies of the USA should not take over this important state and destroy it, he should fight for America.Also, there should be planes,new SUVs,cars,trucks etc.Also, the protagonist should be impressive, he should be atleast six feet three inches tall and should have a police or military background.

I recommend the GTA 5 will be a world, not a city/cities, nor states. It can include imitations of major countries such as United States, Canada, China, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, etc. PowerY

I want these vehicles in GTA V: Oceanic '92, * Phoenix '92 (rename the Ruiner), * Blade '92 (rename the boat to Violator), * Hoods Rumpo XL, * Walton '92, * Mesa (Grande) '92, * Picador (make this a Declasse), * Idaho, * Love Fist, * Stinger '86, * Deluxo '86, * Elegy (make this an Annis), * Euros (make this an Annis), * ZR-350 (make this an Annis), * (Sindacco) Argento, * Dementia, * Z-Type, * Brit (GTAA), * Sunrise, * Tahoma, * Tornado, * Previon, * Cartel Cruiser '01(call it the Maibatsu Monstrosity or a new Yosemite), * Clover (preferably clean), * Majestic (rename the Faction), * Greenwood (rename the Marbelle), * Flatbed '92 (rename it something else), * Glendale '92/Glen$#!t, * Sadler/Sadl$#!t, * Hermes (also Cuban Hermes), * Cabbie (NOT Cabby), * Blista Van, * Top Fun Van/Berkleys '92, * FBI Rancher, * SAPD Cheetah (VCPD Cheetah '86, but I like GTAV set in San Andreas), * Kuruma '01, * Towtruck '92 (with towing ability), * Cement Truck, * Utility Van, * Hustler (with the Hotknife and Thunder Rod as variants), * Camper (preferably with "The Truth" paintjob), * Hotdog '92, * Remington (rename the IV Manana to this), * Manana '98 (make this THE Manana), * Corpse Manana '01, * Panto (beta), * Luton (beta), * DFT-30 (make it an Imponte), * Linerunner (rename the Phantom), * Stafford (replace it with the "Phantom" name), * Brickade, * School Bus/Karma Bus, * Double Decker (GTA London), * Beagle 3 (3-wheeled vehicle from GTA London), * Stock version of Vapid Taxi (this could be the Elegant), * Hotring (decals in today's NASCAR style), * Sandking (based on the IV Rancher; added X Games event), * BF Injection '92 (make it very rare!), * Ventoso, * Streetfighter, * Wintergreen, * Pizzaboy (both GTAIV and TBOGT versions), * BMX (some variants must have baskets), * Mountain Bike (you get a cycling helmet when you ride one of these, similar to the GTAIV idea of having helmets when you ride motorcycles), * Bike, * Ferry, * Rio, * Jetski (make this a ProLaps), * Yola (yes, THE wooden boat), * Ghost Missing, * AT400 (Juank Air and FlyUS), * Andromada, * Dodo (some with streamers ala Vice City), * Shamal, * Beagle, * Skimmer, * Cargobob (working cargo hold), * Sparrow, * Sea Sparrow, * News chopper (SAN News, Weazel, CNT), * Air Ambulance, * Raindance (but shoots out water like the Armadillo; used by fire departments), * Skateboard, * Imponte Insurrection

Setting: San Andreas as starting point (but the countryside is replaced with housing projects, newer cities etc). Make the former Johnson House a purchasable safehouse. Flights to Vice, IV's Liberty and III's Liberty (now called Carcer)


Full character customization (bring back tattoo parlors, Binco, ProLaps, Sub Urban (replace with 16:20), Zip and Victim [DS is replaced by Perseus], barber shops)

Restaurants: Burger Shot, Cluckin Bell, Well Stacked Pizza, Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts. Softdrinks: Sprunk, Ecola, Funcola and Cocofizz (GTA 2).

Mod garages (street racer, low-rider, motorcycle, general). Nuff said.

CJ is a contact (he's the only survivor of the III Era). You help out the Families in some missions, and they act more like the GTAIV gangs.

Different radio stations in SA, Vice, Liberty and Carcer. Bad reception when going farther away from a radio tower.

Returning radio station: KGBH from GTA 2 (my favorite!) Also put in LCHC. Rename K-JAH West with "RamJam West" and K-Rose with "Rebel Radio". Bring back Head Radio, for old times' sake. Remove Radio Broker, it SUCKS.

Arcade minigames inside accessible bars and 24-7s.

Functional car crusher in Angel Pine Junkyard.

Purchasable new cellphone models.

Street races using Hotring, Kart, Sandking, BF Injection and a Blood Bowl.

Trucks can once again pull trailers: new trailers include car carrier (functional) and a lumber trailer. Towtruck can tow, Forklift can lift, you can use the Cargobob to transport cars. Some motorcycles appear with sidecars.

More myths and legends, of course.

Last of all, it should be released first on the PC. -Haruhi Suzumiya

Quad bikes and Modification garagesGlitchworld12

In Grand Theft Auto 5 the player should be able to do just about whatever he wants, such as join the police force, Army, fire department, paramedic...etc. the game should have some regular stores open not just clothing stores or restaurants, you should also be able to fly planes, in GTA 4 i noticed that the bars and some of the places you can go in aren't listed on the map unless you are going with a friend there, you should be able to go in whenever. the cars should be newer. the biggest thing that i would love for the game to have is the option to actually join jobs and be fired from or quit if you want, and not just side mission jobs. Other than that the games are near perfect. By far the best games i have ever played DevenIrwin

You should be able to fly planes again and go to San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City. The protagonist should be a former cop or soldier who was framed for murder and fired and wants revenge. They should bring back the infinite ammo/infinite health cheats and bring back full character customization. There should be more vehicles like skateboards or hang gliders. They should also put submarines in that you can drive underwater. BRING BACK JETPACKS! You should also be able to dual wield weapons like pistols or uzis. The environment should be destructible (ex. buildings can be blown up or damaged by explosions) and people reacting to this (ex. construction workers fixing the damage). Add different gangs that you can choose to join. Bring the SWAT Tank back. And vehicle mod garages. Make it so that you can mod motorcycles and cop cars too. They should also bring characters back like Tommy Vercetti (who would be in his 60s or something now) and Carl Johnson (probably in his late 30's, early 40's) and the protagonist ca interact with them. 'Nuff said.Crashistheboss

Bring back the Hunter helicopter but have it based on the AH-64D Addicted2gta

Make it so you can buy your own apartments, and customize them with helicopter pads and stuff. Theloadedgunstudiostheloadedgunstudios

gta 5 should have hardware stores so you can hammers nailguns etc* Kartman user

Add a more multiplayer freindly game. have full player customization like in san andreas ( for mp), try and reduce lagg and add split screen or system link

that would be great. planes would be nice and ones with bombs would be swell

something i would LOVE to see is a black hawk but with 2 seats with controllable door mounted miniguns!!!! good for multiplayer. more weapons and some with torches. defintaly add the ability to buy houses again. instead of just unlocking them like in gta4

OH YEAH and make things more interactive like when u have a hot tub in your house you should be able to use it and get a health boost or sumthing otherwise its pretty pointless. AND make different models of some cars like in gta4 theres the sultan and then the sultan rs. maybe add some animals like dogs and depending on where its set a farm with cows and so on.

add some weapons like chainsaw and more melee weapons. ADD IMPROVED GLASS BREAKING! and again make it more multiplayer friendly.

GTA 5, could buy safehouse, could do gangwars, more insane cheats, more insane weapons and also more vehicles (bicycle's my favorite lol) David97

Have a car that looks like the lamborghini Murcielago

have a car that looks like the nissan GTR 34 Tupz

a new city merged with all the cities in the GTA III and GTA IV era excluding the liberty city from GTA liberty City Stories Tupz

have a car that looks like a Mitsubishi lancer evolution X Tupz

I cannot believe how pissed off I am at this non userfriendly site, I just finished typing something for the wishlist and and I didn't know what to click on to upload it so I clicked preview and I didn't know how to go back... !!!!!!!!! I'm going to be as sincere as I can be right now. I have three suggestions and I'm going to get started. The first one I think is simple; a couple more car capabilitys such as turn signals, the driving feels extremely nice and reallistic but when I was going to make a turn I couldn't find out how to turn on the turn signal and I was heart broken, I saw the guy in front of me do it and I wondered if I could do that so It did kind of kill the awesome driving experience. Another car modification would be a nice optional first-person driver/cockpit camera point of view; it'll optimize the driving experience very nicely you might understand so you'll start to feel like you're really in the game. Not sure if thats your goal or not but those would be nice modifications. Also the guy behind me, though this is simply an AI thing that annoyed me a little; every single person that ends up right behind me will try to go around and possibly hit me in the process, or rear end me on purpose a few seconds after I stop. I'm pretty sure it's just the AI thinking I stopped in the middle of the road and trying to get around or something but I'm simply being a non reckless, psychopathic killer that can't drive for s... Anyway I'm simply stopped at a red light and obeying the rules of the road, and every single person that gets behind me looks like the one with road rage issues. Second suggestion is the myths; I don't know if they're true or not but they should definitely be in 5 since investigating myths like "ratman" or "sprunk factory ghost" is very thrilling, fun alone or with a buddy, and do indeed get very creepy with the environment you happen to be lurking in, the things you might hear that could be relevant to the myth, as well as the things you might see. The sense of horror in an action sandbox game is more entertaining then horror games themselves to me personally, so even if fans might not ask for it they'll still love it so long as they're almost impossible to encounter and these myths are never made publick. Bet I just seemed kind of stupid right there. Anyway the final idea that is not likely to happen but I'll say it anyway. That Rockstar drops contract with Microsoft and makes 5 a Playstation 3 exclusive since it uses Blue-ray that has a considerably larger amount of data space than Microsoft's 360 that uses a standard dvd disk. PS3 exclusive would make 5 possibly revolutionary and a must have game no matter what kind of gamer you are; capable of designing city(s) and landmasses to reallity scale, more misc. objects, improvements to the physics euphoria engine if it really even needs any, maybe better fighting mechanic, possibly revolutionary AI, maybe more cars and peds on screen at once maintaining smooth framerate, more dialogue, and other wishlist suggestions of course. That might be exadurated but it's simply a thought that might work to make Grand Theft Auto 5 a revolution in gaming. I think you'll help your friend Sony pin the market as well since the PS3 is more affordable and I think it's selling a lot better now. last I heard the PS3 sells three consoles for every one 360 console, along with the high demand of PS3 consoles if it's an exclusive. That's what the company that made MGS4 did so you won't be alone. There was only one in stalk in southeast Portland when I bought one.Snowflake5B03

to be set in england and to be able to help the police to catch criminals without the police coming after you, and be able to do missions such as bus, police, fire, paramedic and limoRegag002

The police will NOT chase you when you do the Vigilante side missions.Gtalamia

I think a good addition would be, with a 2/3 star wanted level helicopters would be using search lights and searching the areas you were last seen in. That's how it works in real life.

When you get arrested, cops/players actually have an arresting/arrested animation that happens as the game fades out.

When arrested in a car, the cops actually pull you out of the car and proceed to arrest you as stated above, but when getting pulled out, there is a tiny window of time that you can press
the action button and break free of the fuzz's grip.

Possibly a feul system with vehicles. when a car spawns, it has a feul meter set to it, and as it's in-game(that is, the time in between when it spawns and disapears)
the fuel meter slowly decreases, and whel a player is driving the same vehicle for a while, a small logo flashes at he bottom of the screen, indicating (s)he needs to refuel.
When the player pulls into a Gas station, instead of making them go into the station, swipe a credit/debit card and refuel. This feul system would make the game much
more realistic. And have the System deactivated on missions, as that could make playing a prick...

When car jacking, some people fight back, and you have to rapidly press a button to get the car.

More street signs to make it feel more realistic, and placed at realistic areas.(A street that is near a school has a school district speed limit sign)

The ability to buy vehicles. And a working autoshop site similar to the one in GTA IV.Crypt19

GTA 5 should be complete with EVERY feature from every ERA from every game:

GTA 1 - ability to change states

GTA 2 - more futuristic vehicles

GTA 3 - Schools, More jets, More vehicles, Riots and more

GTA 4 - everything

aside from this, i also reccomend enhanced graphics, more glitches and easter egg and a more longer storyline.TjMarian017TjMarian017

more reality, more weapons, return planes , buy new homes and latest technology

Oh yeah when you failed because the person is dead his body must show up just more like realistic DANGANG 14:02, March 31, 2010 (UTC) DAnGAnG

I want to get a new attack helicopter it s name is exterminator with a Minigun as it s gun weapon and rocket launcher

tenpenny could be the protagonist and the story could show his rise to corruptionSharpie14

have an millitary base that you can go in without getting any stars and have an army tank

make it also possible to blow up trains and some buildings

i want to be able go inside the air port and the police station

make it possible to customize and race your cars

have the ability to rob a bankBob 24

have all the vehicals from GTA Sandandress and GTA IV in GTA 5 Bob 24

the protagonist should be a Jamaican that just got out of jail after he was set up and wants revenge

can buy cars and houses

Grand Theft V should'nt in any way be like IV, (the game itself was good yet is lacked any kind of GTA feel whatsoever.) The game world should be composed of all previous states in the game but with a newer one. The game should include the newer city based on Michigan. (Most likely referred to as "Motor City," as it is Detroit's prime nick-name). Motor City should be the starter area where gang trouble with the Greektown(Casino District in Detroit. Good food, try it.) Mafia takes you to assault the Four Dragons casino in Las Venturas caused by a rivalry with Woozie's San Fierro Triads. After dealing with the Triads and eventually taking over and owning Four Dragons leads the Greektown Mafia to have territory in Venturas. Later you are sent to San Fierro to hunt down and kill Woozie but you are eventually stopped by CJ coming to Woozie's defense with some Grove Street members and Triads by his side,leading up to a climactic battle in which after all the lackeys are killed, you go into Woozie's home, kill Woozie, but are later knocked unconcious by CJ with a bat. You later wake up in the attic of Sweet's house having no memory of the battle before. You leave the attic to find the house bare hearing gunshots outside and notice a massive attack from the Balla's on Grove Street. You leave the house and run off to LS Airport to fly to Las Venturas to inform the Greektown Mafia about what had happened. Upon arrival, you are labeled a failure and omitted from the gang. As you leave the casino to fly back to Motor City you are greeted by some Sindacco Mafia members who give you their number after noticing that you needed work (Actually paying attention toward you leaving the Greektown Mafia and tending to use you) and asks you to call them later. You call them before boarding your flight and they order you to their casino. You mention that your flight dosent board untill tomorrow, so you go over there. Upon arrival, they inform you that the Greektown Mafia's presence in Venturas worries them and do not want to risk having another gang war, so they order you to attack the Greektown Casino (Venturas) and destroy it with a bomb (Heli Mission). After the destruction, Johnny Sindacco invites you to come to Liberty City (III Style) with him to celebrate. When you reach the area, a Safehouse is provided in St. Marks, and you eventually do another mission for him in St. Marks Bistro. The Mission involves turf war with the Leone Mafia (Currently Lead by Toni Ciprianni) in which you recruit Sindaccos and start a San Andreas style war with three waves. You are later are marked man with the Leones and allowed to provoke gang wars for turf. after later missions, the last mission for Johnny Sindacco is where he is making a drug deal with Tommy Vercetti, informing you that you would be sent to Vice City to help Tommy with his gang as the Sindaccos are revealed to have a connection with the Vice City Vercetti Mafia sometime after the Vice era. Upon arrival at Vice, you meet Ken Rosenberg and Tommy orders you to assist Ken in some problems with some Forelli Mafia members sent to kill him due to being connected with Tommy, you end up killing the assassins and helping Tommy with drug deals, unlocking drug dealing missions in the same style of Chinatown Wars. After completeing all of Tommy's missions, you fly back to LC and you are assigned the last mission in which you Fly to Las Venturas, assist the Sindacco's in a massive war, fly to Motor City to kill the leadr of the Greektown Mafia, then pick up a drugs shipment in Mexican Town(Detroit's gang district, don't have a gun? Don't come), then get ambushed by the Mexican Town Crypts (which you originally were brough into crime from.), fly back to LC to deliver the shipment and good newsto Johnny Sindacco who you find dead on the floor,murdered by Claude to obtain the shipment you stole to give to the leader of the Forellis. You kill him, then you are presumed leader of the Sindaccos. You should be able to purchase clothing like SA and have stats you can work up or down via gym, resturant etc. Also have mod garages return.

you should be able to choose between two characters like Niko and CJ and have their stroylines be differnet in a way.

Have survivng SA and IV characters in the same state

Lambo style car cheat

money for stunts return

car mods

choose between 2 characetrs or have both be in same missions

GTA SA aftermath in Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las VenturasGTA SA4

flyable aircraft; windshield wiper; more jobs :Police man,Pilot etc

I wish there would be aeroplanes like those in GTA San Andreas.I also wanna the place 2 be big 3x bigger than San Andreas, contains lots of myths!Leone gangs

NOT choosable protagonists. I'd much rather have 1 truely awesome guy like CJ or Niko than 5 average ones. Delo19xcrowbarx

Hey im a fellow fan of GTA espesially San Andreas & IV if if i had too how tohe next game would be it could be in Los Angelas it seem like a good place too put it. I mean make the places and people like GTA IV but this time add more including games cars and more multiplayer events. On San Andreas they let you buy houses and mansons that could be a huge impact on GTA V also we can use helicopters but this time let us use airplanes. Something real new that can change The GTA series is let us fly to liberty city from Los Angelas or (this just popped up in my mind)Golden City.Im from the southand their are alot of country towns and i remeber on San Andreas thier were missions that were up in the country you can add the country on GTA V. Basically this how i hope GTA V would be if it comes out so please take consideration into my idea thanx.DatRealBoy09

have jobs like taxi driver or police fire ectZac1212

More Easter eggs, more costumes and a pair of boxing gloves.Bogdan stretePS3 Bogdan stretePS3

let there be more interaction with the environement, something similar to that Mass Destruction System that we saw in BF: In Bad Company 2. and the more weapons and vehicules you add the more we have fun. oh and i wish there was a better property possesing system something like villas with garages and swimming pools and a helipad and new details...

hummer limos Gtarules

GTA 5 should be revolutionary, it should include:; Story-mode: a very detailed and gripping story, even more so than GTA 4.; Free-mode: a mode wear you can custimize characters, and do random activities.; Create-mode: a very detailed character custimization, car custimization, weapon custimization, fighting style/specific attacks, house custimization, and maybe even a cutscene/mission creator like in SVR 2010.; Fully destructible environment.; 1st person would be nice.; Planes, parachutes, and the ability to shoot while parachuting would be "epic".; Facial scanning and voice recognition would be so cool.; Making the game like the Sims could be cool, and would definetly change the series, but so have most of the games from the series.; A much larger variety of weapons, and vehicles would be good.; If the protagonist carries more than just a couple handguns he/she should have to use some sort of backpack/bag.; Carrers and skills would be cool.; One thing I would definetly like to see is better parkour/free-running: wall-runs, jump distance/height, vaults, etc. I have more ideas, but I have forgotten, I will post more.

GTA 5 should be revolutionary, it should include:

Story-mode: a very detailed and gripping story, even more so than GTA 4.

Free-mode: a mode wear you can custimize characters, and do random activities.

Create-mode: a very detailed character custimization, car custimization, weapon custimization, fighting style/specific attacks, house custimization, and maybe even a cutscene/mission creator like in SVR 2010.

Fully destructible environment.

1st person would be nice.

Planes, parachutes, and the ability to shoot while parachuting would be "epic".

Facial scanning and voice recognition would be so cool.

Making the game like the Sims could be cool, and would definetly change the series, but so have most of the games from the series.

A much larger variety of weapons, and vehicles would be good.

If the protagonist carries more than just a couple handguns he/she should have to use some sort of backpack/bag.

Carrers and skills would be cool.

One thing I would definetly like to see is better parkour/free-running: wall-runs, jump distance/height, vaults, etc.

I have more ideas, but I have forgotten, I will post more. GrandTheftDude

Give us a stinger missle or some other kind of guided missle also bring back the fighter jet and more interactive airports. Gameboybp

car modding like on need for speed carbon/prostreet planes and helicopters with bombs and guns more motor bikes like cc's and more types- futo man8

I reckon They might take the series back to Vice City, but R* have said they won't reinstate the previous protagonists, so I think you should be able to choose from a few, each with different personalities so that dialogue will be different and people will react differently. Say you have the Carribean hood with a heap of attitude and few cares over life and death or the framed cop still searching for justice in the seedy underbelly of the drugs capital of the America. You could then meet the other selections in the storyline. I think for the moment R* will play it safe and just have the one city again, so planes would be a bit of an issue, although with Vice City as a logical choice then they could have swampland and bayou outside the city limits. I think they should bring back car modification, the depth of which is dependant on the type of car. A sporty car would logically have more options than a luxury sedan would. I think each Protagonist should start in a different way to compliment their respective attitudes and backgrounds, with one starting as a low level hood betrayed by the antagonist, one maybe a cop framed by the same antagonist for corruption charges, stuf like that. I agree with... whoever it was... that having a legitimate job at the end would be good, say the hood becomes a cab driver, earning some money after the main stroyline. The disgaced cop is allowed back into the force and when you put on the cop outfit and drive a cop car you can do busts and stuff. I like the idea of more clothing options and things like haircuts, tattoos and piercings. One thing I hated about SA was that I couldn't give CJ long hair. I think they should have splitscreen multiplayer, although games companies seem to be phasing that out completely now, where you can do missions or just chill. I think you should be able to take some drugs, dependant on the chosen protagonist, say all of them can smoke but the Ex-cop drinks and the hood smokes weed... that kind of thing. I think that the dating system should be revamped, where some girls you find in story (one per protagonist) and others you go online or meet in a club if you go in there on a particular day. And since it's probably Vice City I think you should be able to run your own gang, choosing what you want your gang to do, i.e drugs cartel, motorcycle gang, gangbangers, prostitution etc.I also think you should get things changing, hair growing, scars, motor functions dropping when tired, and slightly less springt when hungry, none of which crippling but rather slightly annoying. Say when your tired your car lurches to the left because you dropped off for a second, but not too often. I think you should be able to use your phone to organise heists and bank robberies for cash with in game friends, or even in splitscreen or online co op. I also think your choices will alter the way your character acts and thinks, say you murdered an innocent man when you could have spared him for money, your character get's a bit morose for a while, and say you spared thatb man, your character is more cheerful. I also think that date and activityb conversation should vary depending on choices and psition in the story... wow... that's more trhan I wanted to write but it's good to get my ideas out there.Dennaix

add a jet pack that can fly aroundBob 24

Be able to have more explict, exciting sex scenarios with girls and use that as a way to restore yourself to full health if you're at all injured. :P Also be able to break into ANY building/house/etc., and have realistic elements like encountering people that live there, even a dog or some pet, who will react to the break-in by either begging and being all "Take my money, but don't hurt my family!" or defending their home and fighting you to leave. I had this idea that you could go upstairs and find a chick taking a shower lol. ;D That sort of thing. Still, despite the need for more realism, DON'T make it like the Sims where you do all this random, pointless shit that you could just go out and do in real life! This is GTA... Mateo22

have more buildings that you can go in and have the ability to blow up trees and buildings. also add more traffic and people. Bob 24

Be able to work with the cops, and officially become one. Goaway0001Goaway0001

Personally, I would like to see a female protagonist. Or at least be able to choose between male and female-- and have a different story go with each. LoveShack

be able to rip limbs off people and make it realy gory

Bring back Fernando Martinez and have him meet the new player. Also when we are on the first island we can go evrywhere. Bring back Flashback FM with Reni Wassuliamer . When yall are putting the playlist in to the radio try to make them as long as you can. Gta3 radio had some good songs but the playlist is too short. Like San Andreas could you have the player swim forever. Put Claude back on there and can you make a voice for him. Also, bring the gyms, tattoo parlors, and have all of the islands acessible like, you could go to san andreas and then to vice city and then to liberty city. Billyshoe99 20:00, April 2, 2010 (UTC)Billyshoe99Billyshoe99 20:00, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

What I would like most are planes,also it would be great if once you finished all the misions in Liberty city you could fly to san andreas and finish some missions there and even fly to Vice city and do the same thing.Also I would like the desert eagle to return. CJ185

Like in Liberty city. The liberty tree, like if we have a newspaper the player can buy and look at the newspaper. The observatory in Liberty city, make it acess ibto the player as well. If the player drinks sprunk, it's like the world is sped up for him/her. Billyshoe99 23:38, April 2, 2010 (UTC)Billyshoe99Billyshoe99 23:38, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

The protagonist should be Salvatore Leone, and the setting should be 1971. The setting should again be Liberty City, but it should contain the GTA 3 Liberty City and the GTA 4 Liberty City. It should be made out, that all along, both universes are the same. That both Liberties are parts of the same city, its just that in the previous renditions one of them has been omitted. The story should tell the tale of a Leone family power struggle, division in the family and how Salvatore rises up through the family to end up as the leader in the end. The year is 1971; the year that Tommy Vercetti became "The Harwood Butcher", Salvatore himself should be a part of that, perhaps one of those who survived Tommy's brutality. And how much two seemingly un-related characters changed the lives and careers of eachother. NoobWithMoobs

Make a Miabatsu Monstrosity that you can actually drive Gamerman98

Make a car that looks like a 1992 Chevy Lumina sedan and call it "Terra" Gamerman98

Bring back the 24/7 convienience stores and make more stuff buyable to the protaganist

Make the protaganist vomit when he or she overeats

Make a parody of McDonalds

Make it so you can go inside banks and rob them

Make it take place in 1979 or 1980

Bring back places like Pizza Face, Fat Burger Kid, and Vynal CountdownGamerman98 03:48, April 3, 2010 (UTC) Gamerman98

For first, you have always set citys to LC, vice city and these SA citys. But you should make a city from europe, like rome or something from germany.

Make the protagonist fully customizable! (Hair, clothers, tattoes, face, size of fingernails etc.)

I would like to see a whole collection made for GTA 5. Possibly around the world, going through all the different continents completing a variety missions.

All the different types of emergency vehicles in on place (all the different cop cars in one car park). As in GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony, you can only get certain police cars - like the NOOSE Patriot - on a 3-star wanted level and even then it is hard to steal. Having them in a secret location that you have to fnd or simply in an ordinary police car park.

