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Suggestions for GTA 5

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Car custimazation Ballistic armour all cars dont have to blow up when shot no matter how many times . Ability to order random things of interent like games consoles . Different numbers actually work. Abillity to buy safe houses when u call advertising companys. Buyable helis , cars , bikes, private jets . You should even be able to have a scooter or a bycicle. Derstructable buildingsQasim Ziauddin

  • It would be incredible if they made san andreas just like it was, but drastically improve the graphics. A bunch of cool missions, car customization, lots of cars (i liked all the ones in san andreas because it made it look real not haivng 5 of the same car lined up at a red light), planes of course, and a part of the map where theres open country and houses, not just maps full of business and packed streets, i wanna be able to open it up and go off road a lot. Also the ability to store more than 2 cars at you locatin, perhaps parking them on the lawn, as well as renting storage space or soemthing; thats the big thing for me, and not ahivng the car vanish when you walk a block away would be nice. plus when you do ahve to leave the car it spawns back at your house, like johnnys hexer in TLAD.
  • the console versions should have the replay feature like the pc version has, even if you can only save 30 seconds it would be a start ChemicalBR0
  • It would be awsome if they had a new feature called "Bank Wars", similer to Drug Wars & Gang Wars in Episodes of Librtey City. I want it to be like the Three Leaf Clover misson in Grand Theft Auto 4 Where you rob a bank, fight off a couple wave of cops, lose the cops, then get your share of the money.
  • I would really love if Rockstar centralised the story and setting in a European city; such as London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Moscow, Warsaw, Dublin, etc. Just to offer something new. The Getaway Black Monday was a refreshing new idea, although what happened to The Getaway on the PS3 I don't know. Anyway, plus i'd like if they sorted the clone cars problem, you get in a car and suddenly every car around you is identical. Also i'd love trailers being able to connect to tractors like San Andreas.
    Car customisation and modification was also lacking in GTA IV, that would be a welcome return. Briank212

One of the things eveyone likes about the GTA games are the rampages you can randomly go on once you've completed all the missions or if you're just getting bored of being told what to do. I myself would like even more consequences for my actions, so here's my suggestion: If a player is caught by or dies to the cops while "wanted" I think it would be cool if instead of continuing from the front of a hospital, you the player are now in jail and have to make your escape. Which star level you are caught at will depend on what jail scenario you awake to, for example: caught at 1-2 stars let's say you wake up in your cell as all the prisoners are being let outside and you find the right time to escape or start a riot or something, while being caught at 5-6 stars you wake up in solitary where you've been working on a now finished tunnel and make your escape. Details are best left to the game designers this is just me spit ballin'. Other things that I would LOVE to see in GTA V are multiple cities and functional airports so you could fly from and to each one. And last but not least, since the whole GTA franchise has crossed the line already it'd be cool if the missions you choose eventually decide which crime path you pursue, such as: joining the mafia and working your way to the top (or even just staying as a hitman), joining a gang that wants control of the city and so on. No matter what the next GTA game is probably going to be awesome but with these suggestions, you've got the most legendary game ever.

  • In gta5 I would like to be able to buy cars from dealerships all over the map 5 on each island all different cars? Chop23
  • i think the game should add more fighting styles instead of one like gta san andreas where the player goes to a gym and learn a new fighitng style. They should add kung fu, taekwondo, wrestling, karate, ninjustu, judo, boxing, and capoiera ( or how ever u spell it) and more
  • This game should add these weapons- miniguns, bow and arrow, ray gun, mines, katanas, axe, machete, brass knuckles, flamethrower, fire extingwisher ( dont know how to speel it), wunderwaffle ( like the one in call of duty world at war), a ninja star, a spear, staff, and more.
  • I'm not to sure if this has been said but a massive safe house where you can store heaps of vechiles
    • I think a ferry could be cool eg. if you were to find the sultan rs and wanted to take it to the first island you could jump on the ferry and pick which drop off point and then like in the taxi you can pay more to skip or enjoy the view.
    • Bring back the planes and add more types.
    • You could get a job at the airport(add 1 on each island) and be the pilot of a small private plane then work your way up to a massive one. Chop23
  • Make it so trains can be stolen and de-railed just like in GTA San Andreas, and also add a lot of damage detail to the train so crashing and de-railing would look awesome, it would also be cool if they could have more than 1 train on the same track, so you could smash into another train causing havoc. Also it would be awesome if they had diesel trains pulling a load of coaches and some coaches could be filled with fuel so if shot it would explode. Bertwb
  • First off, we need car customization, wheels choices, colour choices and decals or racing stripes etc, window tints, ballistic armor, suspension and engine mods. You could have different engines to buy to install to any car, you could turn a beat-up old vigero into a rat rod sleeper, or perhaps turn a tow-truck into a 1/4 mile top fuel dragster. Then a few weapon upgrades for vehicles, like gta1 and 2, mines that can be dropped from the back of the car, or oil slicks, mounted flamethrowers or rockets behind the lights could be bought and installed. Then, when in vehicle you could simply hit 'tab' and a list would appear with various commands for the car, like, lights on or off, wipers on or off, convertable roof up or down, engine on or off, fog lamps on or off, doors locked or unlocked, seatbelts on or off, alarm activated etc. Then, we need a completely destroyable map, walls and buildings should be able to be flattened with the right fire-power, or when hit with a car. Other functions like a motor-home, enabling the player to save the game anywhere in the map, and a laptop so you can get internet anywhere. Also real estate, give us a few nice houses or buisnesses to choose from when we earn some money, as we have nothing to spend all the cash on. All the vehicles should have more functionality, forklifts should actually work, vehicle transporters should have operational ramps etc. Finally, a grappling rope and a foldable parachute, binoculars, thermal or night vision goggles. Si-cho
  • I want a minigun to gta5.
  • It should have more realistic destruction like in Red Faction Guerilla. When you shoot a building in GTA4 the building stands intact after the explosion. That's crap. If you could make the building collapse or have a physics like destruction it would be awesome. I recently played Red Faction Guerilla, and there all of the buildings are destructible/collapsible. That is extraordinary for a game. Rocknum
  • Boston present day: i tink it should be set in boston based around an irish family ,possibly packies or even relatives of his or even a rival irish mob ,story based on withey bulger and the departed kind of thing ,it would be the obvious choice seems R* have done all major characters with all the major crime synds in the us ,italian ,russian etc also it should have animals like red dead ,plenty of planes and stuff to do like san andreas ,GTAeire .ireland
  • Remake San Andreas, but with another story! Think about it... now the protagonist is Sweet, the time he started Grove Street and when Carl left. It would be nice to see what happened in the past. Also bring back customization and add something like Crib Customizing. Add some more clothes to buy or sell, add a car dealer and some more random shops like pawn shops. I love the see the variety of landscape back e.g. Country side, major cities, deserts etc. Add an option to buy a bag to carry more ammo/ weapons. Planes need to be back! I hope this will be read by Rockstar and will somehow inspirate them. OussiStyle
  • it would be cool if we could go into other country's in aeroplanes or ships and we can have a real job like working as a school teacher xD

in gta v there should be a fuel system with vehicles but it should able to be toggled on or off and the game should take place

in liberity city,vice city,san andreas,detroit and carcer city and the protaganist should be completly custimisable including

name, look, voice, gender, affillation and background and you should be able to use a lockpick as an option like in mafia 2

and in multiplayer you should be able to play as important people in gta(i.e claude, niko,little jacob,cj,packie,luis lopez,johney klebitz)and you should be able to buy knifes off of the serrated edge and you should be able to cause mass destruction (i.e make holes in walls,bring down buildings)their should be stun weapons(i.e tazers,tranq guns,pepper spray,mace)

and last but not least BRING BACK PLANES.

  • there should be 900 missions
  • mission 1 should be called taking all over the city. where you go and buys massive bussinesses like 5 star bars,clubs ,casinos,factories,wearhouses and a car sales place
  • and on the second mission should be called now thats`s what i call a car.where you go a pick 1 car over a 1000 what spawns at the start of every missioni would like a bmw 535i
  • the antagonist should be diego and andreas johnson
  • the player should be a really powerful mafia boss there should be 9 other powerful gangs
  • on mission 799 you pay builders to build you a safehouse and on mission 805 should be called down she goes. where the builders turn out to be from a rival gang and you have to kill 10 and then the collapes leading 2 a 3 min cutscene where the house falls down and 4 well loved chareters die in the explosion and you have to to the others in the safehouse
  • mission 899 should be called now thats what i call fire where the 2 antagonist who are and been taking dugs have your friends and family and set fire to the club with a match and toy have to escape to esape a massive blaze because of the achol but you have to the move the ruble and when you get out 9 escape and 3 die in a well tough explosion
  • and have a wife and children
  • the weather changes on the season like heavy snow
  • based in 2014 ,2006,2008,2013 and 2015 in hollywood ,san diego and las venturus
  • have the same grathics like gta iv
  • buys lots of safehouses
  • cothing like trackies ,jeans ,suits, polo tops
  • enter any bulding and robb anywere
  • buy yachts
  • Bring back the ability to break into houses, but this time steal worth while things like people's identities or car keys. Zeroq
  • Keep the super punch cheat code and make different types of super punches. Explosive punch from TBOGT, send pedestrian fly punch from San Andreas, and add another super punch that once a player hits a pedestrian, its body will be cut into rugged pieces.Akiragta4you
  • Less realism, more gameplay. Gamers require aircraft to tear up the environment, that includes rockets (a couple of chainguns doesn't cut it). The ability to mod various cars, similar to that of SA, why it was never included in GTA IV is a big question.. A city NOT situated in America, let's have some variety, throw us in Europe somewhere or maybe further East? Let us play the role of someone badass without the depressing life story, Niko wasn't bad but he has a big nose and his life issues were too much to bear at times. Don't have the player ferrying their virtual goddamn cousin everywhere, it's tedius! NO RPG's! Or at least not in Multiplayer, how people still continue to play with a barrage of RPG's heading in their general direction for the latter of an online match is beyond me. So... More variety in vehicles (aircraft), weapon/vehicle customization, possibly the ability to create loadouts, a new scene, a less annoying MP and a more fun enjoyable game for all. Hope GTA 5 is everything SA was and more! And everything GTA IV wasn'tSick Jargon
  • i wish that gta 5 could have some previous gta characters like Carl Johnson (CJ) , Claude, etc. so it would be more attracting to have old characters or could even have big smoke, saying that he could miraculously survived
  • I also wish that in gta 5 you could use submarines
  • i also wish that in gta 5 there are vehicles that can hold/carry more than 3 passengers
  • I wish there was a harbor/dock that you could buy and store your boats safely in 14makc1
  • I also wish that there was some kind of tug thing that could pull helicopters so i could put them in a hangar
  • I will glad and happy if the next GTA will make in Malaysia,don't forget to put some car from Malaysia.
  • Fist
  • Hockey sticks
  • Machetee
  • Axe
  • Screwdiver
  • Hmmer
  • Pistol
  • Python
  • Deagle
  • Scilenced pistol
  • Tec 9
  • Micro UZI
  • MP5
  • SMG
  • Spas 12
  • Swan of shotgun
  • AA12 auto shotgun
  • Dao 12 streetsweeper auto shotgun
  • AK 47
  • M4A1
  • Sniper
  • Scilenced Sniper
  • Minigun
  • M60
  • M249
  • Heat seeking rocket launcher
  • RPG
  • Flamethower
  • Tear gas
  • Land mines
  • Grenades
  • Moltov
  • Remote grenades
  • Gta 5 - Graphics(Gta 4 equivalent or higher) Scene(Not just 1 location, try SA x 3) Gameplay (Similar to Gta 4, cause lets face it. back with SA or VC the movement was blocky) Physx(Red Faction Gurilla equivalent) Misc(Massive variety of vehicles ranging from a submarine the bycicle or rollerblade to the hydra back in SA - side note, fix the clone wars(when you ger a vehicle most around you is now that vehicle) More substance!! sure then sex drinking and rock and roll is pretty sick but we need more. Give us acid trips and hard time in jail!) Multiplayer(Gta 4 really was pretty sick with multiplayer and still is, however the repitition of the lacking scenarios is getting brutal. More diverse, variety, action, and 32 player. A really fun mission was four leaf clover, would be sickdigidee if playable with friends.) Also bring back the parachute. the ballad of gay tony was fun but the parachute should have been an origin. 0THAHH0
  • Have a mission where you put on an astronaud suit and hijack a space shuttle (before it goes off) and go to the moon and you have to kill somebody there (a human) and then come back and you alwase go to the moon again; that would be awesome! Arya.mcgee
  • Sorry, I meant you can always go to the moon again, not always go there. Arya.mcgee
  • Actually I change my mind, mabye it should be set in anywhere city since that was only in GTA 2 and we didn't get to see it in 3D. ZacR110
  • More missions and mabye have Claude, CJ, Victor, Niko, and Tommy return and they all meet eachother. ZacR110
  • The protoganist must be named Brandon while the antagonist must be named Alin, Xavier, John, and Jessica.Akiragta4you
  • i want mountains in gta iv and also shop on the side of road so it could look like a real scenary...
  • i want barbers and tattoo shop...
  • Must be set in the whole world. The main antagonist that must be named Alin (gender :female) must be killed either in Mexico or Europe in the final mission. Another antagonist that must be named Xavier (gender : male) must get shot off the building and into the road below in Liberty City in one of the mission. Another antagonist that must be named John (gender : male) is a gay African-American man who gets killed at the strip club in one of the mission for betraying the protagonist's(whose name must be Brandon) friend. Another antagonist whose name is Jessica (gender : female)must be killed by the protaganist's(whose name must be Brandon)girlfriend in one of the mission for betraying the protaganist's other friend. Player must be able to buy pets. There must be kids in the next GTA. There must be many more weapons and more fun cheats and put Pokemon theme and Star Wars theme cheat code. Akiragta4you
  • And for more, bring back planes and Rhino tanks, bring back the tatoo and barber shop, try to make it realistic just like what GTA 4 did, keep the farting pedestrians from San Andreas, make more vehicles like blimps, submarines, battleships, etc. In one of the cutscene in the mission, it must show Roman Bellic standing on the top of the skyscraper when all of sudden, the main antagonist whose name must be Alin sneaks up behind Roman and cuts his head of, causing Roman's headless body to fall off a building and making Niko Bellic angry and wanting to kill Alin. Bring back the chains and watches from San Andreas and add more clothing systems and put gloves. The other antagonist whose name must be Xavier and John must have a gay voice.Akiragta4you
  • Plus, the main antagonist whose name is Alin must also be a terrorist.Akiragta4you
  • New vice city, Miami like., just like liberty city is new york :D Bech

  • Should have like COMPLETELY destroyable buildings(think Mercs 2), customizable cars/weapons, if you leave a car somewhere it wont disappear it'll just stay there till you turn off the console, more visable bodily damage(e.g a head fragments if hit with a shotgun close range), better combat system, variable weapons loadouts on military vehicles(fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, apcs etc.), bigger map(SA but maybe 5x bigger), garages a must, smarter cops(e.g cops leave you alone if youre heavily armed and/or have killed too many of them, cover an area with snipers via helicopter or rooftop if the player has been rampaging long enough, cops will shoot you on sight if they recognize you from a previous rampage, cops wear body armor standard, cops WILL question you if you have a gun out in plain sight), better graphics(Crysis 2 anyone?), more boats and/or ability to raid a military harbour and come back with an aircraft carrier(a destroyer, cruiser, or submarine would be kick ASS), the rhino with tracked wheels, the military comes after you, but not until a timer to surrender runs out, of course the ability to surrender during a rampage should be included, ability to store weapons in vehicles, being able to choose which weapons to take to battle with, story co-op, bribing civilians to work for you, ability to take a plane somewhere, more interior spaces, and more radio stations. Skylinesthelimit
  • I

would like to make the protagonist named Brandon and antoganist named Xavier,John,Alin and put these guns on gta 5 like P90,G36E,MK 16 SCAR-L,MK16 SCAR-l BLACK.

