Diablo Destruction

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The player entering a stationary Toyz van thus starting the mission.

Diablo Destruction is one of four RC missions in Grand Theft Auto III.

Name Diablo Destruction
Available after Right after the beginning of the game
Location Near Rothwell Station in Hepburn Heights. The van is parked at the north east side of the cruciate block of flats, south of Head Radio in Harwood.
Start Get in the bluish TOYZ van
Task Blow up as many Diablo Stallions as possible before the time limit runs out.
Vehicle Explosive RC Bandit dinky car
Time 2 minutes
Reward $1,000 for every Diablo Stallion blown up.


  • Through the numerous Diablo Stallions destroyed you create your own highscore. A new reward for the following tries is not given until the player beats their own score.earn $1,000 for each extra car you destroyed.
  • The RC Bandits' explosives will detonate when you remotely detonate it (O on the PS2 version) or by driving the vehicle under the wheels of any given vehicle.
  • It is most recommended that you detonate the explosives near a group of gang cars rather than a single one, as it will help you get a better highscore.
  • To speed up progress, you should keep the RC Bandit within Diablo turf, so you can find and destroy more Diablo Stallions.
  • The explosions caused by the explosives can instantly destroy normal vehicles, as well as send them flying.


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