New Location e.g. - Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dallas, London. If GTA5 location is still Liberty City, have Rockstar implent other places in Liberty State for you to visit. Also Fully Accessible Buildings, Maybe a Jail Break Multiplayer Mode? LibertyGangsta

ever since i started playing gt3 i hve always wanted a realistic 4x4 truck. and it would be awesome if rockstar designed if after a 1967 chevy c-10 so it would be like my truck. A.bray

This shouldn't be like the sims where you get Jobs. But you should be able to create your own protaginist (name,height,weight,history etc.).Also, maybe base the city on Washington D.C with some missions involing the president. Also, Mabey the protaginist should be judged by the missions they do... What I mean is to have 2 diffirent missions, one good,one bad,The good missions will introduce you to a friendly enviroment, and give a less chance of getting wanted stars(or are easier to evade).The bad missions introduce to you a horrid enviroment... and wanted stars are easier to gain and are harder to evade.SmokeyTheDog

they should put more customizeable things like: u can take drugs(weed, cocaine etc.); more guns; mod garage; more cars; u can drink alcohol(gin n' juice, champagne, cognac, 40 oz malt liquor, beer etc.); more clothes; pimping; own shops; have a job; airports so u can go to san andreas, vice city and liberty city; deodorant and aftershave; tattoos; mansions; leisure centres; customeizeable houses

also have a family wife, kids; and nightclubs and bars; drug dealing; arms smuggling; rob places

Use Liberty City from GTA III in GTA 5. But with an intercity highway, accessible interiors (and ghost town), usable helicopters/planes, complete Upstate side of Shoreside Vale, along with the tunnels, make the observatory accessible, along with the stadium. And add in the unusable section of the Porter Tunnel in GTA LCS. Gta-mysteries

Be able to hold-up stores and get their money

To join any gang you want and for it to have an affect on the story Goaway0001Goaway0001

I would like to be albe to hook up a trailer to a truck. Thats one thing i coudnt do in GTA IV TrainKid

First of all, it would be really cool if you guys could bring back the "lock wanted level cheat". I hated having to lower my wanted level everytime I was messing around. Also, could you guys bring back the clover from san andreas and make it look even more like a 69 olds 442, or give the stallion design from gta 4 the extra two lights its missing. Since the 69 442 is my favorite car im glad you guys have had it in these games for so long so please keep it there. Also on that note, I would like to see more older cars of all types, station wagons especially because they're fun to beat on. SnyperT2112

they should realy bring back plains, gangs and car tunning .; what would be great is making your own character (like sims), and of course bringing back the personnal customizing (clothes , tatoos , haircut like in SA); there should be bigger ships that are drivable in game and diving possibility , powerboats should have crazy paintings (like cigarette boats); making bankrobs available; a place where you can buy cars; bringing back big mansions like in SA; what would be real cool some moutains with snow and snowscooters (like in call of modern warfare 2); some crazy combat styles would be nice, and macking building climbing possible (like assassin's creed); some urban streets with gang wars :D; becoming the godfather of a gang as wel; make cars that are adapted to the areas ( labo , ferrari , limo et... in the rich districts / and lowrides muscle cars in urband districts ) :D; some 50c motorcycles that are tunnable (derbi , gilera etc.. ) would be realy cool

Make a car that looks like a 1996 Chevrolet Caprice sedan and call it "Vapid Monarch". And he would be appointed to the police, taxis, civilian. PLEASE DO PLEASE DO...

the main character should be a 6' 7 muscular samoan guy with a lot of big and strong brothers and friends and you should be able to make kids and marry a girl and buy your own house and carsCoe the jew

Personally, I would like to see a female protagonist. Or maybe choose between a male and a female. LoveShack

You are all talking about the 80s!! What about the roaring twenties? That's what I would like to see. :) LoveShack

there should be more types of motorbikes and bring back planes and normal bikes modding garages more like nfs prostreet/carbon :D tht would be the best if rockstar intergratedFuto man8

have a phone and buy new ones; get to be the godfather pimp; pimp gang; get to choose a gang to join; play music off ur phone and put music on it; send texts off it; mansions; pimp clothing, accesories, weapons and car store; get to use the mic. to be a rapper on the game and sign a record deal; get drunk and stoned; meet celebs on the game; have sex; use condoms; bank heists; get to be rich; be a drug dealer; ears pierced; rasta; a variety of drugs and alcohol; supermarkets; gold guns and cars; own buissnesses and earn money from them; gang wars

Allow gamers to choose what house or apartment they would like their charicter to live in.Dg142

You should start out in Vice City or San Andeas (i'll talk about the cities later) just coming out of jail for somthing you didn't do and want revenge and right before you get out you get to customize the character (race,height,weight,sex and personality traits that can change depending on what choices you make in the game) Then you start out with $200 in a taxi with 2 different choices of how and where you start. Whichever one you pick will lead you to a different story but as you progress they will occasionally come together and through the game you will have choices to make that will lead you one way or another with 4 or 5 different endings and multiple ways to get there. Vehicles: It should be modern 2010 and should have airplanes small and big but that have uses in the game like cargo plane for cars,drugs,ect. boats should be the same and you would have options to load and unload things onto them for side missions (i'll talk about side missions later) helicopters different kinds some with guns or with a magnet to pick things up. Cars there should be real life cars like Cadillacs and Buick Regals (probably won't happen) there should be more different kinds of cars and not a bunch of same ones in the same area and true to at least what thier based on as far as power, handling and front wheel drive or rear and more realistic damage like bumpers would fall off or drag or get broken if they were plastic and doors wouldn't always fall off they could get bent up and not close or not open and the damage would be based more realistic of how fast your going like if your going 80mph and hit something your car would be totaled and be barely driveable like missing a wheel or just smashed enough to stop a wheel and if you had an old car you would still go through the windshield but if you had a newer car it would have an airbag. You should have gas,speed, and temp. gauges the crappier the car the less gas it will come with (a 87' Escort would come with 1/4 tank a 2010 CTS would be full) but the gas will go down gradually not having to get gas all the time and there would be lots of gas stations you just drive up and press a button to start fueling and press it again to stop. If you drive a car hard for a long amount of time it will start to overheat but not excessively and based on the niceness of the car you will go longer or shorter and if you smash the front end you will leak coolant and overheat also depending on car and how smashed it is. Cars should be more sensitive to jumps and crubs if run over enough curbs you could lose a tire or if you jump it you could break the suspension and steering making it sag or hard to turn and if you lose a tire it will eat up the rim untill it drags the car on that side. Cars should have turn signals and should have 1st person view where you can see the gauges and radio. Cars should come in different conditions (bad trans. no reverse or no overdrive or shifts crazy, won't shift,overheats,spare tire,loud exhaust,bad brakes,ect.) and should all be repairable at Pay n Spray or custom shop. Cars should be moddable with rims,tint,paint inside and outside color w/ custom colors and designs,exhaust,lifted or lowered, hydraulics,stereo & subs,leather or cloth,wood steering wheel or racing wheel, motor upgrades and different customs for each car. GAMEPLAY:The missions would be like past ones with more features and a longer story with many different ways you could choose to go and many different endings. You would start in the taxi by choosing what gang you will go with one is the gang that you were with and abandoned you while you were in jail in fear you would snitch but they say since you didn't they want to talk, and the other gang is a rival gang where they say they won't abandon you and want to help. Whichever one you choose will lead you to 2 different connections like drug dealer or boosting cars and you will have to make enough money to continue the story and as you go on you get different connections and you can move up in them and once you max out you and your gang will own that buisness. there would be 20 or 30 different types of buisnesses and each would have 3 to 10 locations. The connections would also be for firefighter,taxi,ect. missions. You would have to be careful around cops and obey all traffic laws no speeding, hitting another car, reckless driving, running red lights or drivng in the wrong lane or they will give chase. On foot you couldn't look suspicious by running or having a gun out or by jaywalking,fighting,loitering ect. Cops would be on a 1/2 star to 6 star scale. if the cops see you do any minor traffic violation or minor offence you would get 1/2 a star and you could stop or pull over in a car they will talk to you and give you a warning or a ticket but if they search you (which would be random) and find something you go to jail. Going to jail will affect the buisness you own or work for and your gang by making them less profitable and weaker for 10 to 20 game hours if you keep going to jail you will be depromoted and have to work back up. If you go to jail you either make bail lose all drugs,guns or any other illegal items or snitch on someone and walk free with no consequinces. You would have stats of rival and friendly gangs and the cops. Gang stats will go up if you do something with/for them or down if you do something against them. The cop stats would go up when you stay away from them or snitch and down when you keep getting stars. I would keep the area they are looking for you the same but when you're out of that area your stars would blink and you would have to stay low and not get spotted for a minute untill the stars went away. There would be food and clothing stores you could get hungry and get fat or skinny and a gym to build up or slim down. There would also be dance clubs,strip clubs, bars, basketball courts, tennis courts, underground fighting, car clubs, ect. a bunch of things like that to do whenever or on a date with minigames for each and more interactive. You would be able to get drunk whenever wherever at a bar and be able to leave or buy a 40oz from 24/7 and keep it in inventory and use it later same thing for food like a bag of chips or an ecola and for drugs you could get coke,weed,hash,x,crack,ect. that you could use/sell and get addicted if you abuse them. there would be effects on how you drove or walked while you were on different drugs like drunk driving now but different for each drug and they would last for 1 to 5 minutes depending on drug. you could also get cigarettes to smoke if you get addicted and have withdraw. Withdraw would make your movements jerky while driving, walking, or aiming. The traffic would be smarter and not hit you for no reason and there would be more cars and people around at busy places and at certian times (more cars driving and people walking in the day and at night more parked cars and cops and less people walking) Everything in game would be destuctable and there would be people that come to fix it and it would take 2 to 10 game hours to be rebuilt. If someone dies or gets hurt the ambulance will come and help them or take them to the hospital. You would be able to break into houses and take small items in your pockets or for bigger items you can put them in the trunk of a car. You could keep/hide things in your trunk or jack a car with drugs,cash,guns already in the trunk. you would have to get the items out of the trunk if you ditch the car to keep them. you could pawn/sell items or keep them at your house. People will fight you for thier car harder and you have to tap a button to get it. You could recruit people in your gang to come with you. You would be able to buy houses and customize them and the garages would be universal where you could save 50 cars and you could get them from any house. There could be different difficulty levels Easy: Cops act like GTA 4 wouldn't come after you unless you shoot or hit them and enemies are easier Medium: Cops would let you get away with some minor things like speeding or jay walking but not excessive and enemies are a little harder Hard: Cops won't let you get away with anything and enemies are hard. You could have your friends drive. CITY: It should be in Vice City (Miami,FL) and be a little bigger than GTA 4 with all the different neighborhoods rich,middle,poor,city,beach,country,swamps,golf course and with different things going on. Or if its San Andreas: Los Santos (L.A.) should be as big as all of GTA 4 the city should be most of the map and have the woods and mountians in a smaller part on the outskirts, get rid of San Fierro (San Francisco) and keep Las Vegas and make it more casinos,bars,clubs and fun stuff with a small part around it where its desert and mountians. Be able to buy and sell cars and homes. Theres more but you get the idea.

23:09, April 4, 2010 (UTC)~~

make boobs and butts jiggle at the strip clubs Coe 97

ask out any girl you want Coe 97

build your own house our hire people to do it for you Coe 97

join any gang that will let you in or start your own gang and hire gangsters Coe 97

build or buy clubs, bars, and resturaunts, or build a big club for you and your friends Coe 97

build a casino Coe 97

let there be way more clothes and shoes to choose from. also make more clothing stores Coe 97

be able to be a police officer and drive a car with a cop partner and watch and potroll the streets for crime Coe 97

you should have to shave otherwise he will grow a beard and there should be a haircut place and you should have to fill up your car with gas Coe 97

the samoan guy's name should be Kamaka Coe 97

the samoan guys last name should be Kealoha Coe 97

your dude should have bandages on when he walks out of the hopital and the bandages should actually be where you were hurt on your body Coe 97

i like wat my friend said about the 6 foot 7 samoan dude. that would be BEASTLY Coe 97

that one kids 6 foot 7 samoan idea would be cool Ruby 90

definatly need to make the main character that 6 foot 7 samoan dude. make him really strong and good with a baseball bat Daltoid 10

they should sell every nfl teams' jersey and they should sell bandanas Daltoid 10

you should be ableto get a mohawk, afro, and dreadlocks at a barber shop Daltoid 10

BRAY69Creating your own character would make gta 5 asome if you ask me.I get tired of playing all of those other characters.Maybe we could also make real life celebs like in saints row.

you should be able to by a robe and a turban to look like a terrorist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daltoid 10

you should like be able to run around in your underwear Daltoid 10

you should be able to make your own character.make his hieght, weight, body type,and what he should also use your created character in online play. you should be able to do co op campaign online Daltoid 10

more nightclubs,more friends,less cops,buy houses,buy cars,more clothes,robb stores,banks,houses,the ability to start a gang(online),sell drugs on street corners,sell guns,decorate your home by buying furniture,make your own protagonist,instead of taxis picking you up pick limo's that picking you up,get jobs like working as a cop or in a store,gangs fighting each other (riots,gunfight,drive-by) Masterarms

be able to own pets (dog, cat, ect) if you own your own house Daltoid 10

Add an accessible and rideable amusement park.

Add cemeteries, accessbile churches and funeral homes and nursing homes.

Make new fast-food restaurants, other than Cluckin' Bell, Burger Shot or Well Stacked Pizza.

Be able to enter all buildings.

Crash through buildings.

For GTA 5 i think that it should be set in San Andreas and things have changed since gta sa left off, like the protagonist can be a guy who got caught up in the gangs. He can get most of his missions from CJ who is leading the Grove Street ppl against all the gangs that branched off the old 1s from the old game. He'll be CJ's right hand man and the guy can call CJ for backup aka grove gang members kind of like how Dwayne gives you backup. It should have cool cars w/ modding garages. And you should be able to buy any type of car that you see on the road because it feels cool because you own it. Bring back planes but more advanced ones. While doing missions for cops we shouldn't get wanted stars for using guns to do their work. Whenever we do something like collect however many things or finish side missions we should get an ingame prize also. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... Since PS3 is on Bluray and not dvd we should be able to at least use some extra crazy cheats. Mzempklin27

Player creator for your character from start for example in saints row it was working.

everything thats in gta iv is good but i bit missed tunning cuz when i found lets say green infernus and i wanted it black or red,gold or something i must drive to pay n spray but they put there usually ugly colout or same one but just repair car so it could tak "month" to get colour what i liked.i missed a bit short sleeved clothing+tattoo on arms.

clothes mixing like formal top but pants could be from russian shop that was good.(not good looking but you could mix clothes).so more clothes.

fat/muscle something like it was in gta:sa you could be fatass or " 'roid monkey like brucie" :D.

i would be missing tv,clubs,games like bowling/pool and internet.thats really "hit" in gta 4(for me) ;)

more choose able girlfriends lets say love-meet if you would be fatass then that girl wouldnt go date you for example but if you would be normal/muscular build that same girld would go out with you.

all these details and some more.i mean like details cab using,emergency calling,hotdogs good price...

Make gta 5 completely non linear, choosing your own path of storyline. Biggie97 09:39, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

Rather than just 2 endings like in gta 4, make possibly 10 or 20 endings. Make gta 5 like you can betray your own gang and join the rival or stay loyal. Make it also like if you kill any character, you wont fail but the story would change a lot. This is what gta is about. Also, bring back all the stuff in gta san andreas. Dances, planes, full character costumization, mad weapons, mad cheats, etc

The turismo or another car needs to be based on a McLaren F1

Creatable Protaganist; choose gender, clothes, voice and a selection of names that you can give it.

buy any house for a safehouse and once bought you can edit it (giving it pools, buying/stealing furniture, make more rooms or take away walls and paint, etc.)

Epic cheat codes, with fun and sometimes silly actions! (another good thing about non realism)

TRANSFENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Pay and Spray lets you choose the colour.

more cars and vehicles and even some from older generations, but it definately needs more cars per brand (Grotti only had the turismo and Pegassi only had the infernus in GTA IV) - Expivister

I think a Zombie mode once you complete the story would be a pretty cool bonus. All the zombies would be the "Rockstar Zombies" that you unlock in GTA 4 multiplayer. Having it set say in a new rendition of vice city or san andreas and you slowly unlock parts of the city as you progress through certain levels. If you get to say "level 100" a chopper comes and picks you up and you win. This would be quite hard but that's the point. The zombies would take over the map of say san andreas/vice city. It would be helped made by Capcom because they are the makers of Dead Rising and Capcom helped develop GTA 4. You unlock guns and can rob guns stores but if you run out of ammunition in the gun store you have a chance of dying. You can find cars, but if the car hits to many zombies it wil eventually blow up. Imagine the tagline "One man, one million zombies, one city... GTA as survival horror movie.

the ability to personalize guns Candymanyyyy

there should be bar fights if you get drunk enough and you are not the only one getting ganged up on Ruby 90

They should definately add some more guns (for example: Beretta M92, Colt 1911, SigSauer etc. ;or a Magnum revolver...) Mihnead01

I think GTA V should have more mini games (Bowling, Pool...) A masion safehouse, more to do in safehouses. There should be more TV Shows, like show the ones they talk about in game. A Godfather II style charecter creator where the charecter has a name, and backstory but you get to make what he looks like at least. Customizable safehouses like scarface the world is yours. Have the whole GTA world accesable to the player go from Liberty city to los santos and all over, that would be cool. More guns, more cars more accessable buildings. T-888 13:52, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

Have people from other games as contacts like Carl Johnson or Tommy Vercetti, make them mission suppliers or friends.

You should start as a man on the run from the police which leads through the three cities; San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City. You should have to move from city to city as the police catch up with you. The main Protagonists of their game should be the leaders of their cities; San Andreas; Carl Johnson, ; Vice City; Tommy Vercetti, Liberty City; Niko Bellic or Claude. Rubrica

have everything from GTA SAN ANDREAS plus GTAIV with turning steering wheels - JUJUMAN120

GTA 5 should be in a big city like chicago with large urban and suburban area's. it should have more buildings that you can go in, and you should be able to buy a vast aray of safe houses including mansions. it should have a garage like in saints row 2 where you can store many cars. there should be more clothes the re introduction of planes and newer nicer boat's and cars. there should be yachts so you can live the high life to go with your mansion and they should make it so you can have a driver to drive your personal limo or private jet if your not in the mood. they should definatly re introduce casinos where you can buy penthouse suites and gamble.

GTA V should include every weapon that has been included in every GTA, including planes, helicopters and tanks. it would also be fun to be able to get a pet, such as a guard dog, that can attack on command. GTA V should have interactive scenery, meaning that if you shoot a building with a rocket launcher or plane a tank or something, it should get damaged. now i know a lot of people will be screaming about 9/11 if you're allowed to fly planes into buildings and destroy them, but how's that any worse than anything you already have done in GTA? also it's just a game, so shut the hell up Jack Thompson! Stroock6394

No dead space. Nothing like Bone County or South San Fierro where you have to kill yourself to

I think that GTA 5 should be set in San andreas and you are a guy who works for carl johnson in the grove street gang. it can be set in like 2000 or something and a few people remained from the old gangs in SA and they formed new gangs that are possibly ending cj's gang. The protagonist can be CJ's right hand man who gets a lot of missions from old characters and new characters. There should be a lot of the things that 4 was missing like planes, mod garages, more clothes stores, skydiving, barber/tattoo, and so on... There should also be ingame rewards for side missions and collecting things instead of just being acheivements/medals. There should be cooler cheats like there was in SA except better, like you can fly or something. and the last thing which is simple but annoys me is that when you are doing missions for cops you shouldn't get wanted stars and get shot at by cops for doing their work and killing bad guys. and maybe when you finish the cop missions you get a cop uniform and when you get 1 or 2 stars you can pull over and a cop will come up and see ur uniform and let you go or something.Mzempklin27

I Think GTA5 should add the feature to call in to the talk radio shows, and have you be able to type what you want to say, and have them actually respond. I really wanted to call the Seance when I started GTA4.FabZach

uhm id have to say more free running elements like in GTA 4 where there were some buildings where you can do a few tricks then it was over. Well in 5 it should have more free running capailaty

First, GTA V should have some decent vehicles. Like bombers(B-52,B-1B,FB-111) that give a 3 star level if you steal one. They should have better fighter planes like a F-104 or F-101. They should bring back the annihalator and helitours. And for once, they should at least include a decent airport or air base. Next, the game should be set in canada. The game setting should be in the province of Ontario with the 3 cities Toronto, North Bay and Ottawa, and numerous small towns like Huntsville, Cochrane, Orillia, etc, in 1980. The airport that you can buy could be Muskoka Airport in Gravenhurst. GAMEPLAY.The game should include drivable streetcars in toronto, and drivable trains. The game should include every feature from all other GTA games, including army tanks, bars, a cell phone,etc. New features could be buildings that can be visually damaged, and if you go too long without saving, you could fall asleep at the wheel. And finally, GTA V SHOULD HAVE MORE WEAPONS! like a berrett .50 cal. So thats it. I could say a lot more, but I don't have enough time.Gtasanandreasrocks

@1up, I would totally disagree with your suggestion of location but bombing innocent Canadians? I cream'd.Gerry Spring 12:34, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

Please have the people that you shoot have limbs fly off and their head blow to pieces when you shoot them.....and bring back the chainsaw that was the best.

there should be fully customizable 4wds like the landcruisers and landrovers coz we havent seen that. SSanator 05:50, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

GTA V should have alot more women and girls to date. You should also have more places to take them and more things to do. Come on, think like Roman for a sec...Also make each girl a little diffrent from her face to her rack, from that to her lap, and then slap...lolRAVENxX

we should add these features be able to own a house throw parties have a girlfriend actualy get a job run your own crew make ur own character cops should be how the are in real life ' change clothes nd apearance u should be able to kidnap rob banks nd all thats stuff but in free roam like so it does have to be a mission go to other cities nd run your crew over there too own a biz go to clubs like in botgt customize your house actually have a big house with a drive way nd garage in other words make it 100% realistic like it is in real life Infamoushector 10:04, April 6, 2010 (UTC)infamoushectorInfamoushector 10:04, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

what i would like is be able to own a house throw parties have a girlfriend actualy get a job run your own crew make ur own character cops should be how the are in real life ' change clothes nd apearance u should be able to kidnap rob banks nd all thats stuff but in free roam like so it does have to be a mission go to other cities nd run your crew over there too own a biz go to club like in botgt customize your house actually have a big house with a drive way nd garage car fuel refill turning signal modern cars but old ones 2 we should be able to break into house ect ect u know wat i mean make it more realistic ohh nd we should use the mic to rap nd have career in rapping nd so on Infamoushector

Thats way too realistic, realism can make or break a game and theres a thin line between too little and too much, also dont double post. Gerry Spring 12:15, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

have gang notoriety so you know if any gang is after you (from saints row)Sharpie14

Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas Stankku better than gta iv an more ,cars ,planes ,maps,boats and motorcycles and hobbies.

I really want Packie to be the protagonist, no GTA character is as cool or interesting as he is.

There should be old and new versions of cars like the buffalo from gta san andreas and from tbogt

You should also be able to run a gang and call homies for back-up, change their colours, cars and clothes.

There should be garages instead of parking spaces because whenever you fire a weapon near a safehouse on gta 4, other vehicles push your cars out of the space trying to get away. there should also be airport hangars, helipads and docks to store vehicles in

there should be more services to call up like resteraunts, taxis, tow trucks and weapon stores. you should also be able to buy stores and properties.

you should have all 3 cities, all redesigned, and should be able to buy helicopters, limos, private jets and pay people to drive/fly them.

Better weapons like miniguns, silenced pistols, chainsaws and bring back the hunter

More buildings with interior and more TV channels 19:17, April 6, 2010 (UTC)~

i think you guys should put 2 players in the next game you make,thank you Kipi09

We need 03' ford crown vics for the xbox and we need ELS LED police car lights and for the xbox we need to be a cop or get a cop unifor and we can't modd the crown Vic unless you can put an pushng bar on it and fix the lights but we need a new cop car we are sick of the 97-95 ford crown Vic please but and 03' ford we all need it and they souls put it in a new new York or dc or all of cally but we need new cars new cop cara and same graphics

We were promised more buildings to wander about in in the run up to IV. they should definately deliver on this in part V. Now that there are convincing animals (as shown in Red Dead Redemtion) there should be cats and dogs. If the setting is a city, there should be a zoo, which has a mission based around it where you have to release all the animals. If the setting is more like the open plains in San Andreas, there should be a safari park with lions and tigers and bears (oh my)! Speaking of animals, how about sharks and dolphins etc as seen in previous GTA titles, only more interactive? Also, I miss the police bikes and planes, i'm sure these will make an appearance again at some point. Obviously there still won't be any kids (not that the series needs any) in future episodes as the game would never see release, imagine the controversy! Thank you for your time.Zombie mastermind

When you steal certain vehicles, such as helicopters, police vehicles, and certain high-end / expensive cars, they should have "tracking devices" (for lack of a better term) on them like in real life, so you can't escape the police for as long as you're driving it. And maybe (for land vehicles, at least), if you damage it severely, it could 'destroy' the tracking device and make it possible to lose the cops. CAPTAINMSKII

Instead of the police just trying to arrest you on one star, they should do a pull over instead, issuing tickets or doing vehicle checks. TopThreat

let it take place in san andreas

More freind options, the ability to holdup stores, I'm not asking how, but I want to see Smoke in one last game, put army maps in the game at a border or something, maybe the lcpd could let the protagonist know that he is so good at being a bad guy they want him to work for the military, recognize the changes made in chinatown wars(show the monoglobe destroyed, have huang lee as triad boss), get to choose your gang and options with a huge choose your adventure story, put more stuff on happiness island(make sure its in lc), make a parody of wikipedia, have more control with email, have niko roman dwayne plyboy x mallorie derrick packie and gerry return. please no brucie, video editor on console versions, less glitches on pc version, co op missions, be able to go straight with your character and do police missions for a while, VIDEOGAMES PLEASE, i suggest a mw2 parody, manhunt, fallout, civilization, god of war and maybe even saints row(lol). Maybe make a 30 minute movie that ties all games together that comes with the game.. I'll write the cast down: GTA 5 Good GUy, GTA 5 Secondary Good Guy, Niko, Roman, Tommy, CJ, Huang, Johnny, Luis, mike, claude speed, the guys from lcs and vcs, and the bad guys- Smoke, Vince, Tenpenny Pulaski, Vinne, Catalina, Jimmy and Dimitri, Kenny and Catalina. I forget anybody important? Mrpengo88

i think it should take place in western washington and have like all the stuff in gta sa and gta iv combined and you can have political roles and still have multi player and have 1st person options and have real myths like bigfoot and all tem cool creatures and have movie theaters Greendayday

there sholud be children caulse theres likely more kids than adults in the real worldGreendayday

return to the over the top style we saw in san andreas Killa boy

There have been some good suggestions but maybe within the story mode a greater sense of achievement like Vice city as GTA4 seemed lacking at the end as all that work and you didnt really gain anything just a couple of apartments. When you were Vercetti you got the giant Diaz mansion a 1/4 of the way through so i would like to see something along those lines. Also bring back some old vehicles like the Stinger convertible and the phoenix. The cops on bikes aswell was great in san andreas. Maybe stricter law enforcement like one person said with running a red light but also realistically the cops wouldnt just shoot to kill if you tried to evade them, bring back stingers on the roads to pop your tires and stronger road blocks. In highjacking cars aswell maybe let strength be a factor as you could add people who you wouldnt want to piss off if you tried to rob their car.Also with the strength thing you could bring back boxing etc and the gym so that if you did try to highjack a car your success would be rated on how strong you were. But PLEASE rockstar dont then make it that if you dont go the gym for a day you become some billy the limpet lol. The protagonist has to be cooler then Niko aswell as i didnt find him badass i just couldnt understand what he was saying half the time and seemed childish. I have also been hearing that GTA5 will be set in London. Rockstar this isnt now an oppurtunity to throw in some american idea of London, you have to really experience london to make it work and dont ignore the north of England if you are doing a UK based game. OOOh and one last thing i would maybe like a previous character from earlier games like say Ken Rosenberg or a relation of a protagonist from Vercetti or Vance. I am all done i think but definately choose the obvious ones that others have put down like a million times PLANES! Thank you and yes my fave GTA game was Vice city.

One of my favorite things about Vice City/San Andreas was all the amazing and recognizable voice talent. (remember how cool it was hearing Samuel L. Jackson for the first time in game?!) GTA 5 would be even more incredible if we could run into C.J.,Tommy Vercetti or Lazlow somewhere along the way. One final thing... Bring back Fernando Martinez on the radio. Allie-wan

I think GTA V should be set in the OLD WEST and you play a gun-slinger and instead of cars, it's HORSES! Oh.................wait. Zombie mastermind

@Zombie mastermind - Red Dead Redemption Gerry Spring 12:15, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

GTA V should take place all along long island, ny because long island is big and its not too big like the USA

I would really like a San Andreas sequel with Carl going into a coma after an accident an waking up in 2010 with nothing because the record went out of business and all his assets repoed and grove street is no more his sister and ceaser in hawaii is sweet dead and him taking every thing back it would be awesome i you could travel to vice city and you entering more buildings but carl should look more like his 90's self and with the rpg elements back that would be awesome Andrewjelen

ok i am new at this so please don't chew me out or lock this topic or be rude, i would like to see: nfs carbon,ug2 undercover customization in the next gta and ug2 hud, and option to pull a trailer of all kind with suv and a rig and a pickup truck and use the gas station for gas, and have complete control of everything on vehicles like: open all doors hood trunk windows gas door, better burnout and engine sounding and rev

I condensed your suggestion to make it take up less space, welcome to GTW, oh and sign your name using 4 ~'s -Gerry Spring 12:34, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

Well first i think there should be more realistic damage for cars, eg. if your car hits a tree it should wrap around it. Second, they should use real cars - not identical versions. There should be more than 3 cities/islands, or even put countries in the game. You should be able to drive trains, and they should bring back planes, and more than 1 airport. You should be able to attach trailers on to trucks, and there should be more than 1 type of truck in the game. There should be animals in the game, and you should be able to interact with them, eg. you should be able to ride horses. There should be some farmland in the game - not just cities and industrial estates. And you should be able to drive tractors - like in San Andreas. You should be able to own your own car, and own your own house (not a safehouse). You should be able to have a job, and get fired or promoted. There should be more realistic traffic in the game. There should be snow and ice. And your vehicle should be able to slip and alide on the icy or wet conditions in the game. When it rains, there should be a button to put on the windscreen wipers. And when you want to turn, you should be able to use indicators. When you crash into another car, they shouldnt drive off like nothing happened. You should be able to walk into any shop or be able to break into houses. The cops shouldnt be as stupid as they are in all the other GTA's - like they shouldnt be going all over the road and causing havoc. They should come after you for speeding, or for breaking a red light.

Make all the three cities are available and the character can enter the Airports to go to another cities * Adriansyah Yassin sulaeman

more explosions Killa boy

mayby make it so that you can choose your charecter but they have different strenghs and weakness and they have different missions Killa boy

BRAY69Gta 5 should deffinaely bring working out from san andreas.We should be able to starve and store food at home and in a storage.Communicate with people like on bully. Buy all types of pets dogs,cat,ect.Keep the gps.Keep bowling,pool,darts, and ect from gta 4.Akso keep the car wash.

We need one in DC. Like Fallout 3. I don't know why someone said in West DC. What the fuck is in the west? SW has violence. SE has violence. NE has whatever. And NW has white people. I think 'West' was supposed to be SW. Anyways I just want more details. GTA 4 was great. Just needs more multiplayer and details. Small improvements. also a good iphone version.

@1up, How about West Philadelphia? -Gerry Spring 12:34, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

If a house dosen't have a garage it could have a parking Space like the ones in GTA 4Super GT

BRAY69This may be a action/adventure game but it should be kind of a life simulation game.Why?because you are living in a world that should give you the freedom to pretty much do anything like sit down somewhre, play games,go to cinemas, have kids and families,watch tv,edit cribs,and ect.For games like call of duty and other action games that would be diffrent.This game should be real similar to sims but without out needs and simlish.This time we really need to be able to create our own protaginist.have jobs to get money.wayyyyyyyy more tv to watch.] have a hugggggggge world.make meals at to people like on bully. ride rides.bikes,skateboards,and roller blades should be added.maybe a skating ring. have new ways of dying like heart attack starvation and more!!more acessible stores and buildings.