  • If the game takes place in Vice City, it would be pretty cool to see a vcpd stinger. Theloadedgunstudios
  • There should be a Faction that is customized to look like the Hotring racer.Theloadedgunstudios
  • Air planes should return. But only small ones like the dodo.Theloadedgunstudios
  • The m 60 and the m 249 saw should be under heavy weapons as replacements for the mini gun.Theloadedgunstudios
  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas {{SUBST:User:DatKiddown the street/sig2}}
  • ok first of all, you guys type like little kids.Second, yall dont understand how hard it is to make a game. Rockstar works hard for the games you put down.I aint dissin anyone,but yall gotta understand it aint easy.If rockstar truly does check this list, all i ask 4 is a more real exerince.If i cud chose, i would locate da game in san andreas or vice city.ppl want to see the classic games with the IV theme. {{SUBST:User:DatKiddown the street/sig2}} 00:41, September 26, 2010 (UTC)
  • it should take place in jamacia

  • in gta 5 you can got to space and fly rocketships Octal93
  • I know GTA 5 Will be amazing, so my only suggestion is to add a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in the game so u can find one in traffic with no doors or sun roofs. :-) ITS MY FAVORITE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • X ed boiI wish that the player can hold onto the tail of a helicopter so u can have 4 in the helicopter and 4 hangin on to it
  • the game should be in carcer city Buldugur
  • You should be able to catch a plane to other cities and countries. The Tom 12:44, September 26, 2010 (UTC)
  • i would be nice if you can skate in the next gta
  • I want to see Vice City again. Bring back Victor Vance, tank tops and the hot, hot vice city sun! Plenty of motorbikes, shooting cholos, the minigun and planes.
  • You should be able to damage your bike in greater detail and when a car blows up it should go into bits not just go grey...Rcampbell2009
  • Damage needs to be more realistic if you crash at 100 mph or so your car should rip right through the wall and rip into bits/ explode not just bend at the frontRcampbell2009
  • Bikes and Cars need to have some customization as well as boats, Choppers and... Planes Rcampbell2009
  • Upgradable Weapons... Snipers need thermals and Pistols need silencers etc. Rcampbell2009
  • More damage to enemies such as if they get blown up with an RPG their body would explode Rcampbell2009
  • near the end of the game u should have the abuility to have ur own mansion to live in, with lets say a garage underneath with like 100 parking spaces to save ur cars ats stuff, and u should build up a perminant gang thats ur the leader of, not like san andreas were u go and pick people up there already with u, u just decide who u take, and they have there own cars and stuff so u can take them all, and u should allow 4 people to get into a 4 seat 2 door car, and it doesnt have to be a gang it could be a mafia, and u should get to customize one car and then its ur unique car that resorns outside or mansion or current house that ur4 using,
  • is shouldnt be in the usa like the others, it should be in a different place, or even creat a whole new city that has no links to a real city, or have it on a nother planet like we have mannaged to spread but the cars and buildings look the same and so do the people, its just the planet that looks different
  • I dont think there should be a GTA 5 i think that they should bring GTA:San Andreas back and maybe we can play the story again from someone else's point of view, or maybe we can play a couple of years earlier when Carl was in Liberty City so we actually get to see who Brian Johnson was.I would even want to play with someone from a diferent gang...all i can say is if they DO decide to do another chapter of San Andreas I hope that the gangs still exist...thats all i have for now theres so much goin though my head but im not gonna put everything Robertlee88
  • i think all the cities from the GTA3 seriers should be in and you can travel either by car boat or plane, u get 2 chose who u start off as( get his/her name gender and apperance) and u get loads of new vihacles Cowyy
  • A fully functional casino with lots of gambling games would be great! Speccy

take gta4 and san Andres put it togther with online play

  • 22Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas Khaled21
  • It would be awesome to have san andreas with the same landmarks and more with a different layout and to have gta 4 physics and new stuff like wingsuits different parachutes etc. for base jumping.
  • Based in san andreas with gta 4 physics and cool stuff like car mods and wingsuits for base jumping. Its should also have the same landmarks but with more of them on a bigger map! and more missions!
  • short sweet and simple the hunter and hydra and for aviation enthusiasts the rustler 0115999

I want injures,like concussion or when you fall from 10 feet you cant run anymore or bleeding and that stuff.And more place like in GTA SA

  • how about rockstar just hurry up because with mafia 2 and true crime and a new driver there looking like fools even saints row looks better for an early release

san andreas but with uncharted graphics


I want official car in GTA, because the official cars are in Midnight Club LA !! :) Rockstar, please buy a license . Pixxb00

  • Add all of America! Have these cities:
  • GTA IV Liberty City
  • Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas
  • Add more parts to the state of San Andreas, like Northern California (including Eureka), Oakland, San Diego and San Jose.
  • Northern US Countryside (Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming)
  • Seattle
  • Phoenix
  • Austin, Dallas and Houston
  • Oklahoma City
  • Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska
  • St. Paul
  • Detroit
  • St. Louis
  • Chicago
  • Vice City (make it more like Miami)
  • State of Florida with Orlando.
  • Raleigh
  • Virginia, Carolinas and Maryland
  • Baltimore and Washington DC
  • East Coast States (Connecticut, Massachusetts with Boston, Maine, New York State, Rhode Island and Rest of Alderney State which is New Jersey)
  • Ohio with Columbus and Cincinnati
  • Kentucky
  • Southern US (Alabama, Mississippi w New Orleans, and Georgia with Atlanta) Now that would be coolKanzler31 22:00, September 28, 2010 (UTC)
  • i think that gta V should be a remake of vice city
  • this vice city shouldn't look like the original vice city from ps2, psp
  • should almost mirror miami
  • should be car customizing like san andreas
  • and you should be able to make you own safe house, there should be like 5 main catagories for your safe house small, medium, large, XL, and mansion, plus an add garage feature where you can make as many garages as you like Jamesatkinson1995
  • shouldn't have to complete missions to unlock parts of the city, should all be open from 0% to 100%, in case you want to explore instead of doing missions
  • should be from a rich family, so you have a whole crap load cash at the beggining
  • should be all new sports cars, lets get rid of the infernus, cheetah, banshee, stinger, comet and so on, use the same stats, just change the look and name
  • weapon list:
  • pistol
  • dual pistol
  • uzi, smg
  • dual uzi, smg
  • assult rifle, mk 47
  • dual assult rifle, mk 47
  • rocket launcher
  • mini gun
  • flamethrower
  • sniper
  • grenades
  • mines
  • explosives like in san andreas
  • cocktails
  • kantana
  • sword
  • dual kantana
  • dual sword
  • taezer
  • chain
  • 1930's mafia machine gun
  • bazooka
  • desert eagle
  • dual desert eagle
  • stubby shotgun
  • regular shotgun
  • sawed off shotgun
  • dual sawed off shotgun
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • chain saw
  • hunting rifle
  • bow and arrow
  • new fist fighting, grab like in vice city stories
  • gta iv graphics
  • What I think GTA 5 needs is to bring back some of the old stuff from the older games, like having older models of cars, like the 80's Infernus from Vice City for example, brought into the game. It would be cool to see older models of the cars, as I liked some of them. Another thing is Car Customization garages should be brought back. It gave cars a personallity when you were cruising down Los Santos, and would be a great addition. Also, I'd like to be able to go to the other cities, like Vice City and San Andreas in preasent-day. THAT WOULD ROCK. Also, custom radio stations should be added to console versions. It makes sense considering other PS3 and XBOX 360 games allow you to play music, and it wouldn't be much of a hastle to add this either. And finally, I want more weapons! I want the flamethrower most of all, but you have to settle for stupid molitoves that don't do much damage, plus they are projectiles, which annoys me, because I sometimes accedentally set myself in fire. If GTA 5 had all that, I'd be psyched! VCPR
  • Be able to order pizza so we don't have to drive way out to a Pizza Stack in the middle of a mission when low on health. Mobstar
  • flyable planes, rural areas like san andreas Wiggy-12
  • bring back tommy vercetti if it takes back in vice city Mr.Johnson223
  • Why havent anyone put .Have a place to save your cars bikes trucks plane heli-c boats at airpots docks parking gargae and have both outside and inside parking at safehouse and pay to save a car at a public parking garage for how much you pay how long your car stays.Then have it when you get 100% on something you dont have to pay to save.Also there sould be other people parking their cars so it wouldnt seem like a fake parking garage. You sould be able to buy food,cars,homes, more make like scarface costomize your homes.There should be a place to save weapons like a box or cabin you sould put thing in your car like little jacobs car but also have it where you cant put food clothes guns and other things.Have food in your home like mafia 2 but better.Have it where you can sit down lay back like push L3 near a chair or rock / wall / side of building. Have it where you can lay flat on ground crawl and shoot. REPLY IF YOU HAVE BETTER OR YOU JUST HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.
  • Why havent anyone put .Have a place to save your cars bikes trucks plane heli-c boats at airpots docks parking gargae and have both outside and inside parking at safehouse and pay to save a car at a public parking garage for how much you pay how long your car stays.Then have it when you get 100% on something you dont have to pay to save.Also there sould be other people parking their cars so it wouldnt seem like a fake parking garage. You sould be able to buy food,cars,homes, more make like scarface costomize your homes.There should be a place to save weapons like a box or cabin you sould put thing in your car like little jacobs car but also have it where you cant put food clothes guns and other things.Have food in your home like mafia 2 but better.Have it where you can sit down lay back like push L3 near a chair or rock / wall / side of building. Have it where you can lay flat on ground crawl and shoot. REPLY IF YOU HAVE BETTER OR YOU JUST HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.GTAGamePlan
  • I think Gta 5 should have Niko in San Andreas and have him and Carl work together Carl's Gunna Get cha

  • I would like to see the following in GTA5
  • Ability to buy real estate kind of like Vice City - this could also provide rental income, safehouses and free food, repairs etc. depending on the building
  • More realistic police: speeding, running red lights etc. when a cop is around should give you 1 star
  • If you shoot someone, even a cop, but there aren't any cops to see, then they shouldn't appear miraculously
  • Fuel gages in cars, random when you get in, they may run out and you can fill them up
  • Health damage from car accidents (even when not thrown out the front window)
  • More realistic limits to the amount of guns/ammo you can carry
  • Car bombs: the ability to leave an explosive in a car and then dial a number to set it off
  • On lookers to your crimes can have the ability to call police on there cells phone unless you stop them
  • Opening up the maps and development tools for fan created missions, games, races etc.

  • They should improve one of the coolest things ever on GTA franchise: OFF ROAD.
    In GTA San Andreas, thanks to to the huge open areas, we could just get a car and drive infinitely, without even gettin inside the cities. Lots of peoples mentioned the car modifications, because everyone want it back on the game. Rockstar should bring the modifications back, but bring also some Off Road vehicles. I would like to suggest those: Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee Sport (the old one), Mitsubishi Pajero(any of them, the pajero is an off road legend), Hummer H1,Toyota Land Cruiser. Also some cool rally cars: Subaru WRX STi, Ford Fiesta(Ken Block is driving one of those), Ford Escort Mark II, Lancer Evolution(any of them, rally legend). About the modifications, they should add this: Roll Cages, Fog Lights, Auxiliary Lights(maybe add some light bars on the car roof),big Off Road Tires, improved off road suspensions and Springs(make the car higher), off road snorkel(so we can pass through some water without losing the vehicle), off road protection bars(for the front), Winch.
    The game should have also more weather variation, im thinkin about snow. maybe some mud on forests when it rains, so we can have some realistic fun on off road trails...
    Thinkin further, they should add some online stuff for off road, like making a off road convoy with the other players to cross some trails on the map, and players would help each other to cross hard obstacles(like, using your winch to pull someone's car from a ditch...).
    What do u guys think of that?


