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Suggestions for GTA 5

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  • Set the game in something different besides New York and popular cities. Instead have an accurate depiction of St. Louis. Call it GTA: St. Clark . The Entire Metrolink system should be included along with the Metrobus systems (in a different name like Tri-CityLink). Have 4 local newschannels on TV that seem like their in competition with each other. Also put rail yards in places with long freight trains (however the trains should cross the roads during free roam time not during missions unless it helps the player or dosen't effect them, like in a cutscene). Also, parts of Illinois that are in the entire st louis area can be their. The Island can be called Lincoln. Put cities like East St. Clark (East St. Louis, Concrete City (Granite City), etc. St. Clark County should also have cities a small cities based on their real counterparts in St. Louis County.BlackBoi18
  • i think explosions should be like balllad of gay tony mission bang bang when the crain fell.i also think they shound bring back the hydra and the the start of the game i think your car should be a black 535is bmw but if want futher in the game you can buy other cars .it should be based in 2006 or 2010 .the citys shound be miami,las venturas and and anywere in america . it would be fanstastic to be from the beginning of the the game to be a head of a massive crime family.i think there should be 7 crime familys.also there shound be a massive map with deserts a forest mountains . there should be over 300 explosive missions .also i think the introduction shound come out with a bang.and i think they shound bring back gang wars for territories .and take over lots of bussinessis like clubs and bars and casinos . and i think they shounld bring back more planes and new cars .and in the storyline they shound do like 6 missions were you kidnapp a billionair .you shound be able to call for backup more better clothes like a polo top trackies jackets and suits .also there should be children and animals.there should be holets that you can take over and more mansions .the cheats shold be a moneys and many more.
  • and whe someone gets killed a news van comes and reports it and your gang members should have miniguns,ak47s,desert eagles and smgs

this should be in gta 5

  • be able enter most all buildings
  • should be called gta vice city corrupt vacations
  • a lot of planes
  • alot of helicopters
  • cj or niko bellic as protaginists
  • a lot of army things/accsessories
  • more vehicles(rare editions,e.g. Futo GT)
  • mike toreno
  • the truth
  • sweet johnson
  • ceaser vialpando
  • gay tony
  • more island
  • more boats
  • more activities
  • jetpack
  • bust out of jail unless have money
  • more weapons marine,army,ghetto
  • madd dogg(relation)
  • snoop dogg(relation)
  • ice cube(relation)
  • telivision
  • real websites
  • unlimited money cheat
  • all cars cheat
  • Have a side mission of being a busker. You go to a music store and buy an instrument and take "lessons", so to speak.FunnyJunk 21:30, June 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think they should put non-conventional vehicles like in GTA:San Andreas.Bikes.But they should also have skate boards and scooters and stuff like that you can carry in a back pack or something like that so you always have some sort of vehicle with you.You should be able to enter more buildings,and a more customizable protagonist.You should also be able to buy properties like in Vice City;for example,a huge garage where you can keep your cars.Plus,you should have the abiity to use stealth for some missions.Also,you should have the ability to use at least one of your friend's speacial abilities from the beggining.Lastly,a system that saves your progress after certain parts of a mission,like in TLaD and TBoGT,(so you don't have to take a long as drive or see cutscences again)but after each part of a mission(i.e)
  • Part one:Get to Tony's house and use his chopper. Save
  • Part two:Go to the building,kill every one inside and plant the explosives. Save
  • Part three:Return the chopper to Tony's houseShadowspy

Crib and Car Custumization

  • Have wider range of military aircraft (more fighters, add the andromeda, plus maybe a bomber)
  • Bring back ferries -Introzilla
  • AnthonyDelgado I think the next Gta should place in all 3 cities vice city, liberty city and san andreas the protagonist should be a female mafia member of that nature etc. features planes helicopter salons nails salon to get the protagonist nails done clothing shops malls and have the same effects and ragdolls and visual effects gta 4 does just more features missions ablities and make it more intersting but in the end it is up to rockstar oh and make the cities etc. states in san andreas case slightly and more unique and modern oh and plane crashes more real and make more of an impacting when crashing and when exploding having the protagonist being able to have chance very small chance of surviving the crash but having visible injuries more life realistic injuries having all the features gta 4 does and more new much more it ill be a hit.
  • PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,add in some myths,like ratman and bigfoot, but make it an actual legit part of the game that can be found and proven real,IT WOULD BE SO COOL!!! Surrealelement
  • Different cities around the United States (Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City, etc.) and can be travel through airport, ship, personal jet, and/or train for a price. Darkexa
  • All Vehicles Should have at least one place where to always spawn

They shouldput more cars in gta 5 and more customization options like you could put police cars lights on an ordinary car and you should be able to buy cars and private jets and cars that no one can take from you. They should also have more under cover cop cars like NOOSE bulletproof humvees and regular cop cars.they should also change the names of the cars to the real names not the fake ones. Like infernus insted of lamboghini. They should also have more cities like citrus from all old gta

  • i think that they should in features such as being able to buy properties, cars, boats and superyatchs.Ragdollmaster
  • I think that the next gta should be set in current times in any american city, preferably san andreas, liberty city, vice city, or they could add chicago to the list. the storyline should involve a young gang member up and coming in a powerful gang in the city, starts out low rank but slowly makes his name in the gang, by proving himself through turf wars, drug deals, etc. if the plot was in san andreas then it could involve the grove street family as a more evolved and well off gang with characters returning like CJ and sweet as their older selves, or they could switch it up and make it from a ballers perspective on how life is in los santos dealing with turf wars and gang rivalries. if the storyline was based in vice city they could show how gang life is in the south, but then change to making money and being more prganized and business like which would fit the vice city scene a little better. if the storyline was based in chicago they could involve midwest life style and all the public transportation as in el trains and buses, if the storyline was set in liberty city, the map would be easy, it really wouldn't have to change much, but it would be from a different perspective just like the dlc, it would be longer then the dlc and you would be able to access everything that the game has to offer. the next gta have more options when customizing your character, that way you could choose what style you would like to be instead of only having very few options. the game should also have more choices that change the whole outcome of the game. it should also have a point involving prison and showing more how it is in there, which would be more realistic, since the game is about crime and prison plays a big part in a lot of criminals lives. Gtafan34
  • The main character is a Mexican trying to get across the border to Los Santos etc, the promised land of nightclubs, bars, gambling etc. but not until you've done lots of crappy jobs first! (Bit of a Scarface rip off I know but who cares). This would split the game by making it 'impossible' to get across the border until you have the necessary credentials (no more bridges out/terrorist warnings). If you did get across the border early in the game you'd just get deported back to Mexico. Also, later on in San Andreas, you could go back across the border to escape the law and later on traffic people across the border by truck or drugs by plane etc. Airports would be welcome back and more open plan, a la San Andreas/Red Dead Redemption rather than well built up Liberty City. Also, following the success of Red Dead Redemption; more animals. I would also like to see the return of articulated trucks and the Walton pick-up too. Failing that, a Vice City re-hash, though I'm not sure that this theme would work unless it was 80's based!? Foz Zombie
  • Purchase different cellphone/smartphone options from Whiz or Badger outlets, including payment per simulated month for premium services (or is that too much?)... smartphones would also have access to player's email account (GTA IV Era) and possibly, but probably not access to internet. The access to email would be nice if designers decide to include another line of "Brucie's Exotics" missions where the player has to return to an internet cafe to get his next assignment. A smartphone with email access would eliminate that. In fact, TBOGT's Luiz Lopez has a BlackBerry look-alike. Szebrine
  • Auto/vehicle inclusions (Note: "clone" are extremely similar like Coquette/Chevrolet Corvette, while "look-alike" are vaguely similar like Banshee/Dodge Viper; I say clone, especially in Aston Martin's case because they're just too beautiful to change too drastically... also, I live in the GTA IV Era, so apply that context to all my ideas.)
  • Add '11 Audi S5 clone as Benefactor
  • Add '11 Tesla Roadster EV look-alike (specific electric motor soundbyte, gang version could be based on Roadster Sport)
  • Return '86 Ferrari Testarossa clone as Grotti "Turismo"? (replace current)
  • Add '90 Ferrari 348 GTS clone (top on/top off variants) as Grotti
  • Return '99 Mitsubishi 3000GT clone
  • Weapon inclusions:
  • G36/AG36 clone
  • Springfield 1903 sniper rifle clone
  • LA85A2 clone
  • Steyr AUG A3 clone
  • City Features:
  • Add more car dealerships with different selections and options list (order cars like import? trade cars in like export?)
  • Return property ownership/income feature. I get the feeling GTA IV's replay value diminishes because there isn't much to do after 100% besides hanging out and causing aimless mayhem (which is fun for sure, but bring back some of the features that were staples in the GTA III Era)
  • Ownable Business Ideas: Pay'n'Spray (with customer choosable colors), Restaurants, Car lots/Premium dealerships, Clubs, Taxi Companies, Helicopter Tours
  • Finally, I would like to see Vice City's GTA IV Era incarnation over San Andreas and would love to see a definitively benevolent protagonist (much like the Michael Westen of Burn Notice... big fan of the show here). Protagonist would be at odds with law enforcement certainly; but all the while working with shady government agencies-- like Niko's United Liberty Paper Co. mission line-- and against organized crime synicates, fighting for the average citizen. A GTA with this system would see a significant increase of Random Characters over previous GTA titles. But that's just me... Szebrine
  • More safehouses available. From small, dirty apartments to big, outstanding mansions. SonOfDad

be able to silence guns be in the army were a ghillie suit play as niko make a your own soundtrack make it be set in 2010 london enter all buildings and destroy them bring back aircrafts andomada,buzzard,levianthan opening hull,cargobob opening hull,shamal,annhilator, hunter but not the apache the super cobra ,make it be relesed on ps3 and xbox 360 first pc 2 days later and make the game have better graphics redburn2 19:26 25.6.10

  • Well I think that the new GTA should be set in the 1940s. I know what you're thinking the 40s are way back like 60 years ago and who cares now. But, if u think about it back in the 40s there were some decent guns and other stuff so here's what I think should be in the game
  • Planes
  • Cars( Trucks, motercycles, etc.)
  • Trains(which would be cool if u can high jack trains like in San Andreas)
  • Ferries and war ships.
  • A brand new city in a brand new state.
  • more pedestrians who look different.
  • destructible environments
  • All kinds of guns from the 1940s era.
  • a female protagonist(yeah!).
  • A much bigger environment.
  • Tanks.
  • more interaction between people on the streets.
  • jobs should be available but shouldn't be required
  • more building you can actually walk into more buildings
  • be able to go on dates( like GTA4) and since the jukebox was popular in the 40s and 50s you should be able to go into diners and stuff and jam out (sort of) to 1940s hits.
  • Trolleys ( as some people by then still could not afford cars.)
  • Be able to go to different cities in previous games like Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas and see what they looked like in the 40s!
  • Radio ( a big source of entertainment back then even though televisions were out by then) ( also here news about WW2 and people believes about it and of course music).
  • pay phones(because people didnt have cell phones)(but the main character doesnt have to pay)
  • and many others............Gtwiki
  • I think Rockstar should team up with DICE to use the FrostBite engine. Weapons, I am tired of the same AK-47 and M4 and Mini-UZI. I want new weapons, maybe a STG .77 AUG or an FN2000. World War 2 weapons would be nice too. I would love an M1A1 Thompson and an UZI. Also bring back the Rhino.UZI-Master
  • The protagonist should be a rookie police officer, just learning the ins and outs of the job (maybe even start in the academy) only to get mixed up with crooked cops and gangsters. He can choose to be honest or shady with the story line changing based on his decisions. When not doing missions he can go patrol on duty and catch criminals or or rob pedestrians. When off duty he could get random security jobs or do jobs for the mob. HANsumSOLO
  • they should have over 600 cars to jack and planes and military vehicles should be brought back - JUJUMAN120
  • The game should be located in multiple locations, which not only includes cities, but also suburban and rural areas similar to GTA San Andreas.
  • Airports should be included which would allow travel to different cities throughout the country. This would go along with the story mode and make free roaming more expansive.
  • The protagonist should be a Vietnam Vet with the game taking place just after the end of the Vietnam War, and his brother being close and after the war he becomes a Antagonist after he(protagonist) returns
  • Throughout the game the player would endure flashbacks sending the player into actual military conflict in the war.
  • The player could start out in a city such as Baltimore, and travel throughout east coast cities such as New York, Boston, Miami, and Washington DC to follow the story mode.
  • During the Vietnam War, the players squad found a massive cache of drugs. The captain of the platoon orders the soldiers to steal the drugs which goes against company orders to reinforce and save a downed helicopter. The captain says that anyone who doesn't listen to him will be shot. The protagonist protests this along with others and is shot. The player survives along with one other man. These two men, who are best friends, meet back up in the US and are hunted down by the rest of the platoon to finish the job. Throughout the story the player is on the run from hired killers, but after his best friend is killed, he vows to hunt and kill all of the men in his platoon who were involved in the drug scandal. RK0305

My top wishes for GTA 5.

1) The re-introduction of Garages

Whilst I didn't mind the car park space outside, there was always something very satisfying about standing next to the garage and seeing your favorite far in your favorite color slowly appear as the door rose up! For this reason I would love Garages to come back!

2) The abilty to purchase VERY RARE cars/Customise cars

Once you had completed GTA 4, you didn't have much to do in the form of spending your money apart from dates and a few nice suits from Perseus, I think Rockstar introducing some very, very rare cars (ONLY available through purchase, no cheats) would give you more gametime in accquiring more money to purchase these "Hypercars" The cars would have to in the region of 300-500k (maybe more) to make you feel like you "earned" them. These cars for example could be the GTA equivalent of a Veyron (Modern car) Jaguar E-Type (Classic Car) or a Ariel Atom. (Unusual Car) I would love to customise cars again also, whilst we can understand it won't be "Need for Speed/Forsa" in depth but just being able to make a car unique to yourself is hugely rewarding. Perhap even being able to go online with our custom cars and race other custom cars also!

3) Building an empire

I love the "Moral decisions" that GTA make you go through now, but why can't be still buy a collection of property and businesses that give the game some serious action post the single player storyline? Rather than perhaps going from Property to property and collecting the money (we can all agree that got a little tedious) the money gets paid into a Bank Account (The bank account was a scrapped idea by Rockstar I believe?) that you can transfer from a Branch/Online? Similar to when CJ in SA had to defend neighbourhoods that he controlled, you could respond to disturbances of your businesses such as "Take down the guys who boosted a car from your Car Lot" or "Deal with thugs causing a scene in your club" Another idea on the Bank front is to introduce a Bills system for Rent, Gym Membership, Petrol (perhaps a little too far, but you get the idea)

4) More shops

You can buy Jewellery, Shirts, Shoes, Props, Crib upgrades, (Sofas, Wider screen TV's, beds) the works, it seems pointless to be able to have $2 Million in cash but nothing to spend it on.

5) Choosing the car color in Pay&Spray

A little pet peeve of mine, it was annoying to have to drive in and out of the Spray shop 3-4 times to get the right colur as it would take up a day inside the game. Just let us go in, and let us choose. Simple stuff!