@Bray69 If you're comparing Grand Theft Auto to The Sims it would be a good idea to get yourself checked out. Grand Theft Auto can be summed up in 5 words. Kill, Steal...Kill some more. -Gerry Spring 12:34, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

GTA V needs to go back to the San Andreas days with the character attributes and moding your vehicle. It was great earning respect with CJ and building his stamina and things like that. I also hope they do away with hanging out with your friends mandatory, I like how they have benefits but always having to wine and dine them during your gameplay is pretty annoying. And definitely go back to all the safehouses you had back in the SA days gta 4 had very little.Gta42

Italian-American escaped from jail and is on the run went to a new town called Genaral City half san andreas and liberty city.

Make a car that looks like a shelby gt500 and mustang

own buildings let people build casinos bars nightclubs and mansions etc. make the protaginist a rich guy and then gets set up and ends up in jail and escapes and makes his own casa nostra gang(AKAMafia) FAMILYand allies with the mccreay mob.

MiloBellic GTA 5 should hove snow and more beater cars.

GTA 5 should have snow and more beater cars. MiloBellic

it should have a place where you can buy any car like in GTA Vice City StoriesSuper GT

The Protagonist should be of Mexican Decent,chooses the gang he wants to fallow(join),and go from the slums to the top of the city with a mansion sports cars girls hot tubs and assets DemonKid79

He can also steal/sell/buy cars/planes/trucks and be able to start his own business and be richer than Bill Gates!!!!

Instead of one city how about 3 (example: For a mission a player has to travel to a different country to kill someone but should be able to return there after the mission is completed in free roaming) Jack white

They should make the atmosphere in the city more realistic!!!For example: there are no dogs or cats on the streets + everybody is 20 + years old...Mihnead01

Definetly a huge mansion like vercetti estate.CJ185

Have cameos or references to previous GTA protagonists like CJ or Tommy Vercetti.

Well my suggestion for Grand Theft Auto V. should have Heavy Metal concerts and the player goes onto the drums or guitars or on multiplayer have a small party and sing with other players while the other players choose instruments and sing and play the metal soundtrack this would be awesome for Grand Theft Auto V. Emperorimpera

@Emperorimpera You really should buy Band Hero. This isnt Grand Theft Metallica 5, Perhaps we can compromise, you can use a guitar, but to hit a guy over the head with and steal his car. See? everyone wins and you get a $30,000 car out of the deal. Gerry Spring 12:15, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

Put More Animals/Fish In The Game. Like The Sharks, Jellyfish, Sea Turtles and Starfish From San Andreas. Bring Back The Andromeda From San Andreas and Make It Flyable With A Sign on The Side Like San Andreas Cargo Airlines or Something. Bring Back The Country Side From San Andreas and Bicycles. I Loved Biking Up Mount Cillad In Flint Countryside. Make It So You Can Fly From San Andreas To Liberty City Like The Mission In San Andreas When You Had To Fly To That Bar In Liberty City. LoveInPony

Add Driveable Trains and Different Trains on Different Train Lines. Like a Sky Blue Train With Clouds on the side and it Says 'San Trainzzz'. LoveInPony

Add a new vehicle (Jeepney or tricycle).Trebbor300

Add a Phillipines or Malaysian gang. Trebbor300

Add over-speeding in the law.

Add Street Janitors

Underwater base of a gang or something like that.

Bring back Donald Love or Toni Ciprianni.

New item:Telescope.

New Protagonist name:Robbert AradamTrebbor300

Similar to one of my previous suggestions, but how about 'bonus missions' after finishing the game, the player can fly from Escobar Int'l to Francis Int'l to complete objectives, buy property in a slightly updated (not redesigned) Liberty City with new radio tracks and TV, greater accessibility and abilities to establish themselves there Fdanthegtafan

They must do gta game called niko's origins about the [ Yugoslav Wars]. It will be very cool if they make it.

I think GTA V should bring back the bussiness aspect from GTA VCS, It was fun having the Bussiness and maybe better clothes Alz-da-dog

have it set in san andreas because we have it set in liberty city 3 times, vice city twice but san andreas once.(i am talkind only about gta 3 and 4 eras) Sharpie14

me and my friends would love to see an army base although they have nothing to do with the wanted level. Intergrate some missins to do with the army.And when u enter the army base is when they come after you. Add some military grade vehicles like a annihalater with door mounted miniguns(black hawk), a Hunter attack helo (Apache ah-64),a rhino tank (rename it and make it like the one in GTASA), A hydra(harrier)with bombs and guided missiles. make sure the hydra missiles are easy to lock on to the vehicle you want and make the hunter helo 2 seater(pilot adn gunner) and the tank 2 seater( driver and roof mounted MG gunner). And can you please add thre military boat from GTASA. i have no idea what its called butu it had a big MG on the back of it but you could not use it. that was such a dissapointement.Gtapro69 00:40, April 11, 2010 (UTC)Gtapro69

you should be able to buy a bunch of guard dogs like pittbulls and rotwiler

you should also take that one guys idea on making the main protagunist a big 6' 7 samoan man Cbs12345

Incorporate Carcer City into a gta game. Perhaps make it a mob story involving the Carcer crime family and have them do dealings with the other cosa nostra families. It would be cool to have a game where you could travel between LC, VC, CC, and a few other places as well. Maybe do a version of like atlantic city and new england as well. MikeMak

It should be a feature where you can actually buy you girlfriend a gift and have a good relationship with then and also be able to enter their homes at a certain point of their relationship

The new game should be about a 19 year old mexican who is arrested in Vice City for dealing drugs. He escapes from prison and evades police while traveling to San Andreas. On arrival he chooses to join the Varrios Los Aztecas. The rest of the story is about how Cesar V. betrays the gang and how you kill him and bring the Aztecas to the top. also all the San andreas elements should be in the game and GTA IV graphics! BRING BACK PLANES!!!!!!!!!

Bring back: countryside, planes (including ones based on the boeing 747s and military), more helicopters, the GTA: SA ability to reply to comments pedestrians say to the player, the paramedic and fire missions; but with a more realistic feel (for eg: if something comes across the emergency radio during gameplay, you go to that stated location and it's actually happening...and any emergency happening you're not the only unit there), police help you in vigilante missions not chase you, ALL uniforms available in the game (police, fireman, paramedic, rubbishman, army, SWAT, etc etc), the ability to pick up passesngers in busses, tractors (with actual farm equipment available and usable), police with batons, the graphics in GTA IV when you push someone when walking into them, buyable houses and apartments (some with garages and some with external parking spaces.

New stuff: CHILDREN! (i mean what's the point in having school busses with no schools OR EVEN CHILDREN), animals (including pets, wild, and farm), more vehicles (i'd like to see the sultan and the sentinel XS with disntinctive sound and handling, cavalcade fxt back at least, more realistic road works (ones with traffic lights or stop/go (lollipop) signs that traffic actually respond to, actual diggers and rollers and other heavy equipment), ANYTHING can be used as a weapon (more like a "dead rising" gameplay feel), army should have a "mercenaries" gameplay feel (armed with whatever weapon necessary, from M8 assault rifles to RPGs) and chase you at 5 stars with armed and armoured Humvees (tanks and APCs should merely be a blockade or one-area fight thing and their turrets used, not a pursuit vehicle), SWAT shouldn't chase you in trucks/vans but in police cars and should be armed with M4 assault rifles (like in real life...the vans should merely be for blockades or one-area fights) and should chase you at 4 stars, FBI should NOT chase the player but become units that investigate major crimes (such as at the end of a gunfight or a certain amount of people the player has killed in one area), at 3 stars helicopters should just be a search thing and not fire upon you), POLICE CHASE PEDESTRIANS (gangs, thieves, car jackers, etc etc, and have actual pursuits and gunfights every now and then), mod garages with the ability to combine stuff of other cars in the game (eg: engine (with it's proper sound and performance), all handling aspects, headlights, colour schemes, etc etc and the ability to turn any car into an emergency vehicle (particularly a police vehicle) or mod emergency vehicles), applyable jobs to get paid even after 100% completion, the ability to buy and sell vehicles (at dealers specified by their manufacturer AND on the side of the road), drivable trains with more realistic derail and railway crossing graphics (including bell sounds and train horns) and the ability to pick up/drop off passengers, active petrol gauges and petrol stations (the speed the petrol is used and the cost of the petrol will be determined by the engine and size of the car), cars come in automatic and manual transmission which can be changed manually if the player desires (should be a setting in "options" menu to activate manual transmission in certain cars), vehicle indicators, convertibles come with the ability to raise and lower the roof), windows should be able to be opened manually and lights turned on manually (headlights and tailights, unlike in GTA IV where only headlights could be turned on to full beam), instead of having one set year maybe GTA V could traverse through a number of years and actual time (hours, minutes, seconds), countryside police should have "Sheriff" labelling not "Police", you don't just meet girlfriends online but also in clubs and maybe even on the street, damagable buildings, and more interactable buildings, the ability to fly between Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas state and the NEW state in GTA 5.

New vehicles: i'd like to see vehicles soley based on the 2003 Ford F150 Lariet, 67 Shelby GT500, present Ford Mustang, Bughatti Veyron, 2003-present Ford Crown Victoria in police and civillian forms, present Chevrolet Impala in police and civillian forms, early 90s Ford Bronco in Sheriff and civillian forms, early 2000s Dodge Ram.SWATforce1

I think we should make it like the sims, it won't be shitey, there will still be violence, you just you haf to care for your character.

Being able to buy and build your own house would be awsome, but you would haf to buy bricks, cerment, doors, windows,etc.So it would be hard work, it would be better if you just can customize a house that hase alreay been bulit.

Here's a minor change, it would be cool if you could customize your own moterbike helmet. It's not that great, i made it up on the spot.

have a collaboration with EA so that they can put real life cars like the corvette z06 in the game, and have CJ, Tommy Vercetti, and Niko Bellic as your allies who will travel with you on missions and when not on a mission Tupz

GTA 3 Era wasn't realistic that's why they removed the plane and the tank although i liked them but they aren't realistic so bye bye... or maybe because the city is too small but the parachutes are back so my only wish is: DON'T REMOVE THE PARACHUTES

Have the ability to fly from place to place. Example, GTA IV era Liberty City to a heavily revamped and updated Vice City. GO LEAFS GO

Add in new vehicles, from the 90's till now. Examples: Buick Roadmaster station wagon, Chevrolet Uplander, Camrys, whatever cars people drive today.

Make the game longer and add more missions.

Bring back Niko as the main character, and add Roman, Luis Lopez, Tommy Vercetti, Gay Tony, Toni Cipriani and others as secondary characters.

Add in some different versions of current cars; A convertible Uranus, a four door Sentenial, a shortened Landstalker, a extended Cavalcade, a two door Huntley Sport, a Presidente coupe and station wagon etc.

Add in the exculsive vehicles from the Ballad of Gay Tony into the game. Same with the weapons obtained through out the game

More stores that you can buy stuff from, like a electronic store, supermarkets, car dealerships, hardware stores, furniture stores etc.

Add turn signals to vehicles, make some of the rarer ones show up more often like the Willard, Stretch E, Ignot etc.

Make the Police Stinger, Police Bike and Police Buffalo obtainable in single player, and also make the Stinger and Bike into civilan vehicles, like what they did with the Buffalo in TBOGT.

Able to buy lavish properties, like a mansion in Alderney, a penthouse in Middle Park, a house in Beachgate, etc.

Rename the areas in Vice City if it is added in the the game.

More dynamic movement, like lying down, sitting on stuff, you learn better fight moves as you go, run and slide over car hood, mor free running moves, would make a lot more fun Jackf

make a bunch of gangs like on san andreas

you should be able to join and leave any gang and yur old gang should always have a hit ordered on u

make a bunch, i mean a crap load of shoes and clothes

be able to buy any house Cbs12345

Add the video editor to the console versions. Machinima FTW! Jacobmasta

I would like that they did the game progress through the country(ficticious USA) with all the 3 cities (I don't understand why San Andreas was turned into an state but they could keep it like that) and that you could go from one to another by land,air,and sea(no more endless sea in all sides of the city).Brazil Rules

That guy that suggested the civil war with an IRA like organization is tippin'.Man GTA is an criminal game not an GI Joe game,go make your own game if you like but keep our loved one(XD) as it is.Brazil Rules

OK, here are some of the things I want for the new game. List list is long, so bring reading glasses. Ok, for vehicles. One, I would like a model [up to date] of every vehicle from the previous games to be in the game. These would include military types, like the M1 Abrams [Rhino], Stryker APC, UH-60 Black Hawk, Barracks OL, and those types. New military vehicles would include the AH1-Cobra or HueyCobra, The new Black Hawk helicopter, Chinook, UAVs, etc.

Weapons: This is what I would like to see in the new game for weapons M4A1, M16 A4, Magnum Research Mark XIX Desert Eagle with optional caliber [.357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .50AE], the Glock 17, 22 and 25; the AMT Hardballer with purchasable suppressor and longslide mod; the Beretta M9, Heckler & Kock USP, HK G36, CZ Vz 8 Skorpion, GE M-11-9 Vulcan Minigun, Kalashnikov AK-47, Dragunov SVD, Walther WA2000, Barret M82, M21, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon[SAW], M240 B[Bravo], The Chainsaw in long and short blade variants, the FGM-148 Javelin Antitank Missile Launcher, FIM-192 Stinger Rocket Launcher, RPG-7 Anti Armor Rocket Launcher, SA-7 Grail Missile Launcher, GEC M134 Minigun, TOW Missile Launcher, Machete, Katana, Meat Cleaver, Scalpel, K-Bar, Beretta PX4, Sig Sauer P228, P229, Ruger MP9, Steyr TMP, IMI Micro Uzi, IMI Uzi SMG, IMI Uzi Rifle, Taurus Bull .480, Magnum Research BFR[Biggest, Finest Revolver], M203 underside mounted grenade launcher, M18A1 Claymore Mine, Dao 12 Streetsweeper, AA-12, PSG-1, Walther PPK, Colt Python, Colt M1911A1, Walther P22, DPMS Panther Artic, Bushmaster M4 Carbine, Beretta M92, Heckler & Koch MP5, MP5-k, MP7 A1 PDW, G3, FN P90, FN 2000, Franchi SPAS-12, Benelli M4 Pistol Grip, CAR-15, SW MP10, and more. I would also like the ability to rip weapons from the environment, like in Condemned.

Enhanced fighting abilities, with combo abilities, disarming, the ability to turn an enimie's weapon towards them in their hands, dismemberment is a realistic must, also, visible wounds in the correct places where the person is hit, the ability to throw whatever is in your hand, including your gun; bring back the fitness system from GTA San Andreas, where at full muscle capacity, you could, through application of context sensitive buttons, flip cars of a certain size, lift barrels, motorcycles, and heavy objects into the air. I would like the full character customization to be brought back, as well as the wide array of clothing to obtain or buy. As a personal plus, I would have military uniforms obtainable as well as police uniforms. I would like the ability, while in combat and at a certain musle range, to be able to lift NPCs into the air, yank them towards you, grab their leg and pull them down, etc. Also, stealth kills and attacks would return; you could cut throats, strangle, knock out, snap necks, take hostages and human shields, purchase suppressors for some weapons, etc. Wearing gloves and masks could help prevent wanted levels. Also, the baseball bat and some other large melee weapons could be used to asphyxiate others if wrestled to the ground or if caught from behind. Also, weapons for that purpose would be in the game; like fiber wire, rope, wires, shirts, and your arms and hands. The ability to pick up and throw your used magazines at NPCs would be available. You could also pick up shell casings to help throw the police off your trail. Police vehicles could also serve this purpose if coupled with a police uniform. The ability to hang off of fire escapes and beams and kick people would be cool, as would grabbing people and shoving them into objects, or smashing their faces into something hard. The ability to impale others or get objects like knives or swords stuck in people, and also retrieve them. Weapons set on fire could cook off the first round and explode.

Animals would be present and able to be interacted with, as would kids. [Killing or harming a child results in instantaneous unevadeable 4-6 star wanted level, as a discuraging penalty. Harm 4, Kill 6] This could only be avoided with cheats. Also, children and animals would spawn in certain places and certain times. You may gain a 1 star wanted level for animal cruelty if you engage in such activity. Animals include dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, birds, turtles, marine animals of various types, skunks, farm creatures, and numerous pets available for purchase. Wild animals, such as some snakes, or wolves may do harm to the player. There would be both nonvenomous and venomous snakes, with the proper effect in their bites. Some animals can protect the player from the home invaders I would put into the game, such as Dobermens, German Shepherds, or Labs. Hospitals can be used to treat animal bites, and if reached in time, antivenin for snakebite can be administered. If some severe animal bites are left untreated, they may become infectious, and degrade the player's health. Children, though not to be considered a threat, can attack the player with knives or even a BB pistol or rifle that they may have. They can also pick up firearms, as can other NPCs. Teenagers will be more likely to actually shoot you instead of cowering or simply threatening to do so. Other adult NPCs are also prone to shoot instead of drop the gun and flee or cower. Attacking an younger child will prompt nearby NPCs to attack the player in defense of the child. The only ones who will attack them are some teenagers or the occasional child preadator. Gang members very rarely will attack them, but non-lethally, and will attack the player for harming children. Children can be picked up but may kick the player. You will also have to get a bar to a certain point on a meter to overcome the character's emotions and conscience to harm a child in your hands or one that is cornered or defenseless and crying.Children and other NPCs will be able to be abducted by overpowering and forcing them into the back or trunk of a vehicle, from which they may escape if given opprotunity to do so. Abducting a child without a good disguise and use of some stelth will result in a 3 star wanted level. Certain attacks cannot be used on children, mostly violent ones like chainsaws, blunt or sharp objects or fire, and other gruesome and horrible ways of killing are unavailable. The meter will have to be beat to harm a child with a wepon as well. The only ways they can be killed is via firearm, explosive, being hit by a vehicle or aircraft. They may not be brutally killed. Animals may be attacked with certain weapons varying with the animal in question.

Military personnel will be present, but not used to pursue the player. However, trespassing on military base property, stealing military equipment, harming military personnel or other NPCs in view of soldiers will prompt an attack, but not a full scale military assault, just some jeeps with soldiers in them. There will be US Army, US Marines, and US Air Force. Wearing their uniforms may allow sneaking onto their base without hassle, for a certain amount of time or until the player exposes themselves, either by causing damage, being seen in off limits areas, holding the wrong weapon in hand [any weapon with the Air Force, except the Beretta M9 at the shooting range, as the US Air Force does not usually issue anything but a pistol to pilots.], and being found not to be an actual servicemember. You can purchase or steal military uniforms from stores, or order them off the game's internet. You will have to order nametapes, branchtapes and rank and unit insignias, etc from the Internet or get certain insignia from stores. Being caught impersonating a police officer or serviceman results in a 1 star wanted level. It is easier to be caught impersonating a soldier due to base familiarity, as opposed to unfamiliarity between police departments. Not all Military ranks can be purchased, only NCOs. For the Army, Sergeant First Class and below will be available. Posing as a Private reduces chances of being found out. For Marines, the ranks of Gunnery Sergeant and below are available. For the Air Force, the ranks of Techincal Sergeant and below will be available. This is because in reality, higher ranking NCOs are recognized and known within their bases and installations, and it therefore harder to impersonate them, as with officers. Also, there will be male and female police and soldiers, as well as multiple races.

The interaction with NPCs will be vastly expanded; in addition to interactions described above, there would be the following abilities: You may befriend an NPC for a period of time. You can pickpocket, though you may be caught. You can also ob at gunpoint or with another weapon. There would also be the ability to intimidate others with some weapons, like knives, bats, chainsaws, and some guns. Children are intimidated by most weapons, but cannot actually be harmed with the greater number of them. There is the ability to kidnap and take hostages, and use an NPC [children excluded except in some cases] as a human shield. You can also be aided by NPCs if you are being attacked, either from them simply trying to help, or through use of the context sensitive 'call for help' button feature I would add. As in GTA IV, attacking females as well as children will promt a male who is not passive to defend them; females will also help children or their friends, but may give up and leave. NPCs may be disfigured, mutilated and dismembered, but in a raelistic way. For example, if you shoot someone in the head with a large caliber firearm, the whole head my pop, but it may only take away the side or area hit, or with a small caliber shot to the face, the back of the skull may be blown away. You can selectively target limbs with chainsaws, and for the part to come off, you have to cut all the way through. You can also take off hands, fingers, and just part of limbs, depending where and how the saw his. For example, if you swing the saw at an NPC and they lift an arm in fear or defense, the saw may cut a piece off of their arm, cut it so it is hanging off, or cut off their fingers or hands. People who run past can have their leges severed by suddenly holding the saw low to the ground and verticle, so when they run into it, their legs or feet may be cut off or damaged. This cannot be used on children.

Anyway, this is getting long, so I'll conclude. I may turn this into a personal wishlist on my userpage and expand it and allow for commenting. I know most of this stuff seems redundant and useless, but I've been waiting for a super realistic GTA game, a thirst that GTA San Andreas and GTA IV have recently begun to quench. Anyway, BYE BYE, from BioShockGuy52! {{SUBST:User:BioShockGuy52/Signature}}

Can it be in another country were many gangsters are formed like here in the Philippines or in Japan or China, two maps are formed like in China,the first map then japan and the gangs are Yakuzas and Triads,you need to pick a gang 2 different stories, and needs more guns,cars and devices like telephone in the house and can go through different stores like 24/7 store that has a modern look. And needed more storyline to have many missions can access through hospitals,police stations,cinemas,malls,convince stores,etc.Jasron

San andreas. SImply san andreas. Have most of the features in san andreas and every feature in GTA 4 and create the next great GTA : San Andreas.

Put planes back. Add kids. Add dogs and cats. Make buildings destructable and people fixes them. Buildings sometimes catches fire and firetrucks and police cars would be there and the street would be closed. Everything you can hear from emergency vehicles radio really happens in game. Sometimes there would be riots and police APC's and police cars would also be there. Popcorn 200

More enterable buildings. Popcorn 200

I'm really liking all the glamour in Ballad of Gay Tony. It'd be cool if GTA 5 was in Los Santos, like if it portrayed Hollywood (or Vinewood, whatever) and the mafia's involvement. A Frank Sinatra/Marilyn Monroe style feel would be really unique and interesting. Then again exotic cars, high tech guns and tight ass music is what makes GTA awesome :D For everyone speaking for Vice City, it'd be cool there too, especially if you could cross over to the Caribbean like Godfather II, going back to the old school mafia. They spent a lot of time developing the five families, it'd be cool to see more. Sadly though, it's not like Rockstar would take ideas straight from this wish list Kyleneu

Totally bring back car customization. Allow people to walk in any building or store and rob it. Online free mode, you should start out in your own house and go back there when ever you want to save cars. Bring in the C-130 aircraft for people to put cars in and fly around to different places. Full character customization. New car models that look like the real thing. Clan creation or Mafia. Put more cars in online instead of taking some out like in gta 4 the limo swat truck hummer and all the cars that make it fun. Make an arresting acction that people can use if playing cops and robbers of LIFE with clans. Put in more police vehicles like suburbans, broncos, heli's and more siren functions. Allow Online Multiplayer Customization to be any person, ped, officer, pretty much and civilian selecting and clothing selecting. Have a boat like a farry that u can put cars on and drive. Make it to where u dont slide when not sitting down on a boat. Allow people to stand on top or on the wing of aircrafts and do stunts off. Deffinetly bring back the flying car cheat. There is prolly alot more wrong that need to be changed but this is all.

Oh and online character interactions like kissing, high fives, sayings, hugs, middle fingers, peace, wave etc. I HOPE THEY MAKE GTA 5 ALOT BETTER THAN ALL OF THEM OR IMA STOP PLAYING THESE AWESOME BUT SHITTY ONLINE ROCKSTAR GAMES!!!!! PLEASE ROCKSTAR DO SOMTHING!

How about some new type of mission like the following: destroying a farm; kidnapping a bride from a wedding; stealing some artifacts in the museum; stopping some suidice bombers; making the whole liberty city panic; stealing some nuclear weapons from a laboratoryTrebbor300

Bring back planes and make it take place in the whole Southeast Asia and be able to travel from country to country. Jmp617

Add more vehicles based on Honda and Audi Jmp617

Add seasons, for example: on the start of the game it is spring and so on. Jmp617

Add a Filipino gang. Jmp617

Add a new radio station that always talks about news but not repeatedly(different news always) Jmp617

Add different real-world airlines like KLM and Philippine Airlines Jmp617

Add different kinds of planes like the cargo plane and B777 Jmp617

One word: skateboard.Tk90

A vehicle that looks like the Ford Expedition and call it "Adventurer" and a Ford F-150 and call it "Diesel" TopThreat

Add a vehicle heavily based on the 2008 Honda CR-V top of the line model and name it CRAVE 3.0 . Jmp617

Add a vehicle heavily based on the 2008 Chevrolet Suburban Jmp617

Include planes and helicopters from GTA:SA, Tanks - An APC (Striker) a battletank (M1A1)

A visible gang and the ability to recruit them

A metal radio station.

Storyline not orientated on revenge, but more on the desire to control the city

A Possible story is that the protaganist is an undercover cop with a plot similar to The Departed where has to infiltrate a gang but then become to deep with the gang he questions weither he is a cop or a bad guy and about a quater way through the game he decides weither to remain a cop or become a criminal..

Able to switch between first and thrird person.

Include previous characters and a return of the Leone family under Joey.

More Republican Space Rangers.

Destructible enviroment.

Human Shields.

Take trains hostage.

More weapons such as; IED's, Stinger missle, G36k, UMP .45, USP .45, M3 Benelli, SA-80, M14 Sniper, M82A1 M4 + M203, Dual weapons.

Weapons skill system return.

New cities or returning cities/states: San Andreas, Chichago, London, Manchester, Berlin, Níce, Bilbao, Dubai, Moscow, St Pettersburg, Tokyo and Texas.

New vehicles: Mobility scooters,Wally's GP, JCB Digger, AH-64, Boeing 727, Presidential Limo and a hovercraft.

Pedestrians with more awareness, such noticing a produced weapon, point out to police if you're hiding, tackling you for your gun if you open fire and plain clothed police on the streets EDFNoob

I think for GTA V, or another DLC pack for GTA IV, they should redo GTA San Andreas, same consept, same place, same people, but the new engine, GTA IV graphics and a MP mode. RawrSexy

I wish to combine the Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City maps into one and make it one big map. Patssox38

I think gta 5 should re-introduce full character customization. and should have option to listen to music saved on your system as a radio station.

visible building damage like in battlefield bad company and the ability to wear seatbelts so if we crash hard enough we don't go through the windshield. Car dealerships for every car. (I can barely eve find any infurnos.) more exotic cars. Ability to buy houses again. Mansions are awesome. Throwing up if u eat to much. Abilty to stick up people/places. No more fake buildings. They should all be accesible. Ability to break into houses and rob them. We should definately be able to get into the airplanes at the airport and fly them. Alot of airports. Being able to buy and airport. The ability to drive the huge boats. Bring back some gangs. We should also be able to recruit different people and make a gang. GrandTheftAnthony

oh and a place to store our money either a bank or in our safehouse or something. And bigger garages that can fit more than two cars. The bigger the house the bigger garage. And being back actual garages not that resident parking spot. Maybe we could buy whole parking lots or whole parking garages GrandTheftAnthony

Bring back the fun game, like San Andreas, but keep the good graphics and physics engine. SLIDER85

I would really like to see a nice prison break. More high scale than Vice City's prison break, where it was really just grab Cam Jones and go. More planned and complex, like GTA IV's Three Leaf Clover. GTA all day

since gta records how many days have passed, why not put the 4 seasons, and the months. When its holloween have people run around in costumes, or xmas where people have on santa and elf costues. Another idea is super hero codes. Stick to walls like spiderman, or fly like superman, run fast like the flash. Make the characters look good like on saints row especially the girls. Twampdog

To make the game seem more realistic, you should have to feel your car with gas.

Adding new and old vehicles would be great. All buildings able to be entered, putting clubs and other places and activities like the two dlc's for gta 4, Making laws realistic (BUT ABLE TO TURN OFF FOR SOME) would all be amazing. Methias93

i know this might take long to make but i was thinking to be able to travel to all the cities.What i mean is to go from Vice City to Liberty city for example Dayvo234

One thing that would be great in GTA 5 would be interactive airports (that you can go into) and huge airplanes. Another thing would be that at the start of the game you customize your character with things such as gender, race, height, weight, hair, etc. Another thing would be having cruise ships that are massive and that you can go into and out of while on the water. GTA 5 also needs to have many more types of clothes and hats. Much larger maps (I even like the idea of a whole entire GTA world) and more weapons. GTA 5 should also get rights to car names so that they can put real cars into the game. I would also like the ability of learning skills with melee (MMA, boxing, grappling, etc.), also training in firearms would be good (low accuracy and speed with an untrained character). I would also like that when buildings are exploded you can actually see the damage and knock them down. i would also like to see damage when you are shot, blown up, or beat up (bullet holes, bruising, burns). The last thing I would like from GTA 5 would be having different types of people in the game such as children, teens, adults, and elderly people. John1717

i think it should be all the protagonist from gta 3 , gta lcs tony , gta vc tommy, gta vcs vic, gta 4 niko bellic, luis lopez and johnny

also that it needs a lot of missions lets say like 500 so we wouldnt finish it in like 1 week and they have to be hard and no cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!

it should be like in the year 2010 and should be in either vice city or san andreas or a new one.

there should be like sports you could play like soccer baseball and foot ball boxing wrestling street fights racing

since im salvadorian we should have like ms 13 carl0s312823

$3N!GM4$ More nightclubs and dancing mini games like in GTA: San Andreas and GTA: The Ballad Of Gay Tony

I think GTA V should have mod garages, that whole haircut thing so you can change your style in the game to match your outfits, and instead of unlocking gold plated heli's, you could unlock gold plated guns and gold spray paint so you can turn any vehicle golden, and I would like it if you could put all GTA cities together on the largest GTA map ever, and for once since SanAndreas include a African-American protagonist who just escaped from the state pen. Now back to the haircut thing if you could change the detail in the haircuts and if it could include mohawks, the sylish kind not like Mr. T, and if in the game you can purchase earings and watches and chains, and if you could put new chlothing features in the game and if the game could be twice as long as SanAndreas, I'm not asking for much so please choose my idea, and for the sake of arguing if you don't choose my idea I'll be fine but I would just like to experience the greatest GTA ever! and also if you could change the series and the name, it would entitled GTA: Blood & Sorrow. Thank you and please take it under consideration.

gta ivs cops, hitmans ineractive hud, more guns, free runing , shooting ranges ,side misions,player usable spike strips,planes,car mods like you can press a botton and use land mines , calthrops,oil slick ,smoke sreeans,ect,ect oh and parking lots with usable gates and tire shreding spike strips in the ground and the cops use spike strips too oh and more realitic lights on cop cars and ambulances and when you die an ambulance pulls up and loads you in via strecher and takes you to the hospital and if you are on an island a air ambulance lands and takes you or if you are heart bad enough than the cops block off the rode and a choper lands and takes you.