  • @LucasMachado thats an awesome idea man, i'm all about cars and modifying, like in need for speed underground 2, i'd never thought of off-road cars

-You need it to be set around asia like singapore, vietnam, Japan, china and other places...

you need these weapons:

Melee: Fist, Katana, Machete, Pizza, Baseball bat, Combat knife, coca-cola, frying pan, axe

Pistol: Red 9, m1911, silenced 9mm, Desert eagle, glock 18, AMP Automag model 180, laser pistol, revolver

Shotgun: Assault shotgun, spas 12, Remington 870 Marine Magnum

SMG: MP-10, Mac-10, Mp-5, Tommy gun, FN-P90

  • i think gta 5 should be based on a nephew of a mexican drug lord. Have the first missions are based in mexico city and then have the rest be based in vice city or san andreas. Vincente carlo
  • I say hit an era that hasn'n been covered yet, the 1950s/60s. I know it may sound boring, but think of this: You start out as a WWII vet just getting home in around 1954 from being stationed in Berlin. Your old friends from years ago have become Greasers and ask you constantly to join up. You give in and start off by hijacking a military munitons train on the way from Vice City to San Andreas. To do so, you must meet the train out in the country, and hop into a boxcar as it stops for fuel. From there, you must fight your way through, using an M1 Garand that you pick up, all the way to the engine (Which just happens to be a steam engine). You have to stop it at the freight station near the docks in Los Santos and take out the platform guards before a few Greasers come to unload it. Just my two cents for the early storyline. Also, I think interiors shouldn't be entered through those annoying yellow markers like in the old SA, but entered through doors like the ones in, say, the Mullholland safehouse. Plus, make the trains destoryable, it's kinda annoying when there's a train coming and you can't stop it. Plus, bring back aircraft, and the ability to explore the state(s), not just staying in a heavily overpopulated city. But as I said, just my two cents here.Greasemonkey1957 09:06, October 1, 2010 (UTC) Greasemonkey1957
  • if realistic cars were in the next GTA then maybe bring in cars that aren't in other games like retro cars (old fords etc.) the new subaru impreza/cosworth impereza, audi r8 spyder etc. cars that aren't in need for speed etc. Chryslerperry10
  • GuitarHero37I think that gta5 should be based on a zombie story but being able to ajust the free roam to zombies or origninal for reasons such as you might not want to be playing and having everything try to eat you, i have also seen the zombie movies on youtube with gta4 and thought if it were to be put into a story then it would be good.
  • All I want is gta san andreas revived with more cheats better graphics and more features as well as the other ones Spartanjohn117
  • I'd like next GTA, probably located in Vice City, to have quite big satelite suburbs just like in real-life Miami. But not as huge as there. It would be too boring. Jgcon
  • I think that the next GTA Series or GTA 5 should start with different locations and cities like
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • London
  • New Orleans
  • Baltimore

All of these locations have rich history and also cruel backgrounds murder, robberies, shoot outs, bad politics, dirty police, drug dealing, mafia, neighborhood gangs,

poor neighborhoods. I think each one of these cities will tell a deep story for the next GTA game. I also think it should be darker and gritty and longer but still fun at the same time

and do research on the cars each city and neighborhood rides like in the hood or urban areas you see 22's etc. and suburbs you see range rovers etc in the make it little more realistic within the game you should also interact

  • i think gta 5 should be set in san andreas and you play as tenpenny or one of the ballas gang members. You should bring back planes. It should not be on a birds eye view like chinatown wars. I also think that gta 5 should have about 80 - 100 missions in it. I think that you should have alot of weapons like: minigun,p90,m4,ak 47,glock 17,chainsaw,axe,drill and lots more. GTA118
  • It was weird the way they let Rocco live at the end of Gay Tony... bet my bottom dollar he shows up in a sequel :P Kyleneu
  • Add 2 vehicles:
    The SWAT Tank from GTA San Andreas, and the Launch from GTA San Andreas.
  • Make a new and improved san andreas, that would be amazing, with better graphics, like mafia 2. Also maybe consider making one in a different country like London, England, Tokyo, Japan, Toronto, Canada or Sydney, Australia Superduper14
  • I think that they should give us and AK74 instead of the AK 47, just for difference, and a G36K or a SCAR-L instead of a M4, because these are two great weapons that don't get seen enough in video games, especially the G36K. i also think they should try to use proper cars, like Audis and BMWs, right through to the Dodge Neon and even the Dacia Sandero :P Sure, I appreciate that it costs a lot of money to get vehicle licenses, but if you think about it, Driver San Francisco is doing it, and that series has jumped the shark so many times, it's in danger of needing a ciropracter, while GTA is definately not, and if you look at the modding community, it is festuned with real life cars, like the Audi TT RS to even a Mazda6. i would also like to see it in a european city as well, to take a page from a post above, like Paris or London, or even Munich. Could be a laugh in an otherwise humourless country.YahtzeeG8

Bring back the miniguns , and you should be able to add a silencer to your weapon for stealth missions. More activities like cinema , swimming monster truck rally or something. Cars should be fully customizable and more veichles should be arround. Planes are a must and u should be able to hijack and get a plane and train and destroy them by derailing them or throwing or shotting the turbines. Major buildings should be destructable and recreated with a construction sight after u destroy them. All cars and veichles shouldnt neccesarily always have to blow up. Toggelable gas mode for cars . thanks

  • Fully customizable veichles. All veichles shouldnt have to blow up when shot allot. Ballistic armor in cars . buyable helicopter planes and private jets . More activites like in san andreas haricut gym cinema etc. Should be able to order things online like games consoles that you can play or phones or furnitrueQasim Ziauddin
  • More places to enter, like people houses, talk to people in the street, even if they arent part of the story, planes, and destroy buildings but make them fall to the streets if they are tall Jesusaves
  • I forgot to say waterfalls and a city like liberty city but adding country beach and desert Jesusaves
  • Set Grand Theft Auto V in a city that is historic and famous; a mixture of Washington DC and New York. A high profile mission should involve assassinating the President or somebody else high up; that would be interesting to do. Have the city be ravaged by a terrorist attack that kills the protagonist's wife and closest friend - he also loses his job and home and therefore has to build himself up from the bottom again. Bobby london
  • i think the main character should be able to do drugs and drink and there should be real brands e.g. nike, adidas, armani

i think gta5 should take place in vermont.also all of the previous bad guys should all be in it and you should be able to choose which one you want to be.

the new gta shoud be set in bosten like your a ex ira guy coming to boston looking for work in the irish mob and he makes his way up in the mob and there coud be uther mobs you need to take out or make frends with and do work with them . an you could like make stor clercs and shit pay a a fee 2 the don evre week or some shit thad be cool yo an you can have a switchblade thats green for irish an maybe you coud go to ierland for a bit of the game like its you trying to get out of the ira or geting sent out of the ira but downt make the ira look bad like come on he's was in it u no... and u can customise ur guy more then gta4 like teesherts an cool jeans and your guy can buy smokes from the stor and smoke the and get a hed rush thad be sickk

  • Forgot to add that it could, more preferably, be set in a paradise of somewhere like Monaco, where there are some good driving roads, one of the large appeals of a sandbox game for me is driving around. Could be fun. YahtzeeG8
  • Make the setting more realistic, interactive airport, ability to fly plane from airport to airport, a storyline, and when done with all of the missions, let the player do whatever he wants (join police, army, pilot...) Boomheadshot
  • GTA5 shold take just abut everything from every GTA game ever made in2 it plus WAY more

I think there should be a detailed Player Customization. Skin Tone, Hair type ad colour. I think we should be able to make it like ourselves including our own personal details e.g. DOB etc.

  • GTA V must have fighter jets like F-16, Harrier, F-14, MIG-35, F-22, Sukhoi T-50 and moreUser:Cypher.3 Ura!! Lets blow something 17:08, October 4, 2010 (UTC) User:Cypher.3 Ura!! Lets blow something
  • Depending on the location of the game may the style and gameplay of the game adapt. For example, if it takes place in New York again, let there be gangs, turf wars, make it like Red Dead Redemption but in modern times.
  • GTA V should take place in London, to mix everything up a bit. And let the main protaginist be a bagpiper by day, killer by night.
  • edit it, name protagonist like Saints row, wayyyy funner vehicles like Milk Float Van, UFO's, school buses ...loads more vehiles, ...set it in SAN ANDREAS...Prisons....Side-missions....more gambling...cooler looking city...less bankruptcy...less gangs but still wars nd tht...changed th current not past... tram drivable....more safehouses.... Cj, sweet and cesar still hav the garage... f1 car racing (new race track) gang(s) era in like GTA IV....ps3,pc,xbox definatly.

CFW008 CFW008

  • edinburgh, london, los angeles, las vegas<<<< all 4 CFW008
  • i think gta should allow more freedom with things like the engine on the car upgrades, choose where you live. have to buy your cars, and the police have more responsibility like if you steal a car and its repoted the police come knocking on your door. they should make you go to prison if your covicted of serious crimes, the abilty to break out of the prison. Possibly just like red faction guerrilla have all if not most of the building destructable and all buildings if not most of the building accessable. with the cars you should be able to turn on/off the engine and the ability to lock your car with an alarm, so civilians and people and steal your car if they want to, so civilians have more free will within the game. maybe to allow the character to join clans and gangs etc, and certain gangs come with different benefits for example protection better cribs and condo's etc. these suggestions have come from allot of my friends that play both the xbox 360 and ps3, hope you like the suggestions, and i hope rockstar is able to apply some of these to the game. james (mossy210) Mossy210
  • Rockstar should just re-do San Andreas and Vice City with the same weapons, vehicles, locations, cheats, voice actors etc. (and I mean the EXACT same, no "2 pistols, 2 shotguns, 2 SMGs, etc"). They should make the graphics look like GTA IV. Also, add destructible environments (ex. explosions destroy parts of buildings). The only thing to CHANGE in SA and VC are some songs. Like add more well-known songs from the 80s and 90s (ex. Not Rusty Cage by Soundgarden, but Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden instead) SweetToothKiller
  • I think you should have red dead redemption style so VC LC SA in the game and planes you can fly but alo passnger plane where there are people inside and you can walk around inside ,but keep gta 4 realism maybe slightly improve phyics and choose how your character looks and his/her race or sex and car and safehouse custimization.Bring back national gaurd and a good idea is to be able to use something like farcry 2's map sharing where you can create your own city and choose areas where you could find certain cars and civilians and create your own missions and lastly have jobs like be in army or SWAT or police etc. and have to deal with real crimes and terrorists and stuff.One more thing NATURAL DISASTERS and weather/seasons changing eg snow=winter,rain=any and sunny in summer.
  • Set it in the whole of Australia, and improve on the GTA IV graphics and physics engine, and bring back planes so you can fly or take planes to the different cities. AtomicLlama
  • I Think That All The New Complicated Should Go, All That Should Be Done Is The Way You Could Personally Customize Your Character In GTA:SA With All Gyms, Tattoos Haircuts, Same With The Cars Should Be Customizable Just With GTA IV Graphics, Bring It Back To A Remastered San Andreas Or Vice City Kierang10

  • new style of running and jumping(Parkour, free Running, crazy jump, Etc.)when running in roof top in GTA 5
  • new style of fighting(karate,capoeira,taekwondo,kungfu,Lars alexanderson (Tekken 6) fighting style,Etc.)
  • new melee weapon(nunchaku,staff,ninja-to,six katana(sengoku Basara),Etc.)
  • the story about a city with many gang and mafia that fight each other, the protagonist is a band of mercenary that hired by Mafia and Gang in that city, the Antagonist is the Goverment of that City who want to demolish District 13(district of the protagonist and many other gang live) the last mission is all Gang and Mafia will fight the Goverment, and there is a nuclear (launch by the goverment) in the mission
  • all gang and mafia is from Gta 3 until Gta 4
  • the building can colappse(merc 2)
  • the mercenary band is with 6 personel with their own skill (we Can Change Our character): Ex-special Force personel (Leader), sniper, Melee Fighter (have many fighting style), Driver( by using this character we can drive faster ), Gun Fighter(specialize in AK47,Sub machinegun,Machine gun,Pistols, Bomb Specialist(Create C4 For Mission), enginner ( can Repair Car in the Road ), medic(can heal yourself in the road)
  • the last mission we using the leader with all gang and mafia are at war with the government
  • we can change the character using Handphone or go to the safe house
  • Pay 'n' Spray - Should be able to chose your vehicle colour rather than it being randomised
  • Bring back Safehouse Garages. I dislike the designated "Residents Parking only" section outside the safehouse
  • Introduce all the modifications from GTA: SA to GTA:V (tattoo parlour/ barber/ vehicle modification) etc
  • Allow the character to live like a person. (eat, drink, buy houses from real estate, cars from dealerships) etc.
  • Allow the phone to be purchased from Mobile phone stores and they are real phones (nokia n97 etc) and you should be able to report crimes to the police.
  • On that note, have the cities civilians and people get in fights and gun shootouts or even a police chase. I really hate how the police system works in GTA. its like they target your player heaviest. This fustrates me a lot.
  • Have the safehouse customisable, like Saints Row 2 had it.
  • Dont have all the islands barriered out from eachother like they are with the current versions of GTA. Its annoying having to play 70% of the story to get to the final island.
  • All commercial Buildings open. I hated how hardly any of the buildings in GTA IV were accessable.
  • You can actually eat at all reaturants, whats the point of having them there? for decoration? Same goes for Bars/shops and PLEASE...have a stadium or sports centre that holds games. i dont care whether it be baseball, football whatever. it could be like an option to hang out with contacts or going or on a date and show whats happening inside the venue like is SA.
  • there is a mission about the goverment is using a virus (like T-virus) to create a zobie in small town
  • i mean there is a mission about the goverment is creating some virus (resident evil) to make all people in a small town in to a zombie
  • new car with weapon from DeathRace (film)
  • Major cities of the world.Kanzler31 16:52, 15 October 2010 (BST)
  • Major cities of the US!:

New York (Liberty City) Miami (Vice City) Los Santos (Los Angeles) San Fierro (San Francisco) Las Vegas (Las Venturas) Philadelphia (Carcer City) Chicago Detroit Boston Atlanta Orlando Dallas Austin Houston Phoenix San Jose San Diego Seattle St. Paul Minneapolis Columbus Milwaukee Denver Rest of the state of New Jersey, including Camden, Trenton, etc.