  • What I really want for the next GTA game, is to have a GTA San Andreas Stories, taking place in 1987, 5 years before GTA San Andreas as Sweet as the protagnist leading up to the events of Brian dieing and CJ going to Liberty City.
  • Not deleting missions, taking out many great ideas like GTA SA. I'd also love to see animals like cats, dogs, and jellyfish that do something in the game YayBirdie!
  • physical features of protagonist should be customizeable Boomchikin
  • Customize cars like in GTA:SA
  • Being able to buy cars instead of looking for rare ones
  • Make a car crash facility. that will be awesome as a easter egg or secret mission
  • make the cars available to turn off ABS, ESP, TCS..Azlan96
  • cars can be locked via the phone with alarm system Azlan96
  • Set it in London, Paris, Berlin, or Rome
  • Don't make the missions repetative
  • Make missions fun
  • Better controlling cars
  • Main Menu
  • Easy load menu
  • Drugs
  • Easier to find weapons
  • CHEATS!!!
  • Planes
  • Smarter police AI
  • Request songs on radio
  • more motorcycles
  • Casino
  • Being able to enter more buildings
  • Steal from people, Cat-Burglar
  • Better phone, overall exit button, like back button or something
  • When shot dont put away phone Kcl202
  • Stealth
  • Younggtaplayer Hope that there's a vehicle that based on Lincoln Navigator.
  • Younggtaplayer Hey would you guys bring back the ability to hail a tanker trailer? I really love to crush vehicle with the trailer. Oh not only us have that ability other trucks also have it.
  • YounggtaplayerI really hate when i got a wanted star when defending myself. So in gta 5 when you got shot by other gangs police will try to take you to a safer zone (your gang terittory) instead of trying to arrest you
  • Should be based in America or Russia.
  • The main protagonist should be Russian and ex Russian Army, If its based in America the player should be either an ex soldier or ex DEA.
  • The main protagonist should start with nothing and have to buy rifles and clothing.
  • more buildings are accesible.
  • The main protagonist should be able to by upgrades for his car.
  • the last mission sould be when you kidnapp a leader of a another crime family for billions and escape in a sea plane.i think you should own take ver bussiness like casinos , restaurants clubs ,pubs ,hotels,gun shops,car centres and showrooms it would be brilliant to own warehouses arifields but the airfilends have building to go in to . i thinks think the graphics should be like iv . going into a building should be like iv . i think a the start of the game you go buy a cars like bmws 535is and bmws 5 series sport cars like bullet gt,from a massive car centre,the player should able to by mansions and safehouses . the player shound be a really dangerous mafia boss with lots of power and also have a 20 floor headquarters were a lot of his gang members will be and rercuit up to 10 memer to join you on mssions and when 3 member are in your car the other should steel another car and follow you .there should be 300 explosive missions. there should be the the abilty to change clothes what you buy like buy a jacket with a top and changle the top with anther one and keep the jacket on.there should be polo tops,trackies your gang meber should have ak47s,smgs , descert egales there should be descerts ,forestes ,there should be more better clothes , you should be able to rob anywere you want .when you murder someone a news van come to repot it .better clothes .when crash into a building the the car goe through it .you should go in any buliding . they should bring back lots of cheats like the money cheat .and there should be a gym .have muscle and stamima

the story should leave off where grand theft auto iv finished and make newer cheats like be able to spawn planes like the ghawar and the andromada and the shamal and the fighter which was cut from gta 4 the hunter should reapear as a super cobra niko is the richiest person ever and some people want him dead....

  • I would so pre-order the next GTA if they PLEASE make the cop cars a little more different from each other. Like make EVERY car be able 2 be made into a police car. Like if I drive up to a Polce Station i want to see like 1 Police Cruiser, 1 FBI Cavalcade, 1 NOOSE van, etc. Make it so that there are no 2 cars that are the same. You can have the sae models but change the lights and stuff. Make a whole BUNCH of different branches of the police force. Likee if you have 4 stars make the NOOSE come after you in any car they want. But make the cars cool and have them with POLICE markings. BRING BACK MILITARY 2 THE NEXT GEN CONSOLES. but dont make a wide voriety of military vehicles. its ok to see military vehicles that look alike. make apaches that shoot at the player that are only used by the military and are only abtainable by breaking into the Military Base. THANKS!!! Devonwa1

The game should take place in Vice city in 2010, but the new Vice City should be much more different and better than Vice City in 1984 and 1986. The protagonist should be Patrick McReary - the character from GTA:IV. He is an immigrant in Vice City - he was never been in this town in the past. He is immigrating in Vice with his family(except Francis, who is killed and Gerald, who now is in Vice City prison). He wants to create a new McReary mob, with which he can conquer and rule this city. His main opponent - Tommy Vercetti - the main antagonist should own his properties from 1986(Vercetti Estate, Malibu Club, etc., but these buildings should be much more different than in 1986(upgraded)). The game should have a few side missions and a lot of story missions. The first story missions should be for poor characters, who aren't leaders of a crime family, or members of a crime family. The "Business empire" feature should be bringed back like in VCS. The vehicle explosions should be more realistic than in TBoGT. There should be a lot of safehouses, most of them - to be acquired with purchasing (like in SA)

  • Take it back to the 80's or even the 70's, with a killer soundtrack and all the pop culture references that go along with the era. Jamiewan1
  • more enterable buildings
  • more weapons
  • more planes
  • enterable u.f.o's\jets
  • more missions
  • should be all grand theft auto's mixed toghether
  • should have c.j, scareface, ice cube, snoop dogg, WC, eminem
  • jetpacks
  • real races
  • faster cars/more cars
  • should be called gta redemtion
  • be able to fly too different islands/planets
  • aliens
  • more friends
  • better guns
  • more tanks
  • more actions
  • more helicopters
  • more boats
  • work out room
  • football
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • derby
  • monster trucks
  • pets
  • bigger houses
  • more houses
  • bring back bikes
  • tag or see taggers tag(once in a while)
  • eat food whenever(but not affect your health)
  • I hope that in the next Grand Theft Auto there is more for players who like doing vigilante missions. The Warriors game had a feature that involved hand cuffs and if you were to combine that with Red Dead's prisoner transport feature you would have something fantastic. For instance, it would be pretty cool to go to a gun shop and buy a pair of cuffs (which would be pretty cheap and easy to find) and then going on a vigilante mission that had you knocking out a criminal with your hands, cuffing him, and then transporting him in the trunk of your car. Lord knows killing someone wouldn't get you money from a police department. CribbNG3
  • Another big thing I would like to wish for is more variation in buildings. Basically in GTA IV the only special apartment complexes are the ones used directly in story missions. After all, GTA is a free roam series so there needs to be more for those who want to play after the story(usually on MP). CribbNG3
  • it would be good to steel police uniforms from the station and when geting a star they will not attack you and get doctors outit a firefighers outfit from the fire staion and the medic center and the police station.
  • This should take place in Vice City where Niko,Toni,Claude,and CJ go to Vice City. They go to Tommy's house and kill Tommy and Niko,Toni,Claude,CJ are rich happily ever after TV112 05:23, June 27, 2010 (UTC)
  • Customizable Character. Wrestling and fighting games do it, so why not GTA? It would be really cool to have the main character to actually be you. (only having other characters refer to you by nicknames, because it would be impossible to include every name in the world)
  • Be able to buy things (tvs, furniture, clothes, jewelry, cars, houses, weapons, CDs (that you can actually bump in your ride), cause I have $99,999,999 in San Andreas, whats the point of having all that cash for nothing?
  • Be able to get married after achieving 100% in dating
  • Actually be able to bribe the cops with money if you get caught, instead of having to find a star
  • Be able to get a paying job and be fired for things like (being late, not coming to work, embesslement...)
  • Have your criminal rating have advantages like when you're "King of San Andreas" have other gang members and civillians fear you, cops respect you more, etc.
  • More gambling options, shooting craps, 3 card molly, betting on sports
  • Underground fight circuit (like in true crime: ny)
  • More activities like (smoking weed, drinking, playing basketball against someone, shoplifting)
  • Be able to be a drug dealer to make money
  • Be able to ask any girl out, her response could depend on (Muslc or fat preference, how much money you have, your appearence)
  • Be able to enter any building (would mean that every building would have to serve a purpose and not just be a random building)
  • Be able to stick up a store or pull a bank robbery (with possible consequences of course
  • Be able to plan a casino heist like in San Andreas, that was so fun. But be able to do it outside of missions so you could do it more than once

GTA 5 wish list

  • Be able to have your own soundtrack (radio station songs), San Andreas had the best soundtrack, but it gets a little boring and annoying after 6 years of hearing it.
  • Remember the gold SMG at TBOGT? I suggest if GTA V will present the golden version of each weapon. The golden versions have unique ability (but are still realistic).
  • Good rewards for 100% completion in game, such as unique abilities, special weapons, special vehicles or special outfits.
  • More new cities and bigger setting (Chicago, Texas or in other countries). Also do not forget an ability to move to another city by plane or boat.
  • More new vehicles and weapons. Also bring back some BP/EP/FP/DP/or any kinds of proof vehicles.
  • Abilities in water: dive, combat and carry people
  • Bring back garages! With no limit for vehicles storage.
  • Bring back big safehouses, such as mansion, village, penthouse or ranch.
  • More new odd jobs, such as robbery, bulglary or even abductionLordLeo
  • I want the V8 Ghost from LCS and the Tahoma from SA to return to the series. I also want the ability to own your own car. It would be similar to the function of Jonny Klebitz's Hexer in TLAD. It would spawn at the start of each mission and outside of your latewst save point. You could get it painted to whatever color you want at a shop like Transfender. You could also go to one of the car dealers in the city and buy a new car to replace your old one. At the beginning of the game you can only buy a crappy car like a Blista or a Willard but as you progress through the game, better cars will become available at the car lot until the end of the game where you can buy good cars like the Infernus or the Comet. Rickissocool5
  • I think GTA 5 should bring back the 3 Weapon tiers instead of just 2 like in GTA 4 (Advanced and Poor). There should be 3 pistols (Beretta 9000S, Deagle, Somekind of six shooter/revolver), 4 submachine guns (Tec 9, Uzi, MP5, Mac 10), 4 shotguns (Double barrel, Sawed Off, Spas 12, Pump action shotgun), 3 Assault Rifles (Ak47, M4, Smith and Wesson M&P 15T), 3 Snipers (Remington Model 750, Tikka T3 Tactical, H&R Ultra), 3 Special Weapons ( RPG-7, Minigun, M60), and 6 Thrown Weapons (Pipebomb, Molotov, Hand Grenade, Satchel Charges, Tear Gas, and Flash Bangs). You should also be able to contact anonymous arms dealers on pay phones scattered across the city to get guns for cheaper. EvanM1995
  • I think there should be more player-like pedestrian behavior, i.e pedestrians can be drunk, or start shootouts and have high-cal guns. HoboHunter28
  • i think it should have more rpg things such as skills and exp.
  • I think there should be a similar vechicle system R* used in Red Dead Redemption. You could go to a car dealer and then buy car keys for a Comet, Infernus ,etc and incase you blow up the car you could press the up button on the direction pad and then a car would spawn at your safehouse the next day
  • The setting should be in Chicago(freefall off the Sears Tower!), New Orleans, Texas, or Atlanta.
  • drink whenever.
  • customize cars.
  • the protagonist should be asian or white, or maybe middle eastern
  • drugs
  • more clothes(hats,beanies,add stripes, or change color of clothes etc.)
  • Maybe the setting is like Red Dead Redemption(The US and Mexico are the setting)
  • buy cars at a dealership also
  • garages with lots of space(no car limit)
  • more car versions(like sultan hatchback. or stratum coupe)
  • a home pc
  • Make it so you can modify vehicles again but only more realistically
  • Make it so that you can drive planes, more helicopters and basically just add more things to do like in san andreas.
  • Make more landscape and country roads and mountains like san andreas because gta iv was basically just towns and cities and industrial estates
  • Give the player homies or gang members again
  • add a tank again. make it so you can drive but you can choose which gun to control (turret or the little machine gun at the front) and whatever gun you aren't controlling, your homies can control it
  • Also a really annoying thing that needs to be fixed is: when working for the police (vigilante missions), when you shoot the target, other cops come after you. Make it so they will help you out and you arent the only cop on the scene
  • Its always nice to discover a new car in gta. Make more of them and make some fun cars too.Ilike2m0d
  • Have Grand Theft Auto V take place in washington DC. 1up Wonder
  • Some more suggestions,
  • Like someone else said above me, Its sucks when the cops go after you in vigilante missions. Even when you have the police uniform from dating barbara in san andreas. At the very least, you should be able to do uninterrupted vigilante missions once you have earned the police uniform.
  • I can't stress enough how HUGE of an improvement it would be to be able to customize the character, it would be some groundbreaking stuff. That in itself would be enough to sell millions of copies.
  • Instead of focusing on graphics, it would be better to simply improve gameplay and activities to do after you've beaten the game. I would be cool if the new game had graphics like San Andreas, as long as it had a great story, game play, and more things to do.
  • Have businesses that you earn money from after you establish them (like san andreas and vice city), but have a bank account to transfer the money into so you don't have to drive or fly 50 miles to collect it
  • Be able to do different things with weapons, like (pistol whip, mellee attack with a rifle, different knife attacks, be able to free-aim bats and other swinging weapons)
  • Maybe go to college and take classes (like in "Bully") that are mandatory requirements for certain jobs, (maybe kinda lame, but would provide something to do)
  • Have marathons (like San Andreas) but it would be cool if it was promoted and had a news team and spectators at the finish line and stuff like that
  • Be able to make your own graffitti design and tag things up
  • Have parts to make your own tattoo
  • It would be really fun to be able to shoplift
  • Be able to stick up a store (like vice city), but be more realistic, not just pointing your gun at them and getting money. Make it so you have to be smart about it (take out security cameras and stuff)
  • Be able to climb things (It sucks that the only GTA for PS2 that allows climbing in San Andreas) even the ones after it didn't let you climb (VCS and LCS)
  • Have a large business like a Casino, that you would make huge bank off of. Or a car dealership that people actually buy cars from.
  • Bring back the salesman modes (like GTA III or Liberty City Stories) so you could make money off of your sales
  • Jobs like; Realtor, Hitman (get paid to track and kill someone), Loan Shark (using physical violence to get your money back if not paid on time), Protection Racket, Strip Club owner (not pimp)
  • Be able to get a loan from the bank if you need cash
  • Bring back burglar mode (like form San Andreas) but instead of just taking appliances from houses, be able to break into huge mansions and break into(crack) the safe, cause rich people got money, I wants that.
  • my wishlist for gta 5
  • have a customiszable character as the protagonist
  • a never wanted cheat
  • heath,armor,money cheat
  • have it on all systems
  • have a choice for different fighting styles
  • more melee weapons
  • have a chance to play as all of the previous protagonist
  • have an accessory that can interact with the game
  • and a choice of colors in pay & spray
  • MONEY What I think they should do in the next series of GTA if make it a bit harder to gain money. Its always you start off with nothing at the begining and then at the end you end up not buying anything! I think they shouldn't give you money for doing the missions but give you oppertunities to do side jobs; Taxi service, Police, Fire Department etc.
  • HOUSES Also you should be able to not only buy houses in GTA 5 but also pay rent AND! buy stuff for your house. I think it would be a really cool thing to include this but... It may not happen... You should be able to design however you want your appartment/house like in Sims.
  • CAMERA I think I can say this for everyone but 'WE ALL LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!' you should be able to take pictures and save them to your harddrive or just the game/ or even recordings (ONCE YOU BUY ONE) and share it across the world. It would be a great laugh to see what kind of funny things civilians do, like fall over a curb haha. Or even make a nice background picture for your WIZ-WIRELESS HAHA.
  • Buying Cars is one of the things that you never got to do (only in San Andreas). I think they should bring that back. I know its easy to just steal a car, but I just feel that once you buy something your over protective over this particular item for a few days or weeks.
  • CLEVERNESS Must more clever AI OR just police. If you steal a car you get 1 STAR (Which is fair enough because you dont want the whole cavalry coming after you) the police should be able to track you down slowly and eventually depending how nice the car is. Or if you rob a bank or a store (which you should be able to do too!) your identity could be in jeperdy depending on if the cameras got your face.
  • BUYING STUFF As I said before about you can buy stuff your house, which would be cool. You should be able to buy stuff for your character such as shoes, socks, trousers, belts, underwear, shirts, jackets, ties, gloves, rings, wrist bands, necklaces, chokers, scarfs, hats, bandanas, glasses, shades, face paints etc. And what about accessories such as mp3, arcade games, tattoos, phones, computers/laptops, keyboards/pianos etc.
  • SELLING STUFF Not only you should be able to buy all them stuff... You should be able to sell all them stuff!!! Whats the point of upgrading a... Laptop and having the old one when you can sell it? It would be awsome. But not only that. If they could.... PLEASE BE ABLE TO TRADE ONLINE!!! I JUST WANT A GAME WHICH CAN TRADE GOODS!!! IT WOULD BE AMAZING IF IT HAPPENED ON MY FAVOURITE GAME SERIOUS EVER!
  • There are more things I can mention but I wont bother because im not getting paid for this haha. No I just cant be bothered to write anymore at.... 3am in the morning... This is llTurtleManll signing out Ervindarkfalcon

There should be four games:

  • GTA North
  • GTA South
  • GTA East
  • GTA West
  • Each game would include a fourth of the nation in it, and you would have to buy each game(bad part), but you could save your data from one (i.e., gta west) and import the next game (i.e., gta east) and continue. A missions pack would come included with each, then if you get all games, you get a main story line mission pack to import to the game. Just my opinion, but I believe it would usher in a wide open revolution in gaming. Then recieve permission from car manufacters, and import anywhere from 175- 300 cars, some common, some very hard to find. Earn a pilots license, fly, recieve acsess to airports. Earn a racing license, and race in major racing leagues in America. Or simply buy a ticket, and go to a sports event with friends you meet, or friends your character has aleady met in the game. Import more realistic weather patterns or different weather (snow, floods, etc...) for each location in the country.Mod vehicles realistically, anything from spark plugs to whole bodies. Build your own house from scratch, or simply buy one, fix it, and add on to it. Better eating, like take friends to eat at a McDonalds, or take family to Red Lobster, a wide variety. Better clothing, More stores, like Steve&Barry's, Aeropostle, and so on. Go grocery shopping, like go to WalMart and buy a case of Miller, or head out to Save a Lot and get a cart load. Give the players a huge variety of things to do when off the job. That is my scetch of what I want in the newest GTA outlet.
  • FIRST- LMFAO U PUT VENTURAS AND NOT VEGAS BAHAHA and second, i think alot of shit should be in there, like the gun's ACTUAL names and not some bs like Micro-SMG... i could name everygun on everygame... dont need anything :D umm yeah thts pretty much it -.- btw me and a friend started a myths group with all the gta:sa myths and everything we also got a youtube, which is linked in the group... if u could put this into the myths section in gta:sa tht would beyond greatly appriatiated... ty Glbracer 08:58, June 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • gta Americas which you can travel to realistic states all islands/countrys in the north ,south,central america and the caribbean with a part of russia and the state of of alaska including hawaii and samoa 14:46, June 29, 2010 (UTC) gta4bigfan~~
  • One improvement would be the ability to stash weapons. It's very frustrating when you have spent the whole game (without cheats) building up your stash, and the car's bad acceleration allows for the police to catch you and take them all, potentially taking much of the money you have earned throughout the game.
  • There NEEDS to be destroyable environments, not too extreme I'm just talking like shooting at a building and blowing out all the windows with your Assault Rifle. A Splatter meter, It depends on how high you jump off a building from, like say jump off out of a helicopter as high as you could go you splatter all over the place. Maybe more bank robbery missions, and a lot bigger area that would be cool.
  • Some kind of crazy Waco style sect, out in the desert! Foz Zombie
  • Ability to drive subway-trains and/or trams.
  • Police armed with pepper-spray and Taser-guns (electrical pistols).
  • with san andreas map Fikri 1998
    • the protagonist must be the member from grove street families from gta san andreas [[User:Fikri 1998|Fikri 1998]
    • with unique mission Fikri 1998
    • the story after gta san andreas Fikri 1998
    • with myth and mystery Fikri 1998
  • GTA needs more and cooler weapons like: Vector(MW2),AT4,M16A4,M240 and of course SAW MG.
  • 'Free will' would be appreciated.
  • If vehicles could be smashed like tin cans I would applause Grand Theft for the first time. "peace niggaz, i'm out"
  • Have more commercial vehicles and pickup trucks. Have semi trucks with towable trailers. Buckmaster08

Bring back asset missions, or have a job and from them you should be able to buy stuff like tv's, beds and radio and computers for your house, and cars maybe aswell. Aslo to be able to buy houses, but I'd like the houses all to be different inside. And also have a town that acts like one, for example, in San Andreas there was a street sweeper, perhaps show these jobs and dustbin lorries collecting

rubbish and taking it to a tip or wherever they need to go.


  • BE ABLE TO ASK ANY GIRL OUT. I killed all my girlfriends after I got what I wanted from them (police uniform, medic uniform, hearse, monster truck). Now I'm really bored and don't feel like starting the game over again, I've beaten it 3 times don't need to do it again.
  • Put "Hot Coffee" mode in GTA V. The worst that could happen is the game would have to be changed from mature to adult. 1 year. Trust me, if parents are buying their 10 year old kids mature games they're not gonna say "oh this one suggests you be 18 instead of 17". Why should the gamers have to suffer because politicians keep poking their noses into stuff that isn't any of their business.
  • There should be like 150 weapons and a lot of action.
  • i agree with all of these so far and i think that rockstar should add the newest cars such

as the new 2010\2011 chevy camaro.Stop coming back with old guns. Add new ones like .22 bolt action rifle and the protagonist should be able to go to gunshop and purchase a acsessory for the weapon such as a scope or grenade launcher. Add more clothes and shoes. You should be able to buy a car as you get farther into the game new cars will be on the market. Be able to purchase properties and mansions and stuff like that. Add in a bigger varidy of peds like children more styles of pedestrians and animals like dogs and cats. Please Please thousand more times Please add customizable cars back to what i said earlier bout the cars being able to purchase after u purchase a car from a dealer u should be able to take it to a chop shop. When in the chop shop be able to add hedraulics to ur car or truck add spinners to customizing part as well. Gtalover2

  • you should do one about ireland it would be brilliant
  • Get rid of those realistic car physics, I liked being able to take turns at 90 and still make it. Also BRING BACK THE STARS WANTED LEVEL! LiLGremlin
  • This city should be in Canada eh! Woodey
  • There are so many great suggestions, but the ones that sum it up have been listed a few times
  • More weapons and accessories for them (scopes, silencers)
  • More cars
  • Bigger map
  • More things to spend money on
  • And my personal biggest wish (BE ABLE TO ASK ANYONE OUT), considering everything in the games already, it wouldn't be hard to include it, just sayin'. It would hugely increase the replay value for me and many other.
  • Make GTA the world world like a google earth. Enter ever building. Sky Diving. More cars and jumps. Dogs or any other animals. Bike, Skateboards and rollerblades. More air travel like airports helicopters. When someone dies its all over the news and news vans come and the police try to find the killer instead of chasing you right away. UFC FIGHTING like tackling grappling chokes SUPERMAN PUNCHING if your fighting someone you can pick them up. MORE MOTOR BIKES. MORE HOUSES. CUSTOMIZE YOUR CAR, BIKE not just a Pay n Spray.. ROITS YOU CAN SPRAY GRAFFITTI. If your put in jail you can break out or see the inside view of the jail and walk out(same with a hospital) BETTER GRAPHICS make the graphics like modern warfare 2 or a halo. have a hunting zone with like deer, wolfs etc. Trains and you can throw people into the train tracks and tie them down . MASSIVE ONLINE PLAY THAT INCLUDES EVERYTHING THAT THE STORY MODE INCLUDES. BETTER RADIO STATIONS WITH MODERN MUSIC LIKE EMINEM. Cars get damaged realistically not like when you keep crashing different parts come off (like when you crash the front bumper it gets damaged differently every time.) 100 PLAYER ONLINE FREE MODE THAT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IN NOT JUST A 16 PERSON MAKE IT MASSIVE
  • it will be good if you can either shoot anyone with one shot or do a shoot and dodge at the same time .the grathics should be like iv but more real
  • you should be able to take over restaurants, factories, clubs,pubs and wearhouses and gang territoriess have and gang wars
  • you should be a wealthy businessman who is a landlords,club ower,drug dealer, mafia boss and car salesman,be a macanic and a car theft theft
  • there should be about 450 missions and the first mission should be to buy a car like a infurnus or a black bmw 535is
  • there should be sport car,bmws prision vans
  • they should bring back cheats like moneys cheats,muscle cheats ,flying cars,stamia
  • the graphics should be able be like iv but more real
  • there should be 8 crime families and the player should be a mafia boss
  • when crashed into a building the building should fall to peaces and explosions should look more real .when something is on fire only a fire trunk could put it out
  • like balld of gay tony mission bang bang if destroying the crane in gta 5 if destroy something like a plane or a crane it falls down
  • clothing should be designer clothes like sport clothes ,polo tops with a jacket and more suits
  • the missions should be explosive
  • you should a multi billionair
  • you should have a family with kids and teenagers and there should be animals,you should steel police uniforms
  • they should bring back haircuts, your hair should grow .bring back tatoos ,muscle and stamia
  • you should have a massive 50 floor headqaurters with tanks and helicopters
  • new guns should be flamethrowers and 2 barreled shotgun
  • you should be able to recruit up to 10 gang members with ak 47s ,smgs ,miniguns and when get in a car and there no room 4 other member they will steel other cars and follow you
  • San Andreas or a new town based on Detriot like on 8 mile the gang areas so tht u have a gang leader protaganist or a new member looking to rise in ranks also have some people eminem/proof/iobie trice/snoopdog/xzibit/50cent./drdre (characters based on them)
  • Be able to watch actual tv shows from a customizable house/apartment via Xbox Live
  • This is what I would like to see in GTA 5:
    • Planes, we really need them.
    • Buying houses and assets.
    • FBI and SWAT instead of FIB and NOOSE. Army may come back, but not as a law enforcer, just with a military base, like in the earlier games.
    • Vehicle Submissions, they're really really great. Miles Pedro Prower 21:46, July 1, 2010 (UTC)
  • buy lots of mansions and safehouses,do cheats buy getting out your phone like iv
  • give monster truck and better gangs with areas(san fierro) and give c-5 galaxie the biggest military aircraft give proper helicopters and aeroplanes and bring back parachutes and drift cars into it and put in funny cars (drag cars with stock looking body) give crossbow give gatling gun give better fighting style (lock on to someone run up to them and hit them with a flying kick) give whips to disarm and own enemies with guns put in bugatti veyron lookalike car make pocket motorcycle give more side missions and random encounters make a friend who's in the army or something to give you a tank when to get friendship to 60% give better gun shops give better car/bike shops lots more cheats i want to fly a car again Gherkinmaster
  • add more comedians and cabaret for comedians get billy connolly and and lee evans and dylan moran and frankie boyle and bill bailey. for cabaret do mimes and hypnotists and dogs. add mounted police on the streets so you can kill the rider and yank him off the horse and ride it add double decker buses and add working tow trucks and big rigs so you can attach trailers or cars and jacknife them and hit stuff and make bendy buses for the same purpose and make buildings fully destructable but not permanent destruction like for instance you are on the highway next to tall buuildings and suddenly you hit a conveniently placed ramp or no guard rail and you fly into say the 12th floor and drive through the other side. add a fuel trailer so you can jacknife and explode or park somewhere run away and shoot it so it explodes. Gherkinmaster
  • Realistic mode. Sometimes it's just cool Lolwut 49
  • More weapon selections. I mean, it's nice to wield a 'Javelin' missile launcher sometimes, can it? Lolwut 49
  • More vehicles. As long as it have cars, i approve the game as awesome. Lolwut 49
  • Licensed vehicle. Lolwut 49
  • Protaganist shoul be a male with irish heritage,Waking up in a mental ward you have to escape,and you start off your new life living under a bridge sleeping on a cardboard box. and there should be alot of buyable houses,Character customation should be re-introduced Hair should start to grow in game(Realistic). Children and animals, you should be able to start your own business in the game and you should get profit from them. More clothing stores,better weapons,save frequency should be alot,big map likd GTA SA but make it a totally new city with country sides,towns,suburbs,Pjs,and everything, i also think Claude Speed should be seen sometime in the game Cause he was a awesome, bullet wounds should show up that would be insane instead of just blood spots,Longer storyline,and also if you try to make it where niko ever dies it should be of old age cause niko is unstoppable.put schools and stadiums in the game,to conclude this just make the game alot more realistic, thank you.Nikobelic423 18:21, July 2, 2010 (UTC) Nikobelic423
  • o yeah and make the weather actually change like the seasonsNikobelic423
  • if will be brilliant for the weather for to snow have sandstorms,and hail stones and also to have yachts and have tonrnadoes ,whirlools and to have seassons ,and dates and days of the week
  • If you just took GTA San Andreas and improved the graphics to GTA 4 levels nadchanged nothing else, I would buy it in a heartbeat!!! Nofaith
  • The ability to choose different characters like on GTA 1. Also a character customization feature would be nice for a change Cm8000
  • Oh, if only this vast virtual city could become an MMORPG like Azeroth in World Of Warcraft! Rick Gauger
  • It would be fun if there would be some other secundary missions, but more realistic. For example: When you hijack a taxi or a cab, you can only steal the money that is there, but if you want to do fares (because if not the police searchs you for false identification), you shave to go to the company's building and talk with the chairman to have a job. Another thing I would really like is that , at least, there wouldn't be 3 identical people talking between them.
  • I think that the protagonist MUST be a guy of 33 years old, called Chuck Fischer.
  • Appearance :
  • Tall, 1,88 m approximatedly; very short hair, just like Jason Statham in The Transporter; start wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
  • Past:
  • Born in Aberdeen, Scotland. A war veteran who reached the range of Marshal of the Air Force, but another soldier called Jake Curst betrays him, killing all his family and saying taht Chuck was the responsible of the death. Now, after 5 years of prison, he wants revenge but he is dropped from an helicopter in Stockholm, in a desert forest, till a man founds him and gives him a house, a job and some food ... but revenge hasn't neither started yet. Travelling through Stockholm, Munich, Rome, Dallas, Boston, Manchester, Aberdeen, and , finally, where the revenge takes over, Paris (each of them with other names).He finally ends as a great executive, but with an unforgiveable past.
  • Chuchemaister95
  • A larger environment to play in with lots of enterable buildings and being able to do activities in these buildings
  • Major parts of the city should be owned by crime families and there should be fights to claim territories
  • The owner of the territory should be able to upgrade it like better houses better cars etc
  • Lots of safehouses which can be fully customized from the inside and the outside and objects can be placed in them (these can vary from appartments to mansions)
  • Lots of jobs to earn lots of money like kidnappings organised crimes robberies etc
  • Properties can be bought such as garages casinos hotels warehouses weapon factories shops which can be upgraded internally and externally to increase profit
  • Being able to buy furniture for houses and properties
  • Crimes should pay large sums of money but things should become more expensive to buy
  • Building a criminal empire from the smallest of businesses to the largest
  • The game should be set in a modern era
  • Better and fully customizable cars such as the italia reventon aston martin bmw mercedez benz porsche etc
  • Being able to interact more with the pedestrians and other people
  • Lots and lots of buyable property that satisfies the player until the next gta game :)
  • Haircuts Workouts and Much better clothes to wear
  • Do whatever there is to do with the story.Every Gta story has been brilliant
  • Politics should be involved in the game too
  • Once a girlfriend loves the player enough she should be able to move in with the player
  • Customizable audio
  • Even car interior can be upgraded
  • Being able to gain property by killing other people
  • More in game activities
  • Credit cards too can be used
  • The in game internet cafes are pretty useless since you can't buy anything that is listed
  • Employing gang members and people to help you run your criminal empire
  • the protagonist should be called cain daniels who is a 32 year old who is so crazy madd .
  • say you got puched in the nose it will be good to bleeed and have pile of blood the same if you got shot
  • New Weapons like throwing knives, ninja stars, cannons, spears, deodarant and a match, water pistol, laser guns, five guns in one (featured on the simpsons episode: The Cartridge Family), crossbow, bow and arrow, a dog where you pull its tail and squeeze it and it fires poo, fiber wire, landmines, hidden blade (like in assassians creed), mace, grim reapers weapon, pitchfork, nailgun, wooden mallet, drill (lol), electric hammer, axe, battle axe (like in soulcalibaur) and more weapons like thisSaintsrow2fan95
  • A combination of Liverty City New York, Vice City Miami and San Andreas LA, San Fransico and Las VegasSaintsrow2fan95
  • New vehicles like a steam train, the thrust ssc, dragster, pirate ship, wheelchair, skateboard, skis, snowboard, pennyfarthing, trike, unicycle, row boat, raft, horse and cart, skooter, ufo (should be located in area 69 area 51), bomber, 1885 benz (first petrol car), 1829 rocket (first train), steam roller (should be able to flaten people), titanic (with horrible steering), 19th Century wooden steam car (all vintage cars should be located in the natraul history meuseum), cruise ship, mobile crane, cargo plane and moreSaintsrow2fan95
  • King Kong on the top of the Rotterdam Tower Empire State BuildingSaintsrow2fan95
  • Every GTA character should be in the story and fight in the last missionSaintsrow2fan95
  • Drivable Tram


  • Customizable Weapons, add silencers, loudeners (for fun), scopes, speedcocker, laser sight, rapidfire, explosive rounds, bayonet, rifle grenade etcSaintsrow2fan95
  • People on the street should wear signs saying the world will end in 2012Saintsrow2fan95
  • Bring back the fun of San Andreas to the XBOX 360 and Playstion 3, no more wathcing Tv within the game your playing on your Tv, come on rockstar, I know it, you know it, everyoone knows it: GRAND THEFT AUTO IV SUCKED AS BAD AS CHAMPIONS RETURN TO ARMSSaintsrow2fan95
  • Climbing Abilities like in Uncharted, Assassins Creed and Tomb Raider Saintsrow2fan95
  • Sports Stores and Tool Stores as well as gun stores

Sports Stores can sell golf clubs, tennis rackets, pool cue and other sport styled melee weapons

Tool Stores can sell drills, electric hammers, axes, chainsaws and other tool styled weaponsSaintsrow2fan95