In GTA V I want to be kids! And the ability of having children... And getting married if a girlfriend likes you 100% DanyTudor DanyTudor

I think the army need to be brought back from gta sa with bigger guns such as the Barret M82 sniper rifle and some F16 fighter planes would be nice. Ss Commando Joe

When you are in a fight with a pedestrian, instead of them running away from you when you have a gun they can pull up a gun of their own and shoot each other to death!!!!$3N!GM4$

Put in a new weather system where if you have an available internet connection to your system you are playing on it will connect to a local weather source and whatever the weather is like outside then the game will have that type of weather, Eg It is sunny outside so it will be sunny in the game. Also the game should have seasons depending on the time of the year. And if you dont have an internet connection it will play random weather like it did on older GTA games Beattiebullet94

you should make it for psp and ps2 .Angel2829

it should be for psp and ps2 Angel2829

i liked how R* made TBOGT insane like SA but with the realism of IV, but the buildings being indestructable let me down. They've got to make it more realistic by letting you destroy buildings with an RPG Westy01

My suggestion is simple; more places to stash cars trucks and motorcycles. ImperialScorpion

I would like to see more places to stash cars and other vehicles. Another good idea I have seen numerous times is character customize, that and hideout customization. More missions and more in depth story lines. ImperialScorpion

A more interactive inernet, including things like watching video clips, ordering products (just like, having online profiles (MyRoomOnline and Friends Without Faces comes to mind), and basically anything else that'll make it better. Cheatachu72 00:28, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

being able to buy from the 24/7 stores(found in san andreas)Dayvo234

a me piacerebbe se si potessero guidare i treni,aerei,se liberty(gta IV),san andreas,con molte modifiche a las venturas e vice city si unissero in un unico statoJohn Raciti 08:51, April 17, 2010 (UTC)johnracit

se tutte le auto di gta 4,SA e vice city ci fossero ~ ~ ~

CRUISE CONTROL!!! So i can drive lamely like the generic pedsXD.Jeremyedwards

Drag races at traffic lights. How many times have you seen a car at red traffic lights and want to drag it. I wish they added some type of element where if you go next to a car and start to rev your car then you'll have the chance to drag it for a quarter mile run.(certain types only - supercars, sports cars, muslce cars, or bikes).

Use crippling, If you fall from a higher up point you should walk very slowly dragging your leg with you. Also if you get shot in the hand you'll grab onto your hand and if your in combat you can try and shoot with your other hand. If you get shot in the arm their will be very similar effects. Getting shot in the head is an instant death, getting shot in the torso will cause you to hold your stomach and walk slowly. Getting shot in the leg will make you fall to the floor and you will go onto a last stand type of animation like Cod6. If you get shot in the neck you'll die after 5 seconds of it happening. Agonul

More missions like over 2012 missions.Also,If you are under attack,You can phone an freind so he can come to help you.Have the ability to rob a bank and take hostages.And the character has to have an dark past and the player is allowed to make them like hair and eye coulour Grandtheftfanon 16:39, April 17, 2010 (UTC)Grandtheftfanon

All of the characters from the GTA 3 Era are either dead or old so don't bring that back but have some better military weapons that have been leaked to the gangs of, say, remade San Andreas, for example: F2000, Silenced ACR, Thumper grenade launcher, Silenced FAMAS...etc

It would also be nice to have more realism like going to friends' houses as you wish and seeing if there's anything new to do and maybe bring some life to some appliances like a computer in the player's room, some dumbbells, a working fridge..etc

Selecting what to buy from the restaurant would be nice, also getting a job would be cool.


SPEEDOMETER put a speedometer in

please put in a gatling gun a saiga 12 and a glock 18 and put it on a disk only for xbox360, pc, and ps3. Jp990

glock 18, saiga 12, and barret m107 and a 1957 chevorlet nomad PLZ DO THIS!!! jp990Jp990

They should put the Lamborghini Reventon on with the real name Lamborghini1627

Weather mode, seasons change winter, spring , fall. Lots more of people, kids, dogs. Be able to hug/kiss girlfriends like San andreas, be able to take girlfriend to home to live or spend the night your choice, customize apartment and houses, have to pay rent. Have more tv shows, be able to go to movies, watch a movies from your xbox,play sports, be able to hold umbrellas, sit, crawl, lay out on beach, more clothes, and shoes which you can choose color. Order anything from your labtop, like hookers/callgirls, food, drugs,and stuff for house or apartment. Be able to smoke/or snort drugs, sell drugs, rob drug dealers and sell for profit or keep. Deposit money in bank for atm card, use turn signals in car, get gas,go through drive tru for food. Buy real real estate and make money, more stores go into any building, Keep everything from all gta's plus these options and this GTA 5 will be the game for the ages. Make sure there are lots of things to do with money.

What'd I'd like to see in GTA 5 would that you could defend yourself ColonelConnor

** I've been reading a lot of these suggestions and some of them are pretty cool and some of them I personally don't like ,just my opinion, so maybe like some sort of options menu that you can turn certain things on/off such as speedometer or something like that.ColonelConnor

I think that gta 5 should have all the features from gta sa combined with all the new features in gta 4

Make a "Create-a-protagonist" so we can change hair etc. Gallifraen

This might be stupid but be able to listen to real radio. Dayvo234

Add lots of hidden easter eggs

you could buy mp3 players/ipods and listen to music while you are walking but you cant hear anything else whilst they are in Kakawiezal.colonclosingbracket

I think you should choose where you will live in the world,then start out as a school age teenager who gets pressured by drugs,gangs, etc. Every descision you make should have a different outcome like stopping trouble makers would shift your character toward a vigilante or police career while stealing or doing drugs would shift you towards being a gangster or murderer. As the years progress you should be able to buy a home, get married, have kids, and buy some kind of pet or guard dog. Then, the police would become realy corrupt and you would have the option of joining the polices criminal activities or try to stop them, via a wide array of guns and exposives. Dinner124

More stuff about ruling a criminal organization and MORE IRISH! ReaverMMA

I'd like to be able to get a job, paramedic/pilot/public cab driver/bus driver/ ice cream dealer/ truck driver/ mail delivery/ fast food worker/ restaurant worker/ factory worker/ fireman/ policeman! I would also like to be able to add autoparts to existing cars.We should also have some kind of blood/ sexual censor option to be turned off or on for more discretion. Patoooo1

I'd like to have real Jobs in gta 5, also get the choice to buy a house, i want a job with NOOSE too Alz-da-dog

First, I would like to say that GTA4 is undoubtably the best game I have ever played. However, there could be some adjustments that can pertain to the future GTA games. Ok, first I think the setting should be Vice City. With the abilities with technology now, I think that Vice City would be insane. In the City itself there should be more concentration on realism. Less cops. There shouldn't be random cops walking around. I think that anytime you do something wrong instantly the cops are there. There should be a certain time until the cops get to your location. Also, there should be more people in certain areas. Times square should have been crowded with people and tourists. I know the guys at Rockstar want room for the player, however, I think the users feel a little lonely in the biggest city in the world with a few people walking around. For those of you that said there should be kids.. there is a reason they are not. Rockstar doesn't want to have to deal with bad media about players killing kids in their games. I also think that the zoo idea was good. I think that there should be more places to go into.Also, I think the map should be customizable in the start menu so you can choose what points it shows. I think that any building that is enterable is worthy of a point on the map. then you can choose to show certain or all things, just like the google map for GTA4. Nightclubs would have been good in the original. I think there should be more types of cars, maybe more customization that is realistic.. If you paint your car pink then your wanted level should go up more easily. I think that there should be a little more player customization. Also, I think you should be able to engage more. For example, if you were in a club you should be able to sit down with friends, talk, get girls ect. The character should be able to be houses, in a realistic fashion, as in not buying 2342543253 houses with infinite money. Also, I think that there could be more for the player to do after the game is over, or this suggestion could even apply to the main story. Lets say, regardless of location, you start out as an italian wise guy trying to make it. After the game you make a ton of money so what now? Maybe you can start your own crew.. You should be able to buy businesses/ houses and then be able to set up hangouts. You should have more friends at the end of the game and then be able to recruit them. The friends would still be involved in whatever illegal activity they were involved in except they role with you now. When you buy property, like the laundromats in GTA 4, why not be able to set up a hangout in the back room? There you can set up rackets, like drug preparation room, illegal casinos, or just a hangouts. You can call your crew member to hangout at certain times, like previously, or just go to the hangout and they will be there. At the hangout you can collect what they have made, edit you illegal activities and plan to do things with them, like hangout at a club or steal a truckload of goods then selling the stuff, or set up how many guys they have on the street dealing drugs. Whatever business you conduct is subject to heat from the police, rival crews having problems, ect. I think this would be great for users to continue having fun after the game is over. Also, this will establish the character in a complete transformation from a nobody to the possible boss of a family. Now for the downloadable content. I thought GTA4 DLC was great. In future games maybe the DLC could unlock more of the world, so maybe in the next game a DLC would have another character, in relation to the protagonist, has to leave the area and maybe travels to liberty city somehow to conduct business or whatever. In multiplayer, free roam should contain more people, and you should be able to team up with people and have a base, so then you and your friends can attack other people with organization. Weapons were great in GTA4. I think they were realistic, however I wish there was a silenced pistol! I also do not like how everyone shot with 2 hands. I can understand people like Niko doing it because they have military background or cops, but other than that, shooting styles should vary depending on character. Well thats my take, hope Rockstar actually looks at these!Sigs

Bring back the old school cheats and new ones, infinite ammo, limb and headshot explosions, full scale riots, everyone hates you/ loves you, civilians carry weapons, cars fly, cars blow up on impact, more gore, god mode (jump higher, run faster, less damage taken), no cops, only cops, guns and explosives do 10x damage with larger explosions, people are lightwieght (so you can punch and kick people like 20 ft)Shogun11

In GTA5 you should be able to do all the little side missions and fun activities that you could in other GTA games, rob small banks and stores, own businesses and gangs, be a peramedic, rampage missions, gun store time trials, sell "ice cream", join derby races (monster truck events, bmx, demolition derbys)

It would be cool if you could pick up small obects like in GTA4 but use them as weapons while you hold them, use broken glass as a knife, pick up a crow bar and beat people, toss scrap metal like ninja stars, etc.

I Think we need to bring back a Restricted Area. With like, Military Vehicles and if you go over the area, you get shot at or shot down. I also think we need to bring back some mysterious things like in GTA: San Andreas, those bodybags. Also, Owning your own business would also be cool. Do any of you remember that VERY Inappropriate ROCK out there in San Andreas? We should have something like that. Richardphelps33

One more thing, I think we should have random plane crashes throughout the entire game, Just like GTA: San Andreas. Richardphelps33

You should also put in a feature that allows you to call the cops,paramedics, or fire just like in GTA: IV. You Would get VERY Stressed out if you can't call the police when there's a guy beating the living Sh** outta you. Richardphelps33

Being able to carry and hide dead bodies like stuffing them in dumpsters,trunks, in the mission have a heart.

You should also put in Strip Clubs, You Know, Just For Entertainment. Richardphelps33

You should also put in a feature where you can get married. Richardphelps33

You should also put in some funny but fake organizations like C.R.A.* from GTA 3 and C.* .* .* .F.L.A.P.S from LCS. Richardphelps33

Have some special cameos. Do you know how nuts people would go if they saw somebody like John Cena or Steve Austin in a GTA Game? Richardphelps33

TWO WORDS: CAR CRUSHER. Richardphelps33

Please i want Sand Andreas Back, more realistic of course

i want back the mistery that allways was surrounding san andreas, like the ovnis, yeti, leatter face, etc.

i want the bycicles, i love the bycicles

i want, overall, the option of wandering for the city with my friend, without internet

i want the house buying, i want a house near of the place i want to attrack

finally i want all that we got in gta ivUrsusfelis

Better hand-to-hand combat, realistic weapon reloads, better cover system, more use for money, airplanes, purchaseable property, assets, and less annoying friends/girlfriends. Petrenko

Streamline multiplayer with smaller maps. The MP environments in GTA IV are too big. SAVAGE1187

Ok First off cheats for gta 5: 1.infinite money,health,ammo; 2.activate riot mode; 3.recruit people by pulling out a gun(maximum 3 ppl); 4.god mode(strike ppl down and walk on water and strength ); 5.flying cars and cars underwater(including motorcycles); 4.activate modding effects(such as the computer mods put them on Xbox360 and Ps3)the batman mod,the spiderman mod,the superman mod and add any other mods too; able to go in at least 10 houses or builiding in a neighbor and be able to kill the ppl in there and take over there house; your own drug lord have ppl work for you in your hideout and be able to have gangwars; 7.going to prison and health should not just be a respawn you should be able to find your way out the precint or prison and you should have to go out the hospital by yourself; 8.go to and own clubs and have side missions in them and meet new friends and girlfriends ; 9.have identical websites to reallife FaceSpace GIM(GreatInstantMessaging)etc..and be able to talk to ppl on the sites like your friends and hookup with your girlfriend online and arrange dates; 10.cellphone must be better with it have the cellphone either be in the pause menu but it was good in the corner nevermind ; 11.import cars and foreign cars like a mini version of need for speed and have it nitro hydraulics and paint and rim custimization for bikes and all vehicles; 12.there should be a way way bigger single player map like the 3 games islands-liberty citys 4 islands,the islands of vice city,and the islands of san andreas should be there not on one big island but as a 3 seperate parts(like when your on san andreas you see the san andreas islands but when flying to a destination you see all the 3 game islands(vice city,gta4,and san andreas all these game islands plz plz be on thereRawkilla4ever

More Vehicles. Richardphelps33

I would love it if there is a Never Get Wanted cheat code. Richardphelps33

An IRISH character, planes, more safe houses, restart mission option, a mission that takes place on an airbus would be stellar/


pimp your car like in SA and its gonna be in SAN ANDREAS WITH LITTLE NEW BUILDINGS. THINK SAN ANDREAS IN HD Thegtalover

we should All the wepons from the past gtas and new ones like axe , rope (to choke people) , stun gun ,etc

Also you sould be able to buy new phones and cars Klj1111

I think there should be more details done with cars such as sound and definitely bring modding back. Planes should be brought back too. Housing and assets brought back. Keep the taxi riding available because they help a lot with missions. More bank heist missions like in GTA 4, that was a pretty fun mission. Keep Little Jacob in the next game. Put more role playing missions such a being a trashman in GTA 4. There should be a new GTA game called GTA: Expandable Edition: It would combine Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City. It would be expandable as in, there will be expansion packs released rather than one game itself. New missions will come with the expansion and possibly new cars or other objects. If none of these can be accomplished then release a new GTA San Andreas with GTA 4 graphics.Weaverthomas

neon underglow 'nuff said. Weaverthomas

I think it should have all the cars from the other game but upgraded to withstand more damage.I just hate playing sa and Not even knowing my car in about to blow up! DOMOFAIL 23:29, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

Forgot 1!!!also add like hidden weapons like a gravity gun,or a jackhammer and other powerfull stuff like that!!!! Later peepz! DOMOFAIL

I would enjoy cheats, a replay editor, and the ability to talk to people, as in Mass Effect. PlatitudeSam

character customisation !!!

car mods!

2 player


Fully drivable subway trains if placed in a city that has such transportation. Subway missions and taxi missions. XMountainMistx

Hopefully GTA V will take place in Europe and the city should be London.

Set in the late 60’s early 70’s. Rockstar should bring back buying safehouses.


I do really wish for a huge selection of customization shops in GTA 5. I also think it would be cool if the Safe Houses were customizable with the internal parts. A large spectrum of clothing shops. What would be really cool is car dealerships that when you walk in you can purchase differents cars from in the game that will be waiting for you at the nearest safe house (or something like that). I think that the in-game pick-up trucks should have towing capabilities as well as the semi trucks. The trucks/SUV's of the game can tow trailers such as car haulers, cargo trailers. Maybe even a interactive car hauling trailer that you can lock the car onto it so it does not roll off during transport. That would be awesome. Another thing I would love to see back in GTA is the Tow Truck. I don't know about anyone else but.. In GTA SA I loved the tow trucks. So much fun.. Possibly customizable weaponry or the ability to store weapons in the trunks or cars. Like an interactive trunk system where you can store transportable items. But GTA could also use a wider spectrum of pick-up trucks, motorcycles, maybe a 4-wheeler.. I really enjoyed the setting of GTA 4 based in Liberty City.. What would be an awesome thing to have in the game is that you start out in Liberty City (or whatever other city) and you can take flights from the airport to somewhere like San Fierro or Las Venturas.. But I think that at the beginning of the game we should be able to choose what the whether would be like throughout the story mode. I definetly would be happy to see snow come to GTA for once.. Even though it was part of a mission in GTA SA I just didn't enjoy how we really were'nt able to actually "play in the snow". I think it would be really cool to bring back the planes, helicopters, etc. That would be fun again.. And create towable trailers to carry boats throughout the places.. What I did enjoy in GTA SA was the Yosemite. the Dually axel, 2-door pickup truck in the game. I would be glad to see that come back to GTA because I loved that truck. And maybe have it come back as a 4-door.. Also maybe add different years of a car, truck, or SUV. So in the garage you could have an old school Sabre GT and then maybe a new re-done Sabre. I don't know. But I think that convience store hold-ups should be introduced into the game. Bring in realistic damage.. like maybe tires that can fall off if you get into a serious enough crash.. There are tons of ideas for a new GTA spoolin in my head at the moment. But those are just some things I would love to see in GTA 5.



Add occupations like drug dealer and policemen would be cool GTA FEIND

Add pets and drugs and stores more than just for guns but everything and banks to rob! and heat follows u even after u lose the cops like real life... especially after murder GTA FEIND

I want GTA 5 in new city,and all weapons from all GTA's.

In the multiplayer you can go in a gang. Every player can make his own gang by choosing the clothes, the weapons and the car of his gang. There can be 8-16 payers in one gang and the host of the game will choose a second gang to play against. There will be several games that you can play with your gang

Gang war : Every gang gets 50 lives the first when all the players in the gang died together 50 times the other gang won (battlefield heroes)

Missions : There are also missions in the multipayer they are from the same kind like the missions from the single player but you must do the together.

Races : You can race against other gangs in a relay race.

When you start making your own gang you have not much choise you can choose between a bike or 4 gang cars who are already in thegame and you can choose between a few guns and a mellee weapon but after every game you have played you get points. With these points you can pimp your carsore buy a helicopter, buy more and better weapons and change your clothes so you get a cool gang Robe47

Definitely, make the fire department more responsive, like putting out car/house fires like in GTA SA, and having firefighting missionsDoodskie10

Make the game set in the entire usa (where you can travel from state to state) alson lose the cell phone from gta 4 it is too annoying also set it in the 70'sHugh750

Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas LadiezMan

I think grand theft auto 5 should be in sanandreas again and you should be able to make ringtones from your hard drive on your game system and It should have cool new weapons and have monster trucks and jets and real army tanks and have your own big mansion to live in plus be able too watch tv lik in gta iv and also be able too drive all kind of different aurplanes and bicycles and be able to customize anything ur driving and have an endless car garage to save all the cars you put in it and the best of all be able too get the jetpack again and have all kind of new clothes too get ok im dont typing i know it was long but there good ideas.

I always wanted to say... what about executions? They were so badass, you should be able to do them to anybody using a certain button combination. Sigs


be able to enter police stations (vice city), have better attack and normal helicopters, bring back the monster truck, make it huge (san andreas), bring back the jet planes and those little propeller ones ,why not throw in a hovercraft or two (possibly assault), drive the heavy police vehicles, give rhino and more tanks and why not randomly put in jet skis or snowmobiles Gherkinmaster

and making environment completely and totally destructable (laughing as you plough through a carpark wall in a tank) Gherkinmaster

First off, I think that expanding the areas the player can travel to is important--fly between (at least) Vice City, San Andreas, and Liberty City. Then enhanced graphics--really enhanced. They should be amazing. Then simple stuff--more vehicles, weapons, and an expanded soundtrack; the ability to call whoever you want on a cellphone, whenever you want; the ability to enter (and burglarize) all buildings; more businesses available, etc. Apu Nahasapeemapetalon's Mother

$3N!GM4$ GTA V needs to be a FULLY CUSTOM game so you can make your own car,house,player,storyline,and weapons kind of like SvR 2010 but EVEN BETTER

More customization id like houses and garages and maybe tske flights to the other cities and make the protagonist scottish Bikonellic

it should be set in SA with packie as the main character but dont make anything returning from the gta 3 era make it a new thing like they did with IV but with only some returning characters from IV make it how his plane landed there (see credits from BOGT) and he now has to make his way to the top



Spam more? Your suggestion has been shortened because of spamming.Gerry Spring 12:15, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

How about a destructible environment? Take a rocket launcher to a police station, lol. MAINEiac4434 MAINEiac4434

I would definitely like to see the GTA IV rendition of Vice City, the new engine and graphics would make it so much more impressive. I'd also like to see Luis, about 5 years after the events of GTA IV, with his own chain of nightclubs in VC, not as a protagonist, maybe as a boss or something. Empire Management should come back too, that was one of the best features in any of the GTA games. SkyTheImmense 19:51, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

You should have radio stations turn to static when you go further into the city and have new ones that don't play the same music over and overCajunfood

Needs planes(hydra and rustler is a must),tanks, the katana, chainsaw, minigun, sawn off shot gun, flamethower, target seeking rpg

a no cops cheat, trafic laws(speeding, and able to turn off),

destructable structures(ability to destroy thing like buildings, yet it would be limited and when leaving the area it returns to normal.)

in Competetive multiplayer option to allow/disallow helicopters and tanks

In multiplayer new game modes such as ctf and search and destroy (MW2)

In multiplayer allow players to restrict area customly

Multiple terrains such as forest, city, moutains, snowy moutains, farmland (like in GTA SA)

Invinsobility mode in single player


A super jump area(like the airport in gta 4 but much much better)

Nitro, Nitro in all cars in free mode and with cheat in single player

Better flipping (in gta 4 its weird when mixing flips and spins)

Ability to do bunnyhops

The mod shop, with bikes

Ability to do do cheats from cell phone when getting shot at and in water

Time of day cheatMike77788

Its should be A GTA sa with a shit of graphics

Bring back working out at the gym and different fighting styles like on Gta San Andreas, and car customization

Police stations, hospitals and airport terminals should be accessible by the player Bobby london

The Rolls Royce 2003 Phantom should be a usable vehicle in-game Bobby london

Players should be able to buy cars legally Bobby london

Washington DC should be the setting for GTA V as it could provide lots of excuses for assassination missions Bobby london

Pensioners with zimmer frames as UPCs! Bobby london

Empire site back(the gang mission from vice city stories); haircut available; more creative weapons; basketball playable( :DDDDDD); More clothes availabe like earings rings gloves cool sunglasses; multiple cities together traveled by planes; Sweet manshion for safehouses; More enterable buildings; Awesome South Korean character that is the main character's(hopefully Niko :DD) friendJoseph207

ability to buy houses; buying furniture; more variety of cars; in manhattan you see poor people; add more people with different race; more helicopters; bigger tank; customize character; ability to enter many houses and buildings and stores; kids; school buses and schools; bigger boroughs; bigger safehouses; more friends; alot more side missions; army; cooler guns unlike the ones in tbogt; more resteraunts; have a family; ability to get a job at the end of the game; use stuff in your house like the sink or dishwasher; pay bills; go inside a bank and rob it; cooler cheats Michaeljack23 22:42, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

The new GTA should continue off from BOGT, running club business, cars, drugs etc. But should go overseas such as Europe, China.The things that would also be great like real INTENSE missions, such as drug smugglin in planes from country to country.

New cars- BMW's, Mercedez, Jaguar; Guns- P90, MP5, ACR, Advanced Shotgun's, Sticky Grenades, Silenced Handgun..." you should choose the option if you want a silencer on a weapon"

More Clothing options; -Better Cheats; -More property to Buy..; -Furniture to buy for your property; -Better STRIP CLUBSSS!!; -As the character choose to buy cigarettes,beer,swishers,candy bars from a gas station, and choose to buy drugs from someone off the corner. And choose to do the drugs>>>!; -Buy a ipod, and use the persons itunes libray an upload it to the game.; -And "IF" choose to have a family for an alternate ending, or at the end of the creditss; packie as protaginist; Keep the camera, but be able to SEE the pictures you took like you couldn't in GTA IV 01:20, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

You should be able to rob random civillians. Some will give thier money and run, some may try to play hero and fight you while others will just stand there with their hands up.

There should also be "creative weapons" that you can use. For example you should be able to grab a beer bottle and smash it over someones head and then stab them with it. Weapons in this category may include beer bottles, pipes, planks,etc. You should be able to throw these weapons at people or toss them when you don't want them.

It would be kind of nice if there were weapon mods like different scopes,ammo types(like armor piercing),and scilencers.

There should be legal and illegal weapon shops. In the legal version you are limited to buying hand guns, tasers and some other civilian weapons, and modifications. The illegal shops should be located in alleys, basements, the forest and other secluded locations. You should be able to buy sub machine guns, assult rifles,shot guns, and explosives like grenades.

You should be able to invite your friends and girlfriends over your save house to party instead of having to pick them up. You could do things like order food or watch tv.Theloadedgunstudios*

Theloadedgunstudios The Cheetah should make a return to the series as a combinatoin of a ferrari enzo and a lamborghini gallardo. There should be a convertible variant called the cheetah Spyder

Theloadedgunstudios There should be a video maker/ editor divice for the console versions of the game as well as the pc.

note: the loadedgunstudios previos entry starts off with the robbery part. The person above did not sign thier entry.

They should add a personal chauffeur/driver system, like a follower that can also act as a bodyguard. You could also have a luxury sedan type vehicle that you could modify i.e. bulletproof etc. And in corporate the fuel system, which is active DURING some missions however it is a full tank and when you hijack a vehicle that tank may be almost empty as the person has been using it etc. Sneezi

Be able to purchase cars (and keys!) and that when you exit the car (with the engine off) the car doesn't disappear it remains where the player parked it and again include a fuel system with it. Better garage system and a boathouse and helicopter pad to store them. and possibly an aircraft hanger that you can purchase at an airport to store the planes. More REALISTIC drivers of other vehicles, no random changing lanes when you are right behind, other cars don't randomly crash into your vehicle and include a speed-o-meter and speed limits, include speed cameras that may include a fine or police patrols measuring your speed and chase you if you are speeding. Police realistic as well, sick to death of police cars going crazy, in real life police officers don't drive cars like mad men, able to surrender to the police. Have a huge mansion with security gates that open when you come in, and close when you are in and vise versa for when you are inside, security that protect you when you are there, against rival gangs and possibly police, however they need salaries, buy furniture etc, live the high flyers lifestyle. Create your own gang, from a set list of names, gang colours, gang vehicles, gang clothing etc. Include a more in depth storyline and make more decisions on your gang or other key elements etc. Sneezi

evrything should be destroyable like shot a rocket at a building and it blows up

It takes place in 1999 San Andreas, you're a Mexican-American homeless 16 year old in East Los Santos, the first cutscene begins as you're sleeping and all of the sudden you hear gun shots, it's a gang war between the Varrios and the Vagos, a Vago gets shot you pick up his 9mm, and choose who you kill, a Vago or a Varrio, if you shoot a Varrio, a random Vago member will come up to you and say "Woah, you shoot good, how 'bout you roll with us?". If you shoot a Vago, the same thing will happen. After that a half-dead Vago/Varrio hits you in the head with a baseball bat. You wake up 4 years later, and the Vagos/Varrios have killed off your fellow gang members (Vagos/Varrios) if you're a Varrio, you meet with Cesar, if you're a Vago you meet with a random gang member named Jose, and you try to get your gang back up to the top. The protaganist should resemble the stereotypical cholo style (, seamed khaki pants, Nike Cortez, Chuck Taylors, wife beater, plaid button-up). You can also customize your character, ex: tattoos, haircut, clothing, muscle. Also you should be able to have girlfriends. The protoganist's name should be Carlos, with a unknown last name.Mynameiscool

You know how in Assians Creed you can on to edge to edge, put that into gta 5. /* Vision Aid Vision Aid

Have the subway system like one that has platforms which seperates the tracks at a underground station like The Tube system in London

i think they should make the main character a bodyguard for the man who owns l.c. cage fighters

In the next gta, they should add the original gta iv features to it, add some more weapons like the Chainsaw (Found only in specific areas, like hardware stores), Revolver (only in classic collector stores and missions) etc. add some live reload anims, where the actually take off the clip and put a new one on. Add wepon modifiying like scopes and silencers. and lastly, bring back the nice looking episodic cars like the bullet gt back.