Would be nice! Kanzler31 00:00, 16 October 2010 (BST)

  • More realistic police ai, and have snow Hugh750
  • I think it'd be cool if planes were brought back from San Andreas. I also want more car customization, a HUGE city (or state, maybe even bigger than San Andreas), and a wide variety of gameplay. GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas

Machinimadude37 Brass Knucles Still Keep Infernus Keep Multiplayer Get To Pilot Jets Golden Uzi Returns Make The Hud Like Tbogt Parachute And Other Gta Sa Or Tbogt Weapons Super Punching Freefalls At Least 5 Player Edits Ringtone And Phone Theme For Phone Internet On Gta V Claude's And Niko's Outfit Niko Bellic Appering In Gta V Have Tattoos On The Protagonist Maisonette 9 Is Back Much More Cheats Than Before Street Fighting Revolvor Comes In --Machinimadude37 12:35, 16 October 2010 (BST)Machinimadude37

I think that the next GTA game should have more places to go, the planes should be back on gameplay, private jetts of course. I also think that it should have more clothe to buy, accesories such as, glasses, caps, blings, shoes. It would be cool if safehouses are houses not apartments, probaly manssions with helipads, parcking lots, and docks for the boats and yachts. New weapons, vehicles, club acces at any time in the game story. It should be a nice city like New York or Las Vegas. the ability to go on different activities with frends online, like, eating, bowling, play pool, go clubbing, etc.

My suggestions for GTAV:

  • Could be set in a fictional rendition of Pittsburgh (as it is a city not visited by many games).
  • Player could be someone who is already living in the city (IE, has a safehouse and an always-spawning, and free, car)
  • City should open for exploration (meaning all areas are unlocked).
  • Bring horses from Red Dead Redemption as an activity you can do, similar to gambling. In short, horse racing.
  • I would like to see a game set in the early 2000s (2000-2004).
  • I preferred the back-alley, illegal gun shops to the Ammunation stores.
  • Have more clothing stores.
  • A few shopping centers [like malls] (there's two in Pittsburgh; the Waterfront in Homestead and Century III in West Mifflin).
  • Maybe the character can go from a teenager trying to make money (doing minor crimes such as stick-ups, carjacking, vandalism, theft, etc.) to an adult (doing the more serious crimes as well as the minor crimes).
  • New vehicles, like a Jeep parody, etc. Bring back bicycles and have multiple motorcycles.
  • Have every four door vehicle have its own taxi variant.
  • Cut down the swearing and unrealistic radio stations. A DJ of any station in real life wouldn't say 'fuck' every other word, wouldn't he? Swearing isn't THAT necessary.
  • Reintroduce gangs as a part of the teenage aspect of the game (part one, basically).
  • Put seasons into the game, similar to Mafia II but make them transitory. Imagine a high-speed chase through rush hour traffic in winter; that sounds fun, doesn't it? Include city decorations for each season and neighborhood (IE, A Squirrel Hill parody [Jewish neighborhood in Pittsburgh] would have Hanukkah decor instead of Christmas decor).
  • More than 15 songs for each station. If not, then allow an Independence FM for consoles. Songs can be taken from the HD to a station that plays your songs.
  • Memorable characters like in GTAIV.
  • Graphics of Red Dead Redemption.
  • The city of Pittsburgh is about 58.3 sq mi large, with about 56 sq mi being land. That should appeal to people wanting a large area to play with.
  • Make the police more aggressive. There aren't that many beat patrol officers that I know of so include more patrol vehicles with officers in them. Besides that, keep the wanted level system in GTAIV.
  • Pay'n'Spray should be more customizable. Combine the mod garages and Pay'n'Spray into one. Make all car modifiable to an extent. AmericanInfantry
  • Reclining seats so to allow characters to seat in the back of 2-door cars. KladionicaCity
  • A proper 1st person driver,that you can really look from the dashboard,instead just the plain road.With a speedometer maybe KladionicaCity
  • Let's make it like Vice City. Just revamped with the RAGE engine (or higher) and the same feeling of interactivity of 4. Make it so that somebody can can play every mission nonstop but if someone wants to walk around and take in the sights of the city or take a tour or a taxi ride they can. Bring a mix of weapons that feel over the top and a few that seem normal such as the mix of the 44. and the Glock in TBOGT. And make the weapons all have a unique feel of a job and place. Not like the simple upgrades of San Andreas where the cost of the weapon is a measure of performace but each weapon having an area of excellence such as a mini uzi for drive bys because of its high rate of fire, while the MP5 has better recoil and more accuracy than the other SMG's. Bring back Over the top weapons that we witnessed in San Andreas. Keep the missions High Octane and exciting like they were in TBOGT and make the firefights even bigger Eliteshadow1980
  • cars should run out of fuel and there should be gas stations to refuel them Tony1983
  • make at least 2 or 3 mansions in which we could live in Tony1983

Personally I feel that you should be able to own an airfield like in San Andreas to be able to save any air vehicle. Also the main character should own a boat yard and be able save any boat. Also you should be able to store wepons in your safe houses, so you won't loose them when you get busted or killed. The girl friend system from San Andreas, And each "girl friend" should have there advantages like not loosing wepons when the player is killed, or not loosing wepons when player is busted.- Raiders1990

  • ah yea forgot to say please add all this in gta 5:
  • Purchasing houses/businesses (businesses that we can edit,sell,destroy and much more)
  • Planes,Cars,Helicopters,Boats
  • Full character customization (tattoo, hair, accessories)
  • Vehicle mod garages
  • Fun cheat codes (all cars pink, riot mode, low gravity)
  • Insane weapons (flamethrower, minigun, chainsaw)
  • More side-missions (taxi, ambulance, fire, pizza)
  • Dual-wielding of weapons
  • Gangs
  • San Andreas Map
  • More missions than in "old" (He will never be old for me) GTA SA
  • Girls (Especially Denise :))
  • Ghost Town :p
  • Big Foot this time for REAL not a MOD!!
  • UFO'S allso for real not MOD!!
  • Keep The GTA SA Theme Song the same
  • We play with CJ again ;P
  • Marijuana fields
  • Make that we can buy farms and make weed fields of them and grow and while the weather changes the weed field can be destroyed o we plant it again
  • Swimming,Biking Side Missions (the mission at verona beach that starts with swimming and ends with driving bikes and running)
  • Jetpack
  • Larger Area 69
  • Add Many myths and this time make a mission where we accidently see leatherface but he doesnt attack us he is just standing and ooking at us like in this movie 2:53 > something like that
  • Add this time in desert an old house where the "SERIAL KILLER FROM GTA SA" is holding a girl trapped inside
  • more more more more funny things i want the singleplayer to be THE BEST! so people that dont have internet connection can ha

ve fun when they finish the game without playing multiplayer

  • add multiplayer app(program) like SA-MP
  • Dont call the next GTA "GTA 5" think it out better "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas States" or "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas New Age"
  • add funny weapons hammer,baseball bat,tennis bat or how its called,ADD SOME SECRET ISLAND
  • add more secret areas
  • Add same GTA SA Radios just add 2 new ones like "SANR" (SAN ANDREAS NEWS RADIO) AND some radio with music "MS69" (MUSIC STUDIO 69)
  • add this songs on KROSE Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the sky and Johnny Cash - Ring of fire (because my friend is big fan of GTA SA and of Johnny Cash)
  • add this song to some radio not sure what one Chuck Berry - Johnny Be Goood ;D
  • add this songs on Radio LS Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland and EAZY E- REAL COMPTON CITY G's and 2 Pac- Im a Straight Rider
  • add this songs on CSR 103.9 Bobby Brown - Every Little Step and Johnny Gill - Fairweather Friend
  • i writed this last post Projectfear22
  • and add this songs to Radio X Iron Maiden - El Dorado and Guns N' Roses Riad N' the Bedouins Projectfear22
  • and GANG WARS MUST RETURN! and add battle grouds and racing missions that we can do all time Projectfear22
  • and keep the icons when you look on map same (like TT for the truth or CV for cesar vialpando or burger for buger shot Projectfear22
  • Guys, Rockstar only gives a number to the game when they reboot the franchise. GTA 3: Transition to 3d. GTA 4: New era and changed graphics. HoboHunter28
  • It will be cool if we can do the drive by as a passager in GTA V, like we ride a taxi, but it will be cool if we are able to fire shotguns or assault rifle while as a passager Lauslim1
  • Don't bring back planes, but have a whole new range of helicopters, including a gunship (based off an Apache or Super Cobra) and maybe a Chinook variant. Sgt. S.S.
  • The next game should be in either San Andreas or Miami.In san andreas it should show CJ's son as the new

Protagonist with his unknown girlfriend and shows the previous people(cesar,kendal with their kid,Sweet,The Truth,Woozie,Mad Dogg and more) from the first San Andreas and a few new people,Big Smoke and Tenpenny should have survived their death and try to get revenge on Carl by getting his son

 Or in Miami Luis fron tbogt should come back with Gay Tony,Yusuf Amir,Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas and take over Miami with a new enemy that brought them down to Miami.In one part of the game,he should work with Niko.Luis should meet a girl who works for his enemy but wants to help Luis out.She might betay him but she tries to get his trust back helping him start up his empire.The two should start a relationship
 The game should still have gang wars,dance clubs with new music from this era,nicer,faster cars,and more things Jellybean31713
  • I think it shouldnt be GTA 5 yet... They should make San Andreas Stories StupidPenguin
  • they should make it in san andreas and have the main character a prospect of the lost mc's mother chapter. make it where hes trying to prove himself by helping the grove street families with moving their gun shipments and fighting enemies. have cj as the guy that pretty much runs the town with most of your work coming from him. bring back all the stuff from san andreas the clothes shops, the tattoo shops, the haircut places, and the restaurants, have alot of properties you can buy and customize and have bigger parking places, or garages and parking places where you can have cars saved and bring back the car customizing shops, have all the guns from tlad and tbogt and hell have the prospect work with johnny say he went nomad or joined with the mother chapter after tlad you can even bring luis and gay tony back by saying they came there to open another club. make the cops less sensitive, like they wont come after you unless youre shooting not just for getting in a fist fight and bring back the invinciblity cheat and let you be able to save with it on. Fatman361
  • Parts of aircrafts can be rip off if they collide with something solid like antenna, buildings. The aircrafts still can be in flight but with harder control. Just to be more realistic.( Don't forget smoke coming out) KienChi

It would be awesome, like in San Andreas, you could use a camera. But not just take pictures but also be able to video record footage and view saved picture/videos from the pause menu at any time. Taxi missions and police missions, but not fire or ambulance, they are just silly. Also for some strange reason, i've always wanted to use a bow and arrow (call if silly if you want), But a bow and arrow with the ragdoll physics would be cool, and they should put back in weapon skill.

  • I just have a few suggestions, since I know the next game will rock. I would like a 2010 Camaro. Also I would love to have the ability to paint your own cars. Not like in Need For Speed where you picked a paint job and they did it, but you actually have to paint and maintenance your car or else it will rust out and die, as well as having to pay for it yourself.

Also, because of my previous idea, the ability to earn an honest paycheck on the side. I mean anything from selling drugs on a corner that you make in a house (Another reason to get a paycheck)to working your way up to manager of a big company (like Ammu-Nation, for instance.) That would be great, since I liked the ability to buy a house that I like better than the apartments, or vice-versa.

  • NIKO BELLIC in a different city,with a new story and new characters
  • Re-use the State of San Andreas! Re-model Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas and add San Diego, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, and add the countryside of Northern California.

  • To be honest the first ever GTA i played was GTA 3 the first introduction of real life 3D sand box game but i my eyes GTA 3 just didn't cut it. The game i would love to see make a come back would be Vice City it was such an immense game with many added features the only downside to Vice City was the size of the map which i hope with modern software we can enlarge it more. Just to finish off i definitely think that vehicle customization should make a comeback and also the fact that you could level weapons maybe even include weapon customization :-D, also if ROCKSTAR does MAGICALLY read this and decide to do the remade Vice City it might be worth to include characters with true background information e.g. Pablo Fransisco the Medellin Cartel lord and really open up the cocaine cowboys and cocaine power in the 80's within Miami (Vice City) hint slightly base it on Scarface :-D PLEASSSSSSSEEEEE Thank you ROCKSTAR ! Hoggfather1
  • I want it to be in San Andreas,vice city,London,another European city and maybe in Tokyo and Shanghai Jarant20
  • You can take a trip to Liberty city,Vice city and San Andreas by plane or boat Liberty101
  • Join the army,fight in wars,upgrade weapons,money
  • I would really like GTA 5 to have 1080p graphics FROMASIA
  • I would like Rockstar to update GTA San Andreas and leave it like it was, but they re-do San Andreas with GTA IV graphics. Also, bodies should not disappear after 1 minute and they never disappear until the player leaves the body. Also, pedestrians should get injured. The car system from GTA IV should be imported. I also want the physics from GTA IV.
  • Re-introduce vigilante missions. And have a variety of missions. Such as a bank robbery, speeder etc. And we should be able to arrest suspects rather than kill them (or in the case of speeding, give them a ticket).Kanzler31 23:01, 10 November 2010 (UTC)
  • Weapon's Package #1: Baseball bat, Beretta 92FS pistol (9mm), Mossberg 500 shotgun (12 gauge), IMI Mini-Uzi (9mm), AK-47 assault rifle (7.62x39mm), Browning BAR Mark II rifle (.308 Win), RPD machine gun (7.62x39), RPG-7 rocket launcher, Molotov cocktails
    • Weapon's Package #2: Gerber LHR combat knife, SIG-Sauer P229 pistol (.357 SIG), Remington M870 shotgun (12-gauge), H&K MP5-A5 submachine gun (9mm), M4A1 grenadier carbine (7.62x45mm), Remington Model 700 sniper rifle (.300 WinMag), M240G machine gun (7.62x51mm), FGM-148 Javelin antitank missile launcher, M67 fragmentation grenades
    • Weapon's Package #3: Machete, Glock 22 suppressed pistol (subsonic 9mm), Auto Assault-12 recoiless shotgun (12 gauge), FN P90 submachine gun (5.7x28mm), FN SCAR assault rifle (7.62x45mm), Barett M82 sniper rifle (.50 BMG), XM312 heavy machine gun (.50 BMG), Remote-detonated C4 charges, M132 armored flamethrower

  • An armored FBI/Secret Service Chevrolet Suburban SUV

  • A Secret Service outfit (with earpiece, palm radio microphone, lapel pin, etc.)