  • the 10 most things i want in gta 5
  • own lots of bussinesses like pubs, restraunts, factories ,wearhouses,casinos,nightclubs,
  • 2. be good to own buliding sites, mansions, air fields
  • 3. to be a pub landlord, club onwer ,drug dealer,gun shop owner ,lawyer ,bouncer,businessman ,hitman and a powerful mafia boss, car sales owner
  • 4. lots of more cheats like money cheats flyings car and even better ones
  • 5. recuit over 10 gang members with ak 47s in your headquarters with 50 floors
  • 6. first mission you should buy a car like a bmw 5 series or a bmw 535is or something like a infurnus
  • 7.bys lots of saehouses and mansions
  • 8. bring back muscle and stammia
  • 9. animals and children in the game
  • 10.over 400 explosive missions
  • please put these in rockstar these idears could make you ritch and the best rockstar game ever
  • 11. when chrash into a buliding it fall or gets damaged
  • 12. pick the cars color in the pay n sray
  • 13. explosions should look more real
  • 14. you should be allowed to wark into any buliding
  • 15. the grafics should be like gta iv but more hd and more real
  • 16 .bring back the bullet gt
  • I think it should be france, or Venice and you are working up to be a don. Jamesdog1999 Jamesdog1999
  • if the charaters would show a little emotion ervy once and a while Bart56912
  • List of Boats that should be in Grand Theft Auto IV, both originals and ones that I made up.
  1. Jetmax
  1. Speeder
  1. Reefer
  1. Jetski (or Wetski)
  1. Tropic
  1. Squalo
  1. Marquis
  1. Coast Gaurd
  1. Coast Gaurd Launch
  1. Coast Gaurd Dingy
  1. Dingy
  1. Predator (with missles instead of machine guns or cops with M4s)
  1. Launch
  1. Police Jetski (or Wetski)
  1. Tug
  1. Hose (Small Fire Boat)
  1. Fireboat (Fireboat)
  1. Sinker (Titanic)
  1. Shark (Battleship)
  1. Platypus (Cargo Ship)
  1. Carrier (Aircraft Carrier)
  1. Oven (Fishing Twaler)
  1. Undercover (Army Submarine)
  1. Submarine (Normal Submarine)
  1. Medic (Hospital Ship)Saintsrow2fan95
  • Planes that should be added to GTA V, both originals and ones I made up
  1. AT-400 (modled of a FlyUS 747)
  1. Shamal
  1. Rustler (Drops Bombs as well as fires Machine Guns)
  1. Fighter (Modled of an F16 and drops bombs as well as fires missles)
  1. Andromada
  1. Airtrain (modled of a Juank Air 737)
  1. Stuntplane
  1. Breaker (WWI plane with machine gun and bombs)
  1. Dodo
  1. Beagle
  1. Skimmer
  1. Nevada
  1. Crasher (Wright Brothers Plane)
  1. Triplane (Red Baron)
  1. Cropduster Saintsrow2fan95
  • Trains that Should be in GTA V
  1. Brown Streak (with interior)
  1. Freight (with a variety in the cars)
  1. Steamer (Steam Locomotive)
  1. Buzz (Electric Train)
  1. Aincent (1829 Rocket-First Train)
  1. SubwaySaintsrow2fan95
  • I think GTA 5 should be the first gta were you can do multiplayer missions together and it should have niko bellic and cj as the protaganists and you can travel all over the world like to france, uk, australia,asia and not just america and i think all the old san andreas items come back like the jetpack,dildo,chainsaw and it would be funner if it had heaps of easter eggs like the heart of liberty city and myths and legends like nessie, bigfoot and the ufos
  • New places like europe, or asia, australia make them travel by plane
  • new guns, sawn off shotgun
  • planes back
  • heaps of copters
  • remote control cars and you can apply bombs to them
  • zombie mode youre gang up against pedestrian zombies
  • nerf guns
  • more access on computers like a word document and being able to change background like on the phone on gta4
  • a facebook type site
  • a myspace type site
  • a twitter type site
  • a youtube type site that works
  • when connected to xbox live, ps3 internet, computer internet you can share videos on the youtube and chat to friends on the facebook myspace and twitter
  • being able to buy different models of phones at different retailers
  • in france you kill rats instead of flying rats
  • in england you kill swans
  • in asia you pick up pirated movies
  • in australia you kill cane toads
  • in australia you can hop in a kangaroos pouch
  • in asia you can ride on robots
  • in england you can ride and those feet paddle boats
  • france you can ride on a bike with a basket infront with bagets in it
  • for every country you visit you can buy a souvenir outfit
  • you can get segways, scooters, bikes quad bikes, golf buggy, rowing boat
  • the old cheat were you can change your character to someone else
  • more tech items an ipod or something
  • Vehicles that don't have motor's that should be in GTA V
  1. BMX
  1. Moutain Bike
  1. Bike
  1. Wimp (Girls Bike)
  1. Coward (Little Kids Bike)
  1. Homarge (Penny-Farthing)
  1. Footroller (Flinstones Car)
  1. Fag (Skooter)
  1. Hawk (Skateboard)
  1. Splits (Ski's)
  1. Search (Snowboard)
  1. Pillowcase (Bike with Training Wheels)
  1. Scardey Cat (Trike)
  1. Lazy Bones (Rollerskates
  1. Hand Cart (Hand Powered Train Car)
  1. Handycap (Wheelchair)Saintsrow2fan95
  • Bikes and other motorised and non motorised vehicles that are not cars, buse or trucks that should be in GTA VSaintsrow2fan95
  1. Segway (Segway)
  2. Mower
  3. Kart
  4. Jetpack
  5. Parachute
  6. Evil Triplet (Motor Trike
  7. Vortex
  8. Dumpster (Dumpster taht you can push and ride)
  9. Shopping Trolley (Same stats as a Dumpster)
  10. Pram (Same stats as a Shopping Trolley)
  • Cariable Melee Weapons that should be in GTA V
  1. Knide
  1. Baseball Bat
  1. Nightstick
  1. Pepper Spray
  1. Handcuffs
  1. Sword (or Katana)
  1. Swiss Army Knife (hold L1 or LB and use Left or Right to pick a gadget)
  1. Chainsaw
  1. Mace
  1. Hammer
  1. Sledge Hammer
  1. Screw Driver
  1. Electric Hammer
  1. Drill
  1. Skateboard
  1. Dog that fires poo
  1. Hidden Blade (does not fill up any weapon shot, used by pressing down when fists are selected)
  1. Fork
  1. Spoon
  1. Pitchfork
  1. Cross Bow
  1. Bow and Arrow
  1. Spear
  1. Trowing Knives
  1. Ninja StarsSaintsrow2fan95
  • The heart inside The Statue of Happieness The Statue of Liberty can be destryedSaintsrow2fan95
  • in a plane you should go very high up in the sky
  • 1) New Modern weapons That haven't been seen previous GTA's, ACR, M93 Raffica, M87A1 Barrett .50 cal, Vector
  • 2) San Andreas Stories, There's been GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, why not put in a GTA SAS?
  • 3) Over the top like TBoGT or San Andreas.
  • 4) If taking place in San Andreas have a mission or two where there is an Earthquake, mabye a during a race or driving a bomb, giving you a drunk driving feeling.
  • 5) Bring Back the Hunter helicopter- its better than the Annilator or the Buzzard.
  • 6) Stealth bomber you can fly.
  • 7) Taking a plane at one of the airports to Vice City or Liberty City, mabye taking place with 3-5 missions at each.
  • 8) Owing property, build a source of income. Bryan91997
  • 9) More than 2-3 types of weapons per category 5 assault rifles, 6 smgs, 7 pistols, 3 rocket launchers, 4 shotguns, 23 melee weapons, for example Bryan91997

bring back the phone and the abilty to buy a new phone

more planes

more helicopters

the abilty to buy and cutomize properties

the ablity to buy and customize cars

have either carl johnson,tommy vercetti,luic lopez or niko bellic as protaganists

have all 3 citys (san andreas,liberty city and vice city)

have the parachute and bring back the jet pack

more super cars

bring back garages

80% of buildings open to protangist

ramps on buildings to perfom a unique stunts and the abilty to smash up cars and other vehicles

make the cars stronger and give them the abilty to withstand more damage and make them not blow so easily

give the game a grapple

give the guns attachments

make the miltary and cops stronger artillery for example if the play commits a certain amount of crimes the police call the miltary come after you with fighter jets that shoot you out of the sky and they also shoot you while you are on the ground. and also make the miltary have snipers

the ablity to get a job to earn extra money

and have the ablity to spend the money you earn

give the game a unlimited ammo and unlimited money

real websites so you can buy clothing,cars,guns have dating websites

the ablity to customize the protaganist

put a power-glider in to the game

put a hot air baloon in to the game

ablity to play football,basketball,bowling,air hockey,pool/snooker,darts

give the cars petrol to make use of the petrol pumps

  • My wishlist for GTA 5
  1. 1- Should be for the wii
  2. 2- More accessable buildings
  3. 3- More WEAPONS!!
  4. 4- Coustimizable Character, Crib,and Car
  5. 5- Bigger Map
  6. 6- Once reaching high enough stars the army goes after you
  7. 7- More vehicles
  8. 8- Diffirent qoutes :S
  9. 9- Diffirent voice modifications
  10. 10- SHOULD BE FOR Wii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make a game this epic, the following must be sacrifsed to make room,

  • TV within the game you're playing on your TV
  • Mandates
  • Dating
  • Cabaret Clubs
  • Strip Clubs
  • Bowling
  • Darts
  • Riding In Taxi's
  • Phone Customization
  • Street Names
  • Sex Shops
  • The number 69 everywhere
  • Pool (or Snooker)
  • You Know What's Everywhere (Like the Memory Lanes Sign)
  • Private Dances
  • Niko: May I come in for a coffe. Michelle: Sure
  • Using Computers Within the game that your playing on your Computer

Saintsrow2fan95 06:08, July 5, 2010 (UTC)

  • I want the san andreas, vice city and gta 4 maps together reallyyyy bad.. and to fly planes and to go under water again. also more carsGta5man
  • I think I might be the only one to suggest this kind of change but as a fan of the GTA would be nice since we covered immigrants and people of different ethnicities to have the protagonist be a different gender. Many of you might disagree but I think it would be unique to have a strong female character, not slutty but adventurous mentally,physically and sexually. It would be awesome to see a female character make her way up the hierarchy as well as the past protagonists have done with a strong plot ( no sappy romances please) and a wide array of skills.
  • Combine GTA SA and GTA IV.Have the graphics, features and physics of GTA IV but the abilty to buy property, (PLEASE BRING BACK A HUGE MANSION LIKE VERCETTI ESTATE!!!!!!)planes and weapons from GTA SA

Extra things

  • When going to a airport make it that you only get a wanted level if your not a pilot(flight school).
  • Based in a new area such as California.CJ185

bring back cj and niko and u can pick which one u want to use and make more options to do before and after missions like somking weed drinking palying baseball football and bball mix it up with san andreas features and more and gta4 graphics becase gta4 sucked niko wasnt really gansgta like cj

  • You know how much controversy there was with the bigfoot and stuff!! sea monsters.. include those in the next game!!
  • To do that you'd probably need wider, more open locations!! THATS FINE!!
  • We all want more cars, more planes, (FUCK THOSE 9/11 PEOPLE) more guns.... you can do that!! YOUR ROCKSTAR!! Please... :P
  • CARS,
  • 1978 Ford Ranchero with a v8 engine going 96 mph.
  • 1992 ford F-150 89 mph
  • 1940's Rolls Royce but only seen parked in certain areas.
  • 2010 Chevrolet Camero 98 mph.
  • 1968 Lincoln Continental 4 door with suicide doors. Hardtop, Softop or Convertible 93 mph
  • 1975 Fod Elite as the buccaneer 90 mph.
  • 1961 jaguar 93 mph
  • Be able to buy cars at dealerships.
  • be able to pick from many girls to date and have a choice to mary and divorce them.
  • actually rent or buy homes and garages to save your cars i hate parking spaces they suck.Hangman'sJoke
  • I think GTA 5 should have a online mode it would be nice if we could meet others and maybe... rob a bank together with other persons.
  • More destructable buildings (Maybe rebuilt over time) eg. after a few days construction workers set up scaffolding and the building gets restored step by step, day by day. Sniffakipper
  • Have the map be the whole U.S. or a whole country of some sort, not just a small boring replayed city.
  • Choose good or evil like in Red Dead Redemption.
  • Bring airplanes back!!!!!
  • Let character swin and be able to dive under water.
  • Army should be back too.
  • Cooler vehicles. Add more truck!!!!!! i.e. 1982 ford f250 extended cab. Ferrari 308GTSiQv
  • Smarter cops with better weps.
  • Give us a wider array of weapons!!!!
  • Let us mod cars like on NFS Carbon.
  • Bigger houses.
  • Let us be able to buy upgrades for our houses.
  • Bring gangs back.
  • have trucks with mounted weapons.
  • Let us go in EVERY building or at least most instead of only a couple.
  • Let us choose a character to play as.
  • A lot of cheat codes.
  • I want only ONE thing - the game needs to be set in RUSSIA! If you haven't already, try the Criminal Russia mod for San Andreas...the place seems so atmospheric and perfect for a really nice criminal operation of some sort. If not Russia though, the game needs to be set someplace other than USA VsemPizdetz
  • they need to make custom playlists so you can listen to your own music (for ps3 at least) and more bank robbing missions-- that was one of my favorite parts from gta 4 Ab3

GTA V ahould be set in Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty City Combined, certain radio stations from each must be selected

  • Libery Rock Radio
  • LCHC
  • Radio Broker
  • K-DST
  • K-Rose
  • Radio X
  • V-Rock

also new ones should be made up

New Song should include:

  • AC/DC: Rock'n'Roll Train
  • AC/DC: Big Jack
  • AC/DC: Moneytalks
  • AC/DC: Highway to Hell
  • AC/DC: A Long Way to the Top
  • AC/DC: High Voltage Rock'n'Roll
  • Mettallica: Traped Under Ice
  • Mettallica: One
  • Mettallica: The Unforgiven
  • Mettallica: All Nightmare Long
  • GreenDay: American Idiot
  • GreenDay: 21st Century Breakdown

and more songs like this Saintsrow2fan2010 00:48, July 6, 2010 (UTC)

Reduce the Graphics to those of the San Andreas to make room for gameplay, missions, ability's, vehicles and weapons.

I know it sounds stupid, but graphics don't make a game, gameplay does, thats why San Andreas and Saints Row 2 are better than GTA IV.

Graphics are only a big factor when they suck like Champions Return To Arms or Pokemon Gtaunited

These are old and made up law vehicles that should case you in a wanted level

  • racetrack so you can test cars
  • multiplayer (splitscreen) up to 4 players
  • being able to customise your character, cars (appearance and prestations) and houses.
  • ability of putting special vehicles in your bag (bike / skateboard)
  • shortcut / shortkey so you can choose the cheats you use most very fast.
  • privatejet/ when you have complated the story a safehoase with a private airport
  • ability of getting a job (army, police, fireman, ambulance, taxi)
  • ability of asking out any girl you meet on the street. her response could depend on (Muscle or fat preference, how much money you have, your appearence)
  • a business / company of your own (casino, pay 'n spray) - being able to earn money with your own companies
  • ability of buying your own cars, which you will have untill you decide to delete them in your garage (you will keep these cars, also if you die or the car gets broke)
  • huge garage in which you can put up to 40 cars
  • have own friends and gang members which you can take with you on missions. the more respect you have, the more you can take with you at the time. this means that you can also go to your gang / friends when you are chased by the cops and fight the police in stead of fleeing for them.
  • parachutes
  • cheat mode, in this mode you can continue with your savegame, only this time you can use cheats. The game won't save your game, so you can still earn trophies. (of course you can also use cheats in the real story)
  • riotcheat , if you select this cheat, all people will start fighting eachother. T&Y
  • I think the protagonists and friends of them from the GTA III era should enter GTA 5 and befriend the GTA 4 characters.
  • build a map option so we can create our own city to play in.
  • We really need a car that looks like a 78' ford ranchero.
  • In the beginning of the game you should be introduced to three cars in which you pick one of them and have that as your main car thought the game. you can get it customized and modded and have it painted any color you want.
  • call cars by their real name. for example the infernus is based of the lamborghini diablo so call it the diablo. the sabre gt is an oldsmobile cutlass so call it a cutlass ETC.
  • pepper spray and mace, that would be SO FUN.
  • have a cheat to make your car fly like in the simpsons hit and run.
  • we need more limos like hummer and escalade limos.
  • hummer h2 t (the truck version)
  • classic 1961 jaguars.
  • more muscle cars and vintage.
  • 2010 camero
  • throwing knives
  • actually have baseball stadiums based in the city.
  • whats the airport for? you can't use it.
  • rockstar needs to listen to me they will get sky high ratings. Hangman'sJoke
  • The Andromada should be modled after an antalov 225 (worlds Biggest plane) Gtaunited

Every Vehicle should have one spawning point,I made up some of the vehicles, rest are real GTA vehicles, eg

  • Kart: Go Kart Track
  • Bus: Bus Depo
  • Taxi: Outside the Airports
  • Rhino: Area 69 and Meusems
  • Cropduster: Farm
  • Police Maverick: On top of Police Station
  • Air Ambulence: On top of Hospital
  • UFO: Area 69
  • Police Skimmer: Water outside a Police Station
  • AT-400: all airports
  • Airtrain: all aiports
  • Nevada: all airports
  • Steam Train: On a siding near a Meuseum
  • Penny Farthimg: Dump and Meuseums



  • The skimmer should be easier to control Gtaunited
  • I'd kind of like it to take place somewhere cold. Alaska or Maine, or Canada would be nice. I'm partial to Maine mostly, though. Big Willie!