I would like the protagonist to be half black and half mexican,and I want you to bring back character customizations such as haircuts(newer styles),gyms to work out, mod garages like wheel arch angels,and clothing store such as pro-laps, victim, binco, zip, sub-urban,and we all know perseus is a substitute for Ds

I'd also like the mod garage to mod bikes, police cars, ambulances;etc

the ability to mod airplanes, jets, and all other flying vehicles you can think of

Make a state instead of a city. Bring back the gang wars. Let the player choose which gang he'll join. Make a protagonist that is totally costumizeable. Let him have automatically hairgrow. More stores, let the player decide where to place a tattoo and how big. When you broke the rules let the player go to jail. Make it harder to steal cars and let police chase you when you broke rules like speed limit and go through red light. Let the player choose his own home location in the city. Make it able to buy cars. Make real jobs as submission. Jones12345

The protagonist has to be a large, muscled and respected gang boss who is in prison. You've got to escape from the prison that is on a little new island. With a few houses and stuff. You will get help from another gangmember. You two will be wanted and have to get away from the island. Take a private jet and go to liberty city (GTa IV). Much other gangs took over the city. You have to take it back. the protagonist should be able to costumize like in gta sa. Get tattoo's, haircuts, get muscles(more because the protagonist is pretty muscled and alreaddy has some tattoo's). He has to be able to wear a suit but also could wear jeans and hooded sweaters. He could get piercings and buy cars. New very detailed ficial hear. Jones12345

Bring back the Deluxo, Remington, and the Bloodring Bangers (could be based of any cars) with destruction derby side missions

Bring back the ability to customize cars, now with buying new engines that will change the sound of the car and change the performance

Bring back Low rider missions

Have street races with Hot import nights, that let the player be able to obtain European and Japanese cars, that cant be obtain't other places in the game

Have a GTA styled version of these cars: The 60s VW Beetle; 57 Plymouth Fury; 67 Shelby GT 500; The new Mustang; The Bentley GT and the 4 door version

should add a more realism side to the game on a much higher level, bring in almost anything that could be associated with the scene of GTA like gambling as a mini game and such, you should be able to have a car tuning where it is simalar to a NFS style theme as said in previous posts. A slightly "The Sims" idea but still a good one would be skill advancement, such as in SA where you build up in skills except more!! Like going to classes for martial arts training, gun training to allow greater accuracy. A greater play field would be great to the extent to even add the little things like car parking spaces, a busier city to create higher realism, these place in real life will be bustling with people and activitys, even smaller things such as people hanging out on the courts or a skateboarder down the street! Cars to is a biggy, more real cars like there are available in the real world! Biggest piece is definitly going to be creating a much bigger player environment, GTA 4 is a big place but that needs to be even bigger!!!!!!! TICEHURST

Creating your own character to! To the extent of the skin color, hair, eyes, build, voice, accents, origin! TICEHURST

I'd like to see more trucks.And be able to by safehouses and buy furniture for them.Mod Shops,Inferni spawn more often (but not too much :D),the caddy should spawn more at golfing places.Also you should be able to ride in limos (strech,stretch e,etc...).News Helis,Police helis spawn at police stations,being able to pull traliers with 18 wheelers(like in SA),VICE CITY!!!!!!,being able to spray grifiti on walls,planes,more enterable buildings,more night clubs(like maby Yusif Expanded Maisonette 9 to Vice City),keep the watching tv machanic.

It should have a new luxary cars called Sapphire,pearl,emerald,ruby,and diamond

Bring back taxi driver missons and the airplanes. MagmaRalph

Loosing health when you're involved on a big crash MagmaRalph

I think that a dead person in the street should cause more chaos...yea the ppl in the street may run away, but it would feel that much better to kill someone if you had police cars and police tape blocking of the scene and the ambulance puts them on the stretcher whether they are dead or not. And ppl start gathering around being nosy. In gta 4 the medics left the bodies if they werent alive, atleast cover them up. But it should be a crazy scene with all the lights and noise making it feel like a person dying is a big deal. Now obviously if you killed him in the alley there should be no disturbance of the peaceSoonerman10

I think support for internet radio stations on top of the new stations would be pretty cool... wouldnt imagine it bein hard to implement either. Im sure some of us get tired of the original stations aftr playin it for six months, if not sooner lol... but dnt get me wrong, the stations they do have are hilarious! XD Derekjeter16

GTA 5 should be San Andreas Stories MiloBellic

in thext gta,, i want every building destroyable like in battlefield bad company 2,,and the character must be customizable like CJ in san andreas...the last one is,,use the real live vehicle,,that would be nice. Kabutsalju

The ability to do stealth kills. I just want to silently kill a cop with one attack. Also, when you kill a pedestrian in an alleyway, no more people on the streets should be screaming. They can't possibly know that someone just got killed in there.

And most importantly: no automatic wanted level. When you kill a cop with a headshot and nobody else is around, how can the police know of what you did? Police officers need to report to the other officers first. It's so damn annoying. -- Master Sima Yi 11:15, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

GTA 5 should have multiple endings like the Bioshock series. ShotgunSpinalTap

like we would have extra missions (not side missions) but, story missions Billyshoe99 11:26, April 29, 2010 (UTC)Billyshoe99Billyshoe99 11:26, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

GTA 5 should have garages for modify boats or planes ...KienChi

More realistic matters like if the player walk or sprint into a muddy, dirty area ect.. there should be dirt stick on their clothes. KienChi

More "action" cutscene, like the protagonist or antagonist argueing and fighting during the cutscene, then player must chase or kill or ..scare them.( If necessary).KienChi

Make the protagonist a gangster like in SA! Also make it so that you can choose your gang or even make your own. And one more thing: MAKE MYTHS LIKE BIGFOOT,UFO,MOTHMAN ETC. Tomcia369

Better online experience e.g More activities, more game modes, better free roam etc

More Weapons, Up to date cars. I really like it when the Rolls Royce Phantom was in TBoGT.

Co-op Story mode, I don't really mind if it is single player story again or a new one for co-op.

More planes, more helicopters etc

Location? I think London would be a good place to set the new GTA, as all my friends thought that was a good idea.

GTA 5 to be related to GTA IV, continued Niko moves to London with Roman or Kate.

Like other games your GTA IV save data passes on to GTA V.

If you don't think London is a good place to set it try remake Vice City as you did with Liberty City.

More vehicles especialy planes, Buyable houses and bussines but not too many. Wider map bigger storyline better friends and girlfriends.Interactive TV. More guns. OmagaSpruz

Planes would surely be a good idea - JC2 has them, atleast those at the airport** More Techno music - and maybe add a foreign station, like they did in Liberty City Stories - only real songs like Seasons, Real Me, Step you, Inspire, Fly High (all of these are from Ayumi Hamasaki)* NightCloudXIV

in GTA 5 the protagonist should be a pimp MiloBellic

bring back Yusuf Amir !!!!! yeaaa baby !!!!

MORE HELICOPTERS. Preferably more ones armed. Seacopters like the Seasparrow wouldnt go amiss either.Fperson1

Sorry for starting another suggestion, but I just thought of this- Connections to other GTA III/IV protagonists. It is entirely possible that CJ, Tommy, Niko, etc could have flown/stayed in San Andreas or Vice City. Having missions given by CJ, Tommy Vercetti, or others like Wu Zi Mu, Ken Rosenburg, Mike Toreno, or Gay Tony. Fperson1

I think we should have a new gang called "The Organization": Color: Purple; Crimes: Bank robbery, fraud and assassination. They're also excellent pimps.; Appearance: Three versions. One wearing a purple ski jacket with gray jeans, one wearing a purple long-sleeved sweater with black stripes on the sleeves and gray jeans, another with purple and black tshirt and cargo jeans. Variants include skullies and long hair.; Enemies: Green Devils; Weapons: AK47, Molotovs, Chainsaw; Vehicles: Highly modified Pinnacle's and Solair's with purple gloss paint, huge rims and no badging.; Favorite radio stations: LCHC; Use drugs? No.

Also another gang, the Green Devils: Color: Green; Crimes: Drug and weapon dealing. The Organization's biggest rival in pimping.; Appearance: Lower-ranked members wear green tank tops and camo pants. High-ranking members wear expensive suits and shades.; Enemies: The Organization; Weapons: Desert eagles for the low-ranking members, SMG for higher ranks.; Vehicles: DF890 for the low-ranking members, Cognoscenti for higher ranks. Both green.; Favorite radio stations: K109; Use drugs? Yes. A lot. Haruhi Suzumiya 07:17, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

Vice City should be the setting, but a modern one, instead of an 80's Vice City, and possibly Tommy as a boss Boustany96

big ass planes that you can transport vehicles in. a wide range of aircraft. submarines. big maps like san andreas, with woodland city and desert. a place to store as many vehicles of any tiype as you want.those trucks that carry loads of cars. car modification, a place where you can buy vehicles, that respawn at your safehouse even wen they blow up. crazy shit like tanks, monster trucks and stuff like that.a proper race track with loads of racing vehicles at. Jakevaughan

Any of the "old cities" would be boring. Chikago would be a nice place for some criminal action: Great criminal history, interesting landscape, ... Lil Probe

Things to include in GTA 5 should be..... ability to visit all countries from previous GTA games (San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City (from GTA 3) and Liberty City (from GTA 4) all set in present day 2010; have speed cameras (a few on each island) and get money taken off you when going past you when ur going above 70mph on highways and 40mph on town roads; have a speedo, rev counter, an interior view and also a fuel gauge (along with petrol stations to fill up); things that appeared in San Andreas that didn't appear in GTA 4 (work out at the gym, customize character with clothes, tattoos and hair along with eating food to modify protagonists figure)

-ability to take the bus (and also taxi like GTA 4); smoke and take drugs; skateboard; have an ipod (press up on the d pad and also go to the music shop and add tracks to your playlist which costs money); social sites on the internet (stuff like bebo, facebook, msn etc.); ALL vechiles from previous GTA games along with some other new ones; have a drive thru in places like burger shot, well stacked pizza etc.; have a chinese take out; racing tracks where you can take part in track days; more adventurous weather like snow, tornadoes and hurricanes; game completion unlocks ability to go to London; have more enterable buildings like dentists, schools, supermarkets, libraries etc.; ability to get plastic surgery; MORE MYTHS AND LEGENDS!!!!!!!!; abilty to play sports with ur friends (activities like football, tennis, basketball and so on); rent houses, and also stay in hotels for the night; have caravans which you can stay in or tow with a vechile; weather forecast; attend funerals; customise safehouse; amusement parks with usuable rides; use payphones on the street that cost $1 per 30 seconds (ur mobile has a battery which charges itself but use it too much and it will run out and therefore have to call on the payphones if it does run out); to have more asian cars e.g toyota nissian honda proton perodua etc; make it easier to fly helicopters and make women more interactive like as them out and get lucky etc.

I'd like to see a female protagonist. Tk90

The flamethrower!!! Nothing better than roasting you foe to nothing more than a crisp )

The flamethrower!!! Who doesnt like burning their enemy?!?! Juiceboxguy

The ability to watch sports teams, like you go to football stadiums and pay like $30 to watch a two minute game. Also, bring back train driving! You should be able to go to University to learn new skills. PLANES!! Use all the cities but make it you have to fly to places and like have los santos and san fieero in a state, put Las Venturas and vice city in a state, and maybe include atlantic city instead of alderney with liberty city.Luigi742

They should bring back some more cassic charcters and not just write tem off.

Bring back san andreas make like a new story were you are big smokes son and you want to get CJ back for killing your farther or something like that and you could rebuild the the ballus and defentily bring back planes and add some new melee weapons gta 4 did'nt have enough like bring knuckledustes back or be able to use the enviroment to help you like you could smash a bolltle and use that as a weapon or pick up poles and make it possible to enter any building when ever you want and add charchter from old games like tommy or niko and choose if you want to be there friend or emeny and add more bikes or add a scooter or skatebored. also add more clothes in the game and more shops choose if you can were watchs ring neckless or get ear pircings add more hats and thing like that or choose if you want to make friendships with other gangs.

Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas CJ-bestplayer

Bring back the chainsaw

I would like the availibility to fly planes-nothing too serious just a few private light aircraft and maybe a small private jet.

The use of customising weapons with adding scopes, silencers, grenade launchers etc.

The use of a private armed force that tries to take you down for your wrong-doings e.g. assasins on hire to kill you

A character from a previous GTA game acting as a contact.


Be able to go to The Carraways as a part of East Island.; 2.Carcer City should be 1/4 size of Liberty City, and be southwest of Acter Industrial Park, as a part of Alderney.; 3.San Andreas redesigned, Los Santos should use the same map of Midnight Club: Los Angeles, but different letters of signs.; 4.Include Liberty City.; 5.Vice City redisigned, connected with the state of Florida.; 6.Link San Andreas and Vice City with massive Dual Span bridges. Yu$uf Amir's arab money

I want all popular features that have been suggested, but also add underwater exploration(submarines, scuba-gear and sharks :P) and destructable environments (ex: if you drive a car at high speed through a building then the car breaks the wall of the building) this will make the experience more realistic and satisfying. Ssj3klash

I forgot to mentions that I want some stealth mechanics, because the silenced p90 in TBoGT was not functioning to expectations. Ssj3klash

A detailed cockpit view in vehicles would be great too... along with a steering wheel, etc. Derekjeter16

I want the ability to walk into any building and have like a family in homes, and offices in skyscrapers etc. HaYdOs271Chat to me! ???

To be able to choose ur build

I would like more interactive cars, like wipers, blinkers, etc, also working planes that you could ride in, like different states and interactive airports, MORE of a variety of cars, and possibly an interior view? That is most of what I want in the new GTA 5. Nikorlowski

Set gta 5 in the 1930's or 40's, like make some things happen that triggered some of the things in the modern gtas like e.g : a guy doing a black woman who gives birth to Carl Johnson"s father or a character in the game that soon became very old and managed a Burgershot and fired Luis prompting him to be Gay Tony's bodygaurd (if Luis ever worked at a burger shot). And put the old weapons like the tommy gun/colt pistol/revolver/classic shotguns and etc.Jack white

How about you start off in prison? That's something I wouldn't mind seeing, it could show off new features which everyone has listed above and when you leave, someone i.e. a friend could explain all about the new stuff in the city. AND! It should be based on Northern Ireland. GTAIV is based on New York and what would of happened if immigrants kept getting into the city, so why not base it on N.I and what would of happened if the troubles didn't stop. Also Character Creation would be awesome. Rickashade

GTA 5 should absolutely have a SPEEDOMETER. Ishaan1234567

How about having the chance to be a Female character, and how about this:

You know that person you killed, maybe that person had an even tougher Brother who wants revenge. Have peds become more smart and let them have a memory. Maybe its the smae ped who had you jack thier vehicle and they want it back. KingNoob

Gta 4 was a great game but was missing a lot of features i would have liked to see... In gta 5 I think the whole police system needs an overhall, at one star the cops should just try to pull you over, than proceed to your car to give you a ticket (instant loss of cash), if you choose to run than the second star would be added. Also i would like to see more shops and custumization, i want to be able to pick from hundreds of outfits, and besides a few fast food restaraunts, add sit down restarauns. Also add groceries stores, liquor stores and gas stations, banks that could all be held up and robbed for substantial amounts of money. I also think cars should have set amount of gas and gas stations should be must stop, im not saying having to go get gas all the time but atleast once a day your playing.. Planes need to be brought back and multiple types. DESTRUCTABLE enviroments need to be added also, i would like to see rockets actually damage buildings. Another big must i would love to see is the addition of many cheats, some as obscure as explosive ammo, I would love to see a mode where everyone is fighting in a riot mode, also a disater mode where people are running like crazy and the police fire department and ambulences are out in abundance. maybe even a zombie mode ( self explanitory). Also i think interactivity such as people reconizing you on the streets after set missions are made that make you notorious. also gangs should be aquired, not just random thugs that follow but people you recruit and stay with you whenever they can, they would randomly respawn near you. Um.. also cool little details like people jumping off buildings, random building fires, random police events. Drug dealings and busts. and finally you should be able to once done with the game, start a life of sorts, weather it be drug dealing or police work, and it should be a big part not just a mode. Like for example actually starting off at the police station, having a partner, and therefore random police events, that maybe to much to ask tho

GTA 5 should have seasons such as spring, summer, fall, and winter. there should also be more detailed weather such as thunder storms, snow, etc. MiloBellic 20:45, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

start by choosing an apartment and customizing your character Dand12345

Well , It would be great like the Big town os SA and the gangs in SA and almost everything in GTA IV was epic so if they Compined SA and IV in GTA V it would be EPIC GtaMythHunters

GTA 5 should be back in San Andreas because it is the best city in GTA history it's a big map and there is a lot to explore,BRING BACK THE HYDRAS!!! they were so much fun,they should bring back the garages too because when i have a wanted level and drive past a safe house the cops hit my cars and they disappear which S..ts me off because most of my cars are hard to find so then i have to kill every cop i see for taking my cars.

I think that gta 5 should be set in the present day and should be a sequel to gta 4 as we don't know what happens realy in the end. Bring back niko roman little jacob and phil bell. Put in realy good cars such as Audi r8 Spyders bmws. Make it set in a redesigned San andreas vice city and the gta 4 version of liberty city.

Gold weapons and vehicle customization. Niko bellic 1997

the setting should be one huge continent like liberty city san andreas and vice city combined and to get to each place is by airport

i think the next gta will not be able to be left alone if they had the vehicle and character customization saints row 2 had if you can mod your car from rim size to paint color it would be great. also they should pick a new city like have the main character start off as struggling in a city like my hometown DETROIT and or philly, chicago, houston, atlanta, or even new orleans and want to get to living the dream to like vice city or hollywood or las venturas. bringing back the offline coop would be fun also. but i still wonder why rockstar hasnt picked a big city like chicago philly houston detroit or atlanta. those places would be great. GtAce

prison break mission bank robbery side mission play as niko

Niko bellic 1997

Have someone stay alive when you get into a fistfight with them.

Right! I think I'm gonna have to put my little grain of rice into this.

GTA IV -> LONDON : Don't care if it's done before, it's the ideal setting for GTA in my opinion. And I've been dreaming about it which isn't normal!!

Here's how I think it should be set ----->

Modern London 1996-2010 type setting

Theme -> Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, Revolver, Rock'n'Roller, Snatch, Essex Boys, Clubbed are only a few movies from which it could be inspired. Also check out the Ross Kemp on London Gangs. OH and to give it a real feel - CHECK OUT HUMAN TRAFFIC!!!!

Types of people: Hooligans, Rudeboys, Emos, Gays, Yardies, Indians, Posh, Ravers, Tramps, Suit n Ties, Essex Geezers, Yobs, Snobs, and the list goes on.. it's a melting pot...

Cars: London Taxi's, old sports cars, flash cars, hummer limos, souped up rally's (would love to bomb around in a Ford Escort Cosworth RX by JOVE!), london bus, tube, scooters, motorcycles, planes (yep - london has 5 airports : City Airport, Heathrow, Luton, Stanstead, Gatwick!!! and probably a few military ones too!)

Scenarios: Clubs, Illegal raves (summer of love and AWOL style), Picadilly, Trocadero, Alien Game and Laser Game, Pubs, Football events, cricket events, Party in the park, Brixton, Notting Hill Carnival, ruff areas, posh areas, markets, etc...

Radio Stations - Every possible style of music (London is the capitol!) Ragga, Hiphop, Jungle, Drum and Bass, House, Funky House, UK House, Goa, Electro, Minimal, Dubstep, Niche, Bassline, Speed Garage, Grime, Funk, Soul, Indie Rock, Soca, UK Funky House (not Funky house), Reggae. London probably has a radio station on every decimal of the FM frequency range. I'd be willing to supply some big mix sets for UK Garage, UK Funky, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Ragga. I'll post a link to a few demos real soon.

Possibilities: All the current GTA III and IV activities + the following:

Shopping for house goods (you get hungry - buy some food / you get tired - > no furniture in your first house - go Ikea and get some)

Shop lifting

Bank jobs that can really go wrong because the characters lack professionalism

Happy Slap phone videos

Actually be able to move around in public transport such as the tube and thameslink rail aswell as london busses

As mentioned before, the alien game that used to be in trocadero, sega world, laser game, go karting and other cool activities

Strip clubs (seen before but always welcome) also would be cool that the girls have personality traits so that they don't all seem the same.

Fabrics night club

Ministry of sound

Egg club (after party 5-11am)

DJ possibility? Like the dancing game in GTA San Andreas but this time you have to bump the club or get Rushed (UK Garage anthem Rush the DJ)

I hope that these ideas make your imaginations run wild and I'd be willing to actually develop on some of the scenarios in my spare time.

Look forward to the experience. Oh and GTA is possible on iPhone!!! Maybe asking for too much but I'm a developer, and although I'm not on your level in terms of experience I could be of help :P

Blessings to Rockstar and BIG UP ALL A D MASSIVE!

Character creator,owning a house would be nice,More vehicles,more guns,ability to enter any building,weapon customization and more gore,less sex. Alpha957Alpha957

* We Should be able to talk to characters through the mic or actually call businesses and it goes through instead of just getting that busy tone. Xxjoedelreyxx

*We should be able to destroy houses, buildings, and bridges.Xxjoedelreyxx

* How about when you call 911 for the ambulance you actually have them respond to something like someone shot or having a heart attack, and not just for yourself being injured, and  How about the ambulance paramedics take stretchers on the back and put the victim on it, and then when you follow the victims ambulance they actually go to the hospital and not drive around the whole city and pass the hospital.Xxjoedelreyxx

You know what we need. Claude ,CJ and Niko in one game. Claude still can't talk for teh lulz! Whut happens. They all have their own story in their City. Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City etc. You play through each of their story in whatever order. (Like in the GTAIV DLC) and then once completed all, you go to a whole new city to finish it off. They join forces to stop somesorta evil threat. N Claude coulds be alls like Air Support, CJ with his "homies" and Niko just kicking ass on his own. N it's freaking epic. N they drive of into the sunset! PS: London plz?Pantyer2

== gta 5 ==

make it in vice city hers what i think should go down you play as pakie and right in the begining you are going to break your brother garald out oof jail its pakie and niko and derik doing it one they get to him they need more time so niko hold of the popo and dies (sens he has notheing to live for) and then you and your brothers and mom kate move to vice city trying to make it big ur mom is i a retierment home and you meat tommy frome vice city and hes old and he owns all vice city you kill hime at the end .

== gta 5 ==

make it in vice city hers what i think should go down you play as pakie and right in the begining you are going to break your brother garald out oof jail its pakie and niko and derik doing it one they get to him they need more time so niko hold of the popo and dies (sens he has notheing to live for) and then you and your brothers and mom kate move to vice city trying to make it big ur mom is i a retierment home and you meat tommy frome vice city and hes old and he owns all vice city you kill hime at the end .

GTA1 Rendition LC,VC,SA. planes, more weapons and all GTA1 vehicle GTALovers

Put female cops in.

Make the protagonist a rookie cop.

The character should be a former spy (with the agency that used the UL Paper in GTA IV as front) Wabanunu

Here we go:

Add children and pets on the streets on the streets, as well as schools. Who cares what those mothers groups say.

Make every building accessible, but not all of the time.

Bring back the burglary mission.

Add a few sports teams across the state which you can watch.

Make all structures destructable.

Make your own tattoo designs with the analogue stick. Do the same to the paintwork of a vehicle in a customisation garage.

Let the NOOSE or FIB chase some other people.

All missing cars end up at a compound and trashed ones at a scrapyard.

Add a steamroller to the game, preferably at a construction site. Cause a bit of havoc with it.

Bring back the cheats which were in San Andreas, the ones which made the game a bit more fun.

VEO15 08:29, May 5, 2010 (UTC)

Have the ability to change stations on in-house radios.

Let the console versions have a custom radio station of music from their hard drive.

Like San An, pedestrians can park up driveways but this time actually go in the house.

Let funerals take place outside of missions. I kill enough of people for this to happen.

GTA 5 needs to have more cars that people will actually see driving around. For example i heard of alot of people that lost Bernie Cranes Infernus and were really mad because it is REALLY HARD TO FIND AGAIN. We also need better cars that are easy to find. Also bring Radio X back from San Andreas and keep a station like LCHC and Liberty Rock Radio but take out Radio Broker it is terrible. Also bring the Cheetah and the Mesa back. We need more cars from today not from the 1950's. Gta 5 also needs to have a shop where we can customize any car we want. Also we should be able to meet more women and actually date them unlike TBoGT. We should be able to actually buy cars off AutoEroticar not just look at them or steal them. Oh and Rockstar, please get rid of Brucie Kibbutz. Limp8Bizkit9

Get rid of Electro-Choc, Radio Broker and all jazz stations Limp8Bizkit9

should let you play the story as Packies perspective not Niko, Luis, or Johnny. it would be called "GTA 5: The Story of the Irish" or something. or even a gta where you can create your own mob or gang etc.

like this, GTA IV- Niko, GTA IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony- Luis, GTA IV The Lost And The Dammed- Johhny, GTA V- Packie Limp8Bizkit9

**It should take place in Vice city set in 2010 with a character whos parents where murderd in Liberty City by the Korean Mob and he wants revenge also add an extra state (like Alderny in GtaIV) customization should be like in Gta San Andreas add planes and interactions like Dancing,Sitting,Eating,Watch Tv,and Gambling.~~

Parachute and haircuts,gym,weapon skills. LawrenceTheThief

make cars more realistic. When u have to change gear, press a button to change it, plus show how fast youre going so you can see how fast youre going. Make the following- Lambo Muira Concept, ferrari fxx, dodge charger and dodge ram, plus some f1 cars, then you can use at stadium or something. Westy01

i want it to be the ultimate gta game, i want them to bring all three maps into one game, it would have to be a ps3 exclusive because theres no way xbox could handle the amount of memory and graphics put into this game. i think they should make the main story mission intwine with old gta charecters, that'd be so cool. and it'd have to be set in todays time. COSTUMIZABLE CHARECTERS!! they need to make it to where you can make your own charecter. and like, keep all the stuff they put into gta 4 (phone, tv, internet, ect..) i want the new gta to be the most interactive game out there. i have so many more ideas but this is already to long. Packie23 Packie 23 aka murdoc the grim

Please do not make GTA 5 take place in Liberty City or Vice City. Please have it take place in San Andreas. There is not a lot of games in the GTA series that do not take place in San Andreas.Ps: Maybe you could make an expansion pack with GTA:San Andreas Stories and GTA: San Andreas: CJ's Empire. :D

I think there should be some new cheats like:Hoverboards, a time-traveling Delorian and a Master Code cheat.

You should also have GTA V take place at San Andreas in the year 2010.

My last wish is to bring GTA V to the PS2, Nintendo DS, PSP and the Wii.

More Peds and Traffic to give it that realistic feel

Able to rob buisnesses such as banks and shops

Able to criple and wound your enemy so it affects their mobility and combat

more episodes of republican space rangers

More weapons such as a revolver, double barrel shotgun, mp5, G18, M16 with grenade launcher

Able to play your music from the hardidsk on the PS3

More clothing customisation e.g have a hoodie with the hood up

Change the way you carry your weapons, hide a pistol with in your jacket and a Ak on your back

Get Wanted if you have a weapon in your hand

have a max amount of money in your wallet, or have a credit card, take out a loan

Purchase Mobile Phones

Upgrade your safehouse and buy safehouse aswell as well

get rid of radio stations on motorbikes as only tourers have them

Have a Buisness or Invest in one

More girlfriends and able to marry them aswell, or add boyfriends, what ever floats your boat, just to what the media thinks of it

wanted system more advance, e.g. sharpshooters on buildings and ground, adds to the dificulty

More friend activities

More random encounters

Get pulled over for traffic violations and pay fines

crimes you commit are on the media such as weazel news, like with the missions

buy vehicles

able to have other modes of traport such as trike, skateboard, bicycle, bus, hitch hike, wheel chair or rascal

more arcade games

record and save gameplay on the consoles

use the loo

record or capture footage on you mobile and save it

put people or corpes in the boot

vehicles need fuel

Go in more buildings

when you commit a serious crime, there is a manhut so you have to lie low for a certain amount time

weather affects vehicle peformance

Bring Ausef Amir back as he is funny ARAB MONEY!!!!!Vankorgen

Please put the following in GTA V; airplanes, firefighter missions, police missions, truck diving missions, bicycles, army base, a fire deptarment aerial ladder truck with working ladder, more places to eat, mod garages, submarine, crane (that you can use to pick up vehicles), be able to buy more houses, actually destroy buildings, be able to enter more buildins, be able to buy vehicles Kfed7657

Not only should the world be interactive in every possible way, and contain the states of San Andreas,Liberty and etc. Not to mention Vice and Carcer City... there should be an unlimited multiplayer, where the person can start off and live their life. Be a hero, bad-guy, or common-folk. Choosing from jobs and corps set up by fellow players. Rockstar... give the power to the people, this is how you'll do itDoc Dearden

Linux Suport

A good story line, no revenge rubish as its getting repetive in the series

weapons minigun m249 m60 ak 47 m16 ruger or kruger mp15 mac 10 uzi

and more easter egg

can create your own business if you choose big business that is income is 3 million it cost 1 million

characters cj niko bellic tommy vercetti claude sweet ken rosenberg 06:34, May 7, 2010 (UTC)~~

Bring back the Countryside! Only San Andreas has a decent amount of rural areas! Cruising through the country on a sunny day is almost the best part of GTA! Roardle

I think the environments should be destructible, you should be able to customise your own character (hair colour, skin colour, starting clothes, hairstyle etc.), be able to buy new safehouses/businesses, rob banks/stores, mug random pedestrians, and make it so that NPC's can't be killed with punches (can only be stunned and to kill someone, you should have to keep attacking them while on the ground), you should be able to buy a suit at the very start of the game (suits are awesome), more small arms (knife, pistol, silenced pistol, revolver, luger etc (LOTS more pistols)), make a car based on an aston martin, there should be many different endings, and you should only be able to carry a pistol a knife and an smg on you, any larger weapons you have to store in the boot of your car, and finally, the ability to excecute any thugs you want while on a mission. Krazy kat1000

I wish bring back the cool cheats in GTA: San Andreas, It has side mission to kill a Zombie, and it has GTA III Characters that currently alive such as Mary Beth Williams.CHan hiTMan

Make the game like life. Have everything that you can do in life from washing the dishes to buying a fleet of luxury cars available. It's a game about somebody living their life, so make it like life.Doc Dearden

Have a car that looks like the Ford Interceptor

Have a car that looks like the Audi R8 (maybe even a spyder version as well)

Have a car that looks like the Aston Martin DBS V-12 (complete with James Bond homing missiles in grill and machine gun lights.... and a gun storage in the glove compartment)

Have the game take place in Washington D.C. or the in games "The Capital" Have areas around it (current day Virginia and Maryland opened... the ability to fly to another city would be nice too.)