Secret Service 88
  • Stop with the 69 and sex jokes. They were funny before, but now it's just plain immature. Seriously Rockstar, is your marketing team run by 8 year olds? Kanzler31 04:42, 11 November 2010 (UTC)
    • Possibly make the main protagonist british, since theres already been 2 itallians, 2 caucasians, 2 dominicans, one asian, one eastern european, and one african american
    • Return the army as a law enforcement agency, however, they should only get involved when the player does something against national security(like steal a military vehicle, cause a vary large amount of terror that the regular police and SWAT teams can't handle, or enter restricted military-only areas)
    • Put helipads and private hangars(possibly at the airport or private airstrip) and boat docks to save the boats and helicopters and planes
    • If not set in either Vice City or San Andreas, then maybe set in Capital City(Washington D.C.) as Capital City is mentioned in GTA IV on the statistics for miles travelled, it says "Liberty city to Capital City" 429ghost

San Andreas is a nice map, improved graphics, More Charecter house and vehicle coustomization, A Garage like Saints Row, Boat Garages and Plane Hangers at each airport, more cheat codes,improve the map, make it bigger, add another city ie. san diego

Take Place in San Andreas, But add San Diego. Be Able to fly, take a train or boat to the previous citys: GTA 4 liberty City, Capitol City (Washington D.C.), Vice City. Add newer city's ex. Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans.

They need to put Grand Theft Auto Five in China and have something like The Great Wall Of China

  • i wish if there would be stray dogs and pecking hens all around the towns and countrysides which reacts to the actions of the protagonist and other charactersAsb007

  • there should be diverse vegetation such as various kind of trees and plants. A complete forest which could be burned or cut down by the player. San andreas is perfect for this Asb007

  • the protagonist's body should act more realistically. Such as growth of his hair which causes cold and make him sneeze if he spends too much time in water. Infection in wounds if it's not treated. Bones should break when he falls or gets hit by a vehicle. Asb007
  • the protagonist's body should act more realistically. Such as growth of his hair which causes cold and make him sneeze if he spends too much time in water. Infection in wounds if it's not treated. Bones should break when he falls or gets hit by a vehicle. Asb007

  • Credits cards should be used instead of money. There should be schools which teaches special hacking techniques which can be used to hack ATMs, computers and even police department websites to remove the criminal identity of the player from their database.Asb007
  • Electricity, water and gas should be distributed using lines, pipes and gaslines respectively which could get affected by the actions of the player. Ie, the gaslines should explode if the player shoots it with firearms powerful enough to do that (minigun, rpg etc). The falling electricity line from a pole should electricute the people under it. The high pressure water from a leak could shred a person if he is accidentally in its path.Asb007

  • it will be cool if the next gta game will use some of the popular features used in some other games. Such as the bullet time in max payne or the shoot dodge in total overdose. The heat level system in most wanted can also be used along with the good old wanted level system. Player should be able to switch clothes with a dead or paralysed character similar to hitman series. The headshot system in total overdose can be used. The satchel charges should be replaced with c4 in call of duty. Still there are many more things that can be adapted from other gamesAsb007
  • the inventory should have more items such as tasers, chains etc.
    • The weapons could be used in every possible ways. Such as throwing empty magazines at characters to distract them or get their attention. Players could use empty weapons to threaten enemies. Asb007
  • If It is set in liberty city it should be CJ right after he moves from los santos to liberty cityGrandtheftrio27

There Should be complete house coustumization

  • San Andreas was the best game in the series. if you can make it exactly like SA it would be great. GTA 4 had good graphics and was a little more realistict, so if you make an improved all new San Andreas it be great
  • More weapons and vehicles...Cities in UK or San andreas remake, hideouts...good storyline....funner abilities....more realistic damage to buildings and vehicles...rockets and amphibious vehicles...if san andreas cooler casinos...set in 2011/2010/2012. C008
  • Like someone else said, we want a mix of San Andreas and Liberty City. I.e. A city like Liberty City, and a big big landscape. Wishingly greens, instead of deserts. Degge
  • Bigger garages with no vehicle limit. Like in San Andreas - if it fits then it saves! I can easily cram atleast 10 motorbikes in GTA IV but it won't save because the limit is two (or three? my memories faulter). Degge
  • Taunting ability. Yell out "fuck you!" or something similiar (it is an R rated game afterall)for taunting purposes. All you can for the moment in GTA IV is throw a bomb into the air and hope for the civilans to attack you. Degge

Be Able to buy boat docks at any marina Be Able To buy aircraft hangars Be Able To Buy Heli Pads Make The Garages like saints row where any vehicle is at any garage

  • In the pause menu in the brief section the name of the character who said the sentences should be put to the beginning of his/her speech because in some occasions it's hard to find out who said what. Also it would be great if we could watch the former telephone/mission conversations' texts to bring back forgotten informations. Madárijesztő
  • Not only should we have GTA 5, to keep us waiting we should get a re-release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Everything should be re-designed. The game should have GTA IV graphics, physics etc. We want the car controls from GTA IV, and also the fighting system of GTA IV. The physics should be imported, like pedestrians getting injured. Pedestrians should get injured like in GTA IV. Also include the friend and phone feature. Cesar, Sweet, Wu Zi Mu, Madd Dogg and Zero should be friends. Every building and house and tree should be in GTA IV graphics, cars should be more like their real-life counterpart, and even more improvements that I will list below. Also, the mission where you have to go to Liberty City to kill the Forelli gangster should be changed. Instead, it should be the GTA IV Liberty City were it takes place in the Drusilla's in Algonquin and you have to chase down a Ancelotti don.
  • When there is a car pile-up at the freeway, it should be more like real life. Police should go to the scene and seal off the area. Ambulances and Firetrucks also come and try to save the injured and then leave after 1 game hour and clean up the area with tow trucks. If there is dead pedestrians, police should not leave the body there, rather they should get the body in a body bag. And injured pedestrians should be put on a stretcher. Then, they are actually taken to the hospital. When this happens, they should come almost immediately after the disaster.
  • It's extremely unrealistic that pedestrians instantly die in a bad car-crash. Most people don't die instantly. Rather, they are hurt. Again, a Ambulance should come to their aid and get them out of the car if they are still alive and take them to the hospital. If they are dead, they are put in a body bag. The car is towed away after the drama is over.
  • Cops should cuff criminals.
  • When taking out criminals, it is unrealistic to kill them. Rather, you should cuff them and arrest them and take them to the police station. Also, we should have speeders and when that is the case, we should give those drivers tickets.
  • When you beat up someone, they should not just stay on the ground. After 20 minutes, they recover from the beating and get up and walk away, injured.
  • There is a problem in GTA IV, when you shoot someone, sometimes an Ambulance won't come to help that civilian. Ambulances should come almost immediately. The paramedics treat the victim and get him/her on a stretcher, and then take the victim to the hospital.
  • When somebody is killed instantly, Paramedics and police should come, seal off the area and investigate the area and then get the body on a stretcher and body bag.
  • Blood should be darker.
  • Fix the car spawning problem! Only 1 car, maybe 2 cars of the same type should appear at the same time.Kanzler31 19:13, 24 November 2010 (UTC)
  • Actually, I do not think we should get married in the game. This is GRAND THEFT AUTO, NOT the SIMS (don't hate the sims btw).
  • All the previous locations, even Anywhere city, should all appear in the game and even cameo appearances of Stilwater in Saint's Row 2 and new locations.
  • Niko Bellic, Luis, Johnny and Huang Lee all start a big crime syndicate.
  • GTA V Should set in 1980s Vice City with a bigger map like San Andreas or GTA IV (but make it to look like the real Miami) with a rapid transit system, the game should call GTA IV: Vice City and use RAGE and EPHORIA physics. ELNegro91

If They Don't Make GTA 5 in San Andreas The Should make a greastest hits San Andreas with improved Graphics

  • Be Able To Do anything to your car, like be able to accualy paint desings on them, be able to coustumize planes and baots and have hangars and docks
  • I think GTA 5 should be based in a city based off New Orleans. The main character could possibly be a Latino drug lord, a Italian mobster (probably best option because of New Orleans long Italian mafia history), a Russian hit man who works for the Italians, or a Dixie mafia member. There could be a lot of possibilities for a city based upon New Orleans. GTA 5 should have new game play features, like car customization, create a mansion, extorting random businesses, airports (so the player can maybe go to different locations for business or just to visit, and the ability to start a relationship with any women and maybe marry and have kids with and have them put into the story based upon their personality. Don jake7
  • Maybe the main character for Gta 5 could be a very hot bisexual woman, who is forced into a life of murder and drug trafficking because of her past. Have her also to be able to get a boob job. lol Don jake7
  • It Should be in San Andreas, you should still play as CJ and it should be about the events leading up to Brians Death.
  • There Should be more realistict traffic like the traffic gets worse during the morning and evening
  • GTA 5 should take us back to the one decade they havent covered yet - the 70s

set in Freedom City (Detroit, Chi-town or another city like San Diego or Los Angeles, with a possible trip back to Liberty City like in GTA:SA), follow mob grunt Jimmy Pelesanti as he makes a name for himself on the streets of Freedom.

The cars would be all from the seventies, so some of the models from GTA IV could be kept (Vigero, Peyote, Sabre GT, ect), because the cars that they represent were around back then. the other cars would be represented by the cars of the seventies (Washington - 1975 Cadillac El Dorado, or Infernus - Lamborghini Muria). of course the cars wound t be exact copies, but combinations of several cars like GTA IV.

The weapons would be most like GTA IV, but the Glock would be replaced by the colt .45, and period weapons would replace the modern ones seen in GTA IV.

The radio stations, of course would consist of the best tunes from the seventies (Think of the XM radio channel '70s on 7'

as for special features, it would bring back the property and real estate purchasing of GTA:VC and GTA:SA, along with the car modding and the character customization options of San Andreas. but, to keep it realistic, airplanes would not appear as flyable vehicles, but helicopters would. there should also be some new cars added, to represent some of the European import cars that still were here in the Seventies. for example, a car called the Vincenzo could be an Alpha Romeo. special cars from the 70s should also make an appearance

as far as gameplay goes, GTA V should present an option to the player at the start of the game to censor gameplay. this would remove most of the swear words, and reduce the amount of blood and gore in the fighting. this would make it more well recived by adults and could increase the sales of the game.

Scince the internet or cell phones werent invented in the 70s, the internet resouces that Niko had woudnt be availibel to Jimmy. instead, a dial phone system is in place, with payphones all over Freedom City. Jimmy can also use the Phonebook to locate poeple and places.

the taxi system, subways and bus systems will remain unchanged from GTA IV

in regards to mini games, the vigilante system would return, along with amublance dirver, fireman, postal worker, pizza boy, ice cream man, and caddy (you golf)

more ideas to come, stay posted. Sansaman

  • gta 5 should be based on a south american drug lord, an ex kgb russian mobster, or a ira member working for the the irish mob
Don jake7
  • I'd actually rather have a re-modeled version of GTA San Andreas with GTA IV graphics and all the features GTA IV had (such as improved physics and realism and hailing a cab) but leave all the stuff GTA San andreas have. Also, a 3D version of GTA: Chinatown Wars with the cell-phone feature of GTA IV with a few friends would be nice.
  • I think it would be cool if GTA V took place in Hong Kong. There would be the more rural parts of the city as well as more populated areas, making a nice balance. If it was set to a real life scale, Hong Kong would probably be as big as the whole of San Andreas, maybe bigger. Kexxect
  • Smarter police. They don't kill pedestrians etc. Solar Dragon
  • The ability to hold people at gunpoint as hostages. Solar Dragon
  • More safehouses, the ability to buy them, buy garages, buy cars Solar Dragon
  • Buy shops and get money from them. This also goes for food chains. Solar Dragon
  • Lock cars from the inside to stop police opening the door and busting you. Solar Dragon

GTAV to have female protagonist

  • GRA V should have a female protagonist, Caucasian, she can customized as per gamer, like hair color, hair length, clothes, etc. Not have such a depressing storyline for her. Maybe set her up as an under cover cop, working for mafia,etc & her facing moral choices to support the mafia or the copsArpanG

Able to obtain a Police Uniform through a cheat, a mission and/or unlockable clothing. Because everytime you do a vignette mission in GTA IV the police shoot you! I miss being in charge and fighting crime with AI cops.

once agin he speaks GTA KING GTA KING GTA KING 
  • gta king gta king gta king have alot of gang wars have gaured dogs and u can break in to houses
  • I know that we should just make suggestions for the game, but I have a prediction for the trailer of the game aswell, so the trailer starts out with the song Flock of Seagulls - I Ran[1] and showing various areas around vice city, then shows scenes from story missions and cutscenes, slowly introducing the story. but despite the trailer having an 80's vibe, it should be based in the present. 429ghost
  • I think that GTA 5 should allow you to travel between different locations. You should start in San Andreas county, then, after awhile, Vice county (Vice city, an Orlando archetype, and a Jacksonville Archetype) and Liberty county (Liberty city, an Albany Archetype, and a Buffalo Archetype), unlocked in that order. The main character should probably be Packie McReary, to fit with the credits of TBOGT. I think thatyou should be able to start businesses, have a gang, and buy safehouses like in San Andreas, but the friend and Girlfriend systems should work like in GTA 4. This game should be where the plot lines of GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA 4 intersect. This game assumes that you chose Revenge, and killed Playboy X and Derrick McReary in GTA 4. Here is a breakdown of my suggestions

Weapons: Here are the weapons I hope to see in GTA 5. They should be seperated into the following slots-Fist, melee, pistol, shotgun, sub-machine gun, rifle, launcher, projectiles, other and heavy.