Crazy Vehicles and Weapons

  • Crazy Vehicles: Segway, Trycicle, Girls Bike, Unicycle, Little Kids Bike
  • Crazy Weapons: Fish (for slapping), Water Pistol, Dog that fires pooGtaunited
  • Bring back Planes such as Jumbo Jets that you can fly and carry passengers.
  • Have children and animals like dogs in the game
  • Have your own family, have kids, have pets etc
  • Have the game set in a redone, modern San Andreas, so modern Los Santos (Los Angeles), San Fiero (San Fransico) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas).
  • Have the ability to do normal day to day things such as have a shower, go to the toilet, have breakfast, watch TV, go to work, go to shops and buy stuff (not just clothes and food) etc
  • Have the ability to use the toliet when you have to after having to much to drink or too much to eat, otherwise you have an accident in your pants.
  • Have either a male or female protaganist that you can choose from the start.
  • Able too spew up after eating to much food.
  • Have the ability to join the Police Force, so go through the Academy then gradute. Also be able to get ranked up as you improve in your work.
  • Have kids going to school.
  • Have Jet Skis
  • Being able to dive under water (Scuba Dive)
  • Have sea animals such as Dolphins, Sharks and Whales.
  • Sharks can attack and kill you
  • Whales can be found out at deep sea
  • Have Parachutes
  • Have modern cars
  • Have Airports that run with people boarding planes to fly to a different city around San Andreas.
  • Able to hijack planes carrying people.
  • Awesome weapons
  • Get different Hairstyles that you can change whenever you want.
  • Can be a Taxi driver to drive people around the city
  • Buses can be used as transport around cities
  • Make the whole San Andreas map huge with the 3 main cities, countrysides and deserts really big and open.
  • Have farms in the countryside with sheep, cows, horses, pigs that you can kill but they will respawn.
  • Have BIGFOOT!!!!! that can kill you but only shows up in certain areas at certain times.
  • Have triathalons both vechicle and running, swimming, cycling.
  • Able to go to bars and drink.
  • Long storyline with heaps of side missions such as Jet Skiiing and Base Jumping etc
  • Have Restricted Area such as Area 69 but when you enter, the guards are really violent if they catch you, so be able to sneak in and explore rather than getting 5 stars when you walk through the gate.
  • Run an airport
  • Have huge ships and yachts that you can control.

In GTA V, the following weapons should be able to be dual welded

  • Sword (or Katana)
  • Hidden Blade
  • Pistol
  • Revolver
  • Silverballer
  • Desert Eagle
  • 9mm
  • Uzi
  • Tech 9
  • SMG
  • Swarnoff Shotgun

All weapons should have gold unlockables Gtaunited

  • hey i didnt see my suggestion turn up in this GTA5 wishlist thing so im puttin on the same 1 again just in case. Hey guys i have a suggestion and i think that the next GTA should take place in San Andreas and focus entirely on illegal street racing. maybe the next gen Turismo could be based on a Ferrari 599 or Ferrari Enzo? Maybe the Elegy can make a return as a Nissan GTR? Infernus as a Lamborghini Reventon? thats pretty much my main suggestion but making planes return is still important to me. im sure theres better ideas out there but this is mine. Samwich24
  • well since Rockstar released the Red Dead series, it's been proven that it can take place in a time period older than the 80's. So it would be neat to see a game that takes place in a fictional Chicago during the time of the stock market crash of the late 20's entering the depression of the 30's. The protagonist could be someone who is loyal and works for a mafia type family but is torn between new business opprotunities in bad economic times and staying with the mafia family seeing it through to the end.
  • another idea would to be a 3rd person rpg remake of the GTA London games in the 60's. A great time in pop culture and organized crime in England Evandetta
  • ok i've got heaps of stuff to say first bring back cameras please!
  • bring back planes!!
  • make sure you make aroud about 100 missions like san andreas
  • so when you jump off a helicopter to base jump don't do that go to jump off a building onto a helicopter
  • plus make it that it is based on canada in the snow or in like china make the protagonist Australiaian with an accent
  • have some myths like lockness or yeti
  • new location
  • have extra content like if you get 100 percent and go to a little island or something you can get on a plane and go to a diferent country and play a second story but make it really hard to unlock
  • if you do the thing i just said make the second one from the top down like china town wars
  • make it different
  • i think you should customize your safehouses and mansions . in the begining i think you should go around buying a car .buys clubs and safehouses. and the first mission should be called tough empire
  • I personally think that they should make 2 seperate disks, 1 for the campaign and another for the free rome. Although this would take alot longer to develop, it would allow them to go alot more in depth with all the features. DISC1: all the missions that have alot more features and what not. DISC 2: ability to own a business etc. and a DESTRUCTABLE ENVIRONMENT! Gsp1689
  • Workable blinkers on the main characters cars
  • Real cars not replicas
  • some place small not like a big city
  • good cars like, gmc's, chevrolets, bmws, audis, volkswagens, porsche......
  • the cars should have wipers that work
  • Be able to get any job
  • Folding Mirrors on cars
  • Be able to buy or rent any house
  • A cheat for unlimited money
  • Be able to design anything
  • Make the town a small town in Florida or in kansas
  • And if is in Florida make hurricanes and big thunderstorms but also nice weather
  • More cheats
  • Don't Make up names for the cars just use the original names
  • Make him or her be able to do any action
  • Take showers
  • Get any pet
  • Send and receive letters
  • Have an email
  • Video Chat with friends
  • Go to church
  • Have laptop
  • Have a wife and kids
  • Live a normal life
  • Watch TV
  • Have an iPod, iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone
  • Holidays
  • Name your pet or child
  • buy or steal multiple cars
  • very large garages
  • Make the city or town even bigger than Liberty City in GTA 4
  • Mansions
  • Very RICH
  • House Cleaners
  • Apple Stores
  • Itunes Store on the mac
  • Modern technology
  • Schools
  • Work offices
  • At the beginning get to choose any job, any house or loft, Any car, bus, or RV
  • The Final Mission should be a long car/heli/plane/boat/etc chase, ending with a large shootout with the Last Surviving antagonist, the gang he/she is associated with, against you and the gang(s?) you are most associated with. There also should be a mission where you break into a Area 51-like place, where you steal something to give you superpowers temporarily. King QOwnzU
  • Have Luis, A & H, Tony, Yusif, Niko, Packie, Jacob, Roman Johnny, Malc, Terry & Clay, Angus and Phil Bell go to France Toozak
  • Have Kenny Petrovic as a main character Toozak
  • Should Be Like Michael Weston Toozak
  • Niko During The War to when he left To Go To Liberty City Toozak
  • More Options with Cars. You should be able to custumize cars. You should Bring back Planes! More Options For Player: Earrings, Better Hats, Better Glasses, Rings, Hair Cuts, Facial Hair Options, Better Clothes, and better choices for all things. There Should be Children a Animals to be more realistic. Able to see how fast your going. and Be able to put gas in your car. Able to add your own music. Lastly, MAKE IT GREAT!!! YOU CAN MAKE IT GREAT ROCKSTAR!! WooHoo!!
  • Make it 100% real (Meaning in a city like Compton, Brooklyn, Ohio, ect.) and real radio stations (97.1 The Fan ect.) and real stores (Wal-Mart, McDonalds, 3C Body Shop ect.) and real channels (ESPN, Adult Swim, CNN, HBO ect.) Toozak
  • Set After Red Dead With John Marston Traveling To Wyoming In 1912 Toozak
  • Set Like The A-Team Movie Toozak
  • It Should Involve Manny In California Saying that he ran away From The Hard Life In Liberty City Toozak
  • Have A GTA Record (Like The Youngest Character or the Most Murders) or something Toozak
  • What I Want In Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Everything
  • I think Gta 5 should be set in London or somewhere in England because loads of GTA's are set in America and it gets boring after a while. Also, all GTA weapons should be available, there should also be a secret military base like area 69 in San Andreas, and the protagonist should be able to break in and steal experimental tech like a cool laser weapon that was found near a crashed UFO.Gamemasher642
  • I have a bunch of Sugestions for ya


When it comes to cars in the new GTA, I would like to see licenced cars, like Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Honda and so on. I would also like to see that you need tools to break into and steal cars. I would also like to see that newer and luxurius cars are hard to steal. Lets say you try to steal a 1992 Honda Accord in the game, can be done with simple tools like screwdrivers, while you would need high skills, wirecutters and computers etc. to steal a Mercedes S-class. Also, I would like to see the cars from all age, from Mustangs and Pinto from the 60's and 70's to all new 2010-2011 Camaros, Challangers and so on. There should also be an ability to break into cars and steal stuff from them, like Stereos, stereo equiptment, laptops and so on. It would also be great if you during a burglary could steal keys to cars and use them as a getaway car.


I would like to see the ablility to do more side jobs, like the ablility to deal drugs like in Chinatown Wars, but also being able to commit robberies, ram raids, buglaries, shopliftings, assassinations and so on.


Bring back more shops, I wanna be able to deck out my character in Jewelary, many different types of shades, glasses and in general more clothes. I would also like to see tatoos make a return, haircuts and beards is not priority to me.


I want police to use batons, maze and tazers on low wanted level and only use guns if you use guns against them. And FIB and NOOSE? No way, bring back FBI and SWAT. I would also like to see police use undercover cars as regular patrol cars. Also, it would be kinda cool to have a system like in Mafia where you can get a ticket for minor trafic violations. Road blocks where police use stingers would be good to see again.


Last thing is gangs. I wanna be able to be part of a gang again, where you can recruit gangmembers to follow you and protect you during police chases. They gangmember would also help out actively during robberies, burglaries and so on. I would like to see gangmembers carry realistic weapons to a start, like handguns, small SMG's and Sawn-off shotguns, but they would also be able to pick up guns that the police or other enemies drop. Retrobeat

  • When people play the game GTA 5. The game should make 2 versions Deal or Revenge to see if Kate Mcreary or Roman Bellic lives.
  • They should ask a question like should Dwayne Forge or Playboy X live.
  • They should ask a question if they want Derrick or Francis Mcreary live.
  • Add the 2010 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG- Call it the "Chancellor"
  • Add the 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo- Call it the "Shadow" (After Boris' house in Royal Rains, he has a black one)
  • A new city based off of New Orleons, Chicago, Detroit, or Baltimore. Either that or San Andreas Stories. AdanRyder
  • They should allow you to chose to be a cop (renegade) or a or a felon. There should also be warrents for your arrest for the crimes you commited. And the cops actually pull you over for like speeding or running a red light. I also think the game would be much funer if the game took place in a whole moke up state instead of one city JTLAGGIN
  • Their should be kids and teens of all ages in the game. If the player choose to kill one he will risk having a two star wanted level. Schools should are featured and accessible, but having any type of weapon on campus or property will result in an automatic three star wanted level and teachers and staff will lock doors of school. Most importantly though kids can play an important role in the game when making morality choices. An example would be like one of the major characters can have a wife or g/f and kids and another character has a friend with a wife and kids who live in the same apartment. The character wants you to kill the other and if you kill the other he will evict the other character's friend(along with his family) for their apartment because he is their landlord and charged them high rent. Putting them out on the street. However if you kill the landlord character his kids will be without a parent because you had to kill the wife or g/f. There can also be missions to help to save a kid or protect him/her. BlackBoi18
  • If their was GTA 5: St. Clark, you should be able to ride a plane, but cannot steal it. The camera view is inside the plane looking out window or at airline host and hostess to respond to their questions. You can fly to Los Santos, San Fierro, Vice City, Liberty City, Anywhere City, Las Venturas. The cities in San Andreas you can travel to by car if you in the stateBlackBoi18
  • Everything that Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony has, and it needs to be taken place in three cities, Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.
  • Dude, GTA V should be set in England, i mean its always set in America and i think its time gta travelled a bit. And even if its not in England it should be in SAN ANDREAS. San Andreas was a one of a kind game so it should be back there. SAN ANDREAS 4 EVAGamemasher642
  • If there are room, 4 people should be able to get in a 2 door carIRockPookie 18:28, July 9, 2010 (UTC)

set in vice city execpt that you can also travel to tampa and orlando and set in the late 80's and make tommy the main charecter Ymcfadden

  • I think that GTA 5 shouldn't take place in Liberty City, maybe even San Andreas again but set in the present instead of 1992?
  • I think that GTA 5 should take place somewhere besides Liberty City cuz in my opinion, it's starting to get worn out. They should make either a new city or somewhere that the other GTA games have taken place? Like San Andreas or Vice City? SirLinkalot96
  • stuff i so really want in gta 5
  • to own building sites ,mansions,restraunts,pubs,casinos,lots of night clubs,factories,wearhouses,air fields ,strip clubs ,car centres
  • to be based in all over america
  • at the beginning mission you you go buy your own car like a a infurnus,bullet gt ,bmw series,bmw 535is . to spawn at the beginning of very mission
  • to buy safehouses and mansions and customize them
  • have over 400 missions
  • money, heath and weapons cheats
  • to be a powerful mafia boss and to recuit your gang members and to have a massive headqauters and when you recuit them they will have aks ,m4s smgs and miniguns
  • be able to go in any house or shop and have better clothes like polo tops, jeans and jackets
  • to be able to robs banks and kidnapp people
  • bring back haircuts and bring back working out and have muscle and stammia
  • have school children and when crash in a buliding and it will fall down and destroy anything bring back planes
  • when you murder someone a news van will turn up and report it
  • hve animals
  • be able to grow your hair and jell and have hats and chains
  • You must pay plenty of cash to get out of jail. If you don't have it, you have to break out of jail by yourself by killing police,etc....... Lazygenius97
  • Well, I reckon some of the classic vehicles (such as the classic-shaped Esperanto (but keep the saloon - maybe redesign the classic, and name it the Esperanto Coupe, or Esperanto Sport - then bring back vehicles such as the Idaho, BF Injection, Mesa, etc)
  • I'd also like to see a wider variety of vehicles. There's a distinct lack of city cars, and it'd be nice to see one again (about the size of the Club in SA would be about right)
  • Properly damageable buildings - If you crashed into the side of a house with a truck, you'd want to see half the house (and its furniture inside) fall down, not some pre-generated cracks. I reckon the RAGE engine could do this.
  • More buildings with interiors. In an ideal world, every building would have an interior. But I do realise that this is difficult to do, and would push the minimum requirements up significantly (probably to a quad core)
  • DX11 support would be nice, for those that own Fermi/ATI 5xxx cards (PC version, obviously)
  • More detachable car parts - AFAIK, bumpers and quarter panels currently aren't detachable. I'd like to see wheel trims come off, and perhaps the wheel on the back (on some vehicles) should be removable. Perhaps after headlights and tail lights have been smashed, sometimes they could fall off. Wing mirrors could be removable too. Perhaps wheels could come off if your car is very badly damaged. On convertible cars, the hood could be detachable.
  • An in-car view, with detailed dashboards for each car.
  • Airport interior, with check in, departures, security, and perhaps a plane interior (but no access to the cockpit) - This may not be the right thing to do, however (too many 9/11 recreations could occur). Perhaps a location that can be flown to would be nice.
  • Usable bus service would be pretty good.
  • Ability to upgrade your safehouse - redecorate it, add new functionalities (like an extra parking space, ability to cook, computer, bathroom, etc
  • More realistic engine and body damage - a very fast crash into a brick wall SHOULD = dead engine w/ possible sparks and fire, undrivable car, severely smashed up front end, perhaps the doors are jammed shut, not a slightly crumpled up front and a guy flying out the windscreen.
  • These should hopefully be realistic, and doable. As game console technology progresses, some, if not all of these will hopefully happen.

here is what i want for gta5

set in 1989 in vice city

bring back tommy vercitti

bring back vechil missions and a few new ones like ice cream man or mail man Ymcfadden

  • hi it's ymcfadden again i foregot to add eveything i wanted here is more i want in gta 5
  • don't just set in vice city set arcross the entire staste of flordia like so you can go to other citys like orlando and tampa and the flordia keys Ymcfadden
  • More police-evading stuff. Eg: When the character is busted while inside a car, you could just shoot the police officer. If he drags you out of the car, the evading would be like GTA IV Painterkilla
  • The map should span the whole USA and travel abroad for missions. There should be almost never ending gameplay. You should be able to do what ever you want just as you can in real life. Everything in the game can be breakable, every kind of car ever made should be available. Anything you can imagine should be in the game. Musicmaniact
  • bring it back to the 1980's and bring back tommy also set it arcross THE ENTIRE STATE of FLORDIA not just vice city also bring back vechile mission and add new ones like ice cream man and mailman Ymcfadden
  • set it arcross the entire state of flodia in the modren day but keep the old radio stations from vice city also have a mission where tommy vercitti appears Ymcfadden
  • It should take place in Vice City. It should be called Grand theft Auto: Vice. WH1T30UT

* fully licenced cars would be cool, be able to put wepons on cars, garages, be able to buy cars, smoke cigarettes or weed, planes, car customization, taxi missions ect, and definetly hydralics. pleas bring back hydralics.