Have a vehicle that looks like a 1979 Ford Ranchero Limp8Bizkit9

Have a vehicle that looks like a Chevy Chevelle Limp8Bizkit9

Have a car that looks like a 1st generation Ford F150 Limp8Bizkit9

Have a Car that looks like an older 70's Ford Mustang Limp8Bizkit9

Have a car that looks like a Jeep Wrangler Limp8Bizkit9

More Parking spaces Limp8Bizkit9

fit three cars in parking spaces Limp8Bizkit9

Bring back the Cheetah Limp8Bizkit9

Let us drive the police stinger durring story as well as multiplayer Limp8Bizkit9

Police Jeep Liberty Limp8Bizkit9

have a car that is a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. Limp8Bizkit9

A Nissan 350z Limp8Bizkit9

have Niko, Packie, and Luis Meet up and join forces and shit and go to san andreas to meet CJ. Limp8Bizkit9

not liberty city or vice city or San Andreas make a new city that represents Phillidalphia Pensylvania Limp8Bizkit9

Make a Volkswagon Punch Buggy Limp8Bizkit9

let us customize cars Limp8Bizkit9

have a car resembling the Cadillac Cien Limp8Bizkit9

make a Ford Fairline

More talk radiostations. Like one very liberal one and one that is very conservative. Also I would like it to be set in either San Andreas or a Washington DC-like city. Let the character be able to bribe politicians and stuff and see how that has effect on the city. More choices in the storyline and let that not just have influence on unlockables but on the entire city!

Bob Medina 01:22, May 8, 2010 (UTC)be able to pick characters from the previous gta games!Bob Medina 01:22, May 8, 2010 (UTC)

I would like to see a classic rock station with these songs

UFO - Too Hot to Handle

Bruce Springsteen - Rosalita ( Come Out Tonight )

Judas Priest - Breakin the Law

Pat Benatar - Hell Is For Children

Billy Thorpe - Children of the Sun

Black Sabbath - Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath

CSNY - Woodstock

Heart - Crazy On You

Def Leppard - Bringin on The Heartbreak

.38 Special - Rockin Into The Night

Pearl Jam - Better Man

Scorpions - The Zoo

Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal

Angels - No Secrets

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - American Girl

Rush - A Passage to Bangkok

Collective Soul - Shine

Van Halen - Runnin With the Devil

Rolling Stones - Happy

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Karn Evil 9 First Impression Pt. 2

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again '82

AC/DC - Highway to Hell

The Cult - Fire Woman

Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

REO Speedwagon - Ridin The Storm Out

The Tubes - She's a Beauty

Led Zeppelin - Black Dog

Nirvana - Come As You Are

Missouri - Movin' On

Tesla - What You Give

Jimi Hendrix - Valleys of Neptune

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Foghat - I Just Wanna Make Love to You

The Kinks - Lola ~~

Bring back vigilante, paramedic and firefighter and when you complete them you get a cop, paramedic and fireman outfitSharpie14

I hope the GTA V map is bigger than the SA was.

Be able to drive/spawn yachts like the one you destroy in tbogt Sharpie14

More Online Features e.g. Rob a Bank with friends

More Players on a the map online

Let a NPC Drive on missions

Games on the ingame Internet, play loot & wank would be fun "2 damage, 2 damage im about to go aggro"


More Trophies/Achivements that are harder to get

Play on Linux and Mac

Go in more Buildings

Do acrobatics while base jumping

Bring back the Katana and Knuckle Dusters as its AWESOME!!!!

Buy vehicles

if your player gets shot in a certain place e.g. head they die instently, players gun gets shot it disarms them, leg gets shot they are crippled (adds to the difficult of the game}

More TV shows

Limited amount of ammo for certain weapons e.g. you can carry 4 clips for you uzi and 2 for you carbine rifle

Have real jobs e.g. work at burger shot and cook

Mug People of their cash and items

Have the akuma without cheating

Ring a taxi (like with roman)

Mod vechicals like in SA but with bikes aswell

stealth kills

Make conversations longer when with a NPC on missions and activities as i hate the awkeard silence

Shaving mini would be funny

Bring back the barbershop

When it rains the characters body is soaking, and they slip if they turn to fast

hold onto vehicles Vankorgen

Please be in San Andreas!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOC

Please be in San Andreas!! BOC

I think it would be awesome if there were seasons, like in winter traction would be less and everything.

Like if you kill the head of the household, the house would look trashy and poorer.

The ability to download cities from PSN or XBL, like detailed cities.

A destructible environment, have certain guns that destroy buildings, this would keep the game very interesting and quite realistic.


if it is realeased on xbox 360 and you connect to xbox live you should be able to browse the real internet Sharpie14

(in your safehouse) Sharpie14

I agree with sharpie about the music but here is what i think their classic rock station should be Limp8Bizkit9

Nirvana- Pennyroyal Tea Limp8Bizkit9

Sublime- 40oz to Freedom Limp8Bizkit9

Ozzy Osbourne- Hell Raiser Limp8Bizkit9

Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun Limp8Bizkit9

Seal- Crazy Limp8Bizkit9

John Lennon- Imagine

AC/DC- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Limp8Bizkit9

Led Zeppelin- Heartbreaker

Collective Soul- Shine Limp8Bizkit9

Aerosmith- Dream On Limp8Bizkit9

Stone Temple Pilots- Plush Limp8Bizkit9

Pearl Jam- Even Flow Limp8Bizkit9

Faith No More- Epic Limp8Bizkit9

Have the setting in san andreas and have a mexican charectar and have him him deal with gangs and have a part wit cartels and have a mexico city made Sgpuga

I wish that if there is a fire and u call the FDLC and they arrive that they dont ask who called when they see the fire right there Kevo123

when there is a fire and u call the FDLC make them not ask who called when they see the fire right there Kevo123

More weapons, a map larger than San Andreas (twice as large would be nice), more enterable buildings, bring back the heat-seeking missile, and maybe some attachments (it might be unrealistic, but hey). Also, DLC campaign where you play as an undercover army soldier who is going on a secret operation to undermine a gang and no longer exists until he's finished, but you can leave the plot/attachments out if ya want to/it's too unrealistic/breaks what GTA is. That and the ability to go into a Last Stand-esque mode when you get wasted. S-984

i would liike if some pedestrian haves glases or sunglases if you hit him in the face galases or sunglases wil brake

The protagonist should be more Niko-like and less Tommy-likeJurrak 20:29, May 9, 2010 (UTC)Jurrak

i wish they put niko as protagonist for gta 5

maybe triathons cars have to have nitrox

fix your savehouse decorate it

more mafias

better songs like drake,lady gaga,don omar,eminem and lots more

they should make dual wealding guns

The next GTA should be set in San Andreas. You play as the son of Cesar and CJ's sister, Carlos. Carlos has a twin Brother named Cesar jr. He and his brother turn 18 and is able to join in the family business of smuggling cocaine in with his uncle Jorge. Soon his brother forces him to kill a defensless bystander. os whereHe is outcast and escapes to Los Santos where he groups with hs fathers old gang. Grove street rules the town and Ballas have been disbanded and a bunch of small gangs have formed. Carlos builds his way up, unitl the gang leader Fernando is killed. A little gang called the Tauros starts to stir up trouble. Grove street holds a massacre and Carls becomes a fugitive. He learns that his brother is in Las Venturas and travels there by plane. He confronts his brother and must choose to rejoin or to kill his brother. If he joins: he must assasinate the bystander he saved before the trial in San Fierro. He then has to battle against his own gang in Los Santos. If he tries to kill his brother then he fails and returns to los santos. he is arrested at the airport and transferred to Alcoza island jail (Alcatraz). He must escape and kill his brother.

The game should bring back more unrealsitic weapons like dildos and machetes, also bring back the beaches and color. GTA4 was just a mess of grey with red blood stains.

we should have a hidden custom f620 in liberty city

and even better we should have it triple three games in one disk niko,johnny and luis

get a chance to live in yusuf apartment and get to ride his lycan

monique come back from the tragity in bourvaly baby

get to kill chris hunt

throw knifes

more activities for multiplair mode

Got few wishes here. Sounds very San-Andreas-ish, but here goes nothing.

Do NOT make it Grand Theft Auto V YET. GTA III games had many stories to explore, many places to enjoy. Then for GTA IV games we only like two different stories in one city?

Make it in the old, refined cities/state. Like San Andreas or Vice City. Liberty City is revamped, so I think San Andreas and Vice City deserve some modern looks, too.

If it's not in the old cities, I beg it not to take place in New York City, again. Maybe Tokyo, or London, or Paris, or [insert a U.S city that has a trademark]. And wherever it is, make sure to make it as big, if not bigger, as San Andreas.

The sky MUST be the limit. Bring back airplanes, keep the parachute as it is in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

More out-of-the-norm missions. Most of the missions in GTA IV era are just finding target(s), kill him/her/them. More missions like when CJ infiltrates Madd Dogg's mansion, or CJ's entire preparations + execution to rob Caligula, or Luis' vehicle triathlon would be awesome.

Add personal stats (Muscle, Sex Appeal, Guns).

Might wanna keep the drug dealing thing in Chinatown Wars.

More ability to customize. Y’know, buying clothes, getting haircuts, tuning cars.

Non-linear story mode. Like in GTA IV.

Give Sony some love ^_^

J0V1 P4RD0MU4N S14G14N the Keyblade Master 12:08, May 10, 2010 (UTC)

idc what rockstar decides to do but they should atleast keep the Tampa, Patriot, Sentinel, Sentinel XS, Serrano, Coquette, Emporer, and have a new hidden place for the Sultan RS or have a hidden place for a new car. They should definetly hide more cars throughout the city to find like a Lamborghini Gallardo or a jacked up pimping Ford F150. Also put in the damn Ford Ranchero Limp8Bizkit9

create your own protagonist

i think GTA 5 should be the same setting as San Andreas(gangs and gangsters, because in San Andrreas you could: get your hair cut, go to tattoo parlor, go to a gym and gain muscle or eat and get fat, and a lot of the vehicles and transport lets say, as in parachutes, a standard bicycle(bmx, mountain an ect.., rob stores/houses, fly planes and other air transport, MOD vehicles like add hydrolics, spoilers and etc... getting licenses for boats, driving cars, fly planes and helicopters, motorbikes, and even include gun licensing :) also adding gun stores :example: (AMMUNATION), should also be included.. it would be cool if you could buy houses and businesses( and make them cusomizable:...: I E: make them yours), include animals, and childeren if necessary. make everything or almsot everything destroyable :example: if crash into a bulding it should be damaged, and if i come back in the next day there should be people working on it. the pedestrians should be more realistic :example: if your walking down a bad street/neighborhood they should try to rob you.. car crashes should be more realistic and hit and run charges if you seem to "accidently" drive off. and you should be able to play sports and recreational acctivities :example: hunting, fishing mainley cuz you see these fish/sharks in the water and you should be able to do something about it, and crab trapping, and also you should be able to sell your catches at the local dock.. if u start a fire it should be able to spread and it can slightly burn house but not totally destroy them because that wouldnt be fun at all.. and finally add weather patterns and seasons :) :) :) Jared13

- if some of these ideas have already been said or mentioned i apoligize for that mainley because there was a lot of ideas and i only read the first 10


With the Radio ads. Actually make some of them interactive and/or rare and you are given a specific time amount to call that number or go to a certain area and get a prize. Eg. One radio station says "First one to get to [Enter Street Name] wins a SMG" or something like that

Also they should slow the time just a little bit. Like GTA IV but tiny bit slower Daaar

-I'd like to see Tommy V. again (not necessarily as the protagonist) and a view of the current Vice City.

-GTA III SA's gang wars over terrirtories.

-Advanced character customization.

-Protagonist choises that have an effect on the storyline/game...Althes

So, if it's set in the GTA IV-era San Andreas state I want the following things:

Bring back some minor stuff that was supposed to be in GTA San Andreas (that lamp post and news van stuff, latching police officers, etc)

Don't leave countryside and desert out, they were still kinda interesting and they were actually useful (compared to, say, the Vice City beach which was never used in any missions)

More opportunities for myths, make some of them true and some not.

150 rumored weapon count

Around the Las Venturas area, a fictionalized version of Reno.

Donut shops



Love to see a cheat when a persons head explode when you shoot them

A death metal station would be cool

Keep IGGY POP as he fuckin awesome

Keep Lazlow aswell Vankorgen

More interactions between the character's friends and random run-ins with friends at different locations. That is, if a friend likes to eat at Cluckin' Bell (like Dwayne) then your character can run into the friend from time to time and either join the friend (for a meal, drinking, clubbing, etc) or not. With a girlfriend they can either have a "date" or go back to the girlfriend's place but beware... other girlfriend(s) can also run into them and either ruin the date (possibly physical fights, screaming matches, break up) OR join in on the date.

Allow more time to have phone conversations. That is, for example, Niko meets Carmen and was able to have a conversation with Roman about the "hot" girl Niko was dating. Same with Alex but if you don't have the phone conversation "right away" and do something else (like complete a Random Character mission) you "lose" the ability to have the conversation with the other person.

Be able to talk to more friends. In GTA 4 and the two stories you can only really talk to Roman from time to time. Sure you can have "conversations" with Mallorie, Dimitri, etc in order to advance the game but what's the point of having phone contacts if you can't call them? With friends, the player should be able to talk to them about dates, people they meet, etc, etc, (get more insight of people they might know) and with girlfriends be able to get to know them better (finding out what the girlfriend likes to do or she tell you she's in the mood to do certain things that day versus letting the player pick randomly).

Be able to suggest to girlfriends what to wear. We know that in GTA4 the girlfriends have various outfits they wear on dates. If the girlfriends can comment on the player's outfit then he should be able to say something to girl about liking what she's wearing or what she wore last time.

Bring back Ammu-Nation and make it a place you can take certain friends/girlfriends to. I recall one girlfriend of CJ's that like to shoot guns so someone like her may like to go to Ammu-Nation for a date.

Have the ability to take friends to cart vendors to eat from (along with going to Cluckin' Bell or Burger Shot).

Update the locations if new "episodes" are released. It looks weird in GTA 4 to pass by locations that we know as Hercules and Maisonette 9 but in Niko's timeline they're just generic walls. In GTA 5 if episodes are released as they were with GTA 4 then release a patch that would update the look of the original game. This doesn't mean that the character from the main game will be able to go to that location (such as Niko going to Maisonette to drink) but at least when the character goes by it, it won't look so weird.

Bring back the rampages from GTA III but only in multi-player mode. Zadidoll

GTA V should have us create our own character, custumize our own missions, have the latest cars from 2002 -2010, and customize our cars. In the game, we should have even newer , & more improved weapoms than the other games.

Weapons: Baretta , Glock 18 , AA-12 Automatic , Minigun , Gold AK-47 (shoots explosive bullets, or EMP)

Cars: Phantom , Lambrogini , Murcielago , Charger , Kawasaki Bikes , Luxury Cars , Muscle Cars , Exotic, Ect

Probably a iPod that you can listen to the songs in the game while on foot. Maybe creating your own gang, and breaking people out of prison, stuff like that. Also maybe being able to get a job as a cop or so. Worldwar77

When replacing weapons, you should be able to re-pick up the gun you just dropped. VEO15

== GTA 5 Wishlist==

i think that GTA 5 Should have All The Real Car names Such as: i think you should put Gta5 based in london and call it GTA V London








Vauxhall astra

Vauxhall Zafira

Police Car




Rs Turbo


Ford Focus


Land Rover


Police Helicopter

Ambulance Helicopter

Fire Dept Helictopter

Police Motorbike

Police bike


Police suggestions Online/Offline

i think you should have the ability to be a police officer online and arrest other players with the outfit and put them in the back of the police car

i think you should have the ability to make a police van instead of a swat van and have the ability to arrest players and you should have the ability to go in every building, etc online,offline

Yours Sincerly Dazza2963 (PS3)

Jeffish28Alright, im not saying that rockstar has done a bad job creating characters in the past but I think its time they create a character that isn’t only seen as a cool guy or a bad ass dat we assume is a criminal right off the bat, the storyline for gta 4 was great but how bout we get an educated honest loyal guy that for whatever reason has to resort to grand theft auto and all dat good stuff of (blowing shit up, killing ppl, joining gangs, stealing) to better not only himself but also his enviornment (preferably a updated vice city). Planes were awesome but im sure we wont see those for a while, the terrorist shit is still a bit controversial . As for the weapons some of the ones seen in gta 4 liberty city stories are pretty cool, we can definitely get a few more vehicles with ammo on them. Car mods would be great, specially if the story takes place now. Free running would be cool and a wider choice of clothing would satisfy me along with all the other picky players. We should be able to customize our characters u know for that warm, fuzzy gay feeling we all had for cj in san andreas. Some one suggested a jail break that would fuckin awesome ,imagine recognizing old characters like tommy or claude while breaking out (spontaneous and minor thought there) I”ve said a lot but bottom line is we’ll hav to wait and see what rockstar decides to do. I hope they do take the majority of this page's suggestions into consideration cause we are the players!!!!

** Simply put, keep the GTA IV gameplay and style and add GTA:SA aspect
-Full Customization; haircuts, tattoes, cars, houses, ability to be fit or fat (fghting styles too), gang colors
-Big map; San Andreas size but different area, maybe Texas (Dallas, Houston) or Illinois (Chicago)
-Bring back gang wars and territories
-Ability to own buisnesses; i.e Clubs, Drug Rings, Casino
-Breaking and entering mission and ability to be stealthy (silenced guns, throat slit
-Bring back military; 1-3 stars are basic cops, 4 stars are SWAT, 5 stars FBI/Paramilitary, 6 stars being Special Forces
-More weapons, cars, radio stations
-Keep the cell phone, internet, dating, just less calls on phone ("Hey cousin, let us go bowling")
-Airplanes, Airports, Helicopters a must
-Keep realistics from GTA IV; breaking into cars, the ingame physics, ability to find cover
-Myths and legends
-Interactive weather, add snow to if the location is based up north, and its effects on driving (slip and slide in rain)
-Split screen multiplayer
-Just a few things more maybe  Grashalicious

add a bow and arrow with an axe and futer weapons make it the year 2020 bring back the military and jets

What i think should be done is to remake vice city, as done with liberty city. Make vice city look exactly like miami, as liberty city was made to look like new york. but keep some of the clubs and places, for instance - an updated malibu club and ocean beach hotel, would remind alot of people where vice city began. Also, have tommi vercetti old and able to take missions from hi then, making an epic and sad mission in which he finally dies. obviously keep the modern look, set in present time and bring back the character customs.

I Think in the New GTA There should be a number of Updates. Here is the following Ideas my GTA Alliance team Have came up with.

: Planes should Return

: Be able to buy and Rent houses and Buisnesses

: More Carnage should also be introduced into The New GTA, like windscreen falls off, The car takes longer to Blow up.

: Other Side Misions E.G Noodle Boy, Trash Dash, Taxi, Vigilante, Paramedic, Firefighter.

: Buy Diffrent types of Clothes E.G Emo Bands, Emo Belts, Sport Strips, Driver clothing.

: Scratch Cards like Chinatown Wars

: Better Car Jacking

: Get the Chance to play Sports

: A Garage for Cars and Bikes

: Bring Back 8 balls Auto

: Full LCD and 3D Imaged TV

: More exotic weapons like Chainsaw, Gatling Gun, Flamethrower.

: Funny Cheats

: More Exciting Myths and Legends GTA Alliance 20:59, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

By The GTA Alliance

How about a female protagonist who used to be in a yakuza branch that was wiped out after a dispute between the american mafia, and is trying to make an easy buck by being a contract killer and freelance abducter as for the setting in question maybe either Las Venturas or Vice City. The abduction missions would have a similar rules as the taxi missions in the 3 series but instead of fares and time limit you go for the highest value of the abuctee and use various methods to do so but it should be done while the cops aren't looking and ocassionally kidnap a cop which can fetch a very hefty ransom but sill retain 4 gameplay such as acessible resturants, strip clubs, and all that.Crypto457 21:16, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

There shouldbe storablephotos on cell phone a ersoi on xbox 360 a serious storyline and more choices girlfriends and friendsWarchief2010 00:28, May 13, 2010 (UTC)

gta 5 should be more like the heavy rain rain in liberty city videos if u have not seen them check them out there pretty good

episode 2

episode 1

Grand Theft Auto V should have us create a character from scratch like in Saints Row 2. we should create our own weapons, and deteremine the damage, accuracy, ect. we should have shirts, pants, shoes, ect, there will be a barber shop where you can choose a variety of hairstyles or creat your own. & we should have all the cars from Midnight club & Gta IV: TBoGT, Your player will that the abllity to either be a Girl or Boy. You have a variety of voice boxes, or celeberity resemblenced created players. In GTA V you have over 1000 weapons to choose from.

A chainsaw, sledgehammer, bat with spikes, lead pipe, gutter, anything

the new guns are , Crossbow, Baretta, Automatic Pistol, AA-12, M-17, Explosive crossbow, Golden shotgum with explosive darts thats shoots 300 bullets a second and automatic reload

there will be 1-200 missions , RAMPAGE IS BACK!! , Races , Bike clubs , gun glub , and a new segment called "Murder". You have to stalk & and kill the target , it goes onna level scale from Easy, Medium, or Hard

Make it in Newcastle Upon Tyne as it has a red light district town and alkies result!!! San andreas Stories could be a possibility


I wouldn't mind a redesigned Vice City, better and more interesting guns, the ability to buy property, more customization options. Does anyone watch Burn Notice? Rockstar should borrow some of the plot from that program Wabanunu

make graphics better so you can raid homes and crash proparly like make propers damage to shops and everything you crash into and edit the guns and make your own name and character.

I think that GTA 5 should have more accesible buildings and an accesible airport, where you can drive real planes. Also, it should definitly have the whole of America to roam around, and that you can get to Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas in the game, pushing the limit, I would like to be able to go all around the world, like USA, UK, India, China etc. Vidur9

Bring back the ability to swim underwater and be able to see Great White Sharks and Killer Whales, that don't attack thr player or each otherAddicted2gta 21:14, May 13, 2010 (UTC)

Add some elements from other action games, like splinter cell conviction. You know, a mild stealth mechanic, interrogation system, and some other mechanics that make you feel like a badass killer w/o making you seem ridiculously overpowered. for example, wtf kinda criminal has body armor better than that of the swat team? Also a faction system would be cool. If you couyld like work for the Jamaicans OR the Cubans. Say they have different missions but in order to progress the main story you have to side with one or the other. And it would be nice to see more results from the friend mechanic. It was a good idea but needs to be developed a little more, like certain friends can help you on certain missions if you are colse enough with them, kinda like how buddies would help you out in Far Cry 2. And it would be nice to see a litlle more vareity in the small arms department, mainly more pistols, shotguns, and machine pistols/SMGs.

this is what it should have cheats cars and cars from all the other gta games

3.a new fastest car because the infernus has been the fastest car for so long

4.brand new guns and guns from all the other gta games

5.chooseable houses

6.should be on ps3 and xbox 360 but if we are lucky there should be a ps4 or xbox 720

Like on GTA: SA. Random gangs or mafias should just do a random drive-by to civilians and the player.

And also.. Random people getting arrested from police more often and when you follow the car, they will eventually stop at a police station and take the prisioner(s) inside.

Make then next game the same as GTA IV but with all weapons(+one more set of weapons) from TBOGT & TLAD, add vehicles from TLAD & TBOGT(+12 more).Larger storyline. All minigames should be introduced in main storyline. Friends should be more valuable so you can call them to help on a mission and also there should be hotter girlfriends not addicted to anything. You should have your own online page like facebook which you can customize. The PC should play a bigger role. You need to have program like skype. More myths true and just glitches. Plane should return. And real estate agency.OmagaSpruz 12:14, May 14, 2010 (UTC)

For story R* might try making a female protoganist. Making her powerful for know reason would be stupid so she might be a a female boxer champion who where a policeman so she knows how to use guns. Making a female protoganist would involve making accent on her nighlife and a bit less action.

Most probably the protoganist should be Packie when he gets to vice city and when i say to vice city i mean it. They could leave San Andreas for the Grand Finale with many characters and giant story in the end of GTA IV era. I dont believe gta 4 era ends with only one city. So the protagonist gets there to vice city but he loses his money and wastes time to get the money back. He then brings poor irish people and gets new Irish mafia. He puts his second hand in charge kills the antoganist and says that he will soon be traveling Back to lIberty city because he should bring the irish back to power with his new powers. You know gerry cant take anymore care on the mob he is arrested. They should also add phone calls to know how thing are going in Liberty city.OmagaSpruz 21:23, May 14, 2010 (UTC)

San Andreas with a new plot, protagonist (maybe a woman for a change, or a mobster) and combat/physics. Basically, an updated GTAIV engine with all the customisable options, fun items and fun cheats on a graphically enhanced, larger scaled San Andreas. SA was one of the best games of last-gen, why not bring it back? (Also set in 2008-10, almost 20 years after CJ's events.) Fopp69 21:40, May 15, 2010 (UTC)

Also shooting from parachutes(awesomeness)

better multiplayer organization

Co-op Missions Mike77788

Planes, more helicoptors, backpacks, LOTS of clothing to choose from like hats gloves shirts jackets fancy clothes pants jeans and NOT just 2 head accesories and like 10 shirts/pants, a lot more stores and places to visit, dance clubs, more weapons, regular Ammu-Nation shops again, tanks!, maybe 3 street race missions and 4 real racing missions that are optional with infinite races that you can compete in as a side quest, a map like San Andreas or even IN San Andreas again like with forests deserts and stuff, cities and country ya know?, and i also want the jetpack again and the heat seeking rocket launcher, oh and also a character that you can customize the facial and body features too cause i'm tired of all the un-wanted features in faces, i want to make a character that looks like me almost. RockStar better be reading this too! Riond55

I think being able to fly to other cities(vice city, san adreas & liberty city) would be a cool thing for GTA 5 to have and the people who want planes will have them and they wont just have fly around 1 city they can go to vice city,liberty city, or San Andreas. people might think its dumb, but think about it.GTA M4ST3R 00:19, May 16, 2010 (UTC) GTA M4ST3R

They should expand the in-game Internet and have more shows that are parodies of real-life shows on TV. Also, they should bring back San Andreas' wide range of weapons, especially the silenced 9mm pistol. The radio soundtrack should also include hits that people know like a lot...pop hits, R&B, dance, Billboard chart-toppers. --Deep Sky (talk /contribs/email)

in gta 5 they should bring back the hydra military jet, and should have a wide selection of planes,cars,boats jobs etc... and have new storylines about each character, carl, tommy, toni, claude, niko ETC.. and take place in each city, san andreas, liberty city, vice city and maybe a new city. and atleast have diffrent types of land to explore like san andreas did. gta 5 should also have a cockpit view of all vehicles, and be able to enter every building in the game, and have couple different buyable mansions. and in gta5 they should bring back the private jets and have a cockpit view inside and you should be able to walk around inside and drink and chill and have passengers, and have other pilots fly while you chill. gta5 should also bring back the AT-400 jumbo jet and have a cockpit view. rockstar games should add bigfoot and leatherface and ghosts an paranormal stuff etc... officially to gta 5.

These are what i think rockstar games should add to gta5:

1. hydra military jet, hunter attack helicopter, AT-400 jumbo jet, dodo plane, stuntplane, maverick helicopter, maybe even the air wolf 80s tv series military top secret helicopter, and the shamel private jet.

2. all cars and newer ones from the grand theft auto series.

3.all cities from the gta series and only able to fly there.

4. all gta series characters with diffrent story lines.

5.all boats and new ones from the whole gta series. to enter all buildings and have the capability to use powerful explosives and totally blow them up for a while then days later automaticaly come back because they were obviously re-built.