Brass Knuckles

Spiked Knuckles



Pool Cue







Magnum Revolver

Silenced Pistol

Desert Eagle

Flaregun (blinds enemies)


Shotgun (Normal, double barreled shotgun)

Remington 870



Sawn-off Shotgun

Submachine Guns:







Rifle (Typical, gun store variety, rifle)




M249 SAW

XM8 (The Ultimate Rifle. Lots of damage. Fast rate of fire. Large Ammunition clip. Almost no spread. This thing has it all)

HK-416 (Silenced Auto Rifle)


Grenade Launcher

XM-25 (Basicly the explosive shotgun from TBOGT)

MGL (Six rounds. On-impact explosion. Semi-auto. Pure Awesomeness)


Moltov Cocktail


Tear Gas

Satchel Charge

Sticky Bombs





Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher (SRAW)


Businesses: You can create or have a stake in businesses in my version of GTA V, and, on call, they can provide you with a free item or service. They also generate profit Some examples are:

McReary Law Firm: Led by Francis McReary, this Business allows you to keep you weapons after being busted.

Bellic Cab Services: Self Explanatory

McReary Arms: Provides generic, typical gun store arms and melee weapons. Led by now out of jail Gerald McReary.

Price Dynamics: Military and Law enforcement arms company. Provides advanced weapons, body armor, parachutes, jetpacks, and Military/Police/SWAT/FBI/CIA vehicles and aircraft.

Rothenburg Auto Dealership: Self Explanatory. Provides free vehicles

Klebitz Motorcycles: Yep, I just couldn't help myself

Millennial Aerodynamics: Sells civilian aircraft, both planes and helicopters

Johnson Explosives: Provides Explosives, Rocket launchers, Flamethrowers, Car bombs, and Mine traps

Amir Construction: Provides discounts on Safehouses

Carberry Airlines: Provides discounts on Inter-city travel

GetALife Health Insurence: Provides free hospital stays

Noell Pharmaceuticals: Provides free first aid kits.

Chilton Clothing: Provides free clothes

Willcox Fitness: Helps raise Sex Appeal and Muscle.

Ling's Takeout: Free food at all Ling's Locations

Furgus Consulting: No other service

Quist Bank: No other services

Carbon! TV: No other services

Forge PMC: Private Military Company. Provides backup in fights.

Your Gang:

You can build a gang, like in SA


Same as GTA 4, but with different people, of course.

Law enforcement:

I want there to be a 7 star system, instead of a six star one. Same as in GTA 4, but at six stars, the military and the CIA appear, and they use more force at 7 stars. Most vehicles should be unchanged from GTA 4.

New Police vehicles:

FBI Rancher

Buzzard Revamp: It's rockets should fire one at a time, and have a long reload time. It's chaingun should have to reload. It's rockets do not track

Hunter: 30mm revolver cannon that does no need to be realoaded. Also has tracking rockets.

Hydra: Has Minigun and Dumb Rockets. VTOL

Predator: SA version

Eagle: F-22 like jet. Has 30mm minigun, which has rounds that explode, and tracking rockets, but no VTOL

Cargobob: SA version

Leviathan: SA version

Albatross: Basically a CH-47 Chinook

Swat Boat: An Armored Launch (From SA) With a worcking 50 cal. Machine gun

FBI boat: Just a black Jetmax

Torpedo boat: Military boat, fires torpedos.

Military Hovercraft: Larger than the Vortex, with 2 fans, and with a gun like that of TBOGT's APC

CIA Hydrofoil: Self Explanatory

Warship: Based of a Littoral Combat ship. Largest ship in game. Fires torpedoes, cannons, and missiles. Has 4 helipads on it's back

Rhino: Same as SA, but with tracks

Buffalo: M2 Bradly, 20mm gun that's similar to TBOGT's APC, but with a larger explosion.

Bulldog: A Humvee with a minigun that the driver controls

Barracks OL

APC: Millitary APC, it's an M113 with a 50 cal. machinegun

CIA Swift: Swift that's painted black

CIA Car: Black Infernus.

Plainclothes CIA: CIA agents that look like pedestrians and drive pedestrian vehicles


Safehouses should be purchasable, and some are special, like having a helipad, airstrip, dock etc.

Some GTA Fan
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 Should Have A Choice Of Silencer Weapons (when weapons are silenced, no-one will get the police, or react to the shots) they should also add a setting where you can help the police (if you shoot gang members, the police wont turn on you) Johnnieboy
  • I think GTA 5 should have realistic weather like snow storms, heavy/strong thunderstorms, hail, sleet all that, and should be able to switch seasons to make it cold and hot. Also, GTA 5 should be able to be dark early like at 16:45 (4:45 P.M.) that would intense and sweet :) Crazydude2427crazydude2427

It would be fantastic if Rockstar add more detail for vechicles, like the useable truning lights, windsreenwiper, costumise vechiles and so on. it is going to be awesome. and lower the price tag please...

  • Radio station with grunge/industrial/punk rock/hardcore music of the 90's
  • Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box
  • Nirvana - Come As You Are
  • Nine Inch Nails - Burn
  • Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole
  • Machines Of Loving Grace - Butterfly Wings
  • Machines Of Loving Grace - Golgotha Golgotha Tenement Blues
  • Marilyn Manson - Lunchbox
  • Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn
  • Helmet - Wilma's Rainbow
  • Helmet - Milquetoast
  • Tool - Sober
  • Tool - The Pot
  • Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song
  • Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing
  • Stone Temple Pilots - Wicked Garden
  • Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline
  • Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy
  • Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack
  • Alice In Chains - Man In The Box
  • Alice In Chains - Would?
  • Sublime - Let's Go Get Stoned
  • Sublime - Were Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance
  • The Pixies - Where Is My Mind
  • The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
  • The Breeders - Iris
  • The Breeders - Happiness Is A Warm Gun
  • Bad Brains - Voyage To Infinity
  • Be base in North America. USA (Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas, Detroit, Captial City, etc. Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Regina, Calgary, etc. Have like Niko working with Carl, Luis and Carl are long time friends or new characters, etc. GTA IV graphics, EFLC weapons and more weapons. Able to go in police departments, medical centers, apartments, houses, etc. Buy apartments, houses, buinesses. Get jobs (police, fire, pizza delivery, etc)Police, fire and ems do their job really realistic. AI people be more realistic, but keep some funny phrases. Get tickets ($50, $100, $150, etc) for Speeding, running red lights, etc. Pay a fine ($500, $800, $1,000) for Trespassing, damaging property, etc. Instead of bribing cops to be free again, you should be able to resist arrest when getting cuff, be able to break free when getting transported to the police station, breakout of the interview room when left alone, breakout out of your holding cell. Overall, you should still be able to play when in custdoy and try to breakout.Gta police
  • Less realistic helicopters, making them more usable (Allowing you to fly and shoot at the same time.) - Like the helicopters in Saints Row 2 or Modern Warfare : Black Ops. Yngndrw
  • Buyable - and restored - cars. For example, take it into a "CAR REPAIR" and it will be automatically repaired. Get arrested or sent to the hospital and it'll be towed to your location. If it is damaged heavily in the middle of a drive nowhere near a Car Repair shop, no worry. Call a Tow Truck, and for a fee, service is done.

If you abandon your car in the middle of the street, jack one, and run off to do your hip "gangbeating" like all the cool kids are doing now-a-days, it goes all ghost and re-appears at your apartment.

  • Also, the ability to edit and change your car, like others have suggested. Speed, Drifting, Traction, Color, Aesthetics, etc.
  • The ability to "gift" bought (and edited) cars via Rockstar Club and LIVE friends. Just starting out on the game with no money, but want a Tokyo-Drift Sportscar? Threaten your friend using just your mobile phone and get across important messages, such as replies to someone threatening your manlihood, or perhaps a drug deal with an 8-year-old?
  • Doing cop work. This is the most crazy of them all, but hear me out. If you want to clear your "shoot-on sight" reputation with the croppers, or just that silly thing you kids call "karma", head down to the local police station, and chase down those naughty little boys, quickly sending a Status Report to Santa. Being able to use the PIT maneuver on someone else is a good dream. Paired with the fact it's instant big-bucks (and you can steal civilians cars without getting in trouble)
  • General "legal" work. The second most crazy. Delivering a truck full of explosive gas to a gas station, flying a plane to Tim-Buck-Two, giving someone helicopter tours, photographer - Hell, maybe even driving limousines for celebrities. Don't crash into anything, don't alert everyone that a celebrity is inside, and loose the following paparazzi.
  • "Camera" system. Buy a film camera for 1$ at a vendor stand and share pwetty pictures online with your Rockstar Friend. Maybe a simple "photo editor", such as grayscale, ambience, lighting, etc. Grand Theft Grandma

I know that it could be a lotta work but it would be awesome to see the capability to use any vehicle. even going into airports and taking planes and such. I know that our country has been through a lot with terrorism but it should exclude the open minded reality of GTA. possibly having silencers on weapons and we always have a city. how about being able to travel to speficic states or so on? it would take a lot of memory and time consumption but it would be worth it i feel. If anything i think san andreas should be integrated in gta 5. by that i mean we should have the freedom to walk into ANY building no matter the time for purposes of burglary and possibly having familys watching tv and then freaking out when they see us. As you can tell i wish gta 5 would be as mosssst realistic as possible.

  • I believe there should be real makes and models of vehicles. I also think you should be able to become a police officer, ambulance driver, taxi driver etc.. go back to their roots. If you become an officer you should have a uniform and respond to actual crimes as building points or earning money. FATMANYOU2

I think that GTA5 should have the whole world not just one part and you should be able to get new things and new cars in like the USA or Japan. And you really NEED TO BRING BACK PLANES!!!!

  • We need a crazed, maniacal doomsday cult. Via the internet and pedestrian dialogue you can find their compound and see them walking around in matching jumpsuits. I think they should make a lot of refrences to the world ending, and if the player sets his console to Januery 1st 2012, returning to the compound will yield a cutscene in which you find that the cultists have all killed themselves. It could be both funny and creepy, and would be such a brilliant easter egg. IdesofMarch
  • Players should be able to rob the stores in cities. Gazotti
  • Add some level of house customization, such as buying objects and expanding garages and adding garages to houses that don't have them.
My suggested weapons for GTA 5 
  • Melee: Fist, Knife, Bat(2 variants, wood and steel and they are used by diff gangs or people), Pool Cue(again 2 variants, full sized and half sized), Cleaver, Screwdriver, Crowbar(this weapon can break open doors), Axe(this weapon can hack a person's head off and break doors into halves), Pickaxe, Hammer, Sledgehammer(this weapon can break a window or glass into smitherines with one strike), Shovel, Wire Cutters(this weapons can cut holes into wire mesh and cables), Machete, Lead Pipe, Shortsword, Nightstick

Handguns: Glock .22, Glock 17, Desert Eagle, Colt M1911, Beretta 92, Colt Python, CZ-75, AMT Automag, Colt M1911 Silenced, Viper Magnum, USP Tactical, Bren 10, Shotguns: AA12, PANCOR Jackhammer, Benelli M4, SPAS 12, Ithaca 37, Ithaca Stakeout, Double Barrel Shotgun, Armsel Striker, USAS 12, Sub Machine Guns: TEC-9, MAC-10, Micro Uzi, Uzi, MP5, MP10, MP40, Thompson SMG, P90, Styer TMP, Assault Rifles: M4, AK-47, HK416, AK-101, XM8, HK-91, SOCOM 16, FN SCAR(both Light and Heavy variants), Krinkov, Tavor, FN F2000, SIG SG-552, AR-15(this gun has a 100 round drum mag), Ruger Mini Sniper Rifles: PSG-1, Dragonov SVD, M21, Winchester, MSG 90, DSR-1,TAC .50, M14, Mini 14, MSG3 Heavy Weapons: RPG-7, Milkor MGL, HK69A1, M249, M60, HK21, Bren LMG, Stinger, M79 Grenade Launcher, HK69A1 Grenade Launcher Greanades: MK3A2, Moltov Cocktails, M67, Pipe Bombs, Sticky Bombs, Satchel Charges, GTA IV's Grenade(sorry but i don't know the name of the grenade :p) Improvised weapons: Millwall Brick(aka rolled up newspaper), Shiv, Hobo Shotgun(a shotgun made of a car bumper and with improvised rounds and parts), Hobo Pistol(another improvised gun made up of pipes), Chainlock, Slingshot(basically like the one in BULLY, damn i want that game), BB Uzi(all improvised weapons are used by the hobos, tramps and children in the game) New Cars like Armoured Cars, Race Cars and put in the APC but with miniguns and the cannon with HE rounds, put in the Apache Longbow and most buildings are enterable and more breakable structures, people can be dismembered and have medium gore unlike the low gore on GTA IV, there should be Health in every safehouse and the abillity ti carry 5 Medikits and heal yourself automatically when your hp gets to 0, there should be ammo refills in safehouses to gain full ammo and speical ammo in gunshops like incindary and frag rounds, improvised weapons take up thier own weapon slot so you wouldent have to replace other slots, set the game in Vice City and firearms are semi-leagal(idk but is there such a word??) and let the protagonist be a soldier(kinda like Victor Vance) and his platoon dislike him as he knows of thier plan to smuggle a ton of PCP and a whole lotta meth into VC and manage to frame him and have him kicked outta the army, his legit childhood friends find him a place to stay and keep his discharge a secret from his family in LC and he works his way up through criminal underground to get revenge on the platoon Ammo limits Handguns: 2000 rounds Shotguns: 2500 rounds SMGs: 3000 rounds Assault Rifles: 3000 rounds Sniper Rifles: 500 rounds Heavy: Rocket Launchers and Grenade launchers: 60 rounds, Machine Guns: 5000 rounds Grenades: 30 items Improvised: Melee: Infinite(of course) Firearms: 150(and you do NOT need to reload the weapons) Make all weapons have relistic: Rates of Fire, Ammo capicity, Reloading animation and DamageTeokaijie Also be able to take large items (eg. propane tanks, packages) and place them into cars and be able to deliver them to other locations and position them somewhere else That's all I can think of for now, I will edit this l8r to update my thoughts and 1 more, make it availble 4 PC and PSP(if possible)

