Head Radio

Radio Station
Head Radio
The Head Radio logo.
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto 2
Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
DJ(s): Eddie Symons (GTA 1)
Phanny Joe Styles & Johnny Riccaro (GTA 2)
Michael Hunt (GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories)

Head Radio is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2, Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


In each continuity, the station is hosted by different disk jockeys; Eddie Symons serves as the host in GTA 1, Phanny Joe Styles and Johnny Riccaro host two separate segments in GTA 2, and Michael Hunt hosts the station in both GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories. All iterations of Head Radio center around in adult contemporary music, or as Michael Hunt describes in GTA III, plays contemporary "rock and pop".

Similar to Futuro FM, Head Radio's reach in Anywhere City in GTA 2 is wide ranging, being available in all three districts and broadcasted with excellent clarity all parts of the districts. The station also earns the distinction of being one of the longest and most frequently recurring radio stations in the series, appearing over a span of eight years and three continuities in the series.

The station is part of Donald Love's Love Media media conglomerate circa 2001 in GTA III.


The station's playlists in each game are as follows:


  • Reality Bubble - "Days Like These"
  • Meme Traders - "Automatic Transmission"
  • Ohjaamo - "Complications"


  • Apostles of Funk - "Yellow Butter"
  • Pussy Willows - "Real Love"
  • Davidson - "All I Wanna Do"
  • The One - "Soth Park"
  • Bula Matari - "Taxi Drivers"
  • Flytronix - "Pendulum"
  • Anna - "Do It On Your Own"
  • Testing - "My Tiny World"


  • Dil-Don't - "Stripe Summer"
  • Whatever - "Good Thing"
  • Craig Gray - "Fade Away"
  • Conor and Jay - "Change"
  • Frankie Fame - "See Through You"
  • Scatwerk - "Electronic Go Go"
  • Dezma - "Life Is But A Mere Supply"

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Conor and Jay - "Train"
  • Cloud Nineteen - "The One For Me"
  • Purser - "Take The Pain"
  • L. Marie + Raff - "Free Yourself"
  • 15 Ways - "Drive"
  • Rous Stow - "Welcome to the Real World"
  • Vanilla Smoothie - "Keep Dreaming"


  • Head Radio is the only radio station to carry on from the 2D Universe into another.
  • In GTA 2 the song "Taxi Drivers" was censored in the PlayStation version of the game. Some lyrics were interrupted by the sound of car horns.
  • The slogan for Head Radio is "Give Head Radio A Listen This Weekend". This is a play on "giving head", a slang term for giving a man oral sex.
  • All bands from GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories are fictional creations of Rockstar North with the exception of Conor and Jay.
  • In GTA Liberty City Stories, Conor and Jay's and Purser's singles can be seen advertised on billboards throughout Liberty City. Purser's is advertised as "Feel the Pain".
  • "The One for Me", "Take the Pain" and "Drive", songs played on Head Radio in GTA Liberty City Stories, are available as ringtones in Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Head Radio was meant to carry on and appear in Grand Theft Auto IV, however it was dropped during development. [Verification Needed] It is unknown what genre it would be.


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