* * *

  • Have a customizable protaganist. Maybe make you're own. Also, need better physics for things like parkour or freerunning.Sithmastur
  • I'd like to see tasers and pepper spray replaced by guns used by the police
  • More gangs
  • More racial diversity and tension
  • Much more weapons, and more melee weapons ( like swords or golf clubs )
  • On gta 4, people sometimes get their hats knocked off, maybe you could be able tot ake them in gta 5
  • Permanent damage, or being able to see people repairing damage ( like bullet holes )
  • Hillier area - mountains would be interesting
  • Kidnapping
  • The police should focus more on arresting than shooting you deadLiam2852
  • Set in the same setting as Red Dead Redemption, except modernized, with modern-day Texas and modern-day Mexico. And make it about the drug trade. It seems like an appropriate subject for its location. 88FanNASCAR
  • Bikes, Skateboards, Rollerskates, Scooters.
  • Cheats like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas e.g. Cars can fly
  • More planes/Helicopters
  • Blimps.
  • Ability To Swim Underwater.
  • Full body Customisation.
  • Stealthy Kills
  • .Silencers for guns
  • Jetpacks
  • Buy Furniture/Customisation of your house

  • do a drive by with any weapon like a ak 47
  • Ability to grab onto (Speeding) Cars/bikes/planes/helicopters and Hijack them. after pressing a series of buttons that appear on the screen.
    If you hit a wrong one you let go and fall.
  • the storyline should be about a gang member who is in the latin kings but with a fake name for the gang in chicago and of courese has to move up the later and you could recrite gang members and have gang wars with other gangs new features would be to travel to ohter city sa vc lc ect bring planes back have tractors and trucks can pull trailers put animals be able to buy a dog like agermam shepard and it being able to attack in your comand Ray 103


I'd like to see a military base to be able to steal weapons, vehicles, boats and aircraft from. It would be cool to be able to move between cities like Liberty, Vice and San Andreas.

  • shotgun extra long, mcdonald, kill kids
  • u could get a job and get $1,000 an hour and work 4 hours a day.
  • bring back planes and amphibious vehicles. And add a tazer and shock paddles like saints row 2 Camboisthebest008
  • I think there ought to be more enterable buildings/homes/apartments, etc. You would be able to hear funny and/or awkward conversations, and it would give you more places to hide from the fuzz. More abandoned buildings too, just 'cause they're cool. Holden McGroyne

it should take place in a much bigger city and you should be able to take plane rides from one part of the city to the other like in san andreas

  • ability to choose protagonists
  • first person view
  • more vehicles
  • add new odd jobs like delivering drugs to someone, etc.
  • bring back internet like GTA IV
  • placed in san andreas or liberty city (GTA IV)
  • ability to eat, drink, sleep, etc.
  • ability to drink alcoholic drink to become DRUNK
  • add animals in the game
  • yes definately bring back the andromeda and the skycrane form tbogt but make them both able to fly. they would be so fun online you could pick up cars and have like heaps of people in the back of the andromeda and then just all jump out or even drive Gtapro69 05:11, July 12, 2010 (UTC)gtapro69
  • San Andreas
  • Awesome Graphics
  • Many fun cheats like on GTA SA
  • At last all little and big things and actions which has been removed from GTA SA after Beta release by Playstation 2's inadequate power capacity, should add to GTA5. (See the Beta Releases topic for example.) Ascona96
  • Vice City Settings
  • Riot Mode!
  • Planes
  • More Police accessories to purchase (NOOSE Clothing for example) and more police vehicles
  • More fun police vigilante
  • Police should pull you over to check your boot (trunk)
  • Police to use nightsticks and tazars
  • Ability to go to work as a police officer (better than vigilante)
  • More fun cheats
  • Cheat to activate some form of trainer HUD to easily change car colors, clothes, spawn ANY vehice, weapons, change day time etc.... it's offical that would be amazing... please do that!!!!
  • Lots of police vehicles, tank, APC, heli's, cars, bikes etc (can't you tell I love the police stuff ;-D .... JHubbard92)
  • I think that in GTA V the setting should be a large town or city that slowly turns to suburban and then countryside as you reach the edge of the game world.
    • There should be more guns.
    • There should be a ability to customize guns like in Army of Two.
    • You should be able to customize cars like in Saints Row 2 and be able to add guns, Gold Plated Segway with two miniguns attached would be awsome.
    • Airplanes
    • An attack helicopter should be added, when my friends played GTA 4 and said they where flying in an Anniahlator helicopter i thought of something that looked like an AH-64, not a crappy UH-60 with 4 miniguns that are terrible to aim.
    • Golf carts
    • More Cheats, whats the point of cheats if theres no god mode or infinite money cheat.
    • You should be able to own stores.
    • A story where you eventually run the city
    • Tanks, oh no 50 cop cars are chasing you, no matter the tanks gun will sought 'em out.

Somme Guy

  • set it in 2010 (present), Edinburgh, London and New York can be the cities mashed together and call it UKA (United Kingdom or America). Bring back planes and cool water-cars. Do as many vehicles and weapons as San Andreas. And garages should let you put guns on cars and bring back hydraulics. And have barbers and that like San Andreas. And make the protagonist Joey Leone (and he still owns a car garage) that would be awesome Camboisthebest008
  • Have helipads, and docks that let the player save their watercraft/aircraft, as well as parachutes, and the ability to buy vast amounts of safehouses, and businesses. Gta-mysteries Talk

  • Wacky Vehicles:Dodgem, GoKart, Blimp, Hot Air Baloon, Hummer Limo(saints row 2), UFO (saints row 2), rocket carbased on the Bloodhound SSC, rinspeed splash, argocat 8x8, moster truck, mini-bikes, toyota i-real, F1 car, carver 1, snowmobile, steam roller, velorex ---- also wayyyyy more vehicles (especially emergency vehicles) Camboisthebest008
  • Some realistic PC games on the computers , Modifiable houses , construction of buildings progresses as the game progresses , obviously planes and bicycles Sourabh Jain
  • The place of gta 5 could be in small places like Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania
  • Grand theft Auto V should bring back the San Andreas customisation.
  • Talking to pedestrians, like in San Andreas except better
  • Bring back the RPG elements and the Stats system.
  • Being able to become girlfriends with any girl on the street, and can be caught cheating.
  • Being able to dump a girl over the phone.Ecnos
  • The next gta should feature gas stations where you can fill up and when the fuel is low must be filled up again....however i think gta should allow this option in the settings menu as maybe this could be an anoyance to some gamers....each car should also be either petrol or diesel eg: fast cars like the pfister are obviously petrol powered cars and then for comercial vehilces eg:speedo could be either petrol or diesel like in realiy with vans and for industrial vehicles like trucks,trachmaster they should only be powered by diesel fuel.
  • The next Gta should feature four anual seasons,spring summer,fall and winter...this would then allow for more real-life weather climates for example if the next gta was to be based in Chicago or Munchen,Germany then summers should be hot with thunderstorms and winters with plumeting temperatures bringing snow and thick ice....and in the same way if the next gta was to be set in Florida like the previous Vice city then aggresive weather pattern's such as hurricanes and tornados should be experienced during the hurricane seasons.
  • Gta 5 needs a new radio station based on the 90's era. grunge, alternative, and 90's metal this should be the playlist.

  • The Toadies- Possum Kingdom
  • Helmet- In The Meantime.
  • Alice In Chains- Again
  • Nirvana- Lounge Act
  • Pearl Jam- Black
  • Jane's Addiction- Been Caught Stealing
  • Nirvana- Heart Shaped Box
  • Stone Temple Pilots- Creep
  • Rage Against The Machine- Know Your Enemy
  • Soundgarden- Spoonman
  • Smashing Pumpkins- Bullet With Butterfly Wings
  • Nine Inch Nails- Closer
  • Helmet- Wilma's Rainbow
  • L7- Crackpot Baby
  • Rage Against The Mackine- Darkness of Greed
  • Sublime- Date Rape
  • Sublime- Doin Time
  • Rob Zombie- Dragula
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Give It Away
  • Faith No More- Caffine
  • Fuel- Hemmorage
  • Temple Of A Dog- Hunger Strinke
  • No Doubt- Just A Girl
  • White Zombie- More Human Than Human
  • Faith No More- Epic
  • Helmet- Milquetoast
  • Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • The Cranberries- Zombie
  • Pearl Jam- Alive
  • Green Day- Brain Stew
  • The game should be located on a big city or multiple citites like San Andreas and it should feature buyable and customizable houses and a greater variety of vehicles and more exotic ones like submarines , jets and more boats maybe even a yatch that could function as a home.Wolflock
  • zombie cheat( enter it and people attack eachother and they attack another person)Thunderbolt1011
  • A Great idea would be to have Aging in the game,For example,The player would start off like 18 or so and age and gain more access through the missions.And Also Have a larger map with more activites and add careers not sidejobs.And have access to joining police force,military,FBI,Etc. I'd definately buy that gameGrandTheftAuto247 20:35, July 12, 2010 (UTC)GrandTheftAuto247 GrandTheftAuto247

more sports

  • TheJustinAllenK says:

I think we should bring back what GTA SA used to be. Having a good storyline, fine lines of weapons we wouldn't expect, and more clothes options. It would be great if they will be able to add a lock/unlock/find out where your car is by pressing down a button and the lights will blink and go "Click, Clock!" when you press the button. It could also tell you when someone is braking in with the alarm system, which will make the person run or continue to get inside. When your car is stolen. You could buy a certificate to get another one. In order to get another one. You'll need to go to the autoshop. Go up to the owner of the shop saying "I would like one of these." or "Lemme get that one." It should cost for the average car to be 7,000 dollars, a cheap, bad car be 1-2,000 dollars, and a bike cycle or a scooter be a 30-100 dollars. Also, the gun stores should have casings in them. There could be a shooting range for it. Such as to test the weapon. Also, another thing should be that you can see the Bullet-proof vest when you put it on and if it runs out of the extra health, the next time you save or go to sleep it will be taken off for another one. Another thing I would like to say is that you can bring back some of the things from SA when you could get tatoos, work out at the gym, or have gang fighting. Such as the old times when like Grove and Ballas "Courtyards" will battle off in the front. Also bring back when you eat too much, you become chubbier. Bringing back the regen health. Then when you dont eat atleast 2 or 1 every two days, you lose health or muscles. Another thing is A good character that doesnt have 10,000 houses. Be able to have more ambient challenges. Such as "Take out 2 gang hideouts in less than 24-in game hours like in Red Dead Redemption. Also, another thing is really Important. Let the character swim. you can put invisable barriers to keep them from leaving the map. I had gotten a little, exscuse my language. Pissed off when I accidently fall in the water in Red Dead Redemption and drown for no apparent reason. Be also able to fix the bugs and hiccups in the game. Not being able to see through the ground and no "Bigfoot" myths or suicidal pedestrians. Well, maybe a character from RDR when the wife finds the husband dead, they will kill themself with a gun or knife if found anywhere. Also, please don't scare the crap out of the player by putting in scary moans or ghosts. Or atleast stop putting in heavy mods. Please be more secure when approving mods. Because retards on the internet are tricking poor players into thinking the whole place is haunted. It will be good to kidnap people or have handcuffs to transport prisoners. Also, if shot in the.. private area. The character will not just look there and keep firing. I dont know about you, but I would be crying, whining and moaning if im shot or kicked there. Also bring back fun activities, such as hanging out, parachuting, and maybe going with friends to raid gang hideouts. But please do not put pedestrians on the street having sex or putting in myths saying " I know a guy who works at Rockstar Games and put Bigfoot in a part where the boss cant find it. :D". It would help if Rockstar games immediatley said there is no such things as these things in the game. Also, that is bullcrap about Bigfoot. He is not ingame. Also bring in cool weapons such as: Hand- Mortars (Must be near an object or on the floor by smashing the back and of it and throwing. Grenades should come back, maybe even bring flashbangs in the game. These are alot of ideas. I have even more. Also, bring back the bounty except call it "Warrant" and replace the money to Wanted: 500 Dollar Reward, after they had lost you. If you kill a cop the Circle will get bigger, than when the warrant gets to like from 30 Dollar reward which is basically not many people will look for you. If a cop is killed the bounty will raise 35 dollars. If the Warrant gets above $1000 dollars they will send in specially trained cops (SWAT cops), to capture or kill you. And you have more of a chance to get witnesses to call the cops. If the warrant goes above 2000 dollars, they will send in the Army (Digital ACU Marpat with Black Vest, Knee Pads, and ACU Helmet Cover/Helmet. They will be armed with M4's, and will kill you no matter what. And there is a 2/6 chance that witnesses will not call the cops if they find you doing crimes. If It gets above 3000 Dollars. Witnesses will call cops or even try to kill you themselves no matter what. Also, if a scripted storyline happens with you getting chased by cops it will be no reward, but just a "Try to arrest" kind of thing with 250 dollar warrant standard. It would be good to use the RAGE engine or update the engine. Let it be in the 2010-2011 era. It would be good for a girl protagonist. Or atleast have it as DLC for a girl protagonist. And it would be good to cancel all Aimbot on PC. If Aimbot is used as a mod, or put into the file. It will be deleted and the file will be deleted. The only way to fix it is if you get Microsoft to fix it. If caught twice with this, all the files will permantley be deleted and you will have to get a new GTA V game. It would also be good for another countryside if neccessary. Also, let it be somewhere in Eourope. We should move out of the american dream and continue on the Mother or Fatherland. It would be even greater with more clothes options. Also, be able to get your haircut. Not fucked up ones either like a gay Afro or a giant Mohawk. Some hairstyles I would like to give out is probably a Rayhawk (Sorta like what Mactavish has), A straight bald, a Cesar. and more mustache/goatee kind of things. And be able to wear watches and buy clothes. In the beginning. you will be given a bike cycle and maybe a rusty-old car that drives, but isnt as great and good looking like other cars. And you will be able to sell the deed to the car and be able to get new ones. But the deed should be close to 50-100 dollars for the deed to be sold. Also, there could be police stations that you could pay off the warrant. Or give up to them. Or atleast give them a pardon letter. I think it would be best to have the cops a bit more smarter than being a jackass to the protagonist. Not all cops are dirty. But it would be nice if they werent dumbasses like in GTA IV.


  • to be able to your own radio in xbox 360 and ps3
  • to have a movie editor in xbox 360 and ps3
  • more sports like diving or racing
  • every gun that has been from gta 3 to gta ballad if the gay tony and more guns
  • more cars and military things
  • jetpack
  • girlfriends
  • niko bellic again
  • to play on consoles (like a ps3 or 360 in your safehouse)
  • to be able to destroy buildings
  • the ghost town of gta 3
  • mithys (ufo , bigfoot)
  • to talk with people in the streets
  • secondary mission of policeman
  • I think that it should have more rock and metal radios it should be set in Europe,but you can travel to cities in America ,have a better gameplay,more things to do, new cars and weapons,and also you can create your charecter Klan123
  • bring back knife assasinations (san andreas had it all but graphix sucked)
  • At PAy And Spray Shops, You should Be Able to choose what your car looks like, similar to Mafia 2's Car Customization Engine*Comradev
  • Have A Train/Boat/Plane/Busing System in which you can enter previous Cities (Liberty city Via Playtipus, San Andreas Via Plane, Or even Armadillo from Red Dead Redemption Via Train to see how it turned out after 100 years) also have a Indepth Customization system for singleplayer/multiplayer i.e. Picking out colored ties on suits, Cars can be pay and sprayed and color you choose, and Have Train Robberies/More Bank Robberies (i.e. Three Leaf Clover, Train robbing in RDR)*Comradev
  • i think that rockstar games should remake a gta 4 era vice city like a new rendition just like they did to gta 3 era liberty city if the next game deals with san andreas than they might as well remake that ~~
  • Make a GTA: Vice City 2010 or something, that would be cool to see what's gone on in VC since '86 when Vercetti came into play. Anth436
  • bring back the everyone tries to kill you and everyone fights each other cheats!! Jpg94
  • Be able to watch TV shows and play vedio games, turf war,set in the 80's,eat food,build empires buisnesses ie smuggleing,loan shark,robbery,once 100% completion get to hang out with friends you make through out the game, casinos and buy buildings
  • Put back planes and cars that fly. Add more myths and be in San Andreas! Add more strange creepy places and maybe put in cameos in it ; Examples : P-Diddy, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dog. New radio station songs ; Examples: San Juan Sounds - Te Siento, Sexy Robotica, Mi Cama Huele A Ti ft. Xion , Lennox; Electro Choc - Poker Face ( lol ) Tehmythobsession
  • please put in a noose uniform you can wear in single player/online free mode Blarbzn
  • You get to kill animals! It should be fun to go to the zoo and jump into the cages and start shooting monkeys and gorrilas! And people walking dogs, you can shoot the dogs and animals in the ocean. We can also take a shotgun and go hunting in forests. Marioman23230, First Name: Marioman ; Last Name: 23230
  • Make it that each character is unique, for example, each pedestrian encountered has a special name, has different personalities, and has a different model altogether. Tsunami Volt
  • It would be cool to see your character age and have a birthday. CloverLynx
  • Put in more minor details on cars, like bumper stickers and air fresheners. The player should also be able to choose these at a mod garage. Sgt. S.S.
  • Introduce regenerative health, i.e. when your character takes damage, they will recover slowly if they stay out of the line of fire, but you have to use health packs/restaurants for more serious injuries, a bit like Just Cause 2. Sgt. S.S.
  • Maybe GTA V could take place in Carcer City/Liberty City Metropolitan area. The Stig Mk2 20:32, July 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • animals and children on the streets (but we wouldn't be able to kill them), more than 1 city and roads( just like GTA: San Andreas, but bigger)
  • GTA 5 Should Take Place In 2002 In San Andreas The Protaginist Should Be Ceaser And Make The Landstalker A 2002 Ford Expidition And The Patriot A 2002 Hummer H2,And The Cavaclade A 2002 Cadillac Escalade,And Some New Suv Names Based Off Of Chevy Tahoe,GMC Yukon Denali,GMC Envoy,Oldsmobile Bravada,Toyota Land Crusier,Nissan Pathfinder,Mitsubishi Montero,ETC,And Make The Admiral Based Off Of A 2002 Mercedes C-Class,And A Elegant Based Off Of A 1997 Toyota Corolla And Have Realistic Fuel No Sexual Content In GTA 5 Just Violence
  • interactions with the people on the streets, more websites and TV shows, more channels. Could take place in an european country, like England or in Oceania, like Australia, or maybe Canada ;D, i'm sick of american cities on GTA
  • The protagonist should be an Australian who goes to San Andreas and does...stuff SmileyRohan
  • Character Customisation, weapon customisation, ANYTHING CUSTOMISATION! SmileyRohan
  • All Forza Motorsport 3 cars must be in the game. ~JoeRamirez~
  • They should add the cheats they had in GTA San Andreas. When you beat GTA 4 all there is to do is run around so i think the cheats would make it a lot more fun, or maybe just a cheat menu so you dont have to enter each one every time you want it like say you activate the cheat menu once and you get all the cheats in the game on one menu but it disable's all the achivement's for the game (xbox 360) so then you could get all of the car's,weapon's, and they should definitly add more weapon's and car's.The Needy One
  • Get cops to stop shooting at you when your already dead, more customization mods, more weapon variety eg.flamethrower, chainsaw, bring back planes, more opportunities to rob stores, you can go underwater while swimming, cops can be finding out who murdered who with road blocks, crime scenes, you get to buy houses again, get to buy cars, more dramatic missions, garages, more types of motorbikes, you get a mansion at the end of the game. Gtafanatic7
  • What I'd like to see is a weapon assembly minigame as seen in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
  • Airbags installed to 1990-2000's cars and possible to wear seatbelt Ascona96
  • No stupid and annoying bawdy and dirty Rockstar humour anymore (at least not much) Ascona96
  • I want Packie to be the protagonist since the ending of TBoGT implies he is leaving LC
  • I want him to go to Vice City, as I haven't played there before
  • Ability to turn the damn radio off
  • More weird cars (ex. Brickade, Mr. Tasty, Regina, and an 18-wheeler) Shepherd's ghost 15:52, July 15, 2010 (UTC)
  • Component damage for vehicles (remove tires, destroy the radiator and make the car overheat, shoot the antenna and remove the radio feature, etc.), weapon and car customization, the option of either letting time pass while in prison or spending a proper in-game time for your crimes, allowing you to start fights, escape, sneak in contraband, and other features, greater weather patterns and seasons with seasonal events (fireworks on July 4th, Christmas parade, etc.), and realistic reactions to your behavior (if you slaughter fifty cops, they'll all start running and refuse to enter the building you're in). Chitoryu15
  • Gta 5 should have really different cars like a Golf or a Polo or Ka. Not just american classics, sedans and 4x4's.

This would make it a whole lot better, It would make it a bit more different.

Be able to enter supermarkets, ands look around and buy stuff.

Gta should have bus services, like numbers for each bus, like " 245, 272 26A 9aRobertsj1

  • I think that having an unlockable Beta mode would be really something. To explain myself, I think that in order to unlock the beta mode you would have to make a certain sequence of decisions at certain points in the game. And when you reach 100 percent completion you would go to the main menu, then unlockables scroll to the bottom click on the "Alpha Man" trophy and a mini version of the game pops on the screen, the only difference between the regular game and the mini game is that all the missions,cars,buildings, and everything else that didn't make it into the regular game is in this mini game. That would be really something if Rockstar Games did that for the GTA game they are working on now. 7-16-2010 10:40:59am Revearedbrown8789217
  • introduce political figure e.g. presidents, mayors, governer etc and political consiparacies Nathanchege
  • introduce continents or countries each with their own army...some can be allies or enemies. be capable of smuggling goods Nathanchege
  • The new GTA should have more of everything. Going back to previous versions think about the things that made them so special. San Andreas was awesome, purely because of the differing landscapes, which reminded me of travelling across America itself. From Compton, Los Angeles, through The Nevada Desert and onto San Francisco, then onto Yellowstone Park and to Las Vegas. Thats what we should see more of. Oh and the planes. We want commercial airliners that are actually to scale (i dont speak for everyone but the jet airliner in the hangar on San Andreas seemed a little out of proportion) Vice City allowed the player to build up and develop a business and a real estate empire from the ground up. We definately want a return of that. But we want something to spend our hard earned (criminally earned of course) cash on... I like the idea of going onto the internet through the tw @ t cafe and buying a car. Also being able to walk into the showrooms and buy vehicles. I like the idea of mass public transit systems, and real bus services. I would love real bus stops that have real A.I, pull up to (the correct) bus stop and let passengers on, then kidnap them!!! Even as a side mission, where u have to drive properly and not to scare passengers beyond a limit to pass and then get to have that as one of the businesses? I dont know if it has been mentioned yet, but the conspiracies from San Andreas were awesome, and the missions in the next release should have better scriptwriters as GTA 4 was a bit of a let down. And this list of random things.
  • Huge car library, based on real world manufacturers and models.
  • Huge aircraft library. With real proportions.
  • Bodies that break up and show real injuries e.g Hit someone with a car and see the bone in their leg poke through the skin (its not sick, we're all thinking it!!!)
  • Businesses. Car showrooms, bars, clubs, recording studios, transit companies, public transport companies, wall street traders etc. These need to be upgradable, and also a REALISTIC real estate system, i mean that we randomly want buildings to come up for sale. So if i have a small car showroom making a lot of money, then i can buy a bigger building and use an option to move the business there, allowing me to sell better and more valuable cars. That kind of thing.
  • Better motorbike/scooter physics, the GTA 4 ones were a bit odd.
  • I want to see a return to responsive EMS. I want to blow a car up/set someone on fire and see ambulances and fire trucks going nuts!!!! Police cordens after "incidents" would be cool.
  • Realisitic traffic. I found GTA 4 traffic was stupid, e.g Bridges (they swap lanes without checking mirrors) Major Junctions and traffic got confused and 2 cars used to get stuck facing eachother when turning across eachother at a junction, and would stay there for ages before ramming one another out of the way.
  • I would like to see police come after me for speeding, running red lights and general traffic violations.
  • I would also like cars to have speedometers, i dont know why but ive always wandered what the top speed is when im crossing Star Junction with a blurry screen!!!!
  • Injuries from car crashes, not that you die, unless its a major crash.
  • I would also like to see more realistic crashes, although the crash physics were great on gta 4, id like the cars to sometimes get "stuck" together, because in a car crash, theyre sometimes needed to be cut separate. I want the physics to allow pile ups, if uve seen crash tests of motorway pile ups you see that if a sedan hits the back of a stationary queue of traffic in the rear, at high speed it usually wipes out a good 6/7 cars, i want to be able to do that!!!!!!!
  • Id like to see articualted trucks. Hitting the back of a car with an 18 wheeler at high speed would be good fun if u thought about the crash graphics ive mentioned above.
  • Fully customisable character (see Saints Row) for the kind of thing i mean, jewellery, clothes, shoes, tattoos, hair, gang colours and all that.
  • Gang wars and territory would be good fun too. I like the idea of a blacked out low rider, driving through a ghetto and opening a clip on a group of rival gangsters. i could have some fun with that.
  • I liked the San Andreas robbery mission too. And the side mission. That should see a triumphant return.
  • Friends that dont die or make u kill ur other friends, you should have a nice phonebook full of homies to call, all with different things to do and perks to earn.
  • There should be a football stadium/baseball stadium that you can go and terrorise when in middle of a game. Aswell as other terrorist events that you can do, that make the news.
  • A responsive news system would be good on the game too. And newspaper stands that you can buy newspapers from. That shows the front page as a sort of pop up window, with a random picture of the event and a headline. (Not a full story-that would be impossible)
  • Id like to be able to force people into my car to take off and murder somewhere/somehow. Its sick but come on! Pull up to someone in a black BMW 7 Series and throw them in the boot at gunpoint. Drive to a cliff, reverse to the edge, open the boot and throw the guy down the cliff and watch him splat!!!!! Great fun!!! Then about 3 hours later, there is a police corden with yellow tape and a coroner van or something!!! Cool
  • It would also be cool to be able to pull over and not get arrested/shot to pieces. So if u get caught speeding, you can just pull over and accept a warning/fine
  • I would also like to see a range of people instead of just middle aged people. Kids would be funny and disabled people, pets too.
  • I think it would be funny to be able to walk up to someone in a wheelchair and steal a wheel, just to see how they might react!!!! Id like to see em crawlin along the floor after you to get it back!!!
  • I want people to swear at me, the game is obviously an 18 before its even been designed, so id like to crash into someone's car and have the call me a dickhead or something. I just think that would be funny to hear real irate people.
  • Serial Killers, i think it would be fun to have serial killers on the game too. So, every now and then you're walking down an empty dark alley and a car pulls up behind you with no headlights on. The screen goes black, and you wake up, watch the character be killed or tortured and then dumped, the you wake up at hospital as normal.
  • I also think that we should be able to use the functions of some vehicles. Eg. Car transporters, fork lifts, swappable HGV trailers, raise/lower convertible roofs. etc
  • I want mass pedestrians crossing roads at junctions. I would enjoy ploughing through a packed junction with a 4x4 and flattening like 20 people, and it actually damages the car!


  • In GTA 5 the pedestrians should be more realistic like you can see (ex. people being mugged and you can help them or just let them be mugged.) Mr. Donut
  • You should also get a chance to practice sports competitively like (ex. boxing, soccer, basketball, football etc.) Or you can watch people playing these sports.
  • You should be able to tackle people to the ground or grab them and throw them.
  • introduce ability to install armour in your vehicle for gang wars or dangerous missionsNathanchege
  • introduce ways to spend the money you get like subscriptions to various things like magazines, your own employees like a driver when you reach a high level and own a big mansion with ability to land a chopper Nathanchege
  • You should also be able to kidnap people and ask for a ransom or just plain kill them.
  • It would be interesting to see people wanting to suicide off a building with cops and people surrounding the bottom with megaphones. Also go into the building they're going to jump off to either tell them not to jump or push them off.
  • You should be able to knock people out not kill them and steal their clothes this would be interesting to steal a cops uniform. While in the cops uniform people will actually think your a cop you can bust criminals and people will come to you for help. The other cops won't recognize you until you shoot at them. Also have the power to go into a police station at break the criminals out. (this could be the plot of a mission.)
  • The person you play as when they get busted they should pay a ticket or for more serious crimes wake up in jail. (To get out of jail call a friend or break out of jail or wait to be let out.) Mr. Donut
  • Drivable and damagable trains and planes. Also more realistic freight trains where the cars aren't locomotive chassis but actual cars such as box cars or tanker cars. Muffinflu
  • Customizable/upgradeable weapons and houses
    • PLEASE bring vehicle customization back, and add more performance upgrades than just nitrous oxide, and maybe even adding the ability to up-armor them(I think the necessity to remove vehicule customization in the first place was either because it was on the cutting block of things to get rid so that GTA IV could fit on a single disc for the 360 or because Midnight Club: LA was released a few months after GTA IV and this feature would've allowed GTA IV to almost entirely replace that game, which would obviously have cost a huge amount of sales for Midnight Club: LA)
    • Moving parts on the guns such as slides, magazines, cocking handles, etc.
    • PLEASE add working drive-thrus, it kills me to have to walk all the way into Burger Shot and then there's that glitch that makes it take an extra five seconds to order and all that, but this need not replace walking in entirely, if the ability to rob places is re-added, in addition of course to still being able to buy your meal inside
    • Ammunation should come back, but I can understand it's absence, since Rockstar was trying to portray Liberty City to be safety oriented with tighter weapons laws and stuff like that.
    • Garages need to come back, parking the car on the side of the street allows a heavy risk for oncoming traffic to gradually push you vehicles off the road and out of the save spot without you knowing it, you can also scare people out of their car while it is parked in those spots and it ends up saving their car(It's happened to me). Overall the current system is just too unpredictable.
    • Double-barrel Side by Side long-barrel(NOT sawn-off) shotgun. It's my favorite kind of shotgun, and it would make a nice early game shotgun or a more long-range oriented kind of shotgun like it is in other games
    • Being able to put stuff in the trunk of your car, like another weapon to swap out, some spare armor/health, or even a dead body.
    • Shooting range to do skeet shooting and target shooting and stuff like that, could also buy weapons and ammo and maybe a can of Sprunk(from a vending machine) from the place
    • Replaying missions, but this was already added in TBOGT which indicates it may have been a test run for Rockstar's mission replay system and may be on its way for GTA V.
    • Planes, nuff said
    • Being able to choose your own cell phone, with different features and stuff like that.
    • Actual nudity in strip clubs, but I'd guess that this would give the game an AO-rating nearly on the spot though
    • Clubs for each kind of genre
    • Buying vehicles and selecting their features at a dealership
    • Vehicles of the same model with varying performance levels based on options like engine size, suspension, upgrades, etc.
    • Place to save boats on one or more properties, some people might actually prefer Reefers to Squalos believe it or not
    • Drivable giant yachts like the one from the mission Sexy Time
  • to have boat safehouses and and have deserts
  • The Protagonist could perform Crash test missions (stupid but cool proposal eh?) and car crusher could make comeback Ascona96
  • More station wagons would be more realistic (and may be the promised 400 cars for SA) Ascona96
  • add co-op. and, make a modding engine for ps3 and xbox. add zombie mode in. COD did it, and look how awesome that was. TJMW
  • I would like a revamped multi-player. GTA IV's was too dull and used aspects found in other games. SilentnElite
  • these are the thinks i really want in gta 5 to make it a really good rockstar game to make it the best one
  • to buy lots of safehouses,and mansions and yacht safehouses
  • to have yachts and massive ships to drive
  • robb anywere like banks
  • the plot should be the player is a multi billion air mafia boss and to get more powerful throughout the game
  • the grathics should be like iv but more beter
  • to be 500 missions
  • clothing should be more better like you go a suit on and a tie you take of the tie and keep the suit on and thre should be polo tops and sport clothes
  • to have muscle and stammia and when crash into a building it make a massive hole in it and falls down
  • explosions should be more like real life
  • take over clubs, restruants, holets, bar , car centres ,factories
  • to buy a car in the the first mission like a bmw 535i and shawn a start of a mission
  • to be based in 2010
  • cheats like money cheats flying car and better ones
  • bring back planes and the weather to snow

Hello im Dennis (19Dennis97) and I have a Wishlist 2 make

What I want in Grand Theft Auto V is:

  • Use Vice City or San Andreas for the City
  • Use an African-American as the Protagonist
  • Add Dragunov on the game
  • Add TDI Vector on the game