  • Boston, how awesome would that be, rolling with the irish mob. cmon, thats better than london Redrider123463
My suggested weapons 2 
  • When the player comes across a wire fence that's too tall to dangle off, they should be able to hop over by grappling onto the wire and climbing up it. NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny
  • I'm sure that this has happened to a lot of players; accidentally going over a high ledge and falling to a gruesome death. If a player accidentally falls off a ledge or building they should be able to hold down the 'JUMP' button and clutch onto the ledge and dangle off it. NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny
My suggested vechicles, cheats and police 
    • Vechicles: APC w/ more armour and lower suspension and miniguns and cannon and it can hold 3 ppl in multiplayer and the 3rd guy is manning the turret and can use his own weapons
  • Leave in all the choppers in GTA IV TBOGT and add some frm the GTA III era, Hunter, Little willie*, Sparrow* and the Sea Sparrow*
  • = rename
    • Police: Now the wanted system has been increased to a 10 star wanted system
  • 1 star: the cops will try to aresst you and chase on foot

2 star: same as 1 star but civillians join in 3 star: now cops will use guns to shoot you and civillians will chase you if they are armed 4 star: now a police helicoptor will chase you but not shoot at you 5 star: the chopper will open fire with M60's 6 star: two choppers and they will open fire 7 star: the Hunter joins the fight and the FBI guys will come and fire away 8 star: the Hunter will use it's minigun to stop you and snipers will try to kill you frm buildings 9 star: the NOOSE team dudes come in and the Hunter will use it's rockets to blow up your car(if you are driving one) 10 star: the NOOSE guys bring in the APC and the turret gunner will use a Stinger and a PANCOR Jackhammer if the Stinger is shot outta his handsTeokaijie

  • there should be Female cops, one of them is your friend and can get you your weapons back if you are busted
  • you can surrender when standing in front of a cop and have any wanted lvl
  • you can help the cops by shooting criminals if they armed and beat them if they are armed with melee or unarmed
  • you can join the cops and get a uniform and gain a mini armoury of cop weapons
    • Cheats: all cheats are classified under 4 sections

Player, Weapons, Vechicles and Police

  • Player cheats: HP and AP, Endurance(you whistand more gunfire and damage than NPCs), 'Spider'(allows you to climb and jump 4 meters), Medic(allows you to carry 10 medikits instead of 5 and you can heal friends), Millionaire(u got $100,000,000, nuff said)
  • Weapon cheats:Incinderiay ammo, Explosive ammo, more ammo, Upgraded(weapon has double damage, double range and accuracy)
  • Vechicle cheats: Pop proof(unpoppable tires), Armoured(bulletproof and explosionproof glass and body), Damage toogle(toogles your car's damage), Repairman(fixes up the car)
  • Police cheats: Add a star, no stars, Invisble(cops will not bother you), Stronger police force(instead of standard Glock 17/22s and Ithaca 17/stakeouts, They have the Deagles and SPAS 12s), Crime Sprees(More criminals on the streets and the Police will be happy for your help)

also weapon pickups are placed in logical areas and bring back diving and let the safehouses be customizable(old bed can be replaced with a new bed, alarm clock change to digital clock) the player is able to arrest criminals on the street and able to do stealth takedowns(snap a guy's neck or knock out a guy) have children(15 year olds) but they cannot be killed, just knocked out and there should be some animals but you cannot kill them and be able to have a few drinks, pass out and teleport to random places also have parachutes.

added to the list 
  • OH i forgot 2 weapons the Remington shotgun and the MP7 SMG Teokaijie
  • The protagonist can be a cop. At the start of the game, you can't get a wanted level for anything unless you kill another cop. Then you get framed and you're discharged and you can get a wanted level for normal things like past gta games. When you finish the storyline, you're reinstated and you have a "WANTED LEVEL ON/OFF" option on your mobile. NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny
  • The whole state of California. Los Angeles should be more detailed, with the areas of Compton, Watts, Inglewood, Long Beach, and other should have more area. It seems that Rockstar focused a bit more on the rich areas than the poor areas. Anaheim, Downey, Gardena, Bellflower and a few other neighborhoods should be added. The whole city should be remade. Keep the Los Santos name.
  • San Francisco also has to be remodeled. The city should be more bigger, add more parks and neighborhoods, and also add the trolley system. Keep the San Fierro name.
  • Add San Diego (call it San Pedro), Oakland (call it Oakfield), San Jose (call it San Javier), Sacramento (call it Santamento) and Stockton (call it Storkton)
  • Las Vegas should also be remodeled, and keep the Las Venturas name.

Kanzler31 23:26, 21 December 2010 (UTC)

Packie Packie in Vice city after gta iv or him in Liberty before iv. Notdoppler 12:07, 22 December 2010 (UTC)

  • weapons: make the pistols the same as they were but with a full auto pistol that does very low damage and keep shotguns the same but when you get in a police car you get 10 shotgun shells instead of 5 also make an lmg weapon type more ammo less damge would be the m60 and less ammo more damge would be rpk? (sorry i have poor weapon knowledge) so basically make 2 weapons for each weapon type one with high damage small magazine and low rate of fire then the other would be the opposite and possibly add a third weapon for certain types but make it very different. Dizziedylan
  • I think the player should have a choice of how much time a day lasts in the options. The options should be from 24 minutes a day like in the GTA III era games up to a full 24 hour day.
  • Cars should have gasoline
  • EVERY building should be destructible. When you destroy a building, the construction should vary by damage. If you blow up one building, it should take at least a few game days to fix the building.
  • More homes for the player. Include purchasable homes.
  • This may be a stupid idea, but I think that supermarkets and convenience stores should have more use. The player can buy groceries and the player can eat food whenever they come to the safehouse and have to re-fill their health
  • The internet should be more useful. For example, in the Burger Shot, Well Stacked Pizza, Cluckin Bell and Wigwan websites we should ask for delivery. You should also be able to buy cars, houses, etc off, Cars can be bought from AutoEroticar and the ability to send your own E-Mail and the receiver re-acts to it depending by the message. Also, add a few online mini-games just for the heck of it. On Krapea you should be able to buy furniture.
  • Furniture! I think all safe-houses you buy should be empty but only with a bed, wardrobe and refrigerator. The player should have to buy all their furniture from Krapea and other stores.
  • Newspaper! You can read newspaper and it will report on events you caused. For example, "Serbian man starts massacre at Superstar Cafe, 12 estimated dead" or "Brother of the Leader of the Grove Street Families Sweet Johnson shot in the head in a Ballas drive-by in critical condition". You should also be able to buy cars and housing etc from the newspapers.
  • Airports! The Airports should be made more useful for traveling were the player can buy tickets like in San Andreas.
  • The Car spawning glitch from GTA IV should be fixed. How many times have you seen 2 corvettes in a red traffic light and 2 more parked?
  • This may be another dumb idea, but I think that the player should have the ability to start a social network profile. The player makes friends which they can meet and even enter chat-rooms and the player can type in their own messages. Imagine insulting your own console.Kanzler31 04:50, 24 December 2010 (UTC)
  • These weapons in GTA 5
 9mm Pistol 
 9mm Silenced Pistol 
 Pistol .44 
 Brass Knuckles
 Baseball Bat 
 Lead Pipe 
 Pump Shotgun Ithaca Model Stakeout 
 Explosive Shotgun AA-12  
 Tec 9 
 SMG SW MP-10 
 Advanced MG M249 SAW  
 Satchel Charges 
 Sticky Bombs 
 Molotov Cocktails  
 Body Armour NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny
  • An action for every consequence that effects gameplay, eg. if you begin assulting old ladies, they will start hiring body guards and carrying weapons, if you robbed a bussines even once, then next time you go they will have beefed up security, or if you commited several violent acts in one suburb the police preseance in said suburb would increase. There are almost limitless possible effectsKlltr
  • Base the game in a more modern version of New Austin from Red Dead Redemption, and add a option to gain a passport to go to Nuevo Pairaiso (Mexico). Bellic 4 life
Location and characters 
  • I feel that the game will be more enjoyable if the protagonist should be able to travel between Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. The game may also be better if the protagonist was the first ever woman protagonist. In addition to having a woman protagonist, there should be characters from the GTA III and IV eras that the protagonist meets in the game. GrandTheftAuto1996
Location and characters 
  • I feel that the game will be more enjoyable if the protagonist should be able to travel between Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. The game may also be better if the protagonist was the first ever woman protagonist. In addition to having a woman protagonist, there should be characters from the GTA III and IV eras that the protagonist meets in the game. GrandTheftAuto1996
    • A new city or an improved Vice City
    • Bring back Hare Krishna from GTA 2 (Dunno why, but I like this gang).
    • Aside from Jew peds, make some other religious peds walking in groups like buddhist monks, priests, nuns, or maybe some creepy cult LOL
    • More things to spend cash (like buying luxury cars, etc.)
    • More than 100 missions and side missions
    • Uh, add critters, different kinds of animals in land, air, and sea! (Screw PETA LOL)
    • More weapons to choose from, just like GTA SA.
    • I like GTA IV's 2008 setting. I wish that GTA 5 timeline will be in the near future (2016 maybe, like in CoD MW2). Not too futuristic, just what will be expected in 6 yrs of time.
    • Make car crashes more realistic, coz in GTA IV if Niko crashes his car to another one, the driver will die, or in flames but Niko isn't affected at all.
    • More realistic traffic (light traffic to heavy traffic)
    • More car showrooms
    • Bring back bicycles
    • Apart from ordering foods from Burger Shit and Cluckin' Bell, make expensive restaurants to order food even when you're alone, coz in GTA IV you need to be accompanied by your friend/girlfriend to eat at SuperStar cafe.
    • Make gas stations useful(refilling gas to vehicles)
    • Watch some sports events in a stadium just to waste time.
    • Make garages/parking spaces save vehicles for up to 4. Some will be 6 (if your safehouse is a mansion)
    • Some people said that they want gang/turf wars. For me, I don't like it coz it's annoying.
  • I think GTA V should be set in San Andreas with Grove Street Families and Ballas around Los Santos. Grove Street should also still be there. NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny
  • Give us the ability to replay missions on demand when the story is completed, à la RDR. Sgt. S.S.
  • Activities in GTA V

Pool Bowling Darts Strip Club Nightclub Eating Drinking Driving Boating Comedy Shows NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny

  • Maybe a coustomiseble person like saints row and give him a name that fits a lot of races. have him/her help out past protaganists like CJ Niko Tommy claude and see what happend to them in the future. Have it Set In all the cities starting in Liberty City and ending up in San Andreas. The Storyline could be about getting across the country and meeting people in differt cities. Improve every past city and make them a lot bigger. Make Los Santos Have the San Fernando Valley and malibou so you could have have house on the beach. Make San Fierro have the Entire Bay Area (Oakland, San Jose) and include alcatraz. Add new Casinos in Las Venturas like the Bellagio and New York New York(Liberty Liberty) Improve on Vice City and be able to take a cruise to some islands in the carribean include the everglades. There Should be country side around liberty city including long island and upstate N.Y. Have More Countyside, desert and forest. Have Other cities like: San Diego, Sacramento, Reno, Seattle, Pheonix, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Nebraka, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Orlando, Atlanta, Washington D.C. Be Able to store helicopters, planes and boats. Be Able to coustimize your house. More Car Coustimization, add helicopter,boat and plane coustimization. Also in the forest or the desert there should be lakes and animals.
  • There should be full vehical controls(PS3), like blinkers(Hold left/right d-pad), convertible roofs aculally work(Hold up d-pad/hold down d-pad,
 open trunk/hood(tap u d-pad twice/ Tap down d-pad twice), open/close door (hold Square), Working windows(tap up once d-pad tap down once d-pad), radio (still left right d-pad once),add a speedometer, turn car on off(L3).
  • I think it would be really good if the protagonist (when the crash) actually gets hurt. So if they are driving and they crash, there health should decrease. Khan1998stevewhite
some great sugestion from me 
  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas Imagtalover

i can sugest the game of gta V

1.make this game in pc with graphics like GTA IV 2.put some real songs in a radio like some examples:Far East Movement-Like a G6,Kesha's We R Who We R and Take It Off 3.player can wash or repair their car by using mouse to drag anything like dragging a sponge to wipe the car 4.put some movies at the cinema like examples:2012,Avatar,Transformer 3 or something like that 5.the player can sell or buy their laptop,computer and phone.there must be real brand like for laptops and computer:Acer,IBM,Lenovo and Alienware.for phones:Nokia,Samsung,Huawei and Motorola 6.put a kidnap mode (only for kidnapping womens n girls)n tell their family/boyfriend for money (with limit of $1000-$10000)u also can rape the hostage if you want.All car can get hostage except only can put hostage at the trunk of the vehicle.if the trunk is damaged,you will get 5 stars from the be very careful if you try to damaging your car.