I have a whole bunch of new ideas for GTA 5. So first i'm going to start with making GTA like how real life is now etc: accesible planes and more buildings, places & islands, real police, fire, ambulance, army & normal civillian responses & actions. bring back modding shops for cars & bikes, clothes, jewarally, phones, your own bank, houses, loan sharks, pawn shops, normal grocerys, fast food & restaurants and more but obvisouly the writers will think off that. bascially put gta 3, vice city, san andreas, IV & saints row 2 & getaway together and you can make an amazing real time & life game out of that and if you make a game that is like a real time based life then people are going to buy it and want to play it because its obvisouly going to be cool c'mon people 21 century now i think this is the step the director & producers of this game should take. i know alot of people look at gta as a very discriminating, violent, bad language, nudity, racism game but its fun aslong as it aint use outside in the real world then its fine

I think they should make it possible to choose between all three protagonists from the GTA IV era (Niko, Johnny, and Luis) and make them each have a differn't storyline after they moved to a new city (Themed about Chicago) they should also make a lot more SUV's and Luxury cars and bring back the ability to mod cars, another thing they should bring back are taxi missions, and they should make many more building exteriors, the last thing they should bring back is clothing chains and add specific companys such as sunglasses, hats, and shoesZoo3891

Bring back the Hunter, but make it two seats, have flare dispensers and have it be a Longbow, with a 30mm machine gun with explosive rounds, Hellfire missiles, and flechette rockets. Also, bring back the Hydra, complete with rockets, flares, and a 25mm machine gun. There should be rocket launchers with lock on capabilities, like the Stinger. But pilots would be able to deploy flares to avoid being shot down. And GTA needs destructible environments, propagating fire effects, etc. I mean, can you imagine having the Empire State building collapse in multiplayer because of about 10 Longbows and 5 Harriers? Or throwing a Molotov into Burger Shot and watching it spread across the street, to the apartment building?DrWeird117

Or, screw the 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s. Try the 20s, 30s, and 40s!~~

Updated from my other suggestion: The protagonist should be an Italian mobster and be able to travel from Liberty City to Vice City to San Andreas. Dual Wielding should be back and mod garages should be back. They should also let you mod motorcycles, police cars, etc. in them. The protagonist should be fully customizable and stats should return. Also, you should be able to buy houses and businesses again to do extra missions. Planes should come back as well. More melee weapons and the "heavy" weapons like the minigun and flamethrower should return. Bring bicycles back and the skateboard, which was a beta weapon/vehicle in San Andreas. There should be all the biker weapons from TLAD, too. For cheats, there should be the infinite ammo/health cheat and the "look like ____" cheats. And make the game longer.Crashistheboss

Oh yeah, and make the protagonist be able to interact with Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson and Niko Bellic in their respective cities and get missions from them.Crashistheboss

gta 5 should be called grand theft auto V vice city: corrupt vacations


January 19, 1994

carl johnson: with all this money and buisness's i own, im going to vice city. "(CJ reading the vice city motto)" welcome to vice city, dont expect to leave alive! what the f***! this city is f***ed up!

thats what protagonist carl johnson (CJ) should say at the beginning

this is what it should say on the back cover: carl johnson (CJ) has hured rumors but doesnt know fully how bad and corrupt vice city has became, it has nearly as bad of a reputation and motto as liberty city, liberty city motto:"welcome to liberty city, worst place in america!" Vice city is flooded with gangs from all over the country and 85% have a problem with carl johnson going to vice city. He will have to kill, steal, and bertray just to LEAVE VICE CITY ALIVE!

what i have to say: i think carl johnson should return as the protagonist accept in vice city. i hope somehow they make something simular.

Tinasian 03:21, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

ok my suggestion is to have new shops, like in gta sa planes, customizeable caracters and all that plus a new view (i forgot the name for it) its the view from halo for walking (u can still change to classic view) and a new view for the car the cars cockpit so u see gauges and stearing wheel and u can look around in it so u can use the mirriors and what notSuffering civil 05:58, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

have it set in austraila instead of usa for once but have the abilty to fly back to the usa and all that have it so u live the life of and person from the age of 20 and they age in game and add a new view so u see though there eyes the abilty to buy penthouses and customize it with helipads and garges and all that aswell as the abilty to buy vehciles it would add more use to money cause it sa when u brought everything in the game u had that much cash u didnt know what to do with it the abilty so grow buy and then sell drugs as well as get addicted to drugs and u can stash cash wepons and drugs in ur house like in secret compartments wall safes u hide with pictures and the abilty to get a criminal record when u do crimes and get busted u can live in prison start roits and then escape start a gang all in prison and when u get out and ur members u take it to the streets and start gang wars with the mafia and all that id think that would be nice as well as the abilty to go to uni and get some degrees and then open and run a bussiness and then use that as a front for ur drug empire carry only about 4 wepons a pistol witch u hide in ur jacket top and what not or on the leg a knife hiddin in the same place then one other big wepon like a shotgun or machine gun or evan a rpg on ur back as well AS IN THE TRUNK OF UR CAR u could even hide dead bodies in the trunk and take hostages and kiddnap people put in the back of a van or trunk of a car to get cash Suffering civil 06:39, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

THEATER MODE!!!!!! NOW!!!!!/ H8whynter

This time, GTA 5 must be a complete world, with all(each and EVERY city there is) the cities in the world.We must be able to put up trades and businesses in other countries. we should be able to join other jobs such as military, etc. We must be able to become a citizen of other countries. It must have a longer storyline. It must be more realistic, like fueling your vehicle, being able to go to bathroom, being able to bath, show visible scars on the body, etc. etc.It must have the 3 major cities ie. San Andreas, Vice City, Libery City, etc. but it must feature the complete globe. This is as much as I, being a Techie, could say.

By Hiroshi Takashi.Carlnic

How about you make it so that you get fined if cops catch you speeding and lose a portion of your money and if you get 5 consecutive fines, you get busted

Make the police cars look exactly like 1998-2010 Ford Crown Victorias exept the Ford" logo is replaced with the "Vapid" logo (do the same with the taxi and make a standard civilian version called "Premier" like in San Andreas)

Make the car interiors more realistic

Bring back Taxi Driver, Vigilante, Paramedic, Firefighter, Burgler,and Pimp side missions.

Make the next phone a Sumo smartphone that resembles an iPhone

Make more accessable buildings (eg Hospital, Police Station etc.)

Make the ambulance have a Vapid Steed chassis

Make the Rancher look more like a Ford Bronco

Bring back the Yosemite and make it look like a 1999-2003 Chevy Silverado 1500

Make the Cavalcade look more like a 2007-present Caddilac Escalade

Bring back mod garages like TransFender

Make a parody of Best Buy and call it OK Price

Bring back Well Stacked Pizza and Pizza Face

Make Pizza Face accessable

Bring back Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts and make it accessable

Make FunCola vending machines to go alongside Sprunk

Make it so you have a choice of what you want to drink instead of just being randomly picked

Make a parody of McDonalds

Bring back the Blista and make it look more like a 1995-2001 Dodge Caravan and give it a sliding door on one side like most 1990s minivans

Make the car washes usable

Bring back AM, Going, and Gasso and make it so they serve significant purpose in the game

Bring back the car crushers and have them give you prizes like in GTA2

Make arcade games usable like in GTA San Andreas

Put a usable game system in the safehouse and make it look like a PS3 or XBOX 360

Make Gasso simaler to an ARCO but keep the circle logo from San Andreas

Make a Shopping Mall with ZIP, Vinyl Countdown, and Burger Shot

Use the car name and location font from GTA3

Bring back brands from GTA3 like Stalker's, Squid, Sumo, Taico, ITE, MNKY, and more.

Make Stalker's potato chips avalible in snack machines

Make Pissh beer (GTA San Andreas) drinkable

Make 24/7 stores look more like 7 Eleven stores

I'd like the customization to be Saints Row 2-esque, maybe not changing your race or sex but choosing whether you're fat or skinny, muscular or weak, etc. And make clothes purchasing like Saints Row 2, you can choose the clothing item, adjust the logo and colour, and THEN buy it, so you can essentially wear whatever you want. CAPTAINMSKII 16:55, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

gta 5 should have numerous mod garages for all cars and they should have it where if you dont have enough money to bail out of jail then youll either have to pay them back or youll go to court or youll have to sit in a jail and maybe find away to bust out.

they should also bring back the AT-400 plane and this time be able to walk in the airport and buy tickets to be a passenger in the plane and either to fly to a diffrent part of the city or possiably to a totally diffrent city. they should bring back the jester and make it just like the fast and the furious one, and have all the rest of the designs from the movie too. and another huge plane to be able to be a passenger in or fly is the andromada. even the hydra and maybe other fighter jets should be in gta5 because that was my favorite plane in the hole gta series. they should also bring back the hunter accept not like the one in san andreas but the one like in gta vice city stories, that was my favorite model. they should even bring back the annihilator. it definetely needs parachutes in gta5 and it needs to have a longer storyline, atleast nearly 500 missions you should also should be able to create your own missions because i have quiet an imagination when it comes to gta. and be able to put furniture tv's and maybe a way to connect your reallife internet to the game computer in gta5 and go on the internet in the game. also one more thing, you should be able to customize yourself with a huge selection of clothes and shoes and sunglasses ETC...

Have bullets go through certain walls, a la Call of Duty. In aircraft(specifically the Longbow version of the Hunter) gunner seats, you can change view to either 3rd person, looking out the cockpit in 1st person, or an interactive gunner's view where you can fire the M230 machine gun with explosive rounds. DrWeird117 DrWeird117

they should add a multiplayer mode where you fight cops instead of going in free mode and having noobs kill you by running you over

make it be in the caribean and having you have to flying into diffrent islands where you have to control territory and NOT TO HAVE COSTUMIZABLE STUFF AND NO TIME TAKING FETURES HAIR GROWING STUFF LIKE THAT IT A WASTE OF TIME


make things like adding armour to your car or adding wepons

having poeple help you fight like in gang wars in tlad

Make GTA V so that you can choose the color of the car when you are using the Pay N' Spray(like when you get a color you just can't stand and then you keep on going in just to get a different,more cool color but a the same time your wasting money

Also have a "Make all Things Free" cheat so you dont have to spend money

Make the protagonist be like Claude,Luis,and Tommy combined so the will be the"King of All GTA's"

Please add Sand storm, thunder storm, hail storm, snow, earthquake, tornadoes, tsunami, volcanoes, summer, spring, eclipse, mountains, hills, jetpack. tanks, train, gangs, big map, animals hunting, waterfall etc.

On GTA 5, you should be able to go in more buildings. Wiki54

Definitely Niko should come back as a protagonist in SA with Packie, which seems to be leaving liberty city in ending creditJoseph207

[Super GT]new SUVs Should be called Jalapeño,poblano and other chilli names

1) Pets or just animals on the streets 2) the ability to enter any house you want 3) have family (mother,father,brother,sister,wife,kids) and go into their houses drink some coffee or something 4) Find a job (if you want) 5) Desert, Jungle, Antarctica (indians,arabs, zulu,eskimo etc)GreekChaosman

There should definatley be a better way to keep track of owned vehicles. Almost all of the time in GTA IV after a misson you'r vehicle woulnd'nt be there when your done. They should make a system like in Saints Row where when u get a vehicle in a parking spot or garage, you will always have access to it, even if it blows up or lose it in the city.Josef Bellic 22:51, May 17, 2010 (UTC)

I think that there should be a better way to keep track of vehicles like in Saints Row. After most missions in GTA IV, someone would take your vehicle away or it would just be gone afterwards. If you put your vehicle in a garage or parking spot, then it should always be accesible regardless of wheather or not it gets destroyed or lost in the city.Josef Bellic 23:17, May 17, 2010 (UTC)

Have a backpack so you can carry your guns instead of them coming out of your clothes.Be able to change the color of clothes and get anytype of gloves like fingerless gloves to make the thug look. And make the character a big badass looking guy like maybe another biker or sumthing.

  • Bring back planes, I am sure every1 else on this will agree, I miss having the ability to drive to an airport and pick up a plane and then the challenge of trying to land the thing without fire. Aswell as more hidden cars (rare). San andreas had to be the most detailed of the GTA sequels, I mean Haircuts, Tattoos, Jetpacks , Bicycles etc. Bring back San Andreas with GTA IV graphics!!Chrisiscool15
We should get a steady job and get promotions, like being a police and promoting to a member of FIB so we could cover up some of our crimes or even becoming a mayor. More interactive buildings and buying houses/shops would be good too Pyromaniac88
  • I Want back airplanes and Jets and weapons as chainsaws and flamethrowers etc. I also want the next Gta game to be in San Andreas, Vice City or maybe in a new city. Not in Liberty city. GtaGamer GtaGamer
  • No more of this "San Andreas" stuff. I bet most of you don't know that it's a state rather than a city. Just have Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas each have their own games, so that the cities are going to be much more detailed and we can leave out that useless countryside. -- Master Sima Yi 16:07, May 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • If it would be in san andreas make one big city With few mountains where vinewood is going to be. OmagaSpruz 16:15, May 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think we definately need parachutes and houses with pools i think Niko should be protagonist again
  • I want an imporoved cellphone so that you can call commercials and random numbers. Maybe even prankcall people. The they need to fix the "edges" like when the road turns it isnt round and that takes away the realistic feeling a little. Then as i have read in a previous post that they need to take advantage of the blu-ray for the ps3. This whould give opportunities that was never even possible to achive. Like bigger maps (worlds), textures, cars, AI, motions, weapons. How they will fix it on the Xbox360 part is Microsofts problem... Plo435

* Add more construction vechiles, like more construction/mining machines, O&K shovels, Caterpillar crawler dozers, dump trucks, Crawler cranes, scoop loaders, scrapers, etc. Dukes21
  • Also Add more Trains in GTA V, mixed freight trains, stack trains, Amtrak like trains, monorail/NYC subway like addition to Los Santos, Include a Real Train company complete with different locomotives, Commuter trains, Autoracks, include a mission to infiltrate a train yard use a container crane, etc. Dukes21
  • I would like GTA 5 to be an updated version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but taking place now, in the 21st Century with the availibility to travel to Liberty City (using a plane or buying a ticket). Either that, or to make it extreme: make it possible to travel around Vice City, the State of San Andreas and Liberty City at will. GTA Cop
*Have a useable games console and have it a PS3 on the PS3 version and the 360 on the 360 version
  • As I said earlier; I want GTA 5 to take place in the entire GTA World, including all GTA cities. Though, I would also LOVE a GTA Sweden (taking place in Stockholm or something), since I am Swedish myself, hehe :) GTA Cop
  • Make it T for Teen because I HATE it when you have to show your license to buy a M-rated game at GAMESTOP
  • Make it have EASY ACHIEVEMENTS *if it's available for XBOX 360)
  • For the first time in GTA series make a female protaganist lik a brave girl who is better than most male protaganists like Luis Lopez and Niko Bellic plus careers and skills like someone said and more cars plus ones from GTAIV like gracies feltzer and nightclubs bring back nightclubs. Also more radio stations like vibe and jnr als more safehouses and enterable buildings make people buy safehouses like houses and mansions and apartments and penthouses too.Masonette 9Rocks!!!!
* planes should be brought back, and more side missions like being a bus driver or a pilot etc. the player should have the opportunity to get a job and have a family with children etc. there should be more buildings to enter and more shops to buy things from. the player should also be able to customize their house. more vehicles should be added like a double decker bus, army vehicles should be brought back, trailers should be able to hook onto trucks, more styles of trucks should also be added to the game, tractors and other farm vehicles and trains should be drivable again. the map needs to be a lot bigger with different terrains so it isnt just all roads, add deserts and forests etc like on san andreas. being able to fly to other large cities like liberty city or vice city would also be a good idea. Shawy
  • vehicles should have a certain amount of fuel so they will need to be refiled,planes, army vehicles, double decker bus,stretch hummers, trailers that can hook onto trucks, different styles of trucks and drivable trains should be added. an extremely large map with a few airports, the ability to travel back to liberty city or vice city. the player should be able to customize their house and have a family with a wife and kids. the ability to get a job (the story line could change depending on your job) or find another way to get cash. it should be a lot like the sims. Shawy 10:59, May 20, 2010 (UTC) shawy Shawy
  • Make the protagonist to be AN AMERICAN PERSON!! No more Immigrants. ANd please White skin complex...
    Not that I'm racist or anything , but still back the white protagonists
  • i dont mean this in a perverted way but add children because its a bit wierd a full city of adults no minors J1BBA J4BBA
  • GTA V should act like a reunion in both gta 3 and 4 era..., with a new protagonist that works for all the late protagonists...
  • also include uber fun new features like club managing in TBoGT ,vehicle friend spawn, car gun dealers and all of the features in all the gta games
  • I would say that Rockstar should create a wider range of clothing stores and gun stores. Also they should bring back the "pimping garages" like in gta sa. Oh, and just one more suggestion. Dont' make the main character an immigrant. Seriously gta 4 was an upset because the plot was a man from either the Balkans or near Ukraine coming to America and then becoming the richest man to ever live from his entire family timeline!!! Seriously come on gta sa was amazing because you where a gangster from the hood who becomes rich from doing all sorts of jobs and taking revenge on family murders. That sounds better than hunting down a gay guy and a junkie for something that happened in the war!
*Make it more like an RPG like GTA SA (my favorite) have car modding, maybe a way to mod helicopters and planes so you can have your own private jet and maybe even a way to make your own cars helicopters trucks every thing but make it so you have to pay more then just modding a car.OX--chuckPS3
  • they should defininetly bring back the hydra and the swat tank too. you should be able to enter every viewable building and fly every plane"they should have several big planes about the size of the obtainable ones in gta vcs vc and gta lcs and 3". It should also have one of the previous protagonists in the gta III era like carl (CJ),tommy vercetti, toni cipriani ETC... or even have where somehow victor vance didnt die and him as the protagonist. But whenever and wherever rockstar games decides to have it, it should bring back some of the gta III era characters, like ken rosenburg, definetly mike toreno with james woods playing as the voice, and the truth and phil collins ETC... and rockstar games should make it official rather the gta III era characters died in the past or not, because thouse easter eggs piss gta III era fans off inluding me, IS THE EASTER EGGS BULLSHIT OR NOT.

Tinasian 01:34, May 21, 2010 (UTC) and Nate

  • I met unobtainable ones

Tinasian 01:37, May 21, 2010 (UTC) and Nate

  • I totally hate what User:master si mu yi whatever the f*** his name is has to say, San Andreas ROCKS whoever disagrees like user:master Hater SUCKS!


  • And yah i do know san andreas is a state DUH!


  • Get rid of having to always take your friends out. I got sick of hearing Roman demanding to go see "beeg american teetees" the 3rd time he called. It's just annoying. LollipopIsland
  • Ohhh, so many suggestions. Well I think they should make it so the setting of the game goes along with the time setting on your PS3/X-Box like if it's October 31st on your PS3 then the game should be set at Halloween and stuff and same with Christmas and all the other holidays. Maybe redo Anywhere City and make it in like 2030 or something, set wayyy in the future with cars that hover above the ground and stuff or do a whole new city, just no more Liberty City since it's been in the last 4 games. If not Anywhere City my second choice would be in Los Santos and you could be able to join any gang you want (Bloods and Crips parodies), maybe add songs on your PS3/X-Box to your custom playlist on GTA, bad ass fighting moves like from Vice City Stories. Get more gangsta with the drive-by's like use more weapons like shotguns, or stop by someone, call them to your car to ask for directions or something and when you're ready just blast them and drive off, bring back the skills, lifting weights, getting fat, skinny, all that stuff, bring back odd jobs but have a check-point after each level instead of every 5 or just starting at level 1 again, 2 player like in San Andreas, maybe even co-op in story mode, cars could have a fuel meter but it'd get annoying driving around then all of a sudden the car dies cuz it needs gas especially if you're running from the cops. Bring back girlfriends but you get outfits or something when you get 100%, buy more assets and do missions for them like in Vice City, also a shorter storyline, in my opinion it was kinda too long in GTA 4 and San Andreas, do more of a length like Vice City's storyline. Bring back mod garages for certain cars like Loco Low Co, Transfenders, and Wheel Arch Angels, have an option of where to park the car either outside your safe house or in the garage where it has less a risk of being jacked and it can be fixed like in older games. Addition to joining a gang you could have the option to make your own gang, choose their colors or how you want them to look, choose the type of cars they drive, bringing back graffiti would be nice but instead of making it like the hidden packages make it so you can spray anything anywhere like write your name on the wall, and like in The Warriors when you spray someone in the face it leaves the paint on their face. As far as little kids, more detailed sex, and more violence/blood I think Rockstar needs to set a limit so they won't have another A rating like on the original San Andreas game. More melee weapons would be nice though, hammer, chainsaw, screw driver, and ofcourse a pocket knife and bring back the animation where you slit their throat from SA. It'd be cool to go inside a high school too, pretend to be a student and sit at a desk, go in a class room and piss the teacher off, more fun stuff to do. Ofcourse the full customization would be nice like hair, tattoos, clothing stores but more options like you can wear more than one type of item like put on a shirt then a jacket that goes over it (unzipped to still reveal the shirt ofcourse) when searching for the hidden packages/pigeons/gang tags or whatever pelase do not make over 100, searching for 200 pigeons in GTA 4 was just a little much, also that feature in Chinatown Wars where you ram the cops into a wall and total their car to help lower the wanted level would be nice. Maybe choose different protagonist, they could all be friends and all have something to do with the story but you choose which one you be when you free roam or to do a mission, but if so make it like 2-3 different people, if not one protagonist is still good, but if they go with that idea make a male or 2 and one of them a female.Well, that's finally the end. Gangstafan187
  • For gta 5, i would like a MASSIVE map, just like test drive unlimited consisting of at least 300 miles and if you go on long trips and you can save at truckstops.
  • set in other countries other than USA like UK, spain or germany.
  • multiple years in the game like first part: 1979, second part: 2013.
  • a massive selection of vehicles including planes and trains.
  • types of trains like freight trains, high speed trains and local trains.
  • ability to customize your homes like in saints row but better.
  • probably create your own character.
  • interactive environment (e.g. opening boot (trunk) or pressing switches to activate certain things.)
  • destructive environment (like buildings get dented hard if you shoot a rocket launcher at it)
  • probably ability to start your own gang.
  • dashboard view of car.
  • more realism.
  • improved car modding.
  • easier to get money (it was really difficult to get money after completing the story in gta 4)
  • i personally think that rockstar shoud add some new concepts to its open world dimentions and only ROCKSTAR is capable of doing it. firstly they should bring CJ back as he had provided a different class of entertainment with his amazing talents and simple dailylife humor while doing impossible thinks. i loved his attitude to do it all and wanting to do it all. rockstar should introduce a new concept of CJ IN SPACE. i know that this sounds impossible but think of it. first CJ is trained to go to space using a very low budget launch in which he has to go and destroy an enemy satellite which is monitoring one of his allys factory or something ,isnt it a great idea. i mean imagine he if first tested for gravity (like the flying school in gta san andreas), then he is taken to a desert area where he is put in a bullet car to test his reaction at mach1 speeds (and the car should be available for cj to drive anytime he he he) .then the rotator testing and the underwater testing. i think that it is possible for rockstar to be able to create a rocket launch graphics and inside rocket graphics showing the rocket moving by a window and also different stages of rockets and the view upon entering space and seeing various stars and the moon if possible landing on the moon and international space stations can be also added. all this can be done using ps3 and 360 graphics but will take a lot of time and manpower. there is no need to show aliens only this will do a world of good to this amazing open world game . thet should also make details in water by adding submarines and waterlife. afterall 50% of gta map is almost always water os time to put some detailing into it. ITS TIME TO MAKE THE OPEN WORLD REALLY OPEN. just imagine what cj will say upon hearing that he has to train to become an astronaut and come out in open space to destroy a enemy satelite. AH SHITTTT///////////////' priceless lol Shitij99
  • It wold be nice if like you got hit by a car and you dont just get up and go along with it. You must feel pain. And it will be cool if you got hit badly to break something like a leg or a hand. If there is someone about he will call the ambulance. Also you have to have a heart rate. If your heart rate is low you should pass out. If the ambulance comes before that they will try to heal your wounds. The greater they are the longer it would take. Preslavb
  • NIKO BELLIC!!!!!!!!! he was my favorite character in the series please bring him back
  • More and better girlfriends there were only four girlfriends and they looked ************** they make the lolipop girl and then she isnt even in the game whould be better then kate and michele together and make them like more rich stuff not shity stuff, better one good girlfriend then milion old grandma's also maybe put something like you can chose after a date eather censored love or normal one, less work for people making mod's PcGameExpert
  • An ability to choose which color your car will be when you come out the Pay 'n' Spray. It's annoying to keep driving the car back in there again and again to get the color I want. Crashnburner187
  • The protagonist is a Jamaican man who just got off a boat in Vice City. Have the ability to sell drugs (ex. cocaine, marijuana, meth, heroin, etc.). Have ability to go to barber shops, tattoo parlors, change clothes, BUY cars. Also his friend came along with him named Damian but he's Haitian. Most missions Damian comes along with the protagonist. It takes place either the late '90's or early 2000's. Tommy Vercetti comes back in the game, the player can do missions for him and his gang. Also, every good game has to have a woman. The protagonist's 'love' interest is a Puerto Rican cocaine-addict named Maria that the protagonist saves from a bunch of Cuban thugs trying to rob her. Bring back all the vehicles from SA and IV. The protagonist speaks in lyaric (there will be subtitles). Only a few people can understand the protagonist, (ex: Maria (oddly), most Haitians.) Damian is usually with him so he translates most of what he says. But sometimes he isn't there so it's difficult for NPC's to know what he's saying. Has ability to pick which 'side' the protagonist is on. A lot of times the protagonist gets set up, and oddly Damian is never there to witness it. Later in the game, the protagonist realizes Damian has been trying to kill him. At the end of the game the protagonist has to either kill Damian or leave Vice City forever. There will be guns like the AK-47, Glock and Beretta 92 (optional: suppressed), AR-15, Uzi, Sawn-off Shotgun, Ithaca 37, Colt Python, HK33, M16A1 (optional: grenade launcher), RPG-7 (of course), Remington 870, SAW, PSG-1, Grenade launcher, M72 LAW, and more.Mynameiscool
  • Make it a MMO. Have co-op, joinable gangs, gang wars with mates, side missions, car modding, planes and maybe even set it in Vice City or San Andreas. Crashnburner187
  • Story-- I know rockstar can come up with a story line, there not idiots but i think for a charecter they could kind of go with what they did in red dead redemeption where the main charecter was left for dead by the gang and seeks revenge.
  • Weapons-- would like to have silenced weapons and chain guns, flame thrower, hell mambee even throwing knives (bring back the cool weapons) make it so you have to have a good reputation to by from the gun dealers
  • Vehicles-- BRING BACK THE PLANES!!!!! more weird vehicles like the hovercraft in san andreas and the go-cart (monster truck, trailers for semis, make them customizable again, more beaters, more car based side jobs, MAKE THE MOTORCYCLES CUSTOMIZABLE)
  • City-- i dont care where it is as long as its big.
  • Environment-- more people, the cops should react with more force and be harder to get away from just make the police more realistic and make it so you can pay them off for some missions. more clothing outlets, you should be able to go into more of the houses and buildings and public places none of the fake windows and solid building and you should be able to break into them. and you should be able to buy houses again. maybe, since its going to be in vice city which is based on miami you could have a perody of the bermuda triangle lik area 69 in san andreas.Reddeadredemption
  • Start off in jail or prison or have a jail or prison mission. For example, perhaps at the start of the game, the tutorial for fighting could be a prison fight in the yard, then maybe a prison riot in which you escape (or you are released if that doesn't go to well). Also, (already said CHARACTER CUSTOMISATION ), i enjoy having buddies, bank heists, and please not the typical GTA story (or atleast change it abit) when your friends or doing missions for someone, and then they stab you in the back (unless they leave you for dead, which i think would be a really gripping story) - MrFrizk
  • they should make it take place before the events in gta san andreas, and have carl johnson as the protagonist in at least the year 1990 or under. they mentoin carl johnson in liberty city in the beggining of san andreas regulary so thats why it should take place in liberty city. tthey shoul not only make it for the newer game systems but they should make it for ps2 and xbox and why not psp.

does rockstar games even read this stuff i hope so

  • You Should be able to mod police cars,like drive a infernus into a garage and be able to put flashing lights/sirens on it
  • You should be able to choose your colour in multiplayer,(colour of icon)
  • Have more places like happiness island,and the yacht
  • Be Able to buy houses/businesses,(like in vice city/san andreas )
  • More aircraft,helicopters with guns,big planes (like the san andreas hidden vehicle the Andromeda)
  • Own a big place to store things,(weapons,cars ,bikes,planes/helicopters)
  • Have mulitplayer
  • More weapons
  • V in San Andreas. the story should be like sa, where your a gang member, in 5 u should be a guy whos just joined a gang and trying to make his up the ranks, and at the end you kill the rival gangs leader and you become the leader of your gang Westy01
  • GTA 5 should have a huge map like San Andreas. You should also be able to break into houses and major buildings, be able to rob stores and mug people, make some really cool cheats like flying and superpowers and stuff,have a wide variety of clothes to buy, be able to buy houses and buildings, be able to blow up houses and chunks of buildings, dive underwater, they should also put in the possibility of learning how to do MMA, free running (with tricks like backflips, front flips, etc.), BMX, Skateboarding, other extreme sports, and be able to compete in side missions of these sports. Adrionic
  • JUST BRING BACK THE PLANES AND HELICOPTERS AND THE GAME WILL BE ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Tinasian 21:15, May 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • Gta 5 should have every helicopter and plane from the whole gta series, and be able to buy your own planes, helicopters,cars, and houses or condos, mansions ETC... But bring back the gta III era characters with a story line in each city, so they should expand the gta5 map and have the ability to fly to each main gta city like liberty city, vice city, and definetly San Andreas and maybe a new city. you know how in gta san andreas you can fly above water and it never ends it should be like that accept after about 30 minutes in realtime of fling over water a diffrent city should appear like the ones i just mentioned like vice city liberty city ETC...

nate and Tinasian 21:29, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

  • A car that looks like a 1979 Ford Ranchero and call it the DallasHangman'sJoke
  • A car that resembles a BMW Z3 Roadster and have a choice between convertable and coupe and name it the Raptor Hangman'sJoke
  • have the police cruiser and the taxi as a Ford InterceptorHangman'sJoke call it the Steeler as a civilian car
  • have a car that looks like a 1966 Ford Fairline and call it the Hawk Hangman'sJoke
  • a truck that resembles a Ford F2-50 and call it the Challenger GTHangman'sJoke
  • a truck that resembles a 1992-1996 Ford F150 call it the TaurusHangman'sJoke
  • Have a car dealership that you can actually buy cars from like in Chinatown WarsHangman'sJoke
  • Have the Cavalcade a new 2009 Cadillac Escalade and have it more rare the cavalcade is so commonHangman'sJoke
  • I think we should have the choice to choose a job, or apply for one, for example say you wanted to work for the Fire Department, you would have to call them and schedule an appointment and go to it, and then every question they ask, you have 3 or so different replies, so if you move the left stick up and to the right, it will select "No" or something like that, then if you get hired you have to go to it, so basically you get to choose good or bad sides. Duk sez quak
  • more realistic police chases at 3 stars. helicopters outrun your cars and roadblocks every once in a while. and make the police helicopters not have anything or anyone to shoot you until u have 4-5 stars where it leaves and an attack heli chases insteadIAMLEEROY

  • I'd like to see random, small-time incidents occur, that you can intervene in. For example, an old lady getting her purse stolen, a fire, a carjacking, stopping a drunk driver, etc, that has an effect on gameplay (see next section.)
  • Based on what / how you do in missions in free roam, the environment should change. If you're a bad person, mercilessly killing everyone you see, stealing cars, not intervening in random incidents (see above), pedestrians will run away, you will get wanted stars more easily, the weather is more "depressing", even down to things costing more or stores being closed altogther. Whereas if you're more of a good person, the weather will be better, people respond positively to you, even the cops overlook small crimes you commit. Overall, your actions determine the "mood" of the city around you. Your actions could also play a role in who your friends are and how they act. CAPTAINMSKII
  • Make the characters more customizable, make it so you can gain Military or SWAT gear and outfits. The ak47 should be replaced by a more modern AKM variant, more cool looking cars Notanaeverage
  • You should be able to rent your house if you dont have enough to buy it. You should also be able to own a business like in vice city stories. Let the story take place during niko's time in europe or act as packie. To act as packie i mean to find out where he goes off to at the end of tbogt. That would be beautiful. Your ideas our great. Dont really like the one of the samoan guy. The getting out of jail is cool.
  • It should include a part where you play as a beat cop/detective, it will be like the vigilante modes but you will be in a uniform and you can pull over cars and either give them tickets based on whatever crime you say they commit or search their person/car, search people, respond to calls, arrest criminals, and you can pick what cop you are out of certain pre-set models and you can pick what car you have and if you want a partner or not. If anyone has ever played the LCPD First Response Mod or seen it on youtube, it will work similarly to that. There are not a lot of games that do this sort of thing and I think it would be cool on a game like grand theft auto, even thought the objective of the game is to break the law, it would be a really cool mode.Crosstown traffic
* just recreat san andreas which uses the same game engine as gta iv Zaland.yousafzai
  • GTA IV was such a big disappointment, that i want something old back. I want it to be in VC in 1990 or somewhere in 1980, because i want Claude of GTAIII to work for Thomas Vercetti, and i want the gangs that are enemies of Claude to come to VC, and Tommy and Claude to fight them. Of course i want VC gangs too. I want San Andreas style graphics, because IV's graphics were the worst in the gaming history! I want Claude to have a family, and to be just a small guy in The Vercetti Family, and he would become the biggest guy of the whole VC. I want SA style turf thing, where you can take over places, and gain respect. I want claude there because he was the first guy in the 3D GTA-games, and in the next GTA after that i want Tommy to be the protagonist. Sounds great, doesn't it? Juicefani11
  • Customisable guns(fire rate, scopes e.t.c), gangs(around 10-15 altogether) that you can join and do missions with(nothing big). More friends/girlfriends to have, make fistfighting more exiting. Also more buildings you can go into + rob. And missions like four leaf clover too :). Jonathan9967
  • Lets have more awesome cars/ buses and driveable trains and grifitti planes jets iphone's customesable vehciles/safehouse yachts cruise lines helipad roofed houses and in london! CJmolotov
  • customizable cars and they should have a choice of combat fighting moves for example you could choose mixed martial art moves or thai boxing moves and other choices Dizziedylan
  • I loved SAN ANDREAS, its the best city. The gta 5 london idea is good but i'd prefer a new made up completley FRESH city in America so you can understand the language. I think you should be a troubled ENGLISHMEN in the city sent by someone to perhaps search and destroy an organisation or a particular person. And like san andreas when you fly to liberty city, you should fly to san andreas and work for CJ because he must return somehow, he's the best gta character.
  • Barbershops must return
  • Better clothes stores, ability to customize clothes
  • Tatoo shops return
  • In the future I would love a twentys style chicargo gameSeveregta
  • Story: After being framed for stealing from a mob family and murdering the LCPD's Commissioner, Francis McReary, Dominic Mason fled to San Andreas and went into hiding in Blueberry. A few years later he received an e-mail from his friend Jake Shiller, the owner of several clubs, bars and casinos in Liberty City. He arrives there a week later by plane and meets Jake at the Francis International Airport. They go to Jakes car and Dominic takes the wheel and tells him to drive to the hospital (the one you can go into in GTA4 on the first island). On the way, Jake explains to Dominic that a new gang called the Bandits are terrorizing the city and raiding all the major businesses for a quick buck. They target Jake mostly because when they arrive, they meet Dominic and Jake's friend Dave Rivers who owns a couple garages and car dealerships in Bohan, Algonquin, and Alderny. He was shot in the arm stomach and both legs during a drive-by while Jake was visiting Dave. Jake wants Dominic to help get rid of the Bandits once and for all. To do this he goes to San Andreas where he meets a newer chapter of The Lost biker gang. While there, he gets involved with a bunch of other things, including helping out the Grove Street families with a couple problems and also gets involved with a mafia family. Eventually he travels to Vice City . There he meets several mob families who he begins to work for and eventually goes back to LC. Dominic's first plan for getting rid of the Bandits is making a deal. He will give them 5 million dollars to leave Liberty City forever. After going to his apartment though, Jake calls Dominic and tells him that the leader of the Bandits just arrived at the airport and is getting ready to leave and head for London. Dominic has only one chance at solving the problem.
  • Endings: There are 4 endings to the game: Good Ending (Kill the leader and make every choice a good-guy sort of choice, like sparing people and stuff) - Dominic pays the Bandits to leave and they agree, but then the next day a huge raid is going on at the WaterSharks boat casino where Jake is holed up. He goes there by speed boat and gets Jake out of the riverboat casino safely. Dominic, Jake, Dave, and everyone else lives
  • Neutral Ending (Kill the Bandits leader and do more bad choices than good, like killing people and stuff) - Exactly 3 days after completing the killing mission, Dominic gets a call from Dave saying that Jakes largest casino, General Green, is being attacked by the remaining Bandits members. As soon as Dominic arrives Dave is fighting off some of the gang's members. They both go into the hotel and eventually come across Jake, but then Dave is shot in the head by a sniper nearby. Jake and Dominic escape and blow up the casino
  • Bad Ending (Pay the Bandits, do all bad choices, and kill more than 500 million people total) - A few days after the Bandits "leave" LC, Dave calls Dominic and tells him that Jake has been murdered and his garage is under attack. Dominic goes there and meets up with Dave. Dave is wounded though and after a small conversation with Dominic, he dies. Dominic escapes and then another mission comes up where Dominic has to kill the gangs leader. Afterwards, he goes to San Andreas and drives up Mt. Chillad and then shoots himself and falls off the edge of the cliff from the top.
  • Other Bad Ending (Kill the leader and do all bad choices) - Dominic gets a call from Jake saying that Dave was killed and that the WaterSharks casino is being raided. Dominic goes there and rescues Jake and is shot moments later. Jake takes Dominic's pistol and kills the assassin. A funeral will take place after any ending if someone dies.
  • Weapons: Small Fire arms - Revolver, auto pistol,, SMG, UZI, Sawed-Off
  • Larger Firearms - AK-47, M16, AA12, Mini-Gun, 12 Gauge, Auto Loader Shotgun
  • Rifles - Hunting Rifle, Combat Sniper, Burst Shot Sniper Rifle
  • Explosive - Molotovs, frags, Grenade Launcher, Heat Seeker, RPG, Explosive Shotgun
  • Melee - Chainsaw, bat, shovel, sword, knife, fire axe, crowbar (the crow bar and axe can unlock special areas and break open crates for money, guns, etc)
  • Clothing (everything is color customizable and you can pick a logo sometimes):
  • Hats - caps, trucker caps, beanies, ski mask,
  • Glasses - sunglasses, reading glasses, square glasses, round glasses, blinds glasses.
  • Necklaces - cross necklace, graffiti necklace, silver chain, gold chain, stop watch, locket
  • Tops - Coats, sweaters, T's (short and long sleeve), hoodies (with hoods you can wear), muscle shirts, Tux (comes with pants and shirt)
  • Bottoms - shorts, jeans, fatigues, sky diving pants, sweat pants
  • Shoes - sneakers, moccasins, boots, snow shoes (for fun)
  • Also add in some duffel bags and school/hiking backpacks, watches, gloves (finger less or fingers or mittens), and other stuff from GTA 4 like those turtle neck suits at Persues, and Parachutes, BRING THOSE BACK
  • Viecles: anything in modern day times, race cars, lots of helicopters and airplanes (including the ones that are used at airports), bring back the car mod garages too and low riders. Also add a tank (regular army one, not an APC tank)
  • Missions: make sure there's over 200 missions (story and side and random people missions), also make sure theres a bunch of epic moments in the important story missions like jumping out of exploding planes with a parachute or something. and a bunch of fire-fights and car chases, racing missions and optional races that appear later
  • Other stuff: put in some really cool multiplayer things and also bring back the regular vigilante, taxi, paramedic, and fire-fighter missions too. Also add a jet-pack and package delivery missions.
  • If anyone else wants to add in, be my freaking guest.Riond55
  • make side missions more rewarding than just achievments and trophys like in vice city stories completing all taxi mission gets you nitrous on taxis and make a helicopter that can carry a lot more people Dizziedylan
  • Have a Police side missions. Basically the LCPD Cop car computers. But instead of the police chasing you for shooting / crashing into them. They help you. More like the gang thing from GTA San Andreas. {{SUBST:nosubst|Template:Signatures/PCWiener}}
  • Introduce some sort of stealth to the gameplay and weapons,so that players have a choice on how to approach a missionPoop copter
  • Please for the love of god, ALLOW us the ability to store our weapons in our house (safehouse) or somewhere else then pick them up at any one of your safehouses. I understand that it wouldn't be realistic to store a gun in one house and then have the same gun back at another house but i seriously have wanted someplace to put my weapons so when i get arrested/hospitalized i wouldn't lose everything. I also do not want to carry a weapon when i got out on the streets sometimes in my games. I just like to drive around and enjoy the game but having the weapons tempts me to do stupid things ;)
  • Make a zombie mode, like you can choose if there are runners(choose 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%),
  • add like a devestated liberty city or a liberty city thats still alive and you choose the first person to infect (so it turns infected over time) and has crashed cars, ambulances, etc.
  • also, make it so u can choose if its headshot only or not.
  • add burning buildings and such
  • groups of survivors (optional also)
  • minigames in this envirmonment as well as free mode
  • i think they should put some new weapons in it. like. alot of weapons. and if you hook up your internet to the PS,XBOX,ect. and make the radio staisons into live radio.
  • You should be able to buy bars and shops and run them and also to have it like San Andreas and have both the city and country in one big map. SovietVodka
  • make the gun sounds more real and have echoes. Also make bigger variety of guns such as revolvers smaller caliber weapons etc. and make it so you can rob people and not just in the stores like people off the street and everything.

i wish i had grand theft auto 3 and vice city but my dodo parents don t let my buy yhis thing is fuly crap.caca

  • more fbi vehicles like fib boats and an fib sentinal Dizziedylan
  • I think some sort of free-running system would be nice, but keeping it simple like only with the x button, and it smartly adapts to the situation in witch the player is in (diving, vaulting climbing, sliding), and we should have a skateboard that the player can ride on just like a car, and be able to do skate-by's, with some nice tricks, a new inventory system, a lot more weapons, mostly melee, some new cars, better missions, cooler set-pieces, smarter AI, and a better cover system like the one in Uncharted 2. Boustany96
  • It's kind of odd but i'd like to see Lazlow, just as a cameo or maybe someone who gives you jobs, being the sleazy radio presenter that he is, he would be fun to have around. II Esquire II
  • definatly need an Audi TT Roadster. Be able to choose from a softtop, convertable, or hard top. Have it for multiplayer street races, have the colors be, Black, White, Silver, Dark Brown, Lustered Blue, light blue, Dark Red, Bright red, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Red and white, Black and white, Red and Black, ETC. Also have a hidden Audi R8 roadster that cannot be spawned. like the Sultan RS and the Super Drop Diomand, ETC. Hangman'sJoke
*I think GTA V should have a cooler multiplayer.
**your character saying whatever you say into a mic or head set
**Maybe a story for multiplayer as well, like being able to pay others, create gangs, kinda like clans.
**bring back planes
**better cheat codes, like more money cheat codes
**being able to interact with your safehouses, like watch tv with friends, and play pool (sleep with gf)
**go out with a bunch of friends like maybe FIVE at a time (get irt?)
**also more realistic reactions like if you shot a guy he'd clutch his stomach and get on his knees, and his hand would be bleeding, and if you slashed somebody with a knife in the throat youd see the cut
**also cooler excutions, like taking a knife from a major antagonist then slashing his arm, then leg, then stabbing him in the eye as he falls to the ground with a dumbstruck expressionReeseJB
  • Here is a list of songs and lyric I want on GTA V:james samolis
  • Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf
  • Wild Thing by The Troggs
  • Leader of the Pack by the Shangri-Las
  • It's my Party by Leslie Gore
  • Yellow Submarine by The Beatles
  • Little Old Lady from Pasadena by (i forgot artist)
  • The Devil Went to Georgia by (i forgot artist)
  • We are The Champions by Queen
  • Kids in America by Kim Wilde
  • Make new cars that look similar to the Bugatti Veyron, Volkswagen Beetle, Jaguar XKR, McLaren F1, 2010 Ford Mustang, 2010 Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, 2010 Chevy Camaro, BMW M5, Kia Rio, Reanult Sport Clio, Pagani Zonda, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari Enzo, Dodge Ram, Honda Odyssey, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Chrysler Prwoler, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Hyunda Tiburan, Geo Tracker, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Panoz AIV and anything else that wasn't used, also bring back the Kuruma. james samolis
  • Put gta in the entire USA(excluding alaska and hawaii) located in real cities like chicago and detroit. Every city in every state in the lower 48. Every location will be gradually unlocked regionally and you can choose in what city and state to start in (e. g.: if u choose to start in Detroit thye enitre state of Michigan will be unlocked until u complete every mission in Michigan then taht region will be unlcoked until the entire USA is unlocked. And make the swimming feature return. Make the GTA USA weather change with the real weather according to the consol date (ie: october 31 as halloween or December 24/25 as christmas or July for as Independence day etc). Crash through all buildings, enter all buildings ride all amusment parks enter all houses, apartments or hotels. include restaurants stores and other REAL business found in the USA. but still make up names for all cars. james samolis
  • Here is a list of business you can parody:
  1. McDonald's
  1. Taco Bell
  1. Sonic Drive-In
  1. Citgo
  1. Texaco
  1. BP
  1. Chevron
  1. Walmart
  1. Aldi
  1. Giant Eagle
  1. Best Buy
  1. Big Lots
  1. El Pollo Loco
  1. Hardee's/Carl's Jr.
  1. Jack in the Box
  1. Waffle House/IHOP
  1. Outback Steakhouse
  1. Sinclair (gas station)
  1. TravelCenters of America
  1. Target
  1. Sam's Club
  1. RadioShack
  1. GameStop
  1. Quizno's
  1. Domino's Pizza
  1. Denny's
  1. Bob Evan's
  1. Dick's Sporting Goods
  1. Michael's
  1. Old Navy/Marshalls
  1. Staples/Office Max/Office Depot
  1. Home Depot/Lowe's/Ace Hardwarejames samolis

it should me like the warriors that game that game was awesome

  • it should be in san andreas, with the old gameplay like modifying the character, putting tattoos, buying clothes, changing hairstyles, going to gym, but more enhaced.Also, san andreas should be remodeled, upgrading the streets of los santos, the roads of san fierro,the city of las venturas, the mountains, the desert, the sea and there should be cars, motorbikes, bikes,skateboard,,boats,trucks, vans, choppers, helicopter, sports cars,lowriders, farm vehicles,surfing board,monowheel, unicycle, jets, planes, big planes. They should make more myth and legends too. There should be a zoo, with animals.And the graphics should be more realistic, and more storyline. Rockkstarr08booyaka

make new weapons,bring back the minigun, add new helicopters,the abilty to fly planes again,and get pave lows

  • if in any pressing situation (eg in a huge gunfight, chasing someone on a narrow building, ejected out of a car, freefalling, etc.)have an adrenaline mode, except not like adrenaline pills which slowed everything down, adrenaline mode would happen randomly and everything would slow down but you and you could jump high and far, do everything extremely fast or slow (the player can choose depending on the situation)make really really insanely strong melee moves and be able to do things that normally would be immpossible like succsesfully grabing onto a building or ledge after freefalling 2000 feet.

also having a tire iron would be cool like a weapon to throw.Nikooftheslavs

  • First lets start with the protagonist, i want the protagonist to be Patrick McReary as in the end of GTA IV his plane was heading west and he was leaving to go somewhere new, also he is my favorite charecter from GTA all together. Now lets move on to the new city/state, since he was moving west and many fans believe the next location is in Detroit, Chicago, or San Andreas i want to see a Detroit like state it would also match Packie's personality. I also think they should keep the Drug Selling Mini Game from GTA CW, it was addicting and it made the replay value very high. Next they should make the mod-grages from San Andreas return and add the ability to put sub-woofers in SUV's. I also think as i stated in my last suggestion on this page that Rockstar should make independent companys like for LIDZ (hats) they should make TOPZ. They should also make most buildings in the game Enterable/Break Into-able(LOL). Finnally PLEASE bring back jets/planes,and also make some safehouses have docks/airstrips to keep planes/helicopters/private jets/boats, oh and also add submarines. THANXZoo3891
  • I hope y'all liked my GTA: USA idea. james samolis
* First, i want to say that people who make extreme and large suggestions do not realize how much work goes into making a game. I make simple games and they take forever. Second, I only wish for rockstar to make the best possible game they can: people who gripe about GTA 4 are stupid and do not realize what a masterpiece is. Willy Mac
  • (**) My simple suggestions only involve a couple of changes. Rockstar should either continue the GTA 4 series in Vice City or a city in San Andreas, as making a state with three cities as big as the new Liberty City would be very unlikely and very difficult or Rockstar should make an MMO action/RPG where you make your own character and make your own story through decisions with other players and NPCs, complete with customization, tons of different vehicles and an arsenal of weapons. I do not think the new character should be Mexican or Puerto Rican and the character's storyline should not connect with anyone from the original Vice City or San Andreas because they are probably dead due to gang relations and it would not be practical. I think it should however involve some of the plot line from the GTA 4 era and should include some different weapons, vehicles, clothing and usable items,like flashlights, tools, lockpicks, etc. I also think safehouses should be customizable and they should include either parking spaces, garages, docks, helipads or if possible, a landing strip. I thought the business aspect of Vice City and San Andreas was kindve stupid but made sense: I think Rockstar should build on this by including the ability to get into drug and arms trafficking, like in Chinatown Wars. I like the gang and drug wars aspect of the episodes from liberty city and also think they should build on this. Anyone who wants to comment on my thoughts should leave me a message. Willy Mac
  • It would be awesome if there were more cluckin bells! I love them so much!

you should be allowed to sell drugs from small amount to large amount also your player could take drugs as well i wish theres a lot of ways to get cash

  • The biggest game, the size is on whatever it take, even if it is up to 100GB+, it would be nice if it is released in 2011 or 2012, but the map must be big as ever, like putting whole America on it, or put Libert City, Vice City, San Andreas in one game. Giving the longest, the best, the most exciting game of the century. AntonovAn225
  • Let the player own a gang and fight for control of the town and have drug empire and pimp business Alfie9000

  • It would be also nice if Rockstar Games, go to the creators of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, so that the flying experience would be realistic, you can view the plane, like when you enter a 747, you can hang in inside while you go to other states. Offcourse to have a mission inside a plane, like on the movie Air Force One, you'll gonna highjack the plane Air Force One, something like that. Also, to have a realistic, big Airports having more runways, wich also contains many different facilities. Which makes it, very realististic. AntonovAn225
  • uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm wat the fuck
  • iguess better detailed colthes more air vehicles
  • migers spiks and stuff
  • (**) I think some people need to stop suggesting stupid shit. I mean why would you make a GTA: USA; the name is retarded and the idea is stupid. I support my idea of combining Vice City and Liberty City, but San Andreas in the picture seems a little unnatural. I mean its a frickin state. If they do include it in a new game they should only include one city or just revamp San Andreas. Another stupid suggestion is that you combine Niko, CJ, Tommy and whoever else any one named. First Tommy is probably old or dead, CJ is probably dead or fairly old and Claude could not fit into the picture because Liberty City is redone. And why would Tommy , Niko, CJ and Claude interact at all. It seems very childish and completely irrelevant and impossible. Why would you try to fit over 150 weapons into one game: I can see 50 or 75 counting melee weapons. thrown weapons, guns and heavy weapons but over 100 just seems unlikely. I also think that the main character should not be a Mexican or Hispanic all: we just played as a Dominican named Luis. We should be able to play as someone likely but it is impossible to predict the next protagonist: we already played as an Eastern European ex-soldier, a Dominican thug, a white biker, a black gangster, a 70's mobster, a chinese triad member, and a mute hood. What could be next? I like the suggestions for new music as most of the songs are pretty good, almost comparable to the music Rockstar chooses. But we do not need another Death Metal station, like the one in TLAD. I like the suggestion of keeping Iggy Pop. I do not think the new game should include carcer city or the one from Manhunt 2: thats a whole other game series and would seem stupid to include them. I would also like to suggest that people learn to post suggestions that actually matter and not to post stupid crap. Willy Mac
  • In GTA V i want to see a lot of things such as car motifications but better than san andreas,i want some of the old cars back such as the cheetah and mesa.I want to be able to buy houses again and to have garages instead of parking spaces because for some reason i just dont feel comfterble leaving my car just sitting in the road.Bring back airplanes and being able to fly from one airport to anouther.diving under water, helicopters have missles,hover crafts, and other little stuff like that like customisation of your character(hair,tattoos,etc)I would like to see GTA V being located in a mixture of Vice City and San Andreas,i want a larger story and keep the choice missions cuz those are always fun. Kkdwg5
  • And anouther thing keep Lazlow.ive loved him since i first heard him on Vrock on Vice City Kkdwg5
  • GTA 5 should set back in Los Santos but unlike being part of a bigger map, it should be a standalone and a big map, just like Midnight Club LA
  • Bring GTA back to Los Santos but instead a part of a state, it should be standalone. Just Like in Midnight Club LA Ralphaids
  • i think you sound but in cruse control so you can drive a car or heli normany and not speeding and make it so you can get a ride from a random person in a car and he/she will take you to your waypoint Nikly
  • I think that the modding cars system shoudl come back from san andreas but, it should be detailed so that you can customize the interior aswell as the outside, adding accessories and electronics etc. Csatr
** i see that the first person cockpit veiw in cars have been sudgeted but maybe have some interactive thing in that veiw. Second, it would be great to have a roll down window action as i like having perfect window but don't like breaking them and have to go search for an easy accessible health pack to reapir them.
  • They should have police cars to have separate light and siren controls. Bellwestern80
  • Put in accessible and usable amusement parks, golf courses, football fields, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, hockey rinks, volleyball courts, badminton courts, tennis courts and wrestling/boxing rings. Also make a funeral side mission. james samolis
  • Another interesting feature would be Nightmare on Grove Street with a parody of Freddy Kruger or a Friday the 69th with a parody of Jason Voorhees or a combination of the two like Freddy vs. Jason. james samolis

Have it set in 1920s chicago. be able to buy tommy guns, go to cotton clubs and drink the night away, date broads and rob banks and get weapons like B.A.R.s, 357. winchester rifles, m1 garands, listen to music by,cab calloway, louis armstrong, ben pollock and tommy dorsey, and witness the great deppresion.

  • Here are some cars that I want to be in GTA 5:james samolis
  1. Maibatsu Monstrosity
  2. Maibatsu Womb
  3. Maibatsu Thunder
  4. Kuruma
  5. Romero
  6. School Bus
  7. Formula 1s
  8. Drag Racers
  9. Funny Cars
  10. Cars smiliar to NASCAR called ASSCAR.
  11. Picador
  12. Previon
  13. Imponte Insurrection
  14. A new pickup called Tomcat
  15. Sandking
  16. Ripley
  17. News Vans (possibly from CNN, C-Span, Fox, or HLN parodies)
  18. News Choppers (same)
  19. Patriot Stretch Limousine
  20. Original Stretch
  21. Dune
  22. Bandito
  23. BF Injection
  24. Hermes
  25. A Model T spoof called Model V
  26. Greenwood
  27. Make a Redwood
  28. Functional Trashmaster
  29. Functional Cement Truck
  30. Utility Van from parodies of AT&T, DirecTV etc
  31. Sprunk Truck
  32. eCola Truck
  33. FunCola Truck
  34. Xoomer, Going, AMCo, Trucks
  35. FritoGay Trucks (parody of FritoLay)
  36. Forelli Excess
  37. FedEX Trucks (parody)
  38. UPS (parody)
  39. Mail Trucks
  40. Dump Trucks
  41. Blista
  42. Blista Compact
  43. Kremlin (parody for AMC Gremlin)
  44. Racer (AMC Pacer)
  • Able to travel to Liberty City,Vice City And San Andreas in one GTA Game/ Liberty101

GTA 5 should be set in the UK, like London!!!!

Character should be a ex-convict, murderer, hit-man for the east end!!!

Queen should be in it.

Planes should be available to fly at Heathrow airport

The London Eye should be able 2 go on!

Big mission in Buckingham Palace!

Black Cabs

Red Busses can be uses like cabs

i want all of the good stuff from all the other gta's and put them all together. that would be awesome and the city would be san andreas!!!!

  • I believe that if you revisit the west coast with the graphics that you did with GTA4 people will go nuts for it!! i know i will! Police9191
  • My biggest wishes for GTA V up to now are:
  • Bring back the mod garages, with many more features.
  • It would be awesome if you could buy nitro for your cars.
  • You have to bring back planes!
  • You should still be able to dance and drink in clubs.
  • Don't remove the sawed-off pumpgun! It's so awesome to shoot with a pumpgun without having to leave your seat!
  • You should be able to buy all the guns that have been in the previous GTAs. Especially these sci-fi guns from tbogt and tlad.SystemaFighter
  • Bring back a brand new, fresh London. That would be a new experience to gamers and would be a fruitful venture for the programers. Plus more clothing options. More types of suits instead of crappy street clothes, a gangster should be incredibly well dressed and not some hick. Have the fun to dress like a Mod Or hippy, even a secret agent. Disguised weapons like a cane gun or other types of melee weapons for new generation GTA's would be nice. Ability to have a group to boss around. Actual Factions trying to take of like in San Andreas, but better, like bombing a business and they do the same and such. Another more epic storyline with an incredibly dangerous, hard boss at end. More Boss fights, less racing missions. More Missions like the club management in TBOGT, the main protagonist should have some sort of day job instead of just killing, pimping and racing. A message about corporate evil and it's downfall would be entertaining. That's about it. Don Sovrano
  • hey guys i would like to see the map to be Vice city, but based more on the miami area in dade county, like have Miami Beach (the city) and north miami beach and north miami and miami and star island and crap like that, you know? and i would love to see VC to be more emergency responders friendly, like have almost idenctical decals to Miami dade police dept. and fire rescue, but instead of saying Miami dade county, say Vice Dade County, and have a car that looks like a crown victoria, exactly, and have proper police lights and nice sounding sirens

Big thing that should be ACTUALLY used in GTA5 should be The gas stations, like in the recent games all u could do is blow em up.. but why not be able to actually atop at a gas station n refill your car, it would make it feel more real like the car washes do... and another thing is to ACTUALLY have a MPH GAUAGE , it would be cool to know how fast im going!.... also one thing sometimes wen u stop at a RED light the cars behind u tend to bump , push, drive around you...make it more real that the car would stop behind u n beep but not like a maniac at the 1st few seconds.....

  • New location or San Andreas RadioX
  • It should be a world instead of a tiny city like need for speed world
  • Secret island with bars and girls in bikinis and few bad guys that does not show on the map Travica1
  • To be able to travel to another country, for example from USA to some country in europe (Italy, Croatia or any other) Also more shops, buildings places to enter and activities to do. Travica1