  • Set it in one of the following: 1979; 1929 (don't even comment on age. Red Dead Redemption was in the 1880's); OR (my personal favorite) make it during 1939 through the early 1950's. The heyday of Hollywood. You're climbing the ranks in Vinewoodland as a producer and acting as a sabatour for hire. They should obviously parody the celebrities. Marriage should be an option, breaking and entering is a must, bring graffiti back, Army-style Jeeps, more random characters, the option of purchasing properties, and building empires, yachts (nice ones like in the mission "Sexy Time"), being able to attend movie premieres, and being ble to break into stores. Mr. Motown
  • Sequel to San Andreas
  • And I'm sorry, but if Rockstar is actually reading over these, please disregard all of the fantasy things like King Kong and a wand. GTA is played for how realistic it is. No one wants magical. Mr. Motown
  • Please bring back the customization mods (ex. Transfender) and the county places (ex Red and Bone County) and please put cars such as the evoultion x, the skyline r-34 and the AUDI R8. that would make the next game much cooler Paulo01
  • I made a list of the ff. i would want to to be present in the next GTA Game

1. Customization of Cars

2. More Selection of Cars (add skyline, evo, the r8, and other muscle cars etc)

3. Buying of Houses and Businesses

4. The Gangs and Mafias (ex. The Ballas, Vagos, Cholos and with their respective territory)

5. Side missions (cab, ambulance, fire, burglary, courier, pimping)

6. Arena Challenges (like in San Andreas)

7. Gambling mini games (russian roulette, blackjack)

8. More collectibles (hidden packages, snapshots, oysters, red balloons)

9. Purchasing of Cars

10. suburban Areas (ex. county, desert)

11. Girlfriends

12. The Internet

13. Upgrading of cellphones

14. Improvement of the game-time (ex. 1 game day = 72 mins)

15. Marathons (ex. the cluckin bell challenge)

16. Schools ( driving, bike, boat, pilot)

17. tatoo and barber shops

18. More weapons

19. The Body Stats (ex. Fat, Muscle, Stamina, Sex Appeal)

20. Stunt Jump Bonus

21. Low-rider challenge

22. Carshows (where yu can brag about your cusomized vehicle)

23. Gym

24. Past atagonists as friends

25. Real celebrities

26. stores ( electronics, grocery, clothes)

27. Garages in safehouses

28. Ability to travel to far places by airplane (ex. San Andreas, Vice City)

29. Bikes

30. Anything that would make the game fun but realistic

If you add all of these in your next game, It would shatter the GTA industry and will be popular quickly. I know you are good game makers but please, please try to add these features. Most of them are in the previous games and some are just suggestions. I know the next gta game will be a video game phenomena.


My GTA 5 ideas !

1. Bring Back Niko Bellic From GTA 4

2.The [Plot To Be Set In Vice City

3.To Be Able to Own Nightclubs And Bars

4.New Vehicle: Army car

5.4 Wepon Set Cheats, A Cheat For Every Vehicle, A Cheat To Own Nightclubs And Bars, All Cheats Must Be Activated Through The Phone

6.After Game Completetion Mishon Mode Becomes Selectable

7.Wepons: melee: fist, Bras Knukles,Knife, Mishetti, Baseball Bat, Pool cue, Hammer, Chainsaw, Chizel, Screw driver and Drill

Handguns: Glock 17, M9, P226, colt Python, .44 Magnum, Desert Eagle, Gold Desert Eagle,

ShotGuns:Winchester 1200, Ithica 37, striker, sawn-off shotgun, Model 1887

SMG: MP5, Scorpion, P90, Uzi, Gold Uzi

Assault Rifles: AK47, M16, M4A1, SCAR,

Heavy: RPG, Mini Gun, Katana, M60, M249

Thrown: Grenade, Flash Bang, C4, Smoke G, Molotov, Dynamite

8.Bring back Annihlator from GTA 4

9.Bring Back Patric Mcreary From GTA 4, Bring Back CJ From GTA SA, Bring Back Tomy From GTA LCS, Jonny From GTA 4, Luis from GTA 4

  • Have an army base with drivable tanks and armoured cars, an airforce base with new attack choppers and jets and a naval base with controllable fast attack boats and a warship that you can control. have working weapons on each of these and mps guarding the bases. maybe even a mission to assassinate a high ranking military commander and troops chase you through the streets. Sharpie14
  • Ability to find gangster hideouts and take them down/get into a war with them as a side mission. Holygiant
  • Be able to date other players from Xbox Live(Online Dating)
  • Be able to make a pedestrain model for yourrself for hanging out with friends online or going on online dates(Xbox Live) Including hair, Torso, Pants and skirts, faces, skin, movement types(running, walking, standing), shoes. voice.
  • Multiplayer games like Zombies overthrow the city and your and your team must get to the safe point
  • xbox live co-op
  • Be able to make color custom clothing and etc.
  • create a new city/state from parts of liberty city, san andreas and vice city. Sharpie14
  • skyscrapers and modernisation from liberty city, country and dessert from san andreas and colours from vice city Sharpie14
  • It would be great if the protagonist would be a body builder and the best friend, bodyguard and business associate of the town's most renowned fitness guru. They would own the biggest gym in town together. They would be selling steroids illegally as well. But the local commissioner of police would be their friend and he would also be a bent cop. In addition, the protagonist would be working for local mobsters, corrupt politicians, or even for the city's mayor.Dogwork
  • controllable car and moterbike indicators Sharpie14
  • Project Walker , a player controllable Giant Robot which the player has to steal from a secret army base ( like in San Andreas ), later can be walked on the roads , must have missiles , machine guns , good armor , pretty invincible . Sourabh Jain
  • You are able to store things in your car. Like when you go shopping you can get it in a bag and put it in your car. You could also open up the back door of the car and be able to put guns in there. I also hope more than 100 missions.
  • make it possible to pump gas into your car! Bloodsuck20
  • I think the new game should be set in Washington D,C or las vegas, and actually be named the real city, and set exacly as the real city is, the strip in las venturas was compleyely muddle and mis organised, and wrong basically, and maybe allow the played to drive and control mega ships, like liners etc, and if a bridge may need to be lifted or opened, the game could do it.Robin Jameson
  • airplaines take you to SA vice city and liberty city
  • you can work out and get fat
  • get haircuts
  • BMX
  • skateboard
  • can go in most buildings
  • play sports
  • bust out of jail
  • bring back tanks and plains
  • birds,deer and rabbits
  • sea monster
  • werewolf
  • secret islands
  • zombie mode
  • sewer monster
  • bat creature
  • freddy crugar, jason and leatherface
  • kids (cant shoot them)
  • get married
  • old people
  • go to carnivals
  • random peds judge your looks
  • UFO
  • bigfoot
  • pigsy
  • mothman
  • random body bags
  • dumster diving
  • homeless asking for mony
  • robots
  • area 51
  • asylum
    • Have more than one protagonist.
    • Make easier targeting.
    • If death occurs during a mission, restart from the last area you were instead of the beginning of the mission.
    • Firetruck and Ambulance side missions.
    • Areas in San Andreas and mabey some other areas from other GTA games.


  • the main character can improve skills, like in san andreas, but not just for driving, making things like guns, cars or even building his house. you have the option of building a house and cars or buying pre-made ones. Edmundishere
  • There should be a Thompson M1928.Also there should be army version of San Andreas´s Bobcat.It would have a desert camouflage,US Army markings,armor and usable or unusable machine gun.It would be named as Army Bobcat.GTAheppu
  • A 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia as "Hellium" by Grotti?
  • Also an iPod clone called "dPod" by FruitIan-Eduardo
  • I think great additions would be: Planes, Better clothing, Weight returning from GTA SA, about to rent,sell and put properties up to let and if the person doesn't pay you
    • enough you give him/her a beating, matchmaking, you can get a house near the docks and save your boat there, to have a good landing place in the city wich is on the
    • map
    • and you can save any helicopter there, casinos, able to rob places like in Red Dead Redemption (Another Rockstar game) and more robbery missions, able to cut your
    • hair,
    • dye it and the ability to grow and shave a beard, set in a MASSIVE world, able to lounder money from rackets, skydiving competions in both single player and multiplayer,
    • able to go to a gym, able to enter EVERY building, silenced weapons, a mission in wich the main protognaist escapes to his house roof when the cops, FIB and SWAT
    • teams try to capture you, a multiplayer mode where sixteen players, including you, as SWAT teams, have to raid a mansion owned by a drug lord. Thats just about it,
    • Thank

They should have gta 5 in canada and usa the whole countries!!!!!! Including all the weapons in all grand theft autos they should include the cars that u see in the buyers guide,u should include gas refills,and the gauges in the car and going into all stores and u can robbed them and buy stuff like food,drinks,desserts. you should be able to book hotels for trips and also u can got to arcade and get prizes you can also use soething to open the ticket giver and get 5000 tickets lol,the police should be smart and the other emergency services.also go to fast food drive thrus and eat in and see u eat,you should be able to go to sports games and there should also be cents you also go trade currencies

im trying to say is make things more realistic like reading newspaper and all that stuff ordinary people int his world

Includin robbing buisnesss and in sports your able to shoot the athletes to spoil the game and all the stuff those mean criminals in this world

  • Replace the F620 with a 1961 Jaguar. make it manufactured by Meister
  • Replace the Buccaneer with a 1978 Ford Ranchero. Manufactured by Vapid
  • Replace the Cognoscenti with a 1960 Bently Continental. Manufactured by Enus
  • Replace the Tampa with a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. Manufactured by Bravado
  • Add a 2011 Ford F-450 Super Duty (Hammerhead). Manufactured by Vapid
  • Add a 2010 Chevy Silverado (Pihranna). Manufactured by Declasse
  • I think personally it should be set in a south wales town. You start as a young teenage chav, with ideas of one day owning his own flat with a brand new vauxhall corsa parked outside (tinted windows inc.)
  • Jobs and missions available (some unlockable) would be ;
    Happy Slapping pedestrians
    Smashing Windows (for fun)
    Getting drunk and starting fights then dissappearing when the fight actually takes place
    Signing on for job seekers allowance
    drug dealing
  • The main story missions would follow how the lead is trying to make it big time, Rockstar can make up the dialogue and missions.
  • Eventually on completion of the game your character would have a job, a house with mortgage (Be an adult basically).
  • Enemy gangs; ie. The goths, Skaters, anyone that looks different and dosnt wear a baseball cap!
  • Customizable Caharacter; things like Henleys T-Shirts, Nike hoodys, etc mullet haircuts and tattos that mean nothing except for "I'm 'ard cos i ad a tatto an tha"
  • Weapons would inc;
    bit of wood
    broken bottle
    baseball bat
  • Title would be "GTA V : Chav-tastic"
  • Future DLC: "GTA V : Chav in the city & GTA V: Im on disability now!


  • Make a car that is based off a 2004 Chrystler LHS (KGR-200). Hardtop or convertable. Manufactured by Scystler
  • Make a [[Dewbauchee]] based on a 2010 Aston Martin Rapide. (Rapid Overdrive)
  • Make a Dewbauchee based on a 2009 Aston Martin DBS. (MegaGT)
  • Make a Pagassi based on a Lamborghini Reventon Roadster (Hydronus)
  • Make a Audi A4 1.8T Cabriolet (Inny C3). Manufactured by Benefactor
  • It should be in the state San Andreas in GTA IV graphics, maybe even be in 1987. All of the rest have been in Liberty City: GTA1-Liberty City; GTA2-Anywhere City; GTA III-Liberty City; GTA IV-Liberty City; GTA V- SAN ANDREASGTAvic
    • Goverment officals and the ability to assassinate them.
    • Making deals with goverment officals.
    • Ability to bribe cops.
    • Reputation.


  • 1 - Bring back lots of different helicopters and aeroplanes. There should be guided weapons on atleast one aircraft, the Hydra kicked ass.
    2 - In Liberty City, it was just an urban setting. The reason San Andreas was by far the best map was definitely because of three vastly different main islands. Forests, cities, countrysides, expansive deserts(I loved those).
    3 - Totally customisable players. Clothes, height, haircuts, facial hair, eye colour, race.
    4 - Bring back tattoos, buying safehouses and haircuts from San Andreas.
    5 - Maybe bring back a kind of 8 Ball thing. If you drive a truck into his garage, he puts a big bomb in it. If you drive a moped in, he puts a small bomb in it. The problem with Packie's bombs was they were for blowing up the car, not everything around it.
    6 - Intresting weapons, like a stun gun or suitcase bombs.
    7 - There sould be a free-roam mode with optional cops and the likes, maybe when you complete the story.
    8 - Easter Eggs and mysterious, random stuff is totally awesome. Pedestrians who are Easter Eggs themselves would be cool. Like putting C.J. or Packie in some secluded place, or a pedestrian who is a serial killer.
    9 - There really shouldn't be cops on every street, cop cars on every road. They should be spread out realistically and come to your location if the police are alerted. If you shoot someone in the middle of nowhere and no-one hears a gunshot, the cops shouldn't come after you.
    10 - Bring back the tank. Instead of cars blowing up when coming in to contact with the tank, the car should crush the cars and anyone inside them.
    11 - Cars shouldn't blow up because of crashes, fire or gunshots. If an R.P.G. hits a car then it should blow-up, but shooting a car should simply do damage to the car and maybe disable the engine.
    12 - The damage to vehicles in GTA was unrealistic. The car would just bend inwards instead of having parts flying off and other parts hanging on to the car.
    13 - It'd be cool to mug people, rob their phones, jewelry and money. You could pawn their posessions or keep them. Robbing banks, arcades, shops, and restuarants would be nice too.
    14 - Snow would be pretty awesome.
    15 - Going through the windscreen of a car sucks balls, especially in a cop chase, but after a hard crash, your engine should be destroyed.
    16 - Lots of new vehicles should be brought in. Unique cars that aren't just facelifted older cars.
    17 - A modern San Andreas would kick ass!
  • Split screen multiplayer.
  • Oh, putting bodies in the trunk of a car or in the back of a van, then having the vehicle crushed, dumped in water, abondoned, or set on fire(without it blowing up), and not just in missions, would be great.
  • Bring back the ultimate customization of the characters and the introduction of weapons customizations like in COD4 and MW2 multiplayer.
  • Build a bigger and more detailed enviroment
  • Have a first-person mode to have the player guessing what the player looks like, but also be able to customize his appearance if wanted to

I think it should be based on the entire world missions on every major cointinet and major cities with more wepons mabye different wepons to match the countrys and i think the person should be a female ex assasin going after anyone who gets in her way there should also be about a hundred cars for each major country jets cars trucks tanks maybe nucler missiles in russia over thousands of missions that way it wont be so easy to beat sure it would take awile to complete the whole game but it would make it fun and maybe bring back the property buyin and the option to fully customize your car but only untill you get into japan and give the graphics fro gta 4 and mix it with the way cars were destroyed in gta 3 since the destrotion was a bit more realistic Joegojoe

  • More purchasable items, maybe like a sims bit where you have a reason to continue to get money, cause it always seemed like after a point there would be no reason to continue getting money.
  • More purchasable properties like businesses and houses.
  • Environmental destruction, like if i run into a building with a car, i want the building to look like it. or if i shoot an RPG at a wall i want it to blow out.
  • Seasons besides summer and spring, like to have snow effecting your driving would be crazy.
  • Be able to put your music on the radio as a station, stream actual radio and music. BigREDgrin
  • What is missing in the Gta series is a fresh new plot concept. Think about it. All of the Gta games as far back as Gta III at least have been very similar is concept. A criminal arrives in a city with no connections, works for bosses,gains enemies,loses friends to the 'dark side' and then a final mission. My suggestion (only a suggestion) is to change that. What is the protaganist was a cop or something like that. Sort of a Francis McReary character perhaps? My other suggestions include: If you kill someone (not necessarily pedestrians but someone of importance to a mission like a hitman target) the police show up with crime scene tape,forensic officers,ambulances etc. In multiplayer, more things like Hangman's Noose and cops and crooks. I have a great idea for this if Gta 5 is set in San Andreas. You and a friend spawn in a car at night in Red County in the woods. One of you is driving and the other is a passenger. The driver drives slowly down to a marker which is a dead end and then Zombies start to attack the car. You and your friend must use the weapons available to escape through the woods,hiding,running,swimming using teamwork trying to get to a town or some kind to civilization. Sort of a Zombie thing from COD modern warfare. I say more than 2 tiers of weapons.Maybe 5? More TV shows and channels. That's it pretty much. Thanks for reading
  • they should include these listed weapons in GTA5:katana,axe,nightstick,machete,golf club,pool cue,darts,M60,smoke bomb and all the gta 4 era weapons (TLAD,TBOGT and IV)


  • A medkit that can be held so u can heal yurself for free(can hold 3 medkits at a time) Teokaijie