I wish this sugestion will came out in the game!thank you

  • GTA 5 Has tp be all that San Andreas was and all that GTA 4 wasn't
  • it should be set in san andreas los santos needs to be bigger with san fernando valley, It also need the metro subways (red line,blue line, green line orange line). san fierro needs the whole bay area and a trolley system that you can acually use. las venturas has to have newer casinos(Bellagio, Stratosphere, Mandalay Bay, New York New York, MGM, Rio).
  • It would be fun if GTA 5 was set in the 80s and the character was italian american with a proper 80s hairstyle and instead of being set in vice city it could be san andreas in the 80s and the character can have a huge selection of clothes and houses Gtawikimanster
  • I really enjoyed playing San Andreas and I think some of the features in that game should be brought back, along with a lot of new features, like:
  1. Car Customization
  3. Diving under water
  4. Stats
  5. Bicycles! I really liked the bikes in San Andreas, they need to be brought back.
  6. Multiple cities, not just one city like in GTA IV. The state of San Andreas was HUGE, which Liberty City weren't. I also liked the countryside and the desert in GTA:SA.
  7. Bring back or make new fun vehicles like the jetpack, the go-kart, the vortex (Hovercraft) and the Rhino (Tank) and so on that was in gta:sa.
  8. Bring back the minigun!
  9. More missions. At least 120 storyline missions.
  10. More fun stuff like easter eggs :D and all those myths in gta:sa was great, like the ones concerning bigfoot, jaws, cuicidal pedestrians and lemmings etc. So I'd say making weird stuff like that would be great.
  11. Making NOT your friends call you every freaking five minutes asking you if you want to go bowling.
  12. Cheats should disable all achievements from being earned, not just some of them.
  13. Mission replay should be available after completing the story and you should be able to get better score on them, just like in Ballad of Gay Tony, but you should make it more clear what you'll have to do to get 100%, like having an objectives screen showing you in procent how much accuracy you'll need for the mission, and how much accuracy you are currently at. The same with headshots and such, if you need 12 headshots in a mission, and you are currently at 7 headshots you should be able to see that.
  14. It should be less chance of getting chased by the cops, but once you do, they should get more aggressive faster. And seeing cops and cop cars on the street should be a rarity, 'cause irl you don't see that very often. n gta every like third car is a god-damn police car. The only places there should be lots of cops at should be at police stations and places where you can buy donuts.And instead of every car beinga police car, pedestrians should run away and pick up his/her mobile phone and call the cops, and if you don't kill that person, which will probably make someone else call the cops, or leave the area immediatly, you should get chased by the cops. It would also be very cool if when you kill someone and go back there later, you should see cops all over the place and the cops have ceiled off the area and they're investigating the murder, and if you get too close, someone would scream "THERE HE IS! IT'S THE MURDERER" and then you get chased again. If you change clothes and/or put on sunglasses and/or headwear, they shouldn't recognise you as easy.
  15. Learning new fighting moves in gta:sa was awesome. It should be brought back.
  16. If you kill or blow something up in gta iv a lot of pedestrians will sometimes come fight you or start shooting at you. The pedestrians shouldn't be trying to be heros all the time. It's annoying. Also, too many pedestrians are carrying weapons.
  17. When doing the police odd-jobs you shouldn't get chased by the cops, as long as you don't shoot the cops or a pedestrian.
  18. Multiplayer. Not online but I'm talking the old-school multiplayer, using two controllers or more and playing on the same console. Like in Gta:sa you should be able to free roam, but you should also be able to chose deathmatch and races and such. And you should be able to chose it from the menu, not by finding a floating sign...
  19. If you have a gun or some melee weapon you should be able to walk up on people from behind and then press a button to rob them. Not pick their pockets but threatening to shoot them and telling them to give you their money, and somettimes they run away, and other times they give you their money. If you do it in bright daylight with lots of other pedestrians around, some of them should call the cops (As mentioned before^, but if you rob them nighttime with noone around you will have a greater chance of succeeding.
  20. If you've ever played the game "Need for Speed: Most Wanted" You know about those things that you can ram down so they fall on the cops and kill them. Such things should also be featured in the next gta game. And also hiding places where you can hide from the police in the same area they're looking for you in. Also: spike mats that flatten your tires. Not shure what it is called in english tho, but I think you get what I mean by saying "Spike mats".
  21. If you change car while being chased and no cops see that they should have no idea where you are, even if you are in the area of which the cops are looking for you in.
  22. If you steal a car and a pedestrian is sitting next to you or in the backseat, they should sometimes try to overtake you, like in that gta iv mission where you kidnap that annoying brat. And if stealing a cop car the cop sitting next to you would get you busted.
  23. It would be awesome if there would be dogs in the game. You should be able to see people walking their dogs, and if you escape from the cops on foot they should release dogs on you that chase you down.
  24. You should be able to take drugs, which would cause you to see hallucinations. It would be awesome. If you go to parks and such nighttime there should be people trying to sell drugs to you.
  25. Imo, some parts of the story in gta iv and other games like gta 3 and gta vice city are sometimes hard to understand. Make it more clear why things happend, and what leads to what.
  26. A taser in the next gta game would be awesome. The cops should use it on you and you would fall to the ground timber, and it calls for almost immediate bust.
  27. If cops fight you with their hands they're just boxing. They should know some fighting techniques, shouldn't they?
  28. If you're blocking cars on the road and don't move, the person in the car should come out and start talking to you and saying "HELLO! CAN YOU MOVE!?" and such, and if you don't move, they should start to fight you.
  29. You should be able to buy and sell drugs, like in chinatown wars.
  30. If you destroy all cop cars and/or kill all cops when chased, you shouldn't be chased anymore, but if they see you again they should be more agressive to catch you. Also, if you've just escaped from the cops, and a cop see you in the same car as you had in the chase they should start to chase you again.
  31. Cop cars shouldn't be locked when on the street.
  32. There should be a list in the pause menu saying all the things you'll have to do to get 100% game progress.
  33. If you get busted you should get thrown in jail, and you should stay in jail until you push some button which makes you pay your fine and get out of jail.
  34. The military should chase you if you have a six-star wanted level, as in previous gta games.
  35. The cops should try to talk to you before chasing you. If you're followed by a cop car and they put on the sirens and you stop at the side of the road they should come out and talk to you, and only chase you if you drive away.
  36. Lots of cheats, fun ones to, like the ones in gta:sa that could make your car fly and locking your wanted level and giving you infinite health. All cheats would be disabled when playing online tho.
  37. The driving school, flying school, boat school and motorbike school in gta:sa was great and should be brought back.

That's all I can think of for now. Also, a remake of GTA: San Andreas for Xbox 360 and PS3 with the same graphics and physics and some of the features from gta iv, like the phone, would be just totally AWESOMEEEEE!!!! I would soo buy it. -GabZonY

  • Oh, I taught of some new stuff...
  1. When with a friend or girlfriend the convversations should not only be "How you've been?" Or talking about things that have happened in the game or about other people, they should talk about sports and other things, like "So did you see the game last night?" It would be awesome.
  2. You should be able to order pizza when at your safehouse, and maybe even outside of your safehouse.
  3. It would be great if you could buy furniture to your safehouse from KRAPEA, the gta version of IKEA, and other furniture stores (btw, I laughed my ass of when I read the KRAPEA homepage on the gta iv web, and being from Sweden, and reading all of those made up swedish words made me LAUGH SO BAD AAHAHHA is that seriuosly what americans think swedish sounds like? xD)
  4. You should be able to customize your character as much as you could customize CJ in San Andreas.
  5. All hot dog stands should be marked out on the map.
  6. The "Trip skip" function from San Andreas should be brought back.
  7. People on the street should talk to you and you should be able to reply negatively or positively as in San Andreas.
  8. There should be something like drug wars and gang wars were you need to go and rob places like banks or cafes. -GabZonY
  • Oh yeah, one last thing: If you drive the same car for a long time you should hear a beeping noise which means the fuel pump is almost empty, and you'll need to drive to a gas station to fill it up if you'll want to keep the car. You should also be able to make molotovs at gas pumps as in chinatown wars. GabZonY
  • Here comes some more. Yes I know my list is kinda huge but whatever.
  1. DON'T make real bussinesses and such as someone suggested, only parodies of real bussineses
  2. If you make a crime you should be able to hear about it on the radio.
  3. Someone suggested that you would be able to rape people. Don't do that. It would just be too much. It'd be discusting.
  4. You should be able to buy newer computers and mobile phones, and sell your old ones.If you buy newer phones or computers they should have more features then the older ones.
  5. You should be able to buy a laptob that you could carry with you, and you should be able to sit down on benches and chairs, and when you sit down you should be able to use your laptop.
  6. Make way more houses enterable, or no, make ALL houses enterable, or at least make the windows TRANSPARENT.
  7. Gang wars is awesome, but they were better in San Andreas then in Lost and Damned imo.
  8. Skateboards!
  9. Bring back the camera! You should be able to take photos of stuff and record stuff, and sending it to people when playing online.

So basically, you need to make GTA V all the stuff that GTA San Andreas was, and GTA IV weren't. -GabZonY

  • O and the "Active Area" in the next game needs to be MUCH larger, 'cause somtimes you walk just ten feet away from a car around a corner and the car disappears. And if you are up on really high buildings you should be able to see the cars and pedestrians on the ground, and you would be able to shoot them with a sniper rifle. Also, if you're bailing out from an airplane or a helicopter in mid-air, the protagonist should automatically put on a parachute that's inside the plane/chopper. It would also be very cool if you could fly REALLY high, like out of the atmosphere.GabZonY
  • Giant inflatable hammers and that sort of thing! That would be fun. Solar Dragon
  • Balloon sellers and you can hold balloons and knock them out of their hands etc. Solar Dragon
  • Bring back the old fun cheats. Solar Dragon

Female protagonist for once. Solar Dragon

  • I think GTA V should have a boat "garage" so you can store any boats you want. As someone else said, it should have a cockpit camera view, where you can see the steering wheel or just a hood camera view like the one in Need For Speed. O5C4R
  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas ChronoSky9

i don't know if this is here but

You can choose choices more like deal and revenge like a karma thing, and that would be more widely used You can buy different stuff(dunno if this is in previous games), more choices when buying things like food, car wash, cars etc you can make friends with anyone you meet. a beautiful world like just cause 2 get to chose female or male and customize. go out of america or somewhere way the usual, vice city, liberty city, but i'd love to see san andreas again a futuristic-ish 2018 or something for me. make shooting L1-R1 AND LT RT I THINK for 360 a better sprint... like i sprint button and you get tired out and have to walk to recover sprint you can see inside things like buildings and the like=


  • Bring back stealth attacks. If you have a knife, crouch behind an enemy and slash their throat. If you have a pistol crouch behind and grab them around the neck and shoot them in the head or if you have bare fists, crouch behind them and snap their neck. NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny
  • In Vice City Stories, Victor can walk up to them and grab them by the shirt and lift them up and throw them to the ground. You should be able to do that in Grand Theft Auto 5. NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny
  • *

1.Bring in some zombies. I LIKE ZOMBIES! 2.Bring some newspapers so you can read about crimes youv'e comitted or other people in-game. 3.Make a TV or Radio alert out on your character if he has commited a serious crime. 4.Let us go into malls to buy CD's and whatnot. 5.Let us create catchphrases for our character. 6.Let us be able to make our own clothes,cars and even have our own shops 7.Let us be able to break into house or something. 8.Let us hav conversations with NPC's. 9.Let us purchase books or magizines at stores. 10.Put more websites on the internet. 11.let us be able to say (TYPE)what we want to say not your character txting or emailing. 12.Let us be able to wear trenchcoats and purchase cars. 13.Let us make or characetr hav Phobia's. 14.Let us be able to smoke or use the drugs we have purchased. 15.Let us purchase Playboys.(Friends idea) 16.SKATEBOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17.Bring in climbing gear and hangliders. Stuff like that. 18.LESBIANS!!! 19.Let us purchase iPods and allow us to put our own songs on them. 20.Bring in Conspiracy people. 21.Bring in murderers and kidnappers and stuff. 22.Let us be able to be kidnapped and try to escape or die. 23.

After life

After life

  • It would be good if you can bring back the "infinite health" cheat and the "never wanted cheat". You should also be able to buy drinks at a bar and a nightclub without having to hang out with a friend or a girlfriend. NikoCjTonyTommyVicClaudeLuisJohnny
  • It would be nice to be able to save a waypoint at the location the player is at with a function in the phone, so that any cool spot on the map may be saved. In the pause menu, there will be a "Saved waypoints" button and it will show you all the locations you have saved. The saved locations will be named the street the player was in(Emerald Street.) by default, but you may rename your saved points for better remembrance, like "Parking lot", "Swingset glitch" or "Exploding gas tanks" ect. Once you click on a location you want to go to, a message will say "Waypoint loaded". When you exit the "Saved waypoints" screen and look at the map, the waypoint will be automatically set into place. Chapig
GTA San Andreas Stories 
  • Before making GTA5, I feel that Rock Star North should back up a step into the GTA3 era again and create the long-wanted GTA San Andreas Stories. "The Introduction" in the PS2 special edition of GTA San Andreas was not enough to tell us how Brian died, what kind of people Brian and Beverly were, and why C.R.A.S.H. was picking on the Johnsons in particular. The protagonist in San Andreas Stories should be none other than Brian. I also think that, for the first time in a GTA game, the story should shift from one protagonist to another. The game should start out with Brian as the Protagonist, and then the protagonicy should be shifted to Sweet in the events of Brian's death and CJ's exile. Sweet should kill Big Devil and Little Devil for betraying the Grove just as Carl revenges on Ryder and Smoke for their betrayal. Officer Pendelbury should also be a member of C.R.A.S.H. and Hernandez a cop who gives a couple missions. There should also be the oppurtunity to rob houses again, have the character customization for Brian like on CJ in San Andreas, and have Hot Coffee returned for another round. That is all I have to say. I hope you take into consideration what I took the time to write.GrandTheftAuto1996
  • I feel that's a great idea, however, how can we play if Brian's dead. Unless you are thinking of setting the story before Brian died, that would be fantastic! They could twist the story up a little so we learn more about the unknown. Rockstar should use the map of San Andreas (with a bit more) again though with the new RAGE engine! Imagine that. I feel Vice City would come next though, then San Andreas. San Andreas was unboubtedly my favourite GTA. Montario 19:11, 19 January 2011 (